Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
David AilionCondensed Matter Physics
Andrew L AlexanderMRI, diffusion, brain, autism Radiology Dennis L. Parker (post-doc)
Monica Gene Allen2012 Robert Wayne Springer (grad student)
Orly Altergenetics, mathematics, physics Pathology Pathology2020 Carl T. Wittwer (collaborator), Cheryl Ann Palmer (collaborator)
Eric T AmerlingSemiconductors Chemistry Physics2014 Luisa Whittaker (grad student), Z Valy Vardeny (collaborator)
Orson L. Anderson1951 Eugene F. Poncelet (grad student)
Zeferino AndradeAstronomy and Astrophysics2000 Richard H. Price (grad student)
Gregory C. ArchboldElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics2002 Pierre Sokolsky (grad student)
Chakravarthy AyyagariChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2005 Grant D. Smith (grad student)
Girish BalBiomedical Engineering, Radiology2003 Ed Di Bella (grad student)
Elliott L. BarcikowskiAstrophysics Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Physics and Astronomy2011 Pierre Sokolsky (grad student)
Clement P. BatailleGeochemistry, Geology Geology and Geophysics2014 Gabriel J. Bowen (grad student)
Lynne M. BaumgrasPhysical Geography, Hydrology, Geophysics, Remote Sensing2002 Rick Forster (grad student)
Ed Di BellaGeneral Physics, Radiology, Biomedical Engineering
Douglas Rolf BergmanRare Kaon Decays, Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Ray Observation
Nicolas M. Bertagnolli Mathematics2014 Orly Alter (research assistant)
Brian BilleterElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Quantum Physics Physics and Astronomy2010 Carleton Edward DeTar (grad student)
Peter A. BogenschutzAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2013 Steven K. Krueger (grad student)
Oleg A. BorodinMaterials Science Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Molecular Physics2000 Grant D. Smith (grad student)
Gabriel J. BowenGeochemistry, Geology
Evan W. BurgessPhysical Geography, Remote Sensing Geography2013 Richard R. Forster (grad student)
Joseph Gerald ByrnePhysical Metallurgy
Oleksiy ByutnerMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry2005 Grant D. Smith (grad student)
Tully J. CatheyMusic, Acoustics Physics2002 Bruce Reich (grad student)
Thure E. CerlingGeochemistry, Paleoecology, Paleontology
Wu-Lung ChangGeophysics, Geology2004 Robert B. Smith (grad student)
Dong-Ok ChoeNuclear Engineering, Nuclear Physics
Kendra Chritz Biology20092015 Thure E. Cerling (grad student)
Abigail A Cokermaterials theory, condensed matter, astrophysics, gravitational lenses, data science
Leif H. CoxGeophysics, Remote Sensing2007 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Wei DaiGeophysics Geology and Geophysics2012 Gerard T. Schuster (grad student)
Elias J. DeebRemote Sensing, Geophysics, Geography, Hydrology Geography2012 Richard R. Forster (grad student)
Shanti DeemyadExpeimental condensed matter physics
Carleton Edward DeTarParticle Theory
Dengpan Dong
Diane DoserGeophysics1984 Robert B. Smith (grad student)
Ruirui DuCondensed Matter Physics
Rui-Rui DuCondensed Matter Physics
Erik J. EideMolecular Biology2003 David M. Virshup (grad student)
Allan A. EkdalePaleontology, Geology, Mathematics
Tom J. EvansMolecular Physics2000 C. Dale Poulter (grad student)
Mari A. EvansMusic2007 Morris Rosenzweig (grad student)
Jamie M. FarrellGeophysics Geology and Geophysics2013 Robert B. Smith (grad student)
Cassandra R. FentonGeology2002 Thure E. Cerling (grad student)
Christopher M. FetzerMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics2001 Gerald B. Stringfellow (grad student)
James Chipman Fletcheraerodynamics, shock waves
Rick ForsterPhysical Geography, Hydrology, Geophysics, Remote Sensing
Richard R. ForsterPhysical Geography, Geophysics, Remote Sensing
Grant Robert Fowles
Ziwen FuElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Theory Physics2006 Carleton Edward DeTar (grad student)
Werner GellermannOptics Physics, Biomedical Engineering
Renee M. GluchGeography, Remote Sensing2003 Rick Forster (grad student)
Kenneth M. GoldenMathematics, Geophysics
Alisa M. GreenGeophysics, Geology Geology and Geophysics2014 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Alexander V. GribenkoGeology2006 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Grant T. GullbergMedical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering
Adam S. GullyMathematics, Geophysics Mathematics2012 Kenneth M. Golden (grad student)
Susan L. HalgedahlGeophysics, Geology
David A. HandwergerGeophysics, Geology2003 Richard Jarrard (grad student)
Sherie C. HardingGeology, Paleontology, Mineralogy Geology and Geophysics2014 Allan A. Ekdale (grad student)
Franklin Stewart Harris
Ruiqing HeGeophysics2006 Gerard T. Schuster (grad student)
Xiaotian HePhysical Geography, Geophysics2000 Roger McCoy (grad student)
Matthew J. HeumannGeology Geology and Geophysics2010 Cari L. Johnson (grad student)
Alexander D. HowardMaterials Science Engineering, Physical Chemistry2007 Gerald B. Stringfellow (grad student)
Qiu HuangElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Medical Biophysics2006 Gengsheng L. Zeng (grad student)
Gabor HursanGeophysics2001 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Dosik HwangBiomedical Engineering2006 Gengsheng L. Zeng (grad student)
Ruey-Jen HwuElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics
Igor IachimciucMusic, Performing Arts, Acoustics Physics Music2010 Morris Rosenzweig (grad student)
Richard JarrardGeophysics, Geology
Paul W. JewellGeomorphology, Geology
Cari L. JohnsonGeology
Charles C.H. JuiAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Vladimir KamaevOptics Physics2007 Valy Vardeny (grad student)
Kiyoung KimAstronomy and Astrophysics2002 Pierre Sokolsky (grad student)
Hanseup Kimmicromachining technologies, micromachined sensors, actuators, and MEMS; analog integrated circuits; implantable biomedical microsystems; micropackaging; and low-power wireless sensing/actuating systems
Yong Lin Kong3D printing, additive manufacturing, soft matter physics, gastric resident electronics, functional electronics printing
Melinda KrahenbuhlNuclear Engineering, Nuclear Physics
Steven K. KruegerAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Richard P. LangfordGeophysics19841988 Marjorie A. Chan (grad student)
Mariana Lazar Physics Andrew L Alexander (grad student)
Vernon G. LeFebreStatistical Physics, Thermodynamics
James R. LehanePaleontology, Geology, Mathematics Geology and Geophysics2014 Allan A. Ekdale (grad student)
Xinghai LiBiochemistry, Molecular Physics, Molecular Biology2001 David M. Virshup (grad student)
Yali LuoAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2003 Steven K. Krueger (grad student)
Kelvin G. LynnSolid State and Surface Physics1974 Joseph Gerald Byrne (grad student)
David W. MarchettiGeology2006 Thure E. Cerling (grad student)
Virginie MarisGeophysics Geology and Geophysics2011 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
daniel c mattis
Roger McCoyPhysical Geography, Geophysics
Salah A. MehaneeGeophysics2003 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Mario I Molinacondensed matter physics, nonlinear optics physics daniel c mattis (grad student)
Galdino V. MotaAtmospheric Science Physics2003 Edward J. Zipser (grad student)
Ligia A. MunteanCondensed Matter Physics2000 David Ailion (grad student)
Daren T. NelsonGeomorphology, Geology Geology and Geophysics2012 Paul W. Jewell (grad student)
Stephen W. NesbittMeteorology2003 Edward J. Zipser (grad student)
Patrick M. Odenthalspintronics
Robert P. OlsonOrganic Chemistry2000 C. Dale Poulter (grad student)
Eugene Newman Parkermagnetospheric physics and geomagnetism, solar physics and space physics, cosmic ray dynamics, and cosmical magnetic fields
James R. ParryNuclear Engineering, Nuclear Physics2005 Dong-Ok Choe (grad student)
Benjamin H. PasseyGeochemistry, Paleontology2007 Thure E. Cerling (grad student)
Ertan PeksenGeophysics, Geology2004 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Erich U. PetersenGeology, Petrology
Richard H. PriceRelativity, Cosmology
Jorge PullinAstronomy and Astrophysics19861989 Richard H. Price (post-doc)
Siwei QiuElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Theory Physics Physics and Astronomy2013 Carleton Edward DeTar (grad student)
Bruce ReichMusic, Acoustics Physics
Kevin Alexander Reil2002 Robert Wayne Springer (grad student)
Dmitri RiabkovGeneral Physics, Radiology, Biomedical Engineering2003 Ed Di Bella (grad student)
Steven L. RicksMusic2001 Morris Rosenzweig (grad student)
Morris RosenzweigMusic, Performing Arts, Acoustics Physics
Matthias Schabel
David Schurigmetamaterials
Gerard T. SchusterGeophysics
Barmak Shams Es HaghiHigh Energy Physics
Mohsen SharifzadehOptics Physics, Biomedical Engineering2005 Werner Gellermann (grad student)
Jianming ShengGeophysics, Geology2004 Gerard T. Schuster (grad student)
William Francis Slawson Mining and Geological Engineering1958 Matthew Peter Nackowski (grad student)
Grant D. Smith Materials Science and Engineering1990 Richard H. Boyd (grad student)
Robert B. Smithgeophysics, seismology, Yellowstone, Teton, tomography, GPS, crustal deformation, earthquake, volcano, caldera, fault,
Pierre Sokolskycosmic rays, astroparticle physics
Robert Wayne Springerastrophysics
Oleg N. StarovoytovComputational Materials Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering20112012 Grant D. Smith (grad student), Grant D. Smith (post-doc)
William Osborne StattonPolymers
Gerald B. StingfellowMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics
Gerald B. StringfellowMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics
Tasos StylianouMusic2006 Morris Rosenzweig (grad student)
Wenquan SuiElectricity and Magnetism Physics Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering1997 Douglas A. Christensen (grad student), Carl Hodson Durney (grad student)
Hongchuan SunGeophysics2001 Gerard T. Schuster (grad student)
Ruiyu SunAtmospheric Science Physics, Atmospheric Sciences2006 Steven K. Krueger (grad student)
Qiulin TangRadiation Physics2007 Gengsheng L. Zeng (grad student)
Efthimios TartarasGeophysics2001 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Pu TianMaterials Science Engineering2003 Grant D. Smith (grad student)
I-Chun TsaiOncology, Cell Biology2007 David M. Virshup (grad student)
James B. TurrinRemote Sensing Geography2014 Richard R. Forster (grad student)
Takumi UedaGeophysics2007 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Kevin T. UnoGeochemistry, Paleoecology, Paleontology Geology and Geophysics2012 Thure E. Cerling (grad student)
Jeffrey A. VanLooyPhysical Geography, Geophysics, Remote Sensing2007 Richard R. Forster (grad student)
Valy VardenyCondensed Matter Physics, Optics Physics
Erica L. VielhaberMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Animal Physiology Biology2000 David M. Virshup (grad student)
David M. VirshupBiochemistry, Molecular Physics, Molecular Biology
Christina L. WallAtmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing Atmospheric Sciences2013 Edward J. Zipser (grad student)
Stanley Harry WardEngineering Geosciences
Justin L. WildeNuclear Engineering, Nuclear Physics2004 Melinda Krahenbuhl (grad student)
Ryan R. WixomMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics2004 Gerald B. Stingfellow (grad student)
Zhengwei XuGeophysics Geology and Geophysics2013 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Weixin XuAtmospheric Sciences, Asian Studies Atmospheric Sciences2011 Edward J. Zipser (grad student)
Changli YangCondensed Matter Physics2004 Rui-Rui Du (grad student)
Ken YoshiokaGeophysics2004 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Jonathan A. ZawislakAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2013 Edward J. Zipser (grad student)
Gengsheng L. ZengElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Medical Biophysics
Yaxin Zhai
Ge ZhanGeophysics Geology and Geophysics2012 Gerard T. Schuster (grad student)
Ge ZhangGeophysics2004 Michael S. Zhdanov (grad student)
Michael S. ZhdanovGeophysics
Zheng Zhengastronomy and astrophysics
Edward J. ZipserEnvironmental Sciences, Hydrology, Geophysics
Michael A. ZulaufAtmospheric Science Physics2001 Steven K. Krueger (grad student)