Stony Brook University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gina L. AbbottEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse2003 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Lauren Adamek Clinical Psychology2011 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Robert G AlexanderVisual Search, Fixational Eye Movements, Perceptual Expertise, Skill Acquisition, Medical Image Perception Psychology20072013 Gregory J. Zelinsky (grad student)
Brenda J. AndersonPsychology
Carlotta M. Arthur2001 Edward Katkin (grad student)
Alissa C. BellEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse Clinical Psychology2014 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Kenneth D. Belzer2003 Thomas J. D'Zurilla (grad student)
Anderson E. Bernier2002 Edward Katkin (grad student)
Sarah R Blackpuberty; depression risk; psychoneuroendocrinology Psychology20102015 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Jack Blanchard Philip D. Harvey (grad student)
Douglas J. BoyleEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse2000 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Sara J. Bufferd Clinical Psychology2012 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Weidong Cai Hoi-chung Leung (grad student)
Louis G. Castonguay Marvin R. Goldfried (grad student)
Sheri L. ClarkSocial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Information Science Social/Health Psychology2013 Antonio Luis Freitas (grad student)
Thomas J. D'Zurilla
Andrew W. Delton
Christopher A. Dickinson2004 Gregory J. Zelinsky (grad student)
Deborah A. Drabick2003 Marvin R. Goldfried (grad student)
Catherine E. Durbin2001 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Margaret W. Dyson Clinical Psychology2013 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Catherine Flynt Eubanks-Carter2008 Marvin R. Goldfried (grad student)
Heather M. ForanEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse2009 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Antonio Luis Freitas
Patti T. FritzEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse2005 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Marvin R. Goldfried
Angel GonzalezSocial Psychology Social/Health Psychology2012 Bonita E. London (grad student)
Leonard GreenLearning and Behavior Howard Rachlin (grad student)
Greg Hajcakclinical psychophysiology,anxiety
Gerard Luke HanleyCognition19801984 Marvin Levine (grad student)
Elizabeth P. Hayden2003 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Adele M. Hayes Marvin R. Goldfried (grad student)
William B. Jaffee2004 Thomas J. D'Zurilla (grad student)
Anita JoseEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse Clinical Psychology2010 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Heidi L. KarEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse Clinical Psychology2011 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Karen L. Kasch2000 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Edward Katkin
Kathryn A. Kerns1987 Everett Waters (grad student)
Jiyon KimEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse Clinical Psychology2012 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Daniel N. Klein
Rebecca S. Laptook2009 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Emmett M Larsen Psychology Department Psychiatry Department2018 Aprajita Mohanty (grad student), Roman Kotov (collaborator)
Matthew D. LernerClinical Psychology
Marvin LevineCognition
Robert M. Liebert
Marsha M. LinehanBorderline Personality Disorder Marvin R. Goldfried (post-doc)
Matthew LoceyBehavior Analysis Howard Rachlin (post-doc)
Manuel London
Bonita E. London
Sven Mattys1997 Arthur Gary Samuel (grad student)
Jack McDowell Psychology1979 Howard Rachlin (grad student)
Thomas R. Minorstress, psychosomatic illness, psychopathology19751980 Howard Rachlin (grad student)
Kirstin C. Moerk2002 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Daniel O'LearyEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse
K. Daniel O'LearyEtiology, prevention, and treatment of psychological and physical aggression in intimate relationships
Thomas OlinoDeveleopmental psychopathology, depression, methods Psychology20022008 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Suparna Rajarammemory
Jill H. Rathus Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Relationship Distress, and Domestic Violence K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Theresa E. Robertson
Alan O. RossChild psychology Seymour Sarason (grad student)
Federico SanabriaExperimental psychology, animal learning, impulse control, timing20002004 Howard Rachlin (grad student)
Miriam SarwanaSocial psychology, prejudice, intergroup relations, resilience Psychology20152020 Bonita E. London (grad student)
Julie A. SchumacherEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse2001 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Esme A. Shaller2006 Thomas J. D'Zurilla (grad student)
Stewart A. Shankman2005 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Gary Chon-Wen Shyi Mary A. Peterson (grad student)
Audrey C. Todd2003 Thomas J. D'Zurilla (grad student)
Dana C. Torpey Clinical Psychology2010 Daniel N. Klein (grad student)
Megan E. TudorClinical Psychology Matthew D. Lerner (grad student)
Edward M. VegaEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse2005 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Caitlin E. WalshEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse Clinical Psychology2014 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Everett WatersAttachment and secure base relationships(infancy to adulthood), observation & measurement
Mathew C. WilliamsEtiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse2006 K. Daniel O'Leary (grad student)
Gerrit Wolfindustrial and organizational psychology Management19882017 Manuel London (collaborator)
Camille B. WortmanGrief, Trauma, Loss
Lee Wurm1996 Arthur Gary Samuel (grad student)
Richard Yi2002 Howard Rachlin (grad student)