State University of New York, Buffalo

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Maya Aloni Psychology Sandra L. Murray (grad student)
John S. Auerbach19801988 Michael Raulin (grad student), Joseph Masling (grad student)
Joseph S. Baschnagel Larry W. Hawk (grad student)
Gina Bellavia Psychology Sandra L. Murray (grad student)
Robert F. Bornstein1987 Joseph Masling (grad student)
Kathryn A. BottonariClinical Psychology Psychology2008 John E. Roberts (grad student)
Julie BowkerSocial development; social withdrawal
Robert S. BundyAuditory development
Christine A. CalmesClinical Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology2008 John E. Roberts (grad student)
Elizabeth Chapin Mark B. Kristal (grad student)
Cory J. ClarkSocial Psychology, Judgment & Decision Making psychology20142016 Kenneth G. DeMarree (post-doc)
Ira S. Cohen Harry G. Yamaguchi (grad student)
Jarrod P. ConePsychoacoustics Micheal L. Dent (grad student)
Cathy CozzarelliSocial Psychology Brenda Major (grad student), Brenda Major (grad student)
Leif C. Crowe Psychology William H. George (grad student)
Kenneth G. DeMarree
Kurt Dermen Psychology William H. George (grad student)
Gordon F. Derner
Jaye L. Derricksocial psychology; close relationships; addictions Psychology Psychology20022009 Shira Gabriel (grad student), Sandra L. Murray (grad student)
David M. DirenfeldClinical Psychology2003 John E. Roberts (grad student)
Paul Duberstein Psychology1992 Jack Meacham (grad student), Joseph Masling (grad student)
Nancy Cooney Emont Psychology Jack Meacham (grad student)
Brooke FeeneySocial/Personality/Health Psychology Psychology Nancy L. Collins (grad student)
Jennifer Filloclose relationships, attachment, stress, emotion regulation, gender, substance use
LeRoy H. Ford, Psychology George A. Kelly (grad student)
Lisa D. Furash
Shira Gabriel
Stephanie A. GambleClinical Psychology2005 John E. Roberts (grad student)
Micah GeerVisual Perception, Spoken Word Recognition Paul A. Luce (post-doc), William C. Schmidt (grad student)
Glen O. Geist Rehabilitation Counseling Marceline E. Jaques (grad student)
Sarah Gomillion Sandra L. Murray (grad student)
Gary Graber Mark B. Kristal (grad student)
Sean R. GreenVisual Perception, Whale Acoustics William C. Schmidt (grad student)
Brianna Harris Psychology Sandra L. Murray (grad student)
Sandra L. Harris Joseph Masling (grad student)
Larry W. Hawkpsychophysiology, psychopharmacology, ADHD, smoking, cognition, motivation
Christopher C. Heffnerspeech perception, categorization, psycholinguistics
Cynthia Hunter Paul A. Luce (grad student)
Seth Hurleythirst, salt appetite, body fluid homeostasis, mood, cardiovascular disease, ingestive behavior Mark B. Kristal (grad student)
Lindy Jones1992 Joseph Masling (grad student)
Ann Keller Psychology Jack Meacham (grad student)
Morgen A. KellyClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2005 John E. Roberts (grad student)
Marc T. KiviniemiRisk perception, Intervention development, Health decision-making
Daniel N. Klein1983 Richard Depue (grad student)
Jessalyn E. Kleinmind-body therapies, health promotion
Arnold Kozak Psychology Jack Meacham (grad student)
Deborah Tebes Kraemer
Peter J. LangPsychophysiology, Motivation, Attention, Emotion Walter Cohen (grad student)
Sadie Leder Psychology2010 Sandra L. Murray (grad student)
Gail Lehman Psychology William H. George (grad student)
Burt Leiman Psychology19741975 Jack Meacham (research assistant)
Rachel K. Levy
Corinne Lindquist Psychology Jack Meacham (grad student)
Peter Lopez Psychology William H. George (grad student)
Geoff S. Lowrie
Brenda MajorSocial Psychology Kay Deaux (grad student)
Joseph Masling Psychology George A. Kelly (grad student)
Naomi J. McKay20082015 Derek Daniels (grad student)
Conor T. McLennanSpoken word recognition2003 Paul A. Luce (grad student)
Christopher McNorganMultisensory Integration, Semantic Memory, Computational Models, Functional Neuroimaging
Jack MeachamDevelopmental psychology
John Paul Mindacognition, categories, concepts, thinking19952001 J. David Smith (grad student)
Scott M. MonroeLife stress, depression Psychology19751979 Richard Depue (grad student)
Sandra L. Murray Dale W Griffin (grad student)
Rochelle S. NewmanLanguage development, Speech perception James R. Sawusch (grad student), Peter W. Jusczyk (grad student)
Richard M. O'Neill1983 Joseph Masling (grad student)
Yasuhiro OhtaAccounting Business Administration, Criminology and Penology2003 J. David Smith (grad student)
Timothy Osberg Michael Raulin (grad student), John Sid Shrauger (grad student)
Lawrence C. PetersPsychiatry19771981 Mark B. Kristal (grad student)
Peter Q. PfordresherAuditory perception and action
Kimberly S. Plyler20082016 Derek Daniels (grad student)
James J. Prisciandaro Psychology2009 John E. Roberts (grad student)
Diane M. Quinn Psychology19931995 Steve J. Spencer (grad student)
John G. RadzilowiczSTEM Education Department of Instruction and Learning, Graduate School of Education Department of Instruction and Learning, Graduate School of Education20062008 David J. Triggle (grad student), Xiufeng Liu (grad student)
Joel O. Raynor
Jennifer P. ReadClinical Psychology
Joshua S. RedfordCognitive Psychology Psychology2008 J. David Smith (grad student)
Joan Carol Rogers
Paul Rose Psychology Sandra L. Murray (grad student)
Julie Rothbard
William C. SchmidtVisual Psychophysics
Tom SchoenemanHistorical and current stereotypes of mental disorder, metaphors and images of madness, cultural conceptions of individualism, social constructionism and postmodernism in psychology, attribution theory, self-concept.
Paula Scott
Anne M. ShapiroClinical Psychology2001 John E. Roberts (grad student)
Loyda M. ShearsSocial Psychology W. Edgar Vinacke (grad student)
John Sid ShraugerSocial psychology with a focus on personality and measurement.
Jeffrey M Singer Psychology Jack Meacham (grad student)
J. David Smith
Richard M. Sorrentino Joel O. Raynor (grad student)
Mauricio Suarezdrug addiction, fear and anxiety, motivation
Nancy Talbot1991 Joseph Masling (grad student)
June P. TangneyClinical psychology, social psychology, criminology19771979 Joseph Masling (research assistant)
Jacob Kraemer Tebes
Marie-Cecile O. TidwellAging, Development Psychology2000 Jack Meacham (grad student)
Glenn R. Trezza
David J. TriggleBiochemistry, Pharmacology, Philosophy of Science
Jordan D. TroisiBelonging, Self, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Psychology Psychology Shira Gabriel (grad student), Lora E. Park (grad student)
Chrystal Vergara-LopezCognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology Psychology2014 John E. Roberts (grad student)
Malte Viebahn ViebahnSpoken word recognition Paul A. Luce (grad student)
W. Edgar VinackePsychology of Thinking; History of Psychology
Guy VitaglioneSocial/Developmental Psychology Cathy Cozzarelli (grad student)
Lillie Rabie Weiss1969 Joseph Masling (grad student)
Barry Weiss1970 Joseph Masling (grad student)
Naomi WeissteinFeminist Psychology, Vision, Neuroscience
Philip Whalen20122014 Derek Daniels (grad student)
Connie T. Wolfesocial psychology, racism, self-esteem Psychology19931995 Steve J. Spencer (grad student)
Paula YanesClinical Psychology Psychology2012 John E. Roberts (grad student)
Michael J. Zvolensky1999 Michael Raulin (research assistant)