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Herbert O. House grad student 1965 MIT
 (The structure and reactivity of enolate anions)


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Christoph Heinemann research assistant Stanford
Teresa Nguyen research assistant
Tobias Ritter research assistant Stanford
Wangyuhui Zhang research assistant Stanford
Isaac J. Krauss research assistant 1998 Stanford
Timothy D. Machajewski grad student Stanford
Peter Metz grad student
Robert Mackenzie Cory grad student 1971 UW Madison
Robert A. Kunz grad student 1969-1974 UW Madison
James H. Rigby grad student 1977 UW Madison
William H. Pearson grad student 1982 UW Madison
Paul L Ornstein grad student 1977-1982 UW Madison
Brian P. Coppola grad student 1984 UW Madison
Mark Lautens grad student 1985 UW Madison
Peter J. Bonk grad student 1979-1985 Stanford
Artie Romero grad student 1979-1985 UW Madison
M. Reza Ghadiri grad student 1987 UW Madison
Craig A. Merlic grad student 1988 UW Madison
Thomas S. Scanlan grad student 1989 Stanford
Rebecca Braslau grad student 1983-1989 UW Madison
Gerald Dyker grad student 1988-1989 Stanford
Yoshinori Kondo grad student 1989-1990 Stanford
Yian Shi grad student 1992 Stanford
David L. Van Vranken grad student 1992 Stanford
Jonathan R. Parquette grad student 1994 Stanford
Michael J. Krische grad student 1990-1996 Stanford
Oliver Knopff grad student 1996-1997 Stanford
Gregory R. Dake grad student 1992-1998 Stanford
Michael Jay Sundermann grad student 1993-2000 Stanford
F. Dean Toste grad student 1995-2000 Stanford
Rachelle H. Thompson grad student 2001 Stanford
Stephen Sung Cho grad student 1994-2001 Stanford
Gary Dewayne Probst grad student 1994-2001 Stanford
Daniel Edward Patterson grad student 1995-2001 Stanford
Anthony Bruce Pinkerton grad student 1996-2001 Stanford
Michael Kenneth Ameriks grad student 1996-2002 Stanford
Gretchen Marie Schroeder grad student 1997-2002 Stanford
Hong C. Shen grad student 2003 Stanford
Daniel Brian Horne grad student 1997-2003 Stanford
Young Ho Rhee grad student 1997-2003 Stanford
Matthew Lantz Crawley grad student 1998-2003 Stanford
Kalindi Dogra grad student 2004 Stanford
Michelle Rae Machacek grad student 1998-2004 Stanford
Zachary T. Ball grad student 1999-2004 Stanford
Weiping Tang grad student 1999-2004 Stanford
Chunhui Jiang grad student 1999-2005 Stanford
Michael Thomas Rudd grad student 1999-2005 Stanford
Maurizio Franzini grad student 2000-2005 Stanford
Jennifer Ann Vance grad student 2000-2005 Stanford
Cheol Keun Chung grad student 2000-2006 Stanford
Daniel Fandrick grad student 2001-2006 Stanford
Hanbiao Yang grad student 2001-2006 Stanford
Andrew McClory grad student 2000-2007 Stanford
Yimin Hu grad student 2001-2007 Stanford
Megan Brennan grad student 2008 Stanford
Dylan Stiles grad student 2002-2008 Stanford
Cheyenne S. Brindle grad student 2003-2009 Stanford
Guangbin Dong grad student 2004-2009 Stanford
Steven M. Silverman grad student 2004-2010 Stanford
David Thaisrivongs grad student 2007-2012 Stanford
Chris Kalnmals grad student 2013-2019 Stanford
Dennis P. Curran post-doc
Nicholas Greeves post-doc UW Madison
Anand Hari post-doc Stanford
Axel Jacobi von Wangelin post-doc Stanford
Dennis C. Koester post-doc Stanford
Burkhard Konig post-doc Stanford
André Lubineau post-doc
Kevin D. Moeller post-doc
Howard E. Morton post-doc UW Madison
Michael G. Organ post-doc Stanford
Moshe Portnoy post-doc
Peter Quayle post-doc UW Madison
adrien quintard post-doc
Brandon J Turunen post-doc Stanford
Youliang Wang post-doc 2016-
Douglass F. Taber post-doc 1974-1975 UW Madison
Jean-Pierre Genet post-doc 1975-1976 UW Madison
Ehud Keinan post-doc 1977-1980 UW Madison
Gary A. Molander post-doc 1981 UW Madison
Edwin Weber post-doc 1980-1981 University of Wisconsin (Madison), University of Delaware
Janine Cossy post-doc 1980-1982 Stanford
Kevin Burgess post-doc 1983-1984 UW Madison
James W. Herndon post-doc 1983-1985 Stanford
Steven Roger Angle post-doc 1984-1986 UW Madison
James M. Tour post-doc 1988 Stanford
Seijiro Matsubara post-doc 1988-1989 Stanford
Phil Ho Lee post-doc 1989-1991 Stanford
A. Stephen K. Hashmi post-doc 1991-1993 Stanford
Christoph Marschner post-doc 1992-1993
Chao-Jun Li post-doc 1992-1994 Stanford
Bernhard Breit post-doc 1993-1994 Stanford
Thomas J. J. Müller post-doc 1993-1994 Stanford
Stefan Peukert post-doc 1993-1994 Stanford
George Augustine O'Doherty post-doc 1993-1995 Stanford
Shon R. Pulley post-doc 1993-1995 Stanford
Paul Ronald Hanson post-doc 1993-1996 Stanford
Gregory R. Cook post-doc 1994-1996 Stanford
Christian G. Bochet post-doc 1996-1998 Univerity of Fribourg
Erik Hembre post-doc 1996-1998 Stanford
Alison J. Frontier post-doc 1999-2001 Stanford
John D. Chisholm post-doc 2000-2002 Stanford
Seunghoon Shin post-doc 2001-2004 Stanford
Seunghoon Shin post-doc 2002-2004 Stanford
James P. Stambuli post-doc 2006 Stanford
Hien M. Nguyen post-doc 2003-2006 Stanford
Aaron Aponick post-doc 2004-2006 Stanford
Michael R. Tracey post-doc 2005-2006 Stanford
Maris Turks post-doc 2005-2006 Stanford
Jimmy Wu post-doc 2007 Stanford
Brandon L. Ashfeld post-doc 2004-2007 Stanford
David William Lupton post-doc 2005-2007 Stanford
Nicolai Cramer post-doc 2006-2007 Stanford
Jérôme Waser post-doc 2006-2007 Stanford
Eric M. Ferreira post-doc 2005-2008 Stanford
Patrick McDougall post-doc 2006-2008 Stanford
Nuno Maulide post-doc 2007-2008 Stanford
Jean-Philip Lumb post-doc 2008-2011 Stanford
Ming-Yu Ngai post-doc 2009-2011 Stanford
Benjamin R. Taft post-doc 2009-2011 Stanford
Kami L. Hull post-doc 2009-2012 Stanford
Aaron C. Burns post-doc 2010-2012 Stanford
Wenju Bai post-doc 2015-2018 Stanford
Elumalai Gnanamani post-doc 2015-2020 Stanford
Zhijun Zuo post-doc 2018-2020 Stanford
Guoting Zhang post-doc 2018-2021 Stanford
Matthew H. Todd research scientist 2010-2010 Stanford
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Trost BM, Zhang G, Xu M, et al. (2021) ProPhenol Derived Ligands to Simultaneously Coordinate a Main Group-Metal and a Transition Metal: Application to a Zn-Cu Catalyzed Reaction. Chemistry (Weinheim An Der Bergstrasse, Germany)
Trost BM, Jiao Z, Gholami H. (2021) Palladium-catalyzed asymmetric allylic alkylation (AAA) with alkyl sulfones as nucleophiles. Chemical Science. 12: 10532-10537
Trost BM, Zhang G, Gholami H, et al. (2021) Total Synthesis of Kadcoccinic Acid A Trimethyl Ester. Journal of the American Chemical Society
Trost BM, Taft BR, Tracy JS, et al. (2021) Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of the Pentacyclic Core of (+)-Citrinadin A. Organic Letters
Trost BM, Zhu C, Ence CC. (2021) Pd-Catalyzed Regio-, Diastereo-, and Enantioselective [3 + 2] Cycloaddition Reactions: Access to Chiral Cyclopentyl Sulfones. Organic Letters
Trost BM, Zuo Z. (2021) Regiodivergent Synthesis of Spirocyclic Compounds through Pd-Catalyzed Regio- and Enantioselective [3+2] Spiroannulation. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English)
Trost BM, Zuo Z, Wang Y. (2021) Pd(0)-Catalyzed Diastereo- and Enantioselective Intermolecular Cycloaddition for Rapid Assembly of 2-Acyl-methylenecyclopentanes. Organic Letters
Trost BM, Zuo Z, Schultz JE, et al. (2020) A borane-mediated palladium-catalyzed reductive allylic alkylation of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds. Chemical Science. 11: 2136-2140
Trost BM, Zuo Z, Schultz JE, et al. (2020) A borane-mediated palladium-catalyzed reductive allylic alkylation of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds. Chemical Science. 11: 2136-2140
Trost BM, Jiao Z. (2020) Palladium-Catalyzed Enantioselective Cycloaddition of Carbonylogous 1,4-Dipoles: Efficient Access to Chiral Cyclohexanones. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 142: 21645-21650
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