Cornell University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Government Richard N. Rosecrance (research assistant)
Rawi Abdelal
Taufik Abdullah History Oliver Wolters (grad student)
Francis AdamsInternational Law and Relations, Social Structure and Development, General Economics1992 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Frederick A. AddisonUrban and Regional Planning2002 Norman T. Uphoff (grad student)
Rhodante I. AhlersSocial Structure and Development, General Agriculture, Urban and Regional Planning2005 Lourdes Beneria (grad student)
Julie AjinkyaGeneral, Gender Studies, Women's Studies, Islamic Studies2010 Michael Jones-Correa (grad student)
Yusmin Y. AlimUrban and Regional Planning, Public Administration, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering, Civil Engineering2006 Walter Isard (grad student)
David Jepson AlleeAgricultural Economics1961 Howard Emerson Conklin (grad student)
Gwendoline M. AlphonsoGeneral, Public and Social Welfare, United States History2011 Richard Bensel (grad student)
Joyce G. AltobelliSocial Structure and Development2003 Max J. Pfeffer (grad student)
Barbara Watson Andaya History Oliver Wolters (grad student)
Benedict AndersonInternational Studies, Government & Asian Studies Government George McTurnan Kahin (grad student)
Mark S. AnnerGeneral, Industrial and Labor Relations, Latin American History2004 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Douglas R. ApplerUrban and Regional Planning, Archaeology Anthropology, United States History2011 Michael Tomlan (grad student)
Edgar R. Aragon MladosichUrban and Regional Planning, Industrial and Labor Relations, General Economics2002 Lourdes Beneria (grad student)
Juan M. ArbonaUrban and Regional Planning, Commerce-Business Economics, Public Administration2001 Lourdes Bengria (grad student)
Aaron J. ArdManagement Business Administration, Public Administration2000 Marcie Cavanaugh (grad student)
Lisa Baglione1992 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Jose R. Balmori de la MiyarPublic and Social Welfare, General Economics Policy Analysis and Management2014 Sharon Tennyson (grad student)
Ameya S. BalsekarGeneral2009 Ronald Herring (grad student)
Lars Bang-Jensen1987 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Lourdes BeneriaInternational Law and Relations, Urban and Regional Planning, Theory Economics
Lourdes BengriaUrban and Regional Planning, Commerce-Business Economics, Public Administration
Richard BenselGeneral
Martin BernalGeneral, African History, Modern Language
Rachel N. Bezner KerrSocial Structure and Development, Nutrition, General Agriculture, Agricultural Economics2006 Max J. Pfeffer (grad student)
Rejina BhatLaw, Women's Studies2005 Martha A. Fineman (grad student)
Rabia BhuiyanLaw, Women's Studies2007 Martha A. Fineman (grad student)
Ingrid BiedronNatural Resource Management, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Ecology Biology2014 Barbara A. Knuth (grad student)
Savitri BisnathInternational Law and Relations, Urban and Regional Planning, Theory Economics2002 Lourdes Beneria (grad student)
Gardner BovingdonGeneral, Public and Social Welfare, Regional Studies Government1993 Vivienne Shue (grad student)
Brian J. BowInternational Law and Relations, Canadian Studies2003 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Benjamin T. BrakeGeneral, Law2011 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Noelle Bridgen2013 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
April B. BrinkmanGeneral, Law, Administration Education2003 Theodore J. Lowi (grad student)
Charla D. BrittSocial Structure and Development, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, General2002 Max J. Pfeffer (grad student)
Dominique BrossardMass Communications, Social Structure and Development, General2002 Bruce Lewenstein (grad student)
Valerie J. BunceGeneral
Evelyn L. BushSocial Structure and Development, International Law and Relations, General Religion2005 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Alan Cafruny1983 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Dominique CaouetteGeneral, International Law and Relations, Asia History2004 Benedict Anderson (grad student)
David J. CarusoHistory of Science, United States History, Military History2008 Judith V. Reppy (grad student)
Steven W. Casper1997 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Marcie CavanaughManagement Business Administration, Public Administration
Josh Chafetz
Anuradha ChakravartyGeneral, Law2009 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Sergio ChavezSocial Structure and Development2007 Max J. Pfeffer (grad student)
Mark Y. ChongSpeech Communication, Agricultural Economics, Agronomy Agriculture2005 Bruce Lewenstein (grad student)
Yun H. ChungGeneral Economics, International Law and Relations2001 Walter Isard (grad student)
Dawn M. ChutkowGeneral, Law2009 Theodore J. Lowi (grad student)
Pierre ClavelUrban and Regional Planning, General
William E. ClayUrban and Regional Planning, General Religion2002 Michael Tomlan (grad student)
Willie E. CobbleInternational Law and Relations2004 Judith V. Reppy (grad student)
Moncrieff CochranPublic Administration
Laura A. ColosiIndividual and Family Studies, Public Administration2006 Jennifer Gerner (grad student)
Howard Emerson ConklinAgricultural Economics
Lane Cooper
Ana CordovaEnvironmental Sciences, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning2003 Barbara A. Knuth (grad student)
Arthur A. DaemmrichHistory of Science, General, Public Health2002 Sheila Jasanoff (grad student)
Namita DattaUrban and Regional Planning, Women's Studies, General Economics2005 Lourdes Beneria (grad student)
Jan deRoosManagement Business Administration, General, General Economics
Katherine L. DickinNutrition, Public Health, Industrial Psychology2003 Jean-Pierre Habicht (grad student)
David C. DiehlDevelopmental Psychology, Reading Education, Individual and Family Studies2000 Moncrieff Cochran (grad student)
Janie DielsMass Communications2006 James Shanahan (grad student)
Gregory A. DonofrioUrban and Regional Planning, Architecture, United States History2009 Michael Tomlan (grad student)
Matthew P. DrennanUrban and Regional Planning, Public Administration, Environmental Sciences
Nicole M. DriebePublic Administration2000 Moncrieff Cochran (grad student)
Matthew EvangelistaGeneral, Modern History Government Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Cynthia R. FarinaLaw, General, International Relations
Matthew G. FerchenGeneral, General Economics2008 Vivienne Shue (grad student)
Erik M. FilipiakPublic and Social Welfare, General, Banking Business Administration2011 Theodore J. Lowi (grad student)
Martha A. FinemanLaw, International Law and Relations
John ForesterUrban and Regional Planning, General, Environmental Sciences
Joseph F. FoudyGeneral2004 Jonas Pontosson (grad student)
Allison T. FreemanUrban and Regional Planning, Public and Social Welfare2006 William W. Goldsmith (grad student)
Isao FujimotoSocial Structure and Development, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Urban and Regional Planning2010 Charles C. Geisler (grad student)
Charles C. GeislerSocial Structure and Development, Public Administration, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture
Jennifer GernerIndividual and Family Studies, Public Administration
Alexandra I. GheciuInternational Law and Relations2001 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Michael GoldfieldIndustrial Relations, Labor History, Race, The Global Economy, Philosophy of Science and Social Science, Social Movements, History of the Communist Party, Radicalism in the US
William W. GoldsmithUrban and Regional Planning, Geography, Social Structure and Development, General Economics, General
John D. GorlorwuluUrban and Regional Planning, Transportation, Labor Economics2002 Matthew P. Drennan (grad student)
Ian C. GreerIndustrial Psychology, Urban and Regional Planning, General2006 Lowell Turner (grad student)
Joseph D. GrengsUrban and Regional Planning, Transportation2002 William W. Goldsmith (grad student)
Jana GrittersovaGeneral, Finance, International Law and Relations, East European Studies2009 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Devashree GuptaGeneral, Ethnic and Racial Studies2008 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Jean-Pierre HabichtNutrition, Public Administration, Public and Social Welfare, Human Development
Jennifer L. HaddenGeneral, Climate Change2011 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Derek A. HallInternational Law and Relations, Agricultural Economics, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture2002 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Lisa M. HanleyUrban and Regional Planning, Cultural Resources Management2010 Lourdes Beneria (grad student)
Tadayuki HaraManagement Business Administration, General, General Economics2004 Jan deRoos (grad student)
Philip S. HartMass Communications, Climate Change2010 Bruce Lewenstein (grad student)
Marco HauptmeierManagement Business Administration, Industrial and Labor Relations, General2009 Lowell Turner (grad student)
Robert G. Herman1995 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Ronald HerringGeneral, Industrial and Labor Relations, Labor Economics
Shelley C. HirsekornGeneral2008 Theodore J. Lowi (grad student)
Lesli M. HoeyUrban and Regional Planning2012 John Forester (grad student)
Stephanie C. HofmannGeneral, International Law and Relations, European Studies2009 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Steve Van Holde1993 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Yi-Yu HuangUrban and Regional Planning, General Economics, Labor Economics2003 Matthew P. Drennan (grad student)
Ryan R. HurlGeneral, Canadian Studies2007 Jeremy Rabkin (grad student)
Elena Iankova1997 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Takeko IinumaSocial Structure and Development2002 Lourdes Beneria (grad student)
Reynaldo Ileto History Oliver Wolters (grad student)
Christine IngebritsenGeneral, International Law and Relations, Women's Studies1993 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Walter IsardGeneral Economics, International Law and Relations, Regional Science, Peace Research
Sheila JasanoffHistory of Science, General, Public Health
Mi JiGeneral, Commerce-Business Economics2006 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Melody R. JohnsonPublic and Social Welfare, Women's Studies2002 Moncrieff Cochran (grad student)
Peter A. Johnson1991 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Michael Jones-CorreaGeneral, Hispanic American Studies
Ishan JoshiGeneral, Asian Studies, Organization Theory, South Asian Studies2011 Mary Katzenstein (grad student)
Jai K. JungGeneral2008 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
George McTurnan KahinSoutheast Asian history and politics
Gaurav Kampani2014 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Isaac Kardon2017 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Charnvit Kasetsiri, History Oliver Wolters (grad student)
Kozo Kato1996 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Peter J. KatzensteinInternational Law and Relations, General, Social Structure and Development
Mary KatzensteinGeneral, Asia History, Public and Social Welfare, General Economics
Ki-Yong KeumUrban and Regional Planning2005 Walter Isard (grad student)
Eun-Nan KimUrban and Regional Planning, Geography2006 Matthew P. Drennan (grad student)
Yoonho KimPublic Administration2007 Theodore J. Lowi (grad student)
Daniel P. KindermanGeneral, Management Business Administration, Organizational2011 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Joshua D. KirshnerUrban and Regional Planning, Social Structure and Development2009 Lourdes Beneria (grad student)
Jonathan KirshnerGeneral, Commerce-Business Economics
Audie KlotzGeneral, Public and Social Welfare, Public Health, African Studies, East European Studies1991 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Barbara A. KnuthEnvironmental Sciences, Public Administration
Julianna M. KochGeneral Government2013 Suzanne Mettler (grad student)
Karrie J. KoeselGeneral2009 Valerie J. Bunce (grad student)
Paul A. KowertGeneral, Hispanic American Studies1992 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Heidi E. KretserForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Urban and Regional Planning2008 Barbara A. Knuth (grad student)
Anirudh KrishnaGeneral, General Economics, Social Structure and Development2000 Norman T. Uphoff (grad student)
Ashima Krishnahistoric preservation planning, urban conservation, heritage conservation, historic preservation, urban heritage management, heritage studies Urban and Regional Planning20062013 Michael Tomlan (grad student)
Ikuo Kume1994 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Aline Kuntz1987 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Hyeok Y. KwonGeneral2004 Jonas Pontusson (grad student)
Heiwon KwonIndustrial and Labor Relations, Asian Studies, Public Administration2010 Lowell Turner (grad student)
Yin H. KyawGeneral, Management Business Administration2001 Benedict Anderson (grad student)
Kristin E. LarsenUrban and Regional Planning, United States History, Public Administration2001 Michael Tomlan (grad student)
Young-sung LeeUrban and Regional Planning, Public Administration, Environmental Sciences2001 Matthew P. Drennan (grad student)
David R. LehenyJapanese Politics; East Asian Security, Culture, and International Relations1998 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Fernanda Leite Lopez de LeonGeneral Economics, General, Mass Communications2010 Jeffrey T. Prince (grad student)
Jef L. LeroyNutrition2005 Jean-Pierre Habicht (grad student)
Daniel Lev Government George McTurnan Kahin (grad student)
Bruce LewensteinMass Communications, Social Structure and Development, General
Mande L. LimbuLaw, Women's Studies, International Law and Relations2007 Martha A. Fineman (grad student)
Theodore J. LowiGeneral, Urban and Regional Planning, Public and Social Welfare
Aleksander LustGeneral Economics, Public Administration, International Law and Relations2010 Valerie J. Bunce (grad student)
Jason M. LyallInternational Law and Relations, European History2005 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Marc LynchInternational Relations, Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies1997 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Samantha A. MajicGeneral, Gender Studies, American Studies2010 Mary Katzenstein (grad student)
Mingus U. MappsGeneral2004 Richard Bensel (grad student)
Michael P. Marks1993 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Mduduzi N. MbuyaNutrition, Tests and Measurements Education, Public Health, Ethnic and Racial Studies2008 Jean-Pierre Habicht (grad student)
John J. MearsheimerInternational Relations, Military Studies Richard N. Rosecrance (grad student)
Barak MendelsohnInternational Law and Relations2006 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Purnima MenonNutrition, Demography2002 Jean-Pierre Habicht (grad student)
Gil Merom1994 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Suzanne MettlerGeneral, Public and Social Welfare, Higher Education
Anthony Milner History Oliver Wolters (grad student)
Kajri MisraUrban and Regional Planning, Public Administration, Gender Studies2009 Lourdes Beneria (grad student)
Anthony M. NdunguInternational Law and Relations, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Engineering2000 Judith V. Reppy (grad student)
Roy Nelson1991 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Matthew C. NisbetMass Communications, General, General2003 James Shanahan (grad student)
Erik C. NisbetMass Communications, International Law and Relations2008 James Shanahan (grad student)
Milton Osborne Oliver Wolters (grad student)
Sade OwolabiUrban and Regional Planning, Area Planning and Development2011 William W. Goldsmith (grad student)
Eunyun ParkSocial Structure and Development, General, Mass Communications2003 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Wayland Maxfield Parrish1929 Herbert A. Wichelns (grad student)
David F. Patton1992 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Louis W. PaulyInternational Law and Relations, Energy, Climate Change1987 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Margarita H. PetrovaGeneral, International Law and Relations2007 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Tsveta A. PetrovaGeneral, Public and Social Welfare, Peace Studies, International Relations, East European Studies2011 Valerie J. Bunce (grad student)
Max J. PfefferSocial Structure and Development, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, General
Jessica M. PittUrban and Regional Planning2002 John Forester (grad student)
Daniel J. PlafcanInternational Law and Relations, History of Science, Remote Sensing2007 Judith V. Reppy (grad student)
Athanassios Platias1986 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Andrew F. PleasantPublic Health, Health Education2005 Bruce Lewenstein (grad student)
Jonas PontossonGeneral
Jonas PontussonGeneral, General Economics
Frank J. PopperUrban and Regional Planning; United States History; Geography; Land-Use, Natural-Resoure, and Regional Planning; American West, American South, American Great Plains, Shrinking Citiies; State Land-Usse Planning; Public Lands, Locally Unwanted Land Uses (L
Richard M. Price1994 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Jeffrey T. PrinceGeneral Economics, General, Mass Communications
Olena M. ProkopovychGeneral, Health Care Management, Organizational, United States History2007 Richard Bensel (grad student)
Nadia Rabesahala HorningGeneral, Cultural Anthropology, African History, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2004 Norman T. Uphoff (grad student)
Jeremy RabkinGeneral, Canadian Studies
Simon ReichInternational Law and Relations, Finance1988 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Judith V. ReppyInternational Law and Relations, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Engineering
Christian Reus-Smit1995 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Craig Reynolds Oliver Wolters (grad student)
Flavio C. RezendeUrban and Regional Planning, Public Administration, General2005 John Forester (grad student)
Merle Calvin Ricklefs History Oliver Wolters (grad student)
Jeremiah Riemer1983 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Christina R. RiversGeneral, Black History, Law2004 Theodore J. Lowi (grad student)
Geoffrey RobinsonModern History, Asia History, African History, General George McTurnan Kahin (grad student)
Jeffrey M. RommGeneral, Geography1971 David Jepson Allee (grad student)
Deondra E. RoseGeneral, Public and Social Welfare, Higher Education2012 Suzanne Mettler (grad student)
Devparna RoySocial Structure and Development, Agronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Economics2006 Charles C. Geisler (grad student)
Matthew C. RudolphGeneral, Finance2006 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Francisco D. RuedaGeneral, General Economics2001 Jonas Pontusson (grad student), Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
David Rueda Government Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Monica Ruiz-CasaresSocial Structure and Development, Social Work, Developmental Psychology, Cultural Anthropology2006 Moncrieff Cochran (grad student)
Heli V. SaarikoskiUrban and Regional Planning, General, Environmental Sciences2003 John Forester (grad student)
Jose A. Santa-CruzInternational Law and Relations, Latin American History2003 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Karthika SasikumarInternational Law and Relations2006 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Clifford W. SchererSpeech Communication, Social Psychology, Public Administration, Environmental Sciences
Sonja SchmidEuropean History, Social Structure and Development, Nuclear Engineering, Energy2005 Bruce Lewenstein (grad student)
Adam M. SegalGeneral, Asia History, General Economics2000 Vivienne Shue (grad student)
Amber L. SeligsonGeneral, Latin American History2002 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Jeffrey S. SelingerGeneral, United States History2008 Theodore J. Lowi (grad student)
James ShanahanMass Communications, General, General
Marlene M. ShinerLaw, Individual and Family Studies2005 Martha A. Fineman (grad student)
Vivienne ShueGeneral, Asia History
Kirk D. SinclairForestry and Wildlife Agriculture2005 Barbara A. Knuth (grad student)
Beate SissenichGeneral, International Law and Relations, General2003 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Elton SkendajGeneral, International Relations2011 Valerie J. Bunce (grad student)
Daniel D. SledgeGeneral, United States History, Public Health2010 Richard Bensel (grad student)
Bounlonh J. SoukamneuthUrban and Regional Planning, Geography, Social Structure and Development, General Economics, General2006 William W. Goldsmith (grad student)
Laura M. SpitzLaw, International Law and Relations2006 Martha A. Fineman (grad student)
Panarairat SrichaiyaratLaw, Women's Studies, Industrial and Labor Relations2004 Martha A. Fineman (grad student)
Allyson A. StollCultural Resources Management, Geography, Latin American History2011 Michael Tomlan (grad student)
Lisa J. StuddertNutrition, Public Administration, Public and Social Welfare, Human Development2001 Jean-Pierre Habicht (grad student)
Heidi J. SwartsGeneral, General2002 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
John M. Sydenstricker NetoSocial Structure and Development, Environmental Sciences2004 Max J. Pfeffer (grad student)
Shiraishi Takashi Oliver Wolters (grad student)
Nina TannenwaldInternational Law and Relations, Environmental Sciences1996 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Worrasit TantinipankulUrban and Regional Planning, History of Religion2006 Michael Tomlan (grad student)
Sidney TarrowGeneral, American Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies
Emmanuel J. TeitelbaumGeneral, Industrial and Labor Relations, Labor Economics2006 Ronald Herring (grad student)
Stanley A. TempleEnvironmental Sciences, General, Industrial and Labor Relations, Agricultural Economics, General Agriculture, Occupational Health and Safety Ecology & Evolutionary Biology1972 Tom J. Cade (grad student)
Sharon TennysonGeneral Economics, Public Administration, Urban and Regional Planning
Tariq ThachilGeneral, Social Structure and Development, Ethnic and Racial Studies2009 Ronald Herring (grad student)
Reshmi K. TheckethilUrban and Regional Planning, Asian Studies, Public Administration2012 John Forester (grad student)
Daniel C. Thomas1997 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Jennifer S. TiffanyUrban and Regional Planning, Theory and Methods, Labor Economics2004 Lourdes Beneria (grad student)
Michael TomlanUrban and Regional Planning, United States History, Public Administration
Silvana Toska2017 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Heather A. TriezenbergWildlife Management Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Natural Resource Management2010 Barbara A. Knuth (grad student)
Chi-Ting TsaiLaw, General, International Relations2010 Cynthia R. Farina (grad student)
Keiichi Tsunekawa1989 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Lowell TurnerIndustrial Psychology, Urban and Regional Planning, General
Norman T. UphoffGeneral, General Economics, Social Structure and Development
Sydney A. Van AttaGeneral2003 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Ion B. VasiGeneral2005 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Kathryn D. VignoneNanotechnology, Sciences Education, Public and Social Welfare2013 Bruce Lewenstein (grad student)
Israel S. Waismel-ManorGeneral, Mass Communications, Marketing Business Administration2005 Theodore J. Lowi (grad student)
Geoffrey P. WallaceInternational Law and Relations2009 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Sophia J. WallaceGeneral, Hispanic American Studies2010 Michael Jones-Correa (grad student)
Stephen B. WattsGeneral, International Law and Relations, Military Studies2007 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Herbert A. Wichelns1922 Lane Cooper (grad student)
Kim M. WilliamsGeneral, American Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies2001 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Isaiah WilsonGeneral, Public Administration, International Law and Relations2004 Theodore J. Lowi (grad student)
Hannah K. WittmanSocial Structure and Development2005 Charles C. Geisler (grad student)
Nobuto YamamotoGeneral, Pacific Rim Studies, Asia History, Mass Communications2011 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Andrew I. YeoInternational Law and Relations2008 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Jordan S. YinUrban and Regional Planning, General2001 Pierre Clavel (grad student)
Ming YueGeneral2003 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Maria N. ZaitsevaInternational Relations, General2011 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Brooke A. ZanetellEnvironmental Sciences, Public Administration2003 Barbara A. Knuth (grad student)
Wu ZhangGeneral, Asia History, Public and Social Welfare, General Economics2009 Mary Katzenstein (grad student)
Tianbiao ZhuGeneral, History Economics, Asia History2000 Jonas Pontusson (grad student)