University of Alberta

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Zackie M. AktaryCell Biology, Molecular Biology Cell Biology2013 Manijeh Pasdar (grad student)
Wanyuan AoMolecular Biology, Genetics2001 David Pilgrim (grad student)
Fang BaAnimal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology2002 Christina G. Benishin (grad student)
George Ball
Megan R. BarberCell Biology2011 Katharine E. Magor (grad student)
Martin D. BeatchCell Biology, Immunology2004 Tom C. Hobman (grad student)
Dean BefusMedicine and Surgery, Molecular Biology
A Dean BefusMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Medicine and Surgery
Miodrag BelosevicMolecular Biology, Immunology
Christina G. BenishinAnimal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology
Luc G. BerthiaumeCell Biology
Tanya M. BinetteMedicine and Surgery, Cell Biology2004 Greg Korbutt (grad student)
Dwayne A. BisgroveOncology, Molecular Biology2000 Roseline Godbout (grad student)
P BlenisPlant Physiology, Molecular Biology
Stacey L. BleooOncology, Molecular Biology2003 Roseline Godbout (grad student)
Tyler J. BooneMolecular Biology Medical Sciences - Laboratory Medicine and Pathology2012 Gregory J. Tyrrell (grad student)
Raffick A. BowenNutrition, Animal Physiology Biology2001 M T. Clandinin (grad student)
Scott M. BunnellMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2001 Jim Smiley (grad student)
M T. ClandininNutrition, Animal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology
C Peter ConstabelMolecular Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture
R S. CurrahMolecular Biology, Plant Physiology
Corey Davis Biological Sciences Curtis Strobeck (grad student)
Isabelle DelislePaleozoology, Molecular Biology2004 Curtis Strobeck (grad student)
Andrea T. DescheneauMolecular Biology2004 Frank Nargang (grad student)
Tyler J. DonnerMolecular Biology, Genetics Biological Sciences2013 Enrico Scarpella (grad student)
Michael EllisonSynthetic Biology, Ubiquitin
James S. Friedman2002 Michael Walter (grad student)
Zhihua GaoOncology Oncology2011 Roseline Godbout (grad student)
Sheryl L. GaresOncology, Cell Biology2000 Linda Pilarski (grad student)
Mark GilchristMedicine and Surgery, Molecular Biology2004 A Dean Befus (grad student)
Tanya L. GillanOncology, Molecular Biology2004 Paul Grundy (grad student)
J.N. Mark Glover David Pulleyblank (grad student)
Roseline GodboutOncology, Molecular Biology
Douglas Gouldextracellular matrix2001 Michael Walter (grad student)
Paul GrundyOncology, Molecular Biology
Felix A. H. SperlingEntomology Biology, Molecular Biology, Ecology Biology, Genetics George Ball (grad student)
Samar A. HegazyOncology, Molecular Biology Laboratory Medicine and Pathology2012 Raymond Lai (grad student)
Y HiratsukaMolecular Biology, Plant Physiology
Nadir S. HirjiMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Medicine and Surgery2000 A Dean Befus (grad student)
Tom C. HobmanCell Biology
Cleofe A. HurtadoCell Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Richard Rachubinski (grad student)
J. T. HuzilSynthetic Biology, Ubiquitin2003 Michael Ellison (grad student)
Susan M. J. DunnPharmacology, Molecular Biology
Nusha KeyghobadiEntomology Biology, Zoology Biology, Genetics2001 Curtis Strobeck (grad student)
Greg KorbuttMedicine and Surgery, Cell Biology
Sonya L. Kujat ChoyMolecular Biology2001 G W. Owttrim (grad student)
Marianna KulkaImmunology, Cell Biology, Medicine and Surgery2002 A Dean Befus (grad student)
Raymond LaiOncology, Molecular Biology
Emily M. LynesCell Biology Cell Biology2013 Thomas Simmen (grad student)
Katharine E. MagorCell Biology
Marcello MarelliCell Biology, Molecular Biology2000 Richard Wozniak (grad student)
Barbara J. MarriageMedicine and Surgery2003 M T. Clandinin (grad student)
Lorri D. MartinOncology2011 Linda Pilarski (grad student)
Dale D. MartinCell Biology Cell Biology2011 Luc G. Berthiaume (grad student)
Wayne P. MateriMolecular Biology2004 David Pilgrim (grad student)
James B. McCabeCell Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Luc G. Berthiaume (grad student)
Sean A. McKennaSynthetic Biology, Ubiquitin2004 Michael Ellison (grad student)
Erika L. MeierMolecular Biology2003 Louis D. Pasquier (grad student)
Todd MereniukMolecular Biology, Oncology Experimental Oncology2012 Michael Weinfeld (grad student)
Trevor F. Moraesstructure of membrane proteins and complexes19992004 J.N. Mark Glover (grad student), Michael Ellison (grad student)
John J. NalewayLive cell imaging, fluorescence microscopy, high-content screening Chemistry19811983 Raymond Urgel Lemieux (post-doc)
Frank NargangMolecular Biology
G W. OwttrimMolecular Biology
David Paetkau Curtis Strobeck (grad student)
Rajeet S. PannuSynthetic Biology, Ubiquitin2002 Michael Ellison (grad student)
Justin M. PareCell Biology Cell Biology2011 Tom C. Hobman (grad student)
Eek J. ParkNutrition, Animal Physiology Biology2004 M T. Clandinin (grad student)
Manijeh PasdarCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Louis D. PasquierMolecular Biology
Linda PilarskiOncology, Cell Biology
Renee O. PolziehnZoology Biology, Genetics2000 Curtis Strobeck (grad student)
Heather M. Prior2000 Michael Walter (grad student)
David Pulleyblank1974 A. Richard Morgan (grad student)
Richard Rachubinski Peroxisomes
Linda J. Reha-KrantzMolecular Biology
Vicenta Salvador RecatalaAnimal Physiology Biology2004 Christina G. Benishin (grad student)
Esmond J. SandersAnimal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology
Enrico ScarpellaMolecular Biology, Genetics
Thomas SimmenEndoplasmic Reticulum, mitochondria, sorting, calcium
Jim SmileyMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Jennifer Joy SmithSystems biology, Diagnostic tools2000 Richard Rachubinski (grad student)
Cale N. StreetMedicine and Surgery2004 Greg Korbutt (grad student)
Curtis StrobeckPaleozoology, Molecular Biology
Natalie Strynadkastructure-based design of novel, therapeutically useful antibiotics and inhibitors of antibiotic-resistance mechanisms1990 Michael N.G. James (grad student)
Sharla K. SutherlandAnimal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology2003 Christina G. Benishin (grad student)
Agnieszka J. SzczepekOncology, Cell Biology2000 Linda Pilarski (grad student)
Rachel K. SzilardCell Biology, Molecular Biology2000 Richard Rachubinski (grad student)
Nasser TahbazCell Biology2004 Tom C. Hobman (grad student)
Lesley L. TantonMolecular Biology2003 Frank Nargang (grad student)
Markus N. ThormannEcology Biology, Environmental Sciences, Plant Culture Agriculture2001 R S. Currah (grad student)
Gregory J. TyrrellMolecular Biology
Michael Walter
Jiehua WangMolecular Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture2004 C Peter Constabel (grad student)
Keri WangPlant Physiology, Molecular Biology2001 P Blenis (grad student)
Michael WeinfeldMolecular Biology, Oncology
Paul W. WongGenetics, Molecular Biology
Richard WozniakCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Zaikun XuCell Biology, Virology Biology Cell Biology2013 Tom C. Hobman (grad student)
Telford Y. YeungSurgery Surgery2013 Greg Korbutt (grad student)
Keri A. ZittlauZoology Biology, Ecology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2004 Curtis Strobeck (grad student)