University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robert Heinz Abelesmechanistic enzymology
Lada A. Adamiccomplex networks
Kenneth M. Adamsneuropsychology, medical psychology, ethics
Peter AdriaensField and laboratory analysis of bioremediation in natural and engineered groundwater and sediments; Risk and uncertainty management for site characterization and technology implementation; Microbial sensing in complex environmental systems
Bernard AgranoffNeurochemistry
Miyeon Ahnphonology, Korean2011 Andries W. Coetzee (grad student)
Mohammed AkaabouneNeuromuscular synapse
Ratindranath AkhouryTheoretical elementary particle physics
Huda Akilstress and depression, endorphins Terry E. Robinson (collaborator)
Hashim M. Al-HashimiStructure and dynamics of nucleic acids and ribonucleoproteins using NMR spectroscopy
Roger L. AlbinBasal Ganglia Neurology Anne B. Young (post-doc), Sid Gilman (grad student)
J. Wayne Aldridge
Lawrence Hugh Allerplanetary nebulae, stellar atmospheres, and the chemical composition of stars and nebulae
Mathew Alpernvision
Ali L. Althaus2009 Geoffrey G. Murphy (grad student)
David J. AndersonAuditory Physiology, Electrodes19942009 Jerzy E. Rose (grad student), David C. Martin (collaborator)
Philip C. Andrewsproteomics
Thomas J. ArmstrongErgonomics1976 Don B. Chaffin (grad student), John Arthur Faulkner (grad student), Ralph G. Smith (grad student)
Vedat S ArpaciHeat transfer; optics; acoustics; radiation; combustion; microscales of complex turbulent flows; irreversible thermodynamics; internal combustion engines; turbulence; energy; unsteady turbulence; microgravity.
Arthur J. Asheheterocyclic aromatic chemistry
James Harvey Asher1970 George William Nace (grad student), Charles Frederick Sing (grad student)
James A. Ashton-Miller
Alexandra S. Atkinsmemory, attention, cognitive neuroscience, CNS clinical trials, MCI/AD, schizophrenia cognition20032009 John Jonides (grad student), Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz (grad student)
Daniel AxelrodExperimental Biophysics Ronald W. Holz (collaborator)
David Rudolph BachNuclear engineering1956 Paul Van Campen Hough (grad student)
Werner E. Bachmannsteroid synthesis1926 Moses Gomberg (grad student)
Walter L. BadgerHeat Transfer and Evaporation
Benjamin Franklin Bailey
Ralph Belknap Baldwinastronomy1937 Dean Benjamin McLaughlin (grad student)
Mark M. Banaszak HollBiophysical, Surface, and Organometallic Chemistry
Sumner A. Barenberg
Ernest Franklin Barker1915 Harrison McAllister Randall (grad student)
Lawrence S. BartellPhysical Chemistry1951 Lawrence O. Brockway (grad student)
Floyd E. BartellColloid Chemistry1910 Samuel Lawrence Bigelow (grad student)
Robert Christian F. Bartels
Bart M. Bartlettinorganic synthesis to prepare compositionally complex materials for applications in renewable energy
Lloyd Beck
Jill B. Beckeraddiction Terry E. Robinson (collaborator)
Patrice Speeter Beddorphonetics, speech perception Winifred Strange (grad student), Andries W. Coetzee (collaborator)
Jacinta BeehnerBiopsychology, Endocrinology, Primatology Psychology Thore Bergman (collaborator)
Stan BerentNeurotoxicology, Neuropsychology
Alison Berent-SpillsonfMRI, Neuroendocrinology2006 James W. Russell (grad student)
Jessica A. BernardMotor control, skill learning, aging2007 Rachael D. Seidler (grad student)
Kent C. Berridge Elliot Valenstein (research scientist), Harvey Grill (grad student), Terry E. Robinson (collaborator)
Robert Edward Beyer
Pallab K. Bhattacharyasemiconductors
Samuel Lawrence Bigelow
Julie S. Biteenbiomedical imaging based on single-molecule fluorescence and nanophotonics
Peter Blandino JrPsychoneuroendoimmunology2009 Huda Akil (post-doc)
Sanford C. Bledsoe, Jr
Frederick F. Blickesynthetic organic pharmaceutical chemistry1921 Moses Gomberg (grad student)
Seymour M. BlinderTheoretical Chemistry
David Francis Bohr
Jack A. Borchardtsanitary engineering and water pollution control
Jimo BorjiginCircadian Rhythms
Robert M. Bradley
George J. Brewersickle cell anemia, Wilson's disease19631965 Richard E. Tashian (post-doc)
John Crowe Brierscience of burning solids and the technology of explosives
Louis Isaac Briggsgeology
Hans-Herbert Brintzingerreactivities of organometallic compounds, e.g. as catalysts for polymerization reactions
Julie BroadbentAddiction, behavioral pharmacology
Kristy K. Brock-LeathermanNuclear Engineering, Radiology2003 Edward W. Larsen (grad student), James M. Balter (grad student)
Lawrence O. Brockwayelectron diffraction
Charles L. Brookscomputational biophysics
C. R. Brown Walter Bowers Pillsbury (grad student), John Frederick Shepard (grad student)
Susan H. Brownmotor coordination, rehabilitation David Cooke (grad student)
George Granger BrownChemical Engineering1924 Eugene Hendricks Leslie (grad student)
Franz Friedrich Ernst Brünnow
Henry (Gus) BuchtelEpilepsy, attention, language, Wada Test
Joseph H. Burckhalter1942 Frederick F. Blicke (grad student)
Margit Burmeistergenetics, behavioral, psychiatric, neurological
William H. Burtsystematics, distribution, and ecology of mammals
Charles Butterfrontal lobe function, social cognitive neuroscience
Nancy Caprilesaddiction Huda Akil (post-doc)
Heather A. Carlsonprotein-ligand recognition, protein flexibility, and new methods for computer-aided drug discovery
Mary Anne CarrollAtmospheric Chemistry: Instrument Development and Application to Field Measurements of Ozone and Reactive Nitrogen Species
Melynda D. CasementAffective Processing, Sleep, Depression, PTSD20042010 Patricia J. Deldin (grad student)
Kenneth L. Casey Ronald Melzack (post-doc)
Victor A. CazaresNeuroscience Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute2016 Edward L. Stuenkel (grad student), Geoffrey G. Murphy (post-doc)
Chun-hui Chang Psychology20042009 Stephen Maren (grad student)
Alex ChavezTheory of mind, behavioral game theory, social norms
Ali CheemaAlzheimer's disease, ACh, attentional performance, mPFC
Zhan ChenBiomaterial and Polymer Surfaces, Biocompatibility, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Lasers
Jennifer A. ChikarAuditory neuroscience, nerve regeneration, neural prostheses20062009 Yehoash Raphael (grad student), Bryan E. Pfingst (grad student)
Seok-ki Choibiologic nanotechnology
Halvor N. Christensen
Nikolaos Chronis
Kimberly W ChuangPhilosophy
John Alden ClarkHeat transfer, thermodynamics, solar energy, solar thermal processes, solar systems design, economics, multi-phase systems, thermal recovery heat exchangers.
Roy Clarkex-ray physics, materials research, magnetic and ferroelectric nanostructures
Sarah M. ClintonNeurodevelopment, stress, anxiety20042010 Huda Akil (post-doc), James H. Meador-Woodruff (grad student)
Nathaniel Coburn
Courtney Dawn CogburnRace, Gender, Education
Walter Francis Colby1909 Harrison McAllister Randall (grad student)
Patrick Leslie Colestock1975 Ward D. Getty (grad student)
Frederick A. Coller
Steven Colvin20132015 Pamela A. Raymond (research assistant), Kenneth Y. Kwan (research assistant)
James W. Cook
Clyde H. CoombsMathematical psychology
Stephen Cooperregulation of eukaryotic cell growth and division
Brian P. Coppoladiscipline-centered teaching and learning
Jason A. Coreymusic technology, recording science
James Murle Corknuclear physics and radioactivity1922 Harrison McAllister Randall (grad student)
Dimitri N. CoucouvanisDesign, Synthesis, Structures and Reactivities of Metal Clusters and Supramolecules
Raymond E. Counsell
James K. Cowarddesign potent and specific "mechanism-based inhibitors" of selected target enzymes for use as drugs in the treatment of cancer and parasitic diseases
H. Richard Crane
Mark A. CrumlingAuditory system R. Keith Duncan (collaborator)
Jennifer A. Cummings
Jerry H. Current
Baldwin Rapier Curtis1938 James Murle Cork (grad student), Robert Lyster Thornton (grad student)
Heber Doust CurtisAstronomy
M. David CurtisOrganometallic Chemistry
Ralph Hamilton Curtissstellar spectroscopy
William R. DawsonPhysiological Ecology
Andrew G. De RoccoChemical Physics Chemistry1958 Joseph Olney Halford (grad student)
Alan V. Deardorff
Patricia J. DeldinERP, depression, schizophrenia, emotion
James Martin Dell'OrcoAddiction, Neurodengenerative Disease Terry E. Robinson (research assistant)
Shlomo S. Dellalion channels, synaptic transmission20032008 Richard I. Hume (grad student)
Jonathan DembRetina
Elise M. DemeterAttention20052011 Martin Sarter (grad student)
David Mathias Dennison1924 Oskar Benjamin Klein (collaborator), Walter Francis Colby (grad student), Oskar Benjamin Klein (grad student), Harrison McAllister Randall (grad student)
Lee Raymond DiceMammalian Ecology, Mammalian Genetics
George DockInternal medicine, Pathology
Antoinette Domingogait, balance, rehabilitation20032009 Daniel P. Ferris (grad student)
Edward Domino
Thomas Michael DonahueAtmospheric and Space Sciences
John Adam DorrPaleontology1951 Claude W. Hibbard (grad student)
Silas Hamilton Douglas
William Gould Dowelectronic engineering Electrical Engineering1929 Stephen Stanley Attwood (grad student), Stephen P Timoshenko (grad student)
R. Keith DuncanAuditory system, ion channel physiology
Thomas M. DunnPhysical Chemistry
Dominic Donald Dziewiatkowskiconnective tissues1945 Howard Bishop Lewis (grad student)
Seyhan N. Eğeteaching of chemistry1956 Peter A.S. Smith (grad student)
Armand John EardleyStructural geology
Stephen S. Easter Jr.Fish, Visual System, Retina, Development
Henry C. Eckstein
Anna Kathleen Edmondsphilosophy, epistemology
Ward EdwardsDecision-making
John J. Eischorganometallic and heterocyclic chemistry
David Ross EngelkeMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Paul Samuel EpsteinChemistry Chemistry M. David Curtis (grad student)
Donald Frazier Eschmangeomorphology
Jose A. EstebanAMPA Receptor Trafficking
Billy J. EvansSolid State Chemistry
Kazimierz FajansPhysical chemistry
Alfred Lynn Ferguson1916 Richard C. Tolman (grad student), Samuel Lawrence Bigelow (grad student)
Daniel P. FerrisNeural Control and Biomechanics of Human Locomotion
Carol A. FierkeEnzymology, metalloenzymes, ribozyme, RNA
Paul M. Fittsmotor system, humans
Shelly B. FlagelBehavioral Neuroscience, Addiction2003 Huda Akil (post-doc), Terry E. Robinson (grad student)
Brett W. FlingMotor control, Voluntary movement disorders, Aging20072011 Rachael D. Seidler (grad student)
Stephen R. ForrestPhotonics and Optoelectronic Materials1979 T. Michael Sanders (grad student)
Stephen S. Foxconditioning, classical and operant
Anthony H. FrancisElectronic, Vibrational and EPR Spectroscopy of Materials1969 Thomas M. Dunn (grad student)
Thomas Francis, Jrinfectious diseases, influenza
Robert S. Fullerproprotein processing and protein localization in yeast
Chloe M. FunkhouserLipid Bilayer Membrane, Phase-field Model, Phase Separation, Spontaneous Curvature2011 Michael Mayer (grad student), Katsuyo S. Thornton (grad student)
Ari GafniStructural Enzymology, Protein Processing and Folding
William J. GehringERPs - Cognition
Susan A. Gelmanconceptual development, language development
Sophie A. Georgeanxiety, fear conditioning, PTSD
Robert Gesell
Ward D. GettyElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics
Eitan GevaTheoretical and Computational Chemistry
Yogesh B. GianchandaniElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry1994 Khalil Najafi (grad student)
Elizabeth Gibbs
Sid Gilman
John L. GlandSolid State and Surface Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Jennifer M. Glass David E. Meyer (grad student)
Gary D. Glickanti-DNA autoantibody structure and function, and the identification of novel molecular targets and small molecules for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer
Jennifer Rachel GoldschmiedSleep2009 Patricia J. Deldin (grad student)
Steven A. GoldsteinMolecular and Cellular Biomechanics, Organ and Whole Body Biomechanics, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine1981 Thomas J. Armstrong (grad student), Don B. Chaffin (grad student)
Moses Gombergorganic chemistry18901894 Albert Benjamin Prescott (grad student)
Henry Jacob Gomberg
Tamas I. GombosiGeophysics, Fluid and Plasma Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Richard Gonzalezdecision making
Theodore G. Goodsonoptical properties and applications of novel organic macromolecular materials
Samuel A. Goudsmit
Valerie A. Grant
David M. GreenSignal Detection Theory, Auditory psychophysics Wilson "Spike" Tanner (grad student)
Ronit Greenberg Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz (grad student)
G. Robert Greenberg
Donald T. GreenwoodAerospace Engineering
Henry C. GriffinNuclear Chemistry
Howard J. GrittonLearning, Sleep, Attention2011 Theresa M. Lee (grad student), Martin Sarter (grad student)
James B. GrotbergBiofluid Mechanics
John T. GrovesBioorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry
Wendy Grus2002 Jianzhi Zhang (grad student)
Armand J. Guarino
Edny Lynn GulaDepression, Anxiety, Behavior Stanley Watson (grad student)
Erdogan Gularibiotechnology, energy and environment
Felix Gustafsonplant physiology
Karl Eugen GutheElectricity
Frederick Theodore Haddockradio astronomy
Jill M. HaenflerNeural Stem Cells20082012 Cheng-Yu Lee (grad student)
Megan Hastings HagenauerNeuroscience, Chronobiology, Neuroendocrinology, Reproductive Science20042010 Megan M. Mahoney (grad student), Theresa M. Lee (grad student)
Ilana S. Hairstonsleep
Amiya Kumar HajraBiological chemistry
Kristina I. HakanssonAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Joseph Olney Halfordphysical organic chemistry
Walton M. Hancock
Steven E. Hartepain, psychophysics/QST, neuroimaging, affect, translational science20052009 Richard Gracely (post-doc), Thomas J. Morrow (post-doc), Daniel J. Clauw (post-doc)
Joseph E. Hawkinsphysiology, psychoacoustics
William HaysMathematical Psychology Clyde H. Coombs (grad student)
Fredrick (Trace) Henry20082013 Michael Sutton (grad student)
Claude W. HibbardPaleontology1941 Lee Raymond Dice (grad student), William H. Burt (grad student)
Preston M Hickey Roentgenology James Gerrit Van Zwalenburg (research scientist)
William Albert Hiltnerspectrophotometry1943 Otto Struve (grad student)
Peter F. HitchcockRetinal development19831985 Stephen S. Easter Jr. (post-doc)
Elise Kay HodgesAutism; Diabetes; pediatric and adult neuropsychological funcitoning
Widmann HoeraufExocytosisNeurosecretion Edward L. Stuenkel (grad student)
James F. HoggBiochemistry
Ronald W. Holz Julius Axelrod (post-doc)
Douglas Houghton
William Matthew Howe20062012 Martin Sarter (grad student)
Ming Huaddiction2002 Jill B. Becker (post-doc)
A. Y. Huangauditory system behavior
Richard I. Humesynaptic mechanisms, neurotransmitter receptors
Paul Alfred HunsickerPhysical Education
Amira Ibrahim Psychology and Education Priti Shah (grad student)
Adam IliffSynaptic Plasticity Kresge Hearing Research Institute Mechanical Engineering20142014 Michael Sutton (grad student), Henry Paulson (research assistant), Peter Todd (collaborator), Xian-Zhong Xu (post-doc), R. Keith Duncan (collaborator), Karl Grosh (collaborator)
Robert Ellsworth Irelandorganic synthesis
Lori IsomSodium Channels
Christy A. ItogaBasal Ganglia, electrophysiology
Jinzhao JiDepartment of Psychiatry20042007 Stephen Maren (post-doc)
Kenneth E. JochimAutonomic pharmacology, cardiovascular physiology
Nicolette M. Jonesmotivation20042005 Oliver C. Schultheiss (grad student)
John Jonidesworking memory, executive control
Darnell Kaiglercell-based therapies for alveolar bone tissue engineering applications2004 David J. Mooney (grad student), Paul H. Krebsbach (grad student)
Ana KantorowskiNeuroscience, Chronobiology Theresa M. Lee (research assistant)
Stephen Kaplan Psychology Edward L. Walker (grad student)
Fred J. Karschreproductive endocrinology
Donald LaVerne Katzcharacteristics of crude oil, natural gas1933 George Granger Brown (grad student)
Daniel Katzsocial psychology, prejudice, open system theory
Calvin Henry KauffmanMushrooms: Agarics, Cortinarius
Webb Keanesemiotics and language; material culture; gift exchange, commodities, and money; religion, morality, and ethics; media and public cultures
E. Lowell KellySocial Psychology
Robert T. KennedyNanoscale analytical techniques, chemical separations, mass spectrometry, microfluidics, neurochemistry, and islet biology
George L. KenyonPharmaceutical Chemistry
Ilan A. Kermanstress biology, neurobiology of mental illness, Psychiatry Stanley Watson (post-doc)
William Kerr1954 Henry Jacob Gomberg (grad student)
William Michael Kingvestibular system,eye movements
Tom Kinnear
Daryl Kipkesystems electrophysiology, electrodes20002009 David J. Anderson (grad student), David C. Martin (collaborator)
Ewelina Knapska20062008 Stephen Maren (post-doc)
Paul Knochelorganic synthesis, asymmetric catalysis and natural product synthesis
Jonathan Kopecky David E. Meyer (grad student)
Raoul KopelmanNanobiology and Nanomedicine
Masato KoreedaNatural Product Synthesis and Bioorganic Mechanisms
Sylvan KornblumPsychology
Sridhar KotaBio-inspired engineering design. Topology, size and shape optimization of complaint mechanisms - product design for no-assembly, adaptive structures and MEMS. Electromechanical systems design, design for manufacturability. Public policy and advanced manuf
Nicholas A. Kotov20092012 Takashi Daniel Yoshida Kozai (collaborator)
Adam Krawitz2007 David E. Meyer (grad student)
Paul H. KrebsbachTissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Samuel Krimmstructures and vibrational spectroscopic properties of macromolecules19501952 Gordon B.B.M. Sutherland (post-doc)
Alan D. Krischhigh-energy physics
Carolyn KrogerAuditory Perception, Motor Coordination Otolaryngology/Head-Neck Surgery2023 Anahita Mehta (post-doc)
Ethan F. Krossemotion, cognitive control, self-regulation
Kevin J. Kubarychultrafast nonlinear, multidimensional spectroscopy of biomolecules; optical control of biomolecular dynamics
Robert L. KuczkowskiMicrowave Spectroscopy of Weakly Bonded Complexes
Kenichi KurodaBioactive Polymers and Materials
Kenneth Y. KwanCortical development, neural circuit assembly, neurodevelopmental disorders
Steve Lacey David E. Meyer (grad student), John Jonides (grad student)
Nicholas Brandon LanghalsNeural Probe Technology, Peripheral Nerve Interfaces, Electrodes, Electrophysiology, Atrial Fibrillation20082011 Takashi Daniel Yoshida Kozai (collaborator), Daryl Kipke (grad student)
Ronald G. LarsonComplex Fluids, Fluid Mechanics, Biopolymers, and Molecular Simulations
George R. LarueParasitology
Howard B Latourette Radiology Isadore Lampe (grad student)
Richard G. LawtonBioorganic Reagents as Chemical Probes of Molecular Architecture
Theresa M. Leebiological rhythms
Cheng-Yu Leeneural stem cell
Chun Liang Lee1992 Sridhar Kota (grad student)
Nicolai Lehnertbiological role of nitric oxide, homogeneous catalysts for the generation of the sustainable energy carrier hydrogen, porphyrin-based materials for non-linear optics
Steven I. LentzNeural Imaging William Snider (post-doc)
Eugene Hendricks Leslierefining of petroleum and synthesis of rubber
Myron Levine
Rick L. Lewiscomputational modeling, language processing, humor
Howard Bishop Lewisnutrition, protein metabolism
Andrew P. LiebermanMechanisms of neurodegeneration in Kennedy's Disease.
Mi Hee LimBioinorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology
Jennifer J. LindermanReceptor mediated cell behavior
Suljo LinicHeterogeneous catalysis
Yili Liu
Kyger C. LohmannGeochemistry, Geology, Biogeochemistry, Physical Oceanography
Lawrence L. LohrTheoretical Studies of Molecular Structure and Reactivity
Warren P. LombardSpinal reflexes Walter Bowers Pillsbury (collaborator)
Michael Joseph Longoexperimental elementary particle physics
Daniel T. Longoneorganic chemistry
David M. LubmanProteomics and Cancer Research Surgery Surgery2017 Jing Liang (collaborator), Tingting Chen (collaborator)
Martha L. Ludwigstructural biology
Ewan A. Macphersonauditory neurophysiology, psychoacoustics John C. Middlebrooks (post-doc)
Megan M. MahoneySex, surges, and circadian rhythms Theresa M. Lee (post-doc)
Norman Maier John Frederick Shepard (grad student)
Stephen MaldonadoElectrochemistry, Semiconductor Photoelectrochemistry
Anna K. MappChemical biology
Stephen MarenNeurobiology of learning and memory
E. Neil G. Marshenzymology and protein design
Claude Martin
Brent R. Martinfunction and physiological role of novel enzymes and lipids involved in the development of neurological diseases and cancer
David C. MartinBiomaterials, Neural electrodes, Materials Science Surgery2006 Paul Cederna (collaborator)
Claude R. Martin, Jr.
Vicente MartinezSchizophrenia, acetylcholine20032008 Martin Sarter (grad student)
Timothy Charles Marzullosystems electrophysiology20082010 Takashi Daniel Yoshida Kozai (collaborator), Daryl Kipke (grad student)
Vincent Masseyflavin chemistry, flavin enzymology
Rowena Green MatthewsMechanisms of B12- and folate dependent enzymes1969 Vincent Massey (grad student), Charles H. Williams (post-doc)
Alexa L. MattheysesExperimental Biophysics2005 Daniel Axelrod (grad student)
Albert McLean MattocksBiopharmaceutics
Adam J. Matzgerorganic synthesis of polymers and organized assemblies
Michael Mayertransport and signaling processes across biological membranes
Molly M. McCulloch2018 Clifton David Fuller (grad student), Martha M. Matuszak (grad student)
Wilbert J. McKeachie Donald George Marquis (grad student)
Brandon C. McKinneyschizophrenia, aging, epigenetic, DNA methylation20042010 Geoffrey G. Murphy (grad student)
Dean Benjamin McLaughlineclipsing vaiables, novae, emission-line stars1927 Ralph Hamilton Curtiss (grad student), Richard Alfred Rossiter (grad student)
Anne J. McNeilOrganic π-conjugated polymers for thin-film solar cells, light-emitting diodes, and transistors
Anahita Mehta
Clifford Cyrille Meloche
Arthur W. MeltonMemory
Aaron Jeffrey Mercerobesity, diabetes, neurobiology20112015 Malcolm J. Low (post-doc)
David E. MeyerAttention, motor control, computational modeling1969 J E Keith Smith (grad student)
Mark E. Meyerhoffbioanalytical chemistry, electrochemical and optical sensors, novel nitric oxide releasing/generating biomaterials, and immunoassays
Jason R. MeyersVisual system, zebrafish Pamela A. Raymond (post-doc)
A. Rees MidgleyDevelopmental Reproductive Biology
Freeman Devold MillerAstronomy
Charlotte M. Mistretta
Orren Cuthbert Mohlersolar research1933 Heber Doust Curtis (grad student)
John Montgomerytransition metals
David B. Moody
David J. MooneyAngiogenesis, drug delivery, mechanotransduction, immune therapies and cancer, musculoskeletal tissue engineering, new biomaterials
Katherine Sledge Moorevisual attention, memory20072010 John Jonides (grad student), Joseph M. Orr (collaborator), Daniel H. Weissman (grad student)
Marti M. MoralesSynapses, Neurotransmitters R. Keith Duncan (post-doc)
Michael D. MorrisRaman spectroscopy and spectroscopically resolved two and three dimensional imaging to chemical and biomedical problems, high speed video microscopy
Sean J. MorrisonStem cells
Sumner Byron Myers
Naomi Nagaya19962002 Richard I. Hume (research scientist), Robert L. Macdonald (grad student)
Sandra Nagel-LeibyAttention, Brain mechanisms of ADHD19801986 Henry (Gus) Buchtel (grad student), Terry E. Robinson (grad student)
Pavel NagornyTotal Synthesis, Chemical Glycobiology
Khalil Najafimicromachining technologies, micromachined sensors, actuators, and MEMS; analog integrated circuits; implantable biomedical microsystems; micropackaging; and low-power wireless sensing/actuating systems1986 Kensall D. Wise (grad student)
Dan Nathan-RobertsHuman Factors, Ergonomics, Healthcare, Systems Engineering20102012 Barry Kantowitz (grad student), Jeff DeGraff (grad student), David Rempel (research assistant), Jarod C. Kelly (collaborator), Yili Liu (grad student)
Homer Alfred Nealhigh-energy physics1966 Michael Joseph Longo (grad student)
Derek E. Nee2008 John Jonides (grad student)
Theodore M. Newcombsocial psychology,
Frederick Charles Newcombe
Sarah Newman
Teresa Uyen Nguyenmental health; emotion, culture psychology
Richard E. Nisbettsocial cognition, culture, social class, aging
Christer E. Nordmancrystallography and crystal structure
Frederick George NovyBacteriology, hygiene, physiological chemistry1887 Victor C. Vaughan (grad student)
Bruce OakleyTaste bud develoment
Marianne Olds Edward Domino (post-doc)
Willard C. OlsonEducation, Psychology
Terese M. Olsonwater quality, treatment and disinfection
J. Lawrence Oncleyhigh density and low density lipoproteins
Joseph M. OrrCognitive Control20062011 William J. Gehring (grad student), Daniel H. Weissman (grad student)
Caitlin A. OrsiniFear Learning and Memory Psychology20072012 Stephen Maren (grad student)
Charles Gilbert OverbergerPolymer Research
Chris D. PachecoNeurodegeneration2008 Andrew P. Lieberman (grad student)
Robert G. PachellaCognitive, perception, human factors Paul M. Fitts (research assistant)
Vasantha PadmanabhanReproductive Science Theresa M. Lee (collaborator)
Giovanna PaoloneAddiction Theresa M. Lee (post-doc)
Vinay V. ParikhNeuroscience/Neuropsychopharmacology20032007 Martin Sarter (post-doc)
Hirak Parikhsignal processing, physiology20032009 Daryl Kipke (grad student)
Ara Garo PaulPharmacognosy
William H. Pearsonsynthetic organic chemistry with a focus on the area of heterocyclic chemistry
Elizabeth PeckhamNeuroscience, Reproductive Endocrinology, Drugs of Abuse Theresa M. Lee (post-doc), Jill B. Becker (post-doc), James H. Woods (grad student)
Vincent L. PecoraroSynthetic Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry
James E. Penner-HahnMetalloenzymes
Javier A. PerezAffective behavior2008 Huda Akil (grad student)
Jamie I. PerrymanSleep, Neuroscience2011 Theresa M. Lee (grad student)
Gordon PetersonSpeech Science, Phonetics
Bryan E. Pfingst
Kenneth PikePhonetics, Linguistics1942 Edward Sapir (grad student)
Walter Bowers Pillsbury
Thad Polkneuroimaging, complex cognition Denise Park (collaborator)
Jerome PradoReasoning, Numerical cognition, Cognitive control20072009 Daniel H. Weissman (post-doc), Joseph M. Orr (collaborator)
Albert Benjamin PrescottOrganic Chemistry1864 Silas Hamilton Douglas (research assistant)
Helen Dodson PrinceAstronomy1933 Heber Doust Curtis (grad student)
Donald PuroRetina Research
Andrew James Putnamcell and tissue engineering2001 David J. Mooney (grad student)
Xiangfei QiPhotonics and Optoelectronic Materials2012 Stephen R. Forrest (grad student)
Dragomir R. RadevNatural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Graph-based Methods
Ayyalusamy RamamoorthyNMR, Biophysics, Chemistry, Membrane proteins, Amyloid proteins Anethisiology Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry and Biophysics Chemistry Chemistry and Biophysics Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Biophysics Lucy Waskell (collaborator), Michael D. Morris (collaborator), Brandon T. Ruotolo (collaborator), Charles L. Brooks (collaborator), Robert T. Kennedy (collaborator), E. Neil G. Marsh (collaborator), James E. Penner-Hahn (collaborator), Adam J. Matzger (collaborator), Zhan Chen (collaborator), Kenichi Kuroda (collaborator), Ari Gafni (collaborator)
Stephen C. RandOptics and Photonics, Quantum Science and Technology, Energy Science and Engineering
Harrison McAllister RandallInfrared spectroscopy1904 John Oren Reed (grad student)
Paul G. RasmussenPolymer/Inorganic Chemistry
Pamela A. RaymondVisual system, zebrafish19731976 Stephen S. Easter Jr. (grad student)
John Oren Reed
Aaron N. ReiflerVisual system, ipRGCs, Circadian rhythms Neuroscience20142013 Hisashi Umemori (grad student), Daniel Goldman (grad student), Kwoon Y. Wong (post-doc), James J. Dowling (grad student)
Patricia A. Reuter-LorenzNeuropsychology, Cognitive Neuroscience20052008 John Jonides (collaborator), Oliver C. Schultheiss (collaborator)
Jocelyn M. Richardmotivation, ventral pallidum, alcohol abuse20072012 Kent C. Berridge (grad student)
Eila K. RobertsBiopsychology, Endocrinology Theresa M. Lee (grad student), Jacinta Beehner (grad student)
Terry E. Robinson
William R. RoushMedicinal Chemistry
Philip Rubin Radiology1955 Howard B Latourette (grad student), Isadore Lampe (grad student)
Charles Leslie Rulfselectrochemistry, polarography
Brandon T. Ruotoloion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS), to determine the composition, size, and topological organization of protein assemblies
Lester T. Rutledgecortex
Richard Douglas SacksHigh Speed Gas Chromatography, Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
Raymond S. Salah MD PhDneuropharmacology
David E. SandbergPediatric psychology; hormones and behavior
T. Michael Sandersatomic and molecular physics, low-temperature physics, and physics of condensed matter
Melanie Sarah SanfordNew Synthetic Methods, Catalysis and Asymmetric Catalysis, Organometallic Chemistry
Martin Sarteracetylcholine, attention, basal forebrain Theresa M. Lee (collaborator)
Benjamin T. SaundersDopamine, Motivation, Reward20072012 Terry E. Robinson (grad student)
Phillip E. SavageReaction kinetics and mechanisms, catalysis, energy
Gwen SchaferStress, CRH
Lauren Michelle Schwartzcholinergic system
Maurice H. SeeversPharmacology, drug and alcohol abuse
Rachael D. SeidlerMotor control, cognitive neuroscience19961999 G E. Stelmach (grad student), Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz (collaborator)
Colleen SeifertCognitive Science Roger Ratcliff (grad student)
Linda M. SelwaEpilepsy19901991 Thomas Reid Henry (post-doc)
Roseanne J. SensionUltrafast Laser Spectroscopy and Chemical Reaction Dynamics
Priti ShahCognitive Psychology
Natela M ShanidzeVestibular System, Eye movements2011 William Michael King (grad student)
Robert R. SharpMultidimensional and Multiquantum NMR of Paramagnetic Systems
Marilyn ShatzDevelopmental Psychology
Nathan Dale Sheldongeochemistry
David H. Shermancryptophycin anticancer drugs
Margaret J. Shih
Robert U. SimpsonVitamin D
Catrina SimsIon channels, NMDA receptors
Charles Frederick Singgenetic variation
Benjamin Singer Michal Zochowski (grad student), Jack Parent (post-doc)
Amy Sippbalance, gait20082010 Daniel P. Ferris (post-doc)
Kaia SkaggsSpinal Cord, Development20052010 Bennett Novitch (grad student)
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Ching-Yune Chen SylvesterAcademic Advisor
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Richard Glenn Teske
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Peter Todd Henry Paulson (post-doc)
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Egons Tons
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Michael Young20082009 Dan Nathan-Roberts (research assistant)
Damon Young
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Erik R. P. ZuiderwegNMR studies of Biomacromolecular Conformation, Dynamics and Interactions in Solution