Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kendrick AllenHuman Sexuality
Lynnette A. AverillDetection of Deception Educational Psychology2013 John C. Kircher (grad student)
Erica M. Barhorst-CatesSpatial Cognition, Navigation, Individual Differences Psychology20142019 Sarah H. Creem-Regehr (grad student), Jeanine K. Stefanucci (grad student)
Edward Creer BeckPsychology
Lorna Smith Benjamin
Cynthia A. Berg
Paul C. Bernhardt2005 John C. Kircher (grad student)
Ryan Beveridge
Karen L BlairSocial Psychology; LGBTQ Psychology; Sex Research; Close Relationships; Holocaust Education; Prejudice & Hate Crimes Psychology20122015 Lisa M. Diamond (post-doc)
Kirsten R. ButcherComprehension, Educational technology, Multimedia learning
Molly R. ButterworthClinical Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology2014 Lisa M. Diamond (grad student)
Judith L. CampbellDetection of Deception2001 John C. Kircher (grad student)
Joel CooperCognitive Psychology David L. Strayer (grad student)
Matthew R. CribbetPsychophysiology
Kenneth L. Critchfield Psychology Lorna Smith Benjamin (grad student)
Gretta CushingClinical Psychology, Women's Studies, Individual and Family Studies2003 Lorna Smith Benjamin (grad student)
Lisa M. Diamond
Christopher P. FagundesDevelopmental Psychology Psychology2010 Lisa M. Diamond (grad student)
Matthew K. FieldsDetection of Deception2006 John C. Kircher (grad student)
Sven Froeberg
Kyle Timothy Gagnon Jeanine K. Stefanucci (grad student)
Mary GauvainDevelopmental1982 Barbara Rogoff (grad student)
Michael N. Geuss Jeanine K. Stefanucci (grad student), David A. Lessard (collaborator)
Michael N. GeussVisual Perception
Craig A. Hill
Charles Robert HontsPsychology and Law1995 David Carl Raskin (grad student)
Charles Robert HontsDeception Detection 19861989 David Carl Raskin (post-doc)
Ramona O. Hopkins Ray (Raymond) Kesner (grad student)
Joseph W Houpt20042005 Charles P. Shimp (research assistant)
Jessica D. JewellDetection of Deception
John C. KircherDetection of Deception1983 David Carl Raskin (grad student)
Benjamin R. KunzVisual perception, Mental simulation Psychology20042010 William B. Thompson (grad student), Sarah H. Creem-Regehr (grad student)
David A. LessardVisual perception, embodied cognition2010 Jeanine K. Stefanucci (grad student), Sarah H. Creem-Regehr (grad student)
Lauri Nurminenvisual neuroscience20132021 Alessandra Angelucci (post-doc)
Ralph Edward (Ted) PackardEducational Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education
Ju H. ParkClinical Psychology2004 Lorna Smith Benjamin (grad student)
Wayne E. PrattNeurobiology of reward, behavioral pharmacology, nucleus accumbens, ventral tegmental area19942002 Sheri Mizumori (grad student)
Kristina M. Rand Psychology20092014 William B. Thompson (grad student), Sarah H. Creem-Regehr (grad student)
David Carl RaskinDeception detection
Jeffrey C. RothweilerClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2004 Lorna Smith Benjamin (grad student)
Carol SansoneIntrinsic Motivation
Janelle SeegmillerCognitive Psychology
Charles P. Shimp
Tracey L. Smith2002 Lorna Smith Benjamin (grad student)
Jessi L. SmithSocial psychology, intrinsic motivation, stereotype threat 19972002 Carol Sansone (grad student)
Jeanine K. Stefanuccivisual perception
JoNell Strough1996 Cynthia A. Berg (grad student)
Michael Strube1982 Carol Miehe Werner (grad student)
Calvin W. TaylorCreativity, Factor Analysis
Dustin B Thomansocial psychology, motivation, interest development, social identity, educational psychology Psychology20022008 Carol Sansone (grad student)
Robert D. Vlisides-HenryDevelopmental Psycholopathology, Emotion Dysregulation, Methodology (longitudinal modeling, dynamical systems, machine learning), Biological Markers Psychology2017 Sheila E. Crowell (grad student)
Carol Miehe Werner
Niwako YamawakiDetection of Deception2002 John C. Kircher (grad student)