Colorado State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dennis S. AgostaCondensed Matter Physics2006 R G. Leisure (grad student)
Guy E. AlvarezAnimal Physiology Biology, Pathology2003 Kevin Davy (grad student)
Jennifer E. AtteberryMolecular Physics2004 R G. Leisure (grad student)
Thomas BarakRadiology, Radiation Physics
Matthew BassGeneral Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics Physics2014 Robert John Wilson (grad student)
Ad Bax Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and its Application in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology1983 Gary E. Maciel (post-doc)
Natalie BeckmanGeomorphology, Biogeochemistry, Geobiology Geosciences2013 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Joel S. BedfordEcology Biology, Cell Biology, Environmental Sciences, General Biophysics
James J. BenedictAtmospheric Sciences2010 David A. Randall (grad student)
Bruce Edmond Berger
Ted Gibbs Berlincourtsolid state physics and high-magnetic-field superconductivity
Stacy D. BeskeAnimal Physiology Biology, Medical Biophysics2001 Kevin Davy (grad student)
Thomas B. BorakRadiation Physics
Richard Mark Bradleycondensed matter theory, ion erosion of solids, pattern formation
Norm BuchananElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Optics Physics
Kristen S. BuchananCondensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience
Jennifer L. BurrisCondensed Matter Physics, Optics Physics2003 Hans D. Hochheimer (grad student)
Daniel CadolGeomorphology, Physical Geography Geosciences2010 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Ian M. CartwrightCell Biology Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences2014 Takamitsu Kato (grad student)
William Y. ChengAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics, Civil Engineering2002 William R. Cotton (grad student)
Anning ChengAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences2001 David A. Randall (grad student)
Myeong Y. ChoiElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics Electrical & Computer Engineering2012 George J. Collins (grad student)
Matthew W. ChristensenAtmospheric Sciences, Marine and Ocean Engineering Atmospheric Science2012 Graeme L. Stephens (grad student)
Andrew D. ChristiansonCondensed Matter Physics2003 Sanford Kern (grad student)
David J. ChristieElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 George J. Collins (grad student)
George J. CollinsLaser, Quantum Electronics, Semiconductor Processing
Caroline R. CorwinePhotovoltaics2006 James Russell Sites (grad student)
Alexandre A. CostaAtmospheric Science Physics, Physical Oceanography2000 William R. Cotton (grad student)
William R. CottonAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Kevin M. Crosby Richard Mark Bradley (grad student)
Gabrielle C. DavidGeomorphology, Geology Geosciences2011 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Kevin DavyAnimal Physiology Biology, Medical Biophysics
Samuel H. DemtsuPhotovoltaics2006 James Russell Sites (grad student)
Jason B. DodsonAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Science2014 David A. Randall (grad student)
Brenda DolanAtmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing2009 Steven Rutledge (grad student)
Ian M. DubinskiGeology, Geomorphology, Geological Engineering2009 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Lawrence C. DuganCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology2002 Joel S. Bedford (grad student)
Matthew D. EastinAtmospheric Science Physics2003 William M. Gray (grad student)
Imme Ruth Ebert-UphoffCausal discovery, Climate Informatics, Bayesian networks and other graphical models
Zachary A. EitzenAtmospheric Science Physics2001 David A. Randall (grad student)
Richard EttersCondensed Matter Physics
Richard E. EykholtTheory Physics
William Martin Fairbank
Yuhong FanAstronomy and Astrophysics
Jeffrey J Fieldultrafast optics, multi-photon microscopy, biomedical imaging
Stuart FieldCondensed Matter Physics
Grant J. FirlAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Science2013 David A. Randall (grad student)
Robert P. FleishauerAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics, Radiation Physics2001 Steven Rutledge (grad student)
Elijah J. FlennerCondensed Matter Physics2003 Richard Etters (grad student)
Keir FosterCondensed Matter Physics, Acoustics Physics, Materials Science Engineering2001 R G. Leisure (grad student)
Brian J. GaudetGeophysics2002 William R. Cotton (grad student)
Russell M. GeisthardtPhotovoltaics Physics20092014 James Russell Sites (grad student)
Martin P. GelfandCondensed Matter Physics
Allen C. GellisGeology2003 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Brad B. GerseyRadiation Physics2006 Thomas B. Borak (grad student)
Soham Ghosh2014 Bumsoo Han (grad student)
Markus GloecklerPhotovoltaics2005 James Russell Sites (grad student)
Jean-Christophe GolazGeophysics2002 William R. Cotton (grad student)
Juan Jose Gonzalez2005 George J. Collins (grad student)
Patrick F. GonzalezMaterials Science Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics2000 George J. Collins (grad student)
Jaime R. GoodeGeomorphology, Hydrology, Sedimentary Geology2009 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Cheryl B. GratiasOptics Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Molecular Physics2003 Chaio-Yao She (grad student)
Margo GreenfieldMolecular Physics, Physical Chemistry2007 Chiao-Yao She (grad student)
Mark E. HanniAtomic Physics Physics2010 Stephen R. Lundeen (grad student)
Matt P. Harrison Physics Richard Mark Bradley (grad student)
John Leslie HartonAstrophysics Physics
Ross P. HeikesAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2002 David A. Randall (grad student)
Jason F. HiltnerPhotovoltaics2001 James Russell Sites (grad student)
Hans D. HochheimerCondensed Matter Physics, Optics Physics
Kuo-Jui HsiaoPhotovoltaics Physics2010 James Russell Sites (grad student)
Matthew R. IgelAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change Atmospheric Science2014 Susan C. Van den Heever (grad student)
Kristin L. JaegerGeology, Hydrology, Geomorphology2009 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Israel L. JirakAtmospheric Science Physics2005 William R. Cotton (grad student)
Mathew P. JohansenEnvironmental Engineering, Hydrology2002 F Ward Whicker (grad student)
Pamela K. JohnsonPhotovoltaics2003 James Russell Sites (grad student)
William A. JohnstonElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Optics Physics Physics2014 Norm Buchanan (grad student)
Sangita S. KalarickalCondensed Matter Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics2006 Carl E. Patton (grad student)
Ana KanevcePhotovoltaics2007 James Russell Sites (grad student)
Takamitsu KatoRadiology, Cell Biology2006 Joel S. Bedford (grad student)
Julie A. KeeleAtomic Physics Physics2013 Stephen R. Lundeen (grad student)
Sanford KernCondensed Matter Physics
Elizabeth A. Barnes KeysAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change
Robert KnapikAstrophysics Physics2009 John Leslie Harton (grad student)
Jason C. KnievelElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Geophysics2001 Steven Rutledge (grad student)
Galymzhan T. KoishiyevPhotovoltaics Physics2010 James Russell Sites (grad student)
Diego KrapfPhysics
Mahalaxmi KrishnamurthyElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2002 Robert John Wilson (grad student)
Wendy W. KuhneGenetics2006 F Ward Whicker (grad student)
Tristan S. L'EcuyerAtmospheric Science Physics2001 Graeme L. Stephens (grad student)
Timothy J. LangAtmospheric Science Physics2000 Steven Rutledge (grad student)
Richard R. LavertyMechanical Engineering, Acoustics Physics, Optics Physics2001 Mick Peterson (grad student)
Matthew D. LebsockAtmospheric Sciences2009 Graeme L. Stephens (grad student)
Robert G. LeisureMolecular Physics
R G. LeisureCondensed Matter Physics, Acoustics Physics, Materials Science Engineering
David G. LerachAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Science2012 William R. Cotton (grad student)
Hau-Jian J. LiuCondensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience Physics2014 Kristen S. Buchanan (grad student)
Adrian M. LoftusAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Science2012 William R. Cotton (grad student)
Stephen R. LundeenAtomic Physics
Gudrun MagnusdottirAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics1989 Wayne H. Schubert (grad student)
Mohan Mahadevan Physics Richard Mark Bradley (grad student)
David G. MaranonRadiology, Molecular Biology, Radiation Physics Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences2010 Joel S. Bedford (grad student)
Gregory R. McGarraghAtmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing Atmospheric Science2013 Graeme L. Stephens (grad student)
Jeffrey T. McPheeAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Alan K. Van Orden (grad student)
Cristian MitrescuAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2002 Graeme L. Stephens (grad student)
Nan MoCondensed Matter Physics2006 Carl E. Patton (grad student)
Udaysankar S. NairGeophysics2002 Roger Pielke (grad student)
Rajesh K. NayakBiochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Physics Chemistry2013 Alan K. Van Orden (grad student)
Alexey V. NazarovCondensed Matter Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics2002 Carl E. Patton (grad student)
Elizabeth M. PageAtmospheric Sciences2007 William R. Cotton (grad student)
Lyle A. PakulaAtmospheric Sciences2006 Graeme L. Stephens (grad student)
Carl E. PattonElectricity and Magnetism Physics, General Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Daniel A. Pearson Physics Richard Mark Bradley (grad student)
Jean PeccoudBiomedical Engineering, General Biophysics, Molecular Biology, synthetic biology, bioinformatics
Yuanlin PengMolecular Biology2004 Joel S. Bedford (grad student)
Luis G. PereiraAtmospheric Sciences2008 Steven Rutledge (grad student)
Mick PetersonMechanical Engineering, Acoustics Physics, Optics Physics
Yevgeniy PetrovAstrophysics Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics Physics2012 John Leslie Harton (grad student)
Roger PielkeGeophysics
Lina E. PilgrimGeomorphology, Physical Geography Geosciences2011 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Laura Place School of Biomedical Engineering Matthew J. Kipper (grad student)
Derek J. PosseltAtmospheric Sciences2006 Graeme L. Stephens (grad student)
Alexei O. PudovPhotovoltaics2005 James Russell Sites (grad student)
Abdur RahmanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 George J. Collins (grad student)
David A. RandallAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Sara L. RathburnGeology, Hydrology2001 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Raimundo JR RomeroOrthopedic biomaterials Chemical and Biological Engineering20112017 Matthew J. Kipper (grad student)
Daniel RuterboriesElementary Particles and High Energy Physics Physics2014 Bruce Edmond Berger (grad student)
Steven RutledgeElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Geophysics
Bryce W Schroder
Robert B. SeigelAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Science2012 Susan C. Van den Heever (grad student)
Vladimir A. SemenenkoRadiation Physics2003 Thomas B. Borak (grad student)
Ashish Sharma2008 George J. Collins (grad student)
Denis M. ShawElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 George J. Collins (grad student)
Chaio-Yao SheOptics Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Molecular Physics
Chiao-Yao SheAeronomy, Atmospheric Chemistry, Optics Physics, Analytical Chemistry
Douglas P. ShepherdCondensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience Physics2011 Alan K. Van Orden (grad student)
James Russell SitesPhotovoltaics
Michael Burghard SmyNeutrino Physics1997 John Leslie Harton (grad student), Robert John Wilson (grad student)
Erica L. SnowAtomic Physics, Optics Physics2006 Stephen R. Lundeen (grad student)
Raj SolankiCondensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience, Materials Science Engineering George J. Collins (grad student)
Gregory S. SpringerGeology2002 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Cristiana StanAtmospheric Science Physics2005 David A. Randall (grad student)
Ovidiu D. StanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 George J. Collins (grad student)
Gheorghe StanCondensed Matter Physics2005 Stuart Field (grad student)
David G. SteffenCondensed Matter Physics2003 Martin P. Gelfand (grad student)
Graeme L. StephensAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Rachel L. StorerAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Science2012 Susan C. Van den Heever (grad student)
Yiyan SunCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering, Nanoscience Physics2014 Mingzhong Wu (grad student)
Phillip J. TaddeiRadiology, Radiation Physics2005 Thomas Barak (grad student)
Micheal TamkunAnimal Physiology Biology, Medical Biophysics
Sarah A. TessendorfAtmospheric Sciences2006 Steven Rutledge (grad student)
Katherine Thayer-CalderAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Science2013 David A. Randall (grad student)
Dai B. ThomasGeomorphology, Hydrology Geosciences2014 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Walter H. TokiParticle Physics
Stefan TulichAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2003 David A. Randall (grad student)
Brant A. UlshEcology Biology, Cell Biology, Environmental Sciences, General Biophysics2000 Joel S. Bedford (grad student)
Susan C. Van den HeeverAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2001 William R. Cotton (grad student)
Alan K. Van OrdenCondensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience
Luke P. Van RoekelPhysical Oceanography, Oceanography Biology, Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Science2010 David A. Randall (grad student)
Alan K. VanOrdenPhysical Chemistry, General Biophysics, Analytical Chemistry
Johannes VerlindeGeophysics1992 William R. Cotton (grad student)
Daniel S. WardAtmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry2010 William R. Cotton (grad student)
Masahiro WatanabeElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics2001 George J. Collins (grad student)
F Ward WhickerEcology Biology, Cell Biology, Environmental Sciences, General Biophysics
Kevin J. WhitcombPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Alan K. Van Orden (grad student)
Kyle C. WiensAtmospheric Science Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics2005 Steven Rutledge (grad student)
Andrew C. WilcoxGeology, Hydrology, Environmental Sciences2005 Ellen Wohl (grad student)
Robert John WilsonExperimental High-Energy Physics
Frank WinklmeierElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2006 Walter H. Toki (grad student)
Ellen WohlGeology, Geophysics
Norman B. WoodAtmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing Atmospheric Science2011 Graeme L. Stephens (grad student)
Shannon L. WoodsAtomic Physics Physics2012 Stephen R. Lundeen (grad student)
Mingzhong WuElectricity and Magnetism Physics
Tao YuanGeophysics, Atmospheric Science Physics2004 Chiao-Yao She (grad student)
Jia YueElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences2009 Chiao-Yao She (grad student)
Katherine ZaunbrecherPhotovoltaics Physics2014 James Russell Sites (grad student)
Qinglin ZengElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2005 Robert John Wilson (grad student)
Jinlong ZhangElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2002 John Leslie Harton (grad student)