University of Waterloo

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Brian Adamsmaterials, electrochemistry Chemistry20112016 Linda Nazar (grad student)
D. Grant AllenChemical Engineering, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry Chemical Engineering19831987 Campbell William Robinson (grad student)
Richelle M. Allen-KingEnvironmental Geology, Geochemistry1991 Robert Winston Gillham (grad student), James Franklin Barker (grad student)
Colin E. Allisonatmospheric chemistry, climate change, stable isotopes, carbon cycle, mass spectrometry, RACI Chemistry19861988 Terrance B. McMahon (post-doc)
William K. AnnableHydrology, Geochemistry2003 Edward Sudicky (grad student)
Vasu D AppannaBiochemistry, Toxicology, Neuroscience Biology1984 Thammaiah Viswanatha (grad student)
Hamid R. BadieiAnalytical Chemistry2004 Vassili Karanassios (grad student)
Leanne Beer2004 Richard T. Oakley (grad student)
Peter J. BelshawOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry19881990 Gilles Lajoie (research assistant)
Benaiah L. BennoZoology Biology, Ecology Biology2003 R E. Hecky (grad student)
Peter F. Bernathlaboratory spectroscopy, molecular astronomy, atmospheric science
Sandra J. BirksGeochemistry2004 T W. D. Edwards (grad student)
Alexander R. BlythGeology, Nuclear Engineering, Environmental Sciences2004 Shaun Keith Frape (grad student)
Dyanne P. BrewerBiochemistry2000 Gilles Lajoie (grad student)
Robert Brittonorganic chemistry19911996 Victor A. Snieckus (research assistant)
Alexandre G. BroloPhysical/Analytical Chemistry1998 Donald E. Irish (grad student)
Lewis J Brubacher
Jaclyn Brusso2006 Richard T. Oakley (grad student)
Michael Burt20132014 Terrance B. McMahon (post-doc)
L. DeWayne CecilGeochemistry, Environmental Engineering2001 Shaun Keith Frape (grad student)
Yu ChaiPolymer Physics, AFM Physics and Astronomy James A. Forrest (grad student)
Sylvie L. Chamoinsynthetic organic and organometallic chemistry2000 Victor A. Snieckus (grad student)
Meixin Cheng2022 Germán Sciaini (grad student)
Mike ChongOrganic Chemistry
Claudio E. ChuaquiPharma Chemistry Robert J. Le Roy (grad student)
Jiri CizekTheoretical chemistry
Susan L. Clugstoninteractions of small molecules (such as substrates and drugs) with enzymes as well as the mechanisms by which enzymes catalyze reactions2001 John F. Honek (grad student)
Brewster ConantHydrology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences2001 Robert Winston Gillham (grad student)
Neville Joseph Alan CoughlanMass spectrometry, laser spectroscopy, ion mobility Chemistry20182020 W. Scott Hopkins (post-doc)
Yanjie Cuienergy storage, thermoelectrics Chemistry20052010 Holger Kleinke (grad student)
Marine CuisinierNMR, energy storage Chemistry20122015 Linda Nazar (post-doc)
Luigi D'AgnilloChemical Engineering2003 Alexander Penlidis (grad student)
T W. D. EdwardsGeochemistry
Dipayan DattaElectronic Structure Theory Chemistry20102011 Marcel A.Th.F. Nooijen (post-doc)
Nike DattaniPotentiology, Feynman integrals, Diatomics, Spectroscopy, Ultra-cold chemistry, open quantum systems, quantum computing20082009 Robert J. Le Roy (research assistant), Raymond Laflamme (research assistant)
Kyle James Daun
Greggory S. DickBiochemistry2001 Thammaiah Viswanatha (grad student)
Gary DmitrienkoOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Marc A. DubeMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry19871995 Alexander Penlidis (grad student), Kenneth F. O'Driscoll (grad student), Park M. Reilly (collaborator)
Francis A.L. Dullien
Hamish C. DuthieLimnology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences
Gary A. EicemanAnalytical Chemistry Francis W. Karasek (grad student)
Catherine EimersBiogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology Department of Biology2002 Sherry L. Schiff (grad student)
William Eplingenvironmental catalysis, which included catalyst design, manufacture, characterization and application
Peter ErtlAnalytical Chemistry2000 S R. Mikkelsen (grad student)
Zahra Fakhraaistructure, dynamics and chemistry in nanometer length scales2007 James A. Forrest (grad student)
Eric Fillionorganic synthesis
James A. ForrestPhysics of soft materials, Physics of polymer thin films, Crystalline polymers, Polymer interfaces and adhesion, Confinement of polymer chains, Glass transition in confined geometry
Don D. Frantz
Shaun Keith FrapeGeochemistry, Environmental Engineering1979 Peter Fritz (post-doc)
Bertram O. Fraser-Reidcarbohydrates
Travis David FridgenPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Terrance B. McMahon (post-doc)
Emil Otto Frindgroundwater research
Mario GauthierPolymer Chemistry
Robert Winston GillhamEnvironmental Engineering, Hydrology, Biogeochemistry
Maud B. Gorbet
Gillian Goward2000 William P. Power (grad student)
Samuel Jacobi GrauerInverse Analysis, Tomography, Bayesian Inference, Data Assimilation, Fluid Diagnostics, Combustion Diagnostics Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering20142018 Kyle James Daun (grad student)
Marilyn GriffithPlant Physiology, Biochemistry
J Guy GuillemetteBiochemistry Chemistry19921995 Peter N. Lewis (grad student)
Robert D. HamelBiochemistry2003 Thammaiah Viswanatha (grad student), Vasu D Appanna (grad student)
R E. HeckyLimnology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Ecology Biology
Herbert Hill Francis W. Karasek (post-doc)
Marc J. Hinton Department of Earth Sciences1999 Sherry L. Schiff (grad student)
Monique Y. HobbsGeochemistry2001 E J. Reardon (grad student)
Todd Holyoakenzyme mechanisms, their regulation and structure and how they are interrelated
John F. Honekinteractions of small molecules (such as substrates and drugs) with enzymes as well as the mechanisms by which enzymes catalyze reactions
W. Scott Hopkins
Ian Dean Hosein20102012 Pavle V. Radovanovic (post-doc)
Huan HuangMaterials Chemistry2003 Linda Nazar (grad student)
Jeremy M. Hutson Department of Chemistry19811983 Robert J. Le Roy (post-doc)
Christian Ieritanodifferential mobility spectrometry Chemistry20172023 W. Scott Hopkins (grad student)
Donald E. Irish
David JiMaterials Chemistry2009 Linda Nazar (grad student)
Ashok K. KakkarPhysical Chemistry Chemistry1990 Todd Marder (grad student)
Wang Hay KanSolid State Chemistry, Energy Storage/Conversion Systems, X-ray/Neutron Diffraction20062009 Linda Nazar (grad student)
Vassili KaranassiosAnalytical Chemistry
Francis W. Karasek
Brian A. KeayOrganic Chemistry1983 Russell Rodrigo (grad student)
Robert A. KeePolymer Chemistry2001 Mario Gauthier (grad student)
Tracy A. KerrMaterials Chemistry2002 Linda Nazar (grad student)
Oscar KibazohiChemical Engineering2000 M Moo-Young (grad student)
Christopher William Kirby2001 William P. Power (grad student)
Holger Kleinkethermoelectrics, materials, crystallography
Anna Klinkova Chemistry20112015 Eugenia Kumacheva (grad student)
Bryan KoeneChemistry Chemistry19911996 Linda Nazar (grad student)
Jan KyciaLow Temperature Physics, Quantum Materials and Devices
Raymond LaflammeQuantum computing
Gilles LajoieBiochemistry
Sébastien Lamontagne Department of Earth Sciences1998 Sherry L. Schiff (grad student)
Radoslaw LauferOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2002 Gary Dmitrienko (grad student)
Arunasish Layek20122014 Pavle V. Radovanovic (post-doc)
Robert J. Le RoyPotentiology, diatomics, spectroscopy
Sonny C. Leebionorganic chemistry
Kyu Tae LeeElectrochemistry, Batteries Chemistry20072010 Linda Nazar (post-doc)
Robert P. Lemieuxliquid crystals
Jieming LiPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2001 Mario Gauthier (grad student)
Dongqing LiMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry
Colin Li Pi ShanMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Engineering2002 Alexander Penlidis (grad student)
Juewen Liumetalloproteins, DNAzymes, nanomaterials
Biwu LiuBiosensing; DNA-nano Chemistry20122016 Juewen Liu (grad student)
Barbara Sherwood LollarIsotope Geochemistry, Contaminant Hydrogeology, Ancient Waters, Deep Subsurface Biosphere1991 Shaun Keith Frape (grad student)
Ian Francis Macdonald
Richard H. F. Manske
Eduardo K MarProcess chemistry Chemistry19861990 Mike Chong (grad student)
Ariana Marcassa KimMicrobial genetics Biology20112014 Trevor Charles (grad student)
Todd Marder
Mark W. Matsenpolymer theory
Frederick R. W. McCourtTheoretical Chemistry
Terrance B. McMahonstructure, energetic and reaction dynamics of gaseous ions
Elizabeth Meiering
Md A J MiahOrganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Nanomaterials, Medicinal Chemistry Chemistry19811985 Victor A. Snieckus (grad student)
S R. MikkelsenAnalytical Chemistry
Susan R. MikkelsenAnalytical Chemistry
Roger Ervin MillerMolecular Spectroscopy, Chemical Dynamics19761980 Giacinto Scoles (grad student)
Heather J. MontgomeryBiochemistry2004 J Guy Guillemette (grad student)
M Moo-YoungChemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry
John E. MotzPaleoecology2000 T W. D. Edwards (grad student)
Rose MugiddeLimnology Biology2001 R E. Hecky (grad student)
Graham K. MurphyOrganic Methods
Linda NazarMaterials Chemistry
Paveen NekkarMedicinal Chemistry
Nathan H. NielsenOrganic Chemistry2001 Mike Chong (grad student)
Marcel A.Th.F. Nooijento develop accurate wave function based electronic structure methods that are applicable to general open-shell systems, in particular transition metal compounds
Zairossani M. NorChemical Engineering2004 M Moo-Young (grad student)
Kenneth F. O'Driscollpolymer research
Richard T. Oakley
Sihyoung Oh20072012 Linda Nazar (grad student)
Michael A. Parniakantiretroviral therapeutics19731978 Thammaiah Viswanatha (grad student)
Janusz PauliszynAnalytical Chemistry
Janusz PawliszynAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Alexander PenlidisMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
Ekaterina Pomerantsevasolid state chemistry, nanotechnology, solid state electrochemistry Chemistry20092010 Linda Nazar (post-doc)
Guerman Popovmaterials chemistry Chemistry2004 Linda Nazar (research scientist)
Cameron Postnikoffoptometry, contact lens, dry eye, neutrophil, nanotechnology Systems Design Engineering20122014 Maud B. Gorbet (grad student)
William P. Power
Katherine Preuss2000 Richard T. Oakley (grad student)
Kathryn E. Preuss2000 Richard T. Oakley (grad student)
Keith Radley Chemistry1974 Leonard Wallace Reeves (grad student)
Pavle V. Radovanovicinorganic materials, nanomaterials
Patricia S. RamlalLimnology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Ecology Biology2002 R E. Hecky (grad student)
Firdausi RazaliChemical Engineering, Molecular Biology2002 M Moo-Young (grad student)
E J. ReardonGeochemistry
Eric J. ReardonGeochemistry, Environmental Engineering
Leonard Wallace Reeves
Park M. Reilly
Campbell William RobinsonBiochemical Engineering
Russell RodrigoOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry1968 Richard H. F. Manske (post-doc)
James W. RoyEnvironmental Engineering, Hydrology, Biogeochemistry2004 Robert Winston Gillham (grad student)
Pierre-Nicholas Roy
Mohammadhosein Safari Chemistry20122014 Linda Nazar (post-doc)
Tapas Sahoo20162021 Pierre-Nicholas Roy (post-doc)
Peter B. Sampsoninteractions of small molecules (such as substrates and drugs) with enzymes as well as the mechanisms by which enzymes catalyze reactions2000 John F. Honek (grad student)
J ScharerChemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry
Sherry L. Schiff
Derek Schipperconjugated organic materials
Suzanne K. SchreyerAnalytical Chemistry2000 S R. Mikkelsen (grad student)
Germán Sciaini Chemistry R. J. Dwayne Miller (post-doc)
Alina SegalAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2001 Janusz Pawliszyn (grad student)
Nicolette Shaw
Mukund P. SibiSynthetic Organic Chemistry, Natural Products19821985 Victor A. Snieckus (post-doc)
John Sims Earth Sciences19891993 Derek Elsworth (grad student)
Timothy Andrew Sipkens Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering20122018 Kyle James Daun (grad student)
Wanwisa SkolpapChemical Engineering2003 M Moo-Young (grad student)
Victor A. Snieckussynthetic organic and organometallic chemistry
Joao SoaresMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
Kip SolomonGeochemistry1992 Sherry L. Schiff (grad student)
Fabio E. SouzaOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2001 Russell Rodrigo (grad student)
John Spoelstra Department of Earth Sciences2004 Sherry L. Schiff (grad student)
Edward SudickyHydrology, Geochemistry Earth Sciences1983 Emil Otto Frind (grad student)
Rashid A. TamatamahLimnology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences2002 Hamish C. Duthie (grad student)
Cherie Shuo TanProtein channel; single-molecule; DNA Chemistry20072008 Janusz Pauliszyn (research assistant)
John E ThompsonBiochemistry and molecular biology of programmed cell death
John Matthew Tomichsynthetic peptides Chemistry1980 Thammaiah Viswanatha (grad student)
George Tomlinson1972 Thammaiah Viswanatha (grad student)
Zhaoguo TongPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry Janusz Pawliszyn (post-doc)
Jason J Venkiteswaranbiogeochemistry, limnology Department of Earth and Environmental Science19992009 Sherry L. Schiff (grad student)
Thammaiah ViswanathaBiochemistry
John Z. Wen
Ian D. WilliamsChemical crystallography, Chiral resolution, Crystal engineering19871988 Todd Marder (post-doc)
Gerard D. WrightAntibiotic resistance; chemically synthesizing antibiotics1990 John F. Honek (grad student)
Jingcun WuAnalytical Chemistry2001 Janusz Pauliszyn (grad student)
Ahmad R. YahyaChemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry2003 M Moo-Young (grad student)
Xiao-Ming YuPlant Physiology, Biochemistry2000 Marilyn Griffith (grad student)
Jaroslav Zamastil Jiri Cizek (grad student)
Dominika ZgidElectronic structure of molecules and crystalline systems2008 Marcel A.Th.F. Nooijen (grad student)
Hongzhou Zhang2001 Richard T. Oakley (grad student)
Jinyi Zhangnanomaterials, biosensors, photochemistry, environmental analysis Chemistry20182020 Juewen Liu (post-doc)