Los Alamos National Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Marc AchermannCondensed Matter Physics, Optics Physics Advanced Solar Photophysics20022006 Victor Klimov (post-doc)
Harold Melvin Agnewnuclear physics
Robert Charles AlbersTheoretical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics
Michael R. AnastasioTheoretical Nuclear Physics
Herbert L. AndersonParticle Physics
Petr M. AnisimovTheory Physics Accelerator Operation and Technology20122015 Bruce Carlsten (post-doc)
Lars Arvestad William Bruno (grad student)
Julius Ashkinparticle physics19431945 Hans Albrecht Bethe (post-doc)
Dilip AsthagiriChemical Engineering, General Biophysics, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Richard D. Averitt19992001 Antoinette J. Taylor (post-doc)
Rosemary Baltrusaitis19801983 David G. Hitlin (post-doc)
Peter David Barnesmedium-energy nuclear physics
Golan Belphysical chemistry20082009 Ilya Mark Nemenman (post-doc)
George Irving BellNuclear physics, Biophysics, Human Genome Project
Tanmoy BhattacharyaLattice QCD, Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics, Biology (Phylogenetics, HIV, Big data), Historical Linguistics
Kip Bishofberger AOT2005 Bruce Carlsten (research scientist)
Alan R Bishop
Mark Bolsterli
Malcolm Boshier
J. David Bowman
Norris Edwin Bradbury
Hugh Bradner19431946 J. Robert Oppenheimer (research scientist)
Stephen J BriceAstroparticle Physics
Donald Brown
John C. Browne
William BrunoTheoretical and computational molecular evolution, ion channel models
Bernd Büchnersolid state physics, crystal growth, 2D materials, magnetics
Lev Bulaevskii
Robert L. Burman
Robert W. Bussardnuclear fusion energy
David Kelly Campbelltheoretical physics, nonlinear phenomena
Francesco CaravelliStatistical Physics, Complex Systems Theoretical Division Cristiano Nisoli (post-doc)
Joseph A. Carlson
Bruce Carlsten
Bruce E CarlstenPhysics of beams
Peter Ambler Carrutherselementary particles, field theory
Kenneth Myron CaseTheoretical and mathematical physics19431946 Robert Serber (research assistant)
Ellen Cerreta
James Chadwicknuclear physics
Hou-Tong Chen Antoinette J. Taylor (post-doc)
Changchun ChenPlasma Physics
Ping-Han ChuRadiation Physics, Atomic Physics P-2320142018 Steven R. Elliott (post-doc)
Albert McCavour Clogstonsolid state physics, magnetism, and superconductivity
Martin David Cooper
Clyde Lorrain CowanParticle physics1956 Frederick Reines (collaborator)
Lawrence M. Cranberg
Charles Louis CritchfieldTheoretical physics
Daine L. DanielsonTheoretical physics, Particle physics, High energy physics, Theory Physics Theoretical Division Physics Division20182019 Anna C. Hayes (research assistant), Christopher M. Mauger (research assistant)
Adolfo del CampoQuantum Physics, Quantum Technology, Quantum Control, Statistical Mechanics20112014 Wojciech Hubert Zurek (post-doc)
Tiffany Desjardins Physics20162018 Elizabeth C. Merritt (post-doc)
Martin Deutschnuclear physics19431945 Emilio Segrè (research scientist)
Jeff A. Drocco20112013 Cynthia J. Olson Reichhardt (post-doc)
Joaquín E. DrutMany-body physics, Ultracold atoms, Computational Physics T220102012 Joseph A. Carlson (post-doc)
Donald F. DuBois
Leanne D. DuffyAccelerator physics, Cosmology & astroparticle physics
Ayhan Duzgun Theoretical Division Cristiano Nisoli (post-doc)
Philipp VF Edelmannstellar astrophysics, computational fluid dynamics, nuclear reaction networks, high performance computing
David Franklin EdwardsSolid state physics
Ernst-Ingo EschAstroparticle Physics Physics1997 Thomas Bowles (grad student)
J. Doyne FarmerComplex systems
Mitchell J. FeigenbaumChaos Theory
Zachary FiskCondensed Matter Physics
Hans Frauenfelderstructure, dynamics, and function of proteins
Glenn Mckinley Fryecosmic rays19501959 Frederick Reines (research scientist)
Klaus Fuchs Theoretical Division19441946 Hans Albrecht Bethe (research scientist)
Robert Douglas FultonSpectroscopic Study of Theta Discharges in Hydrogen and Helium (1985)
Kaori FuyutoElementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Gerald Thomas John GarveyNuclear physics
Maria A. GomezProton Conductors
Paul E. GrabowskiPlasma physics, atomic physics, density functional theory, Theoretical Astrophysics
David L. Graff20112013 Steven P. Love (post-doc)
Elizabeth Diz Riddle Gravesexperimental nuclear physics
Alvin Cushman Gravesnuclear physics
Rajan GuptaTheoretical Particle Physics, Lattice QCD, Statistical Mechanics, Computational Biology, Energy Security
Jay Edwin Hammel
Eric A. HawkerParticle Physics
Wick C. HaxtonAstrophysics, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics
Anna C. Hayes
Jaret C. HeiseElementary Particles and High Energy Physics Physics2005 Andrew Hime (post-doc)
Hans Herrmann
Andrew Hime
Cyrus M. HoffmanExperimental particle physics and astrophysics
Henry George HorakAstrophysics
Kurt Jacobsquantum technology Salman Habib (post-doc)
Chun-Min JenRadiation Physics
Larry Jones
Anosh JosephTheoretical Physics, Elementary Particle Physics20112013 Rajan Gupta (post-doc)
Myang-Hwa Jung NHMFL20022004 Heinrich Nakotte (post-doc)
Christoph Junghanscomputational physics, computational science Theoretical Division20112014 Arthur F. Voter (post-doc)
Zhongbo KangHigh energy nuclear physics
Don Kania
Donald MacLean Kerrnuclear weapons efforts, national security and arms control, energy technology, and ionospheric research
George Albert KeyworthNuclear physics
Yongho Kim
Klaus KirchAstroparticle Physics
Edward Alan KnappHigh Energy Physics
Jeffrey M. Koshi William Bruno (post-doc)
Gerd J. KundeElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics
Christopher A Lanecondensed matter Theory Division20192021 Jianxin Zhu (post-doc)
Leo S. LavatelliControl Systems19431946 Robert Rathbun Wilson (research assistant)
Angus (Andrew) Cowper Lawson
Robert Briggs LeachmanNuclear Physics
Christopher LeeNuclear, Particle, Astrophysics and Cosmology
Carey Legettgeosciences, planetary science, spectroscopy, light scattering, space weathering ISR20192022 Roger C. Wiens (post-doc)
Henry Lichtensteinnuclear physics, radiation transport, Monte Carlo simulation
Shizeng Lincondensed matter theory Theoretical Division20112013 Lev Bulaevskii (post-doc)
Rodica LindenmaierAtmospheric Science Physics, Atmospheric Chemistry, Remote Sensing Earth and Environmental Sciences20122014 Manvendra K Dubey (post-doc)
Adrian Losko Sven Vogel (grad student)
William Charles LouisHigh Energy Physics
Steven P. LoveExperimental Physics, Optics, Spectroscopic Remote Sensing19911993 Basil I. Swanson (post-doc)
Yiannis Makris
John Henry Manley
John MarshallHigh Energy Physics
P. E. Martin William Bruno (research assistant)
Thomas E MasonCondensed Matter Physics
Harris Louis Mayernuclear physics
Claudio MazzoleniAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Remote Sensing, Automotive Engineering Earth and Environmental Sciences20042008 Manvendra K Dubey (post-doc)
Patrick L. McGaughey
Gerard Patrick McGregor
Kevin D. Meaneynuclear diagnostics, plasma physics Physics Physics Hans Herrmann (grad student), Yongho Kim (grad student)
Robert Meier
Elizabeth C. MerrittFluid and Plasma Physics Physics20132015 John Kline (post-doc)
Bogdan Mihailamany-body theory
Dimitri MihalasAstronomy and Astrophysics
Geoffrey MillerAstroparticle Physics
Geoffrey Blount MillsHigh Energy Physics
Richard Evans Mischke
Mark MoldwinSpace Physics, Atmospheric Science Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Michelle Thomsen (post-doc)
Muir Morrison Theoretical Division Cristiano Nisoli (research assistant)
Joel Marshall MossNuclear Physics
Emil MottolaQuantum Field Theory, Curved Spacetime, Black Holes, Cosmology, Non-Eqiolibrium Physics
Fred Michael MuellerSolid state physics
Brian Munsky20082009 Ilya Mark Nemenman (post-doc)
Darragh Edmund Nagle19421946 Enrico Fermi (research assistant)
Heinrich NakotteCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering19941997 Robert Robinson (post-doc)
George Peter Nanos
Seth H Neddermeyercosmic rays19431946 J. Robert Oppenheimer (research scientist)
Amanda Joy Neukirch
Cristiano NisoliCondensed Matter Physics, Frustration, Statistical Mechanics, Spin Ice Theoretical Division Theoretical Division Avadh Saxena (post-doc), Alan R Bishop (collaborator)
Chris NoltingAstrophysics, Galaxy Clusters, Radio Galaxies, Magnetohydrodyanmics, Simulation, Jets
Willie J. Padilla20042006 Antoinette J. Taylor (post-doc)
Jeffrey A. PaisnerLasers & Non-Linear Optics and Atomic Physics
Andrea P. T. Palounekhigh energy particle physics, nuclear physics
Anup Pandey
Mark Wayne Parisnuclear, particle, plasma, & astrophysical theory
W. Dean Pesnell19801997 Arthur Nelson Cox (research scientist)
Leo Eric PiilonenElementary Particles and High Energy Physics19851987 Cyrus M. Hoffman (post-doc), Richard Evans Mischke (post-doc), Martin David Cooper (post-doc)
David D. PollockTheoretical and experimental evolution William Bruno (post-doc)
Henry Alexander PragerStellar evolution
Jane PrattStellar Astrophysics, Computational Plasma Physics, MHD Theory Division19972001 Leaf Turner (research assistant)
Keith RielageAstronomy and Astrophysics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics20052008 Andrew Hime (post-doc)
David Roberts
R. G. Hamish Robertsonneutrinos
Robert Robinson
C. Paul Robinson
Filip RonningSolid State Physics
Harvey A RoseLaser plasma interation
Louis Rosennuclear physics
Edward Carlo SamsonBose-Einstein condensates, AMO Physics, Optical Sciences P Division20142017 Malcolm Boshier (post-doc)
Avadh Saxena
Barry I. Schneidertheoretical chemistry, atomic and molecular physics, numerical methods and high performance computing
Austin William SchneiderNeutrino physics
Stanley R SeibertAstroparticle Physics Physics Physics2010 Andrew Hime (post-doc), Keith Rielage (post-doc)
Ronnie ShepherdPlasma physics Physics Physics1987 Larry Jones (grad student), Don Kania (grad student)
Dipen N. Sinha Materials Physics & Applications Division1980 Jack S. Semura (grad student)
Nikolai Sinitsyn20062009 Ilya Mark Nemenman (post-doc)
Gregory S. Smith
Cyril Stanley Smithphysical metallurgy19431946 Joseph W. Kennedy (research scientist)
Darryl Lyle Smith
Akira SoneQuantum information Theoretical Division20192021 Patrick J. Coles (post-doc)
Alexander Spacek
Greg StephensTheoretical Biophysics, Physics of Behavior Garrett T. Kenyon (post-doc)
Gerard James StephensonNonperturbative quantum field theory, low-energy particle properties, especially of neutrinos
Kashi Subedi
Roger Beatty Sutton19431946 Robert Rathbun Wilson (research scientist)
Xian-zhu Zhu Tang
Antoinette J. Taylor
Antonia Taylor
Jeff TerryEnergy, nuclear, photovoltaics, synchrotron radiation
Ingo TewsNuclear Theory
David Charles Thompsonphysics; optics; detectors; remote sensing
Theos Jardin Thompsonreactor technology
Michelle Thomsen
James Waldo ToevsNuclear Astrophysics
James Leslie Tuckthermonuclear research19441946 Seth H Neddermeyer (research scientist), John L. von Neumann (research scientist)
Leaf Turner
Richard George Van de WaterHigh Energy Physics
Sven Vogel
Michael E WallX-ray crystallography, diffuse scattering, biophysics, protein dynamics, molecular dynamics simulations Chemistry, Bioscience19992020 Jill Trewhella (post-doc)
Jay Wechsler
Theodore Allen Weltontheoretical physics Richard P. Feynman (research scientist)
John C. Wheatleyquantum fluids and solids
Andrew G. WhitePhysics, quantum optics, quantum information, foundations of quantum mechanics19971999 Paul G. Kwiat (post-doc), Richard J. Hughes (post-doc)
Roger C. Wiens
Francis Dudley WilliamsIR spectroscopy
William M. WoodwardHigh energy nuclear physics
Bin Yan
Dzmitry YarotskiOptics Physics, Condensed Matter Physics Antonia Taylor (grad student)
Ka Ho YuenMultiphase Interstellar Media, Fundamental Turbulence Theory, Space Physics
Jianxin Zhu
Diego A. ZoccoCondensed Matter Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Low Temperature Physics
Wojciech Hubert ZurekTheoretical physics
George ZweigHEP Theory, Neurobiology