Massachusetts General Hospital

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ralph MazitschekChemistry, Chemical Biology, Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Epigenetics, Drug Discovery, Malaria
Brian J. BacskaiAlzheimer's Bradley T. Hyman (research scientist)
Gary RuvkunmiRNA, C. elegans development and lifespan
Jane H. Park Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Jonathan B. Cohen nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChR) and GABAa receptors
Christopher Ott James Bradner (post-doc)
John Delafield GregoryConnective Tissue Biochemistry. Isolation of proteoglycans from cartilage; their physical and organic chemistry; cartilage structure. Fritz Albert Lipmann (research scientist)
Jacob Matthew Hookerpositron emission tomography, radiotracer chemistry, epigenetics, neuroscience, neurotransmitters
Conor L. Evansoptical microscopy and spectroscopy to detect and visualize microscopic metastatic disease
Jeannie T. LeeX-Chromosome Inactivation
Orhun K. Muratoğlu
Jerome L. AckermanMRI, NMR, bone, biomaterials, interventional MR
Nathan O. Kaplanenzymology, immobilized enzymes, affinity chromatography, cancer chemotherapy.19451949 Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Earl R. StadtmanProtein chemistry, aging19491950 Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Robert Kellogg Crane19491950 Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Simon Blackenzymes19511952 Fritz Albert Lipmann (research scientist)
William P. JencksCatalysis, Enzyme Mechanisms19551956 Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Mary Ellen Jonesamino acid metabolism and pyrimidine nucleotide metabolism19511957 Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Mahlon Hoagland19521957 Paul C. Zamecnik (research scientist), Joseph C. Aub (post-doc), Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Robert G. Spiroglycoproteins19581961 Roger W. Jeanloz (post-doc)
Hiroshi Nikaidostructure and functions of bacterial membranes1963 Herman M. Kalckar (post-doc)
Darryl C. DeVivoNeurochemistry, mitochondrial disorders, neuromuscular transmission19661967 Raymond D. Adams (post-doc)
Daryl A. BoscoNeurodegeneration ALS2011 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc), Dagmar Ringe (post-doc)
Joshua A. BishopChemistry, Neruobiology, Chemical Biology20112013 Stephen J. Haggarty (post-doc)
Aaron E. EngelhartNucleic Acids