University of Nottingham

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Cyril Clifford Addisonanhydrous metal nitrates and their derivatives
Mark K. Ainsworth19941998 Martin R S McCoustra (grad student)
Ernesto Alfaro-MorenoInhalation Toxicology19972003 Cliffor Murray (grad student)
David B. AmabilinoStereochemistry, self assembly, molecular materials
Jie AnOrganic synthesis, New synthetic methods, Deuteration, Radical Chemistry Chemistry20092013 Ross M. Denton (grad student)
James C. AndersonOrganic Synthesis, Synthetic Methodology, Catalysis
Alan ArmstrongSynthetic organic chemistry, Catalysis
Maxwell Astle2019 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Fred M. AusubelMolecular Biology19731974 Edward Cocking (post-doc)
Mehtap Aygun2018 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Andinet E Aynalem2013 Peter Licence (grad student)
Alastair Bakerchemical synthesis, chemical catalysis, chemical engineering
Liam T. BallCatalysis, main group chemistry Chemistry20132015 Guy Lloyd-Jones (post-doc)
Marten Graeme BarkerInorganic chemistry Cyril Clifford Addison (grad student)
Leslie Fleetwood BatesFerromagnetism
Michael John Begley
Nicholas A. BesleyQuantum chemistry
Elena Besley (Bichoutskaia)Theoretical and computational chemistry
E. G. Beveridge Pharmacy1965 W. B. Hugo (grad student)
Alexander J. BlakeX-ray Crystallography
Sally F. Bloomfield Pharmacy19661970 W. B. Hugo (grad student)
Rebecca K Blundell2016 Peter Licence (grad student)
Harold BoothOrganic Synthesis
Akos Botos2016 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Paul A. BottomleyElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Physiology Biology, Biochemistry1978 E. Raymond Andrew (grad student)
Matthew Buckley2015 Peter Licence (grad student)
Paul W. BurridgePharmacogenomics, stem cells, cardiovascular diseases Wolfson Centre for Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering and Mathematical Modelling Stem Cell Biology2008 Lorraine Young (grad student), Chris Denning (grad student)
William John Hughes Butterfield
Jason E. CampOrganic Synthesis
Alessandra CandianAstrochemistry2012 Peter J. Sarre (grad student)
Neil R. ChampnessNanoscience
Michael A. ChestersPhysical chemistry
Ronald F. Childs1966 Alan Woodworth Johnson (grad student)
Luisa Ciano
J Stephen ClarkSynthetic organic chemistry
Elizabeth Alice Clark
Paul A. ClarkeNatural product synthesis
Coby J Clarke2015 Peter Licence (grad student)
Matthew Cliffe
Frank ClowesQualitative analysis
Helmut CölfenNon Classical Crystallization 19931995 Stephen E. Harding (post-doc)
Martina Letizia Contente School of Chemistry2016 Francesca Paradisi (post-doc)
Andrew Ian CooperMaterials Chemistry19911994 Martyn Poliakoff (grad student)
Derek John Craik Leslie Fleetwood Bates (grad student)
Leslie Crombienatural compounds
Robert B. CundallPhysical chemistry
Edmund J. CussenInorganic chemistry
James D. CuthbertsonCatalysis, heterocycle syntheses Chemistry20172017 Ross M. Denton (post-doc)
Jawwad A. DaarMaterials Chemistry Chemistry19961999 Martyn Poliakoff (grad student)
George DavidsonInorganic chemistry
Paul De BankTissue engineering20012004 Stephen P. Alexander (grad student)
Astrid E Delorme2019 Peter Licence (grad student)
Chris Denning
Ross M. DentonNatural product synthesis, Catalysis20012004 James C. Anderson (grad student)
Ejike J Dick2019 Peter Licence (grad student)
Julia M. Dickinson John A. Murphy (grad student)
Zoe Disley2017 Peter Licence (grad student)
David Dolphinporphyrin chemistry1965 Alan Woodworth Johnson (grad student)
Michael F A DoveInorganic chemistry
James DowdenNatural product synthesis, Biochemistry
Peter W. DunneNanomaterials, Inorganic, Inorganic Energy Materials, Energy Materials, Green Chemistry, Hydrothermal Processes Chemical Engineering20132015 Edward Lester (post-doc)
Timothy L. EasunSupramolecular, photochemistry, MOFs, porous materials, nanofluidics Chemistry Chemistry20112015 Michael W. George (post-doc), Martin Schröder (research scientist)
Daniel Douglas Eley
Vittorio Fiorin19972001 Martin R S McCoustra (grad student)
Helen J. Fraser19982000 Martin R S McCoustra (post-doc)
Christopher David GarnerBioorganometallic chemistry Cyril Clifford Addison (grad student)
Michael W. GeorgeOrganometallic chemistry; Photochemistry19871990 Martyn Poliakoff (grad student)
Elizabeth A. GibsonSolar energy
G Brian Gill
Maria del Carmen Gimenez-LopezCarbon nanomaterials
Charles M. Gordon1991 Jim J. Turner (grad student)
Rachel Gover2016 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Duncan H. GregorySolid state chemistry
Stephen E. HardingMacromolecular Biochemistry
Philip G. HarrisonInorganic chemistry
Christopher J. HayesOrganic chemistry19921995 Gerald Pattenden (grad student)
Michael A. HealySpectroscopy Philip G. Harrison (grad student)
Michael J. HeyPhysical chemistry Daniel Douglas Eley (grad student)
Jonathan D. HirstComputational chemistry
Mark A HoneyOrganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry School of Chemistry Christopher J. Moody (grad student)
Steven M. HowdlePolymers; Green Chemistry19861989 Martyn Poliakoff (grad student)
Peter HubbersteyAlkali metals, bioinorganic chemistry Cyril Clifford Addison (grad student), Richard J. Pulham (grad student)
W. B. Hugomicrobiology, pharmaceutical science Pharmacy A. D. Russell (collaborator)
Bitu B Hurisso2011 Peter Licence (grad student)
Fred Jamme20032005 Martin R S McCoustra (post-doc)
Brian F. G. Johnson1963 Cyril Clifford Addison (grad student)
Alan Woodworth Johnsonnatural products synthesis
Tony Johnson19581961 Daniel Douglas Eley (grad student)
Robert G. JonesSurface Chemistry
Raymond C F JonesHeterocyclic and natural product chemistry
Andrew JordanOrganic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry
Deborah L. KaysOrganometallic and coordination chemistry
Barrie Kellam
Andrei N. KhlobystovCarbon nanomaterials; electron microscopy; nanoreactors.19972002 Martin Schröder (grad student), Neil R. Champness (grad student)
Trevor J. KingOrganic chemistry
Frederick Stanley Kipping
Russell R A KitsonOrganic and Medicinal chemistry. Chemical Education.20102014 Christopher J. Moody (post-doc)
David W. KnightBiological and organic chemistry1975 Gerald Pattenden (grad student)
Abdullah Kurtoglu2017 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Hon Wai LamOrganic synthesis, Catalysis19982002 Gerald Pattenden (grad student)
Stacy-Anne Vicky Lange2015 Peter Licence (grad student)
Edward Lester Chemistry19931996 Nick J. Miles (grad student)
Meike K Leu2019 Peter Licence (grad student)
Rachel Lewis2017 Peter Licence (grad student)
Jack Lewistransition elements1951 Cyril Clifford Addison (grad student)
Peter LicenceIonic liquids
Stephen T. LiddleUranium chemistry
Rhys W. Lodge2017 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Christoph LoenarzOrganic synthesis, chemical biology
Norman LoganInorganic chemistry Cyril Clifford Addison (grad student)
Barry LygoNatural product synthesis, Catalysis
Harry Mackilligan2016 Peter Licence (grad student)
Marc MagreOrganometallics, magnesium, iridium, palladium, hydrogenation, hydroboration20112012 Simon Woodward (grad student)
Dorothee Mancel2011 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Andrew C. MarrOrganometallic Catalysis, Green Chemistry19982000 Martin Schröder (post-doc)
William Martin Chemistry20012005 Paul A. Clarke (grad student)
Mark J. Mascal Christopher J. Moody (grad student)
Steven Maxwell-Hogg2018 Peter Licence (grad student)
Martin R S McCoustraSurface chemistry; Astrochemistry
Jonathan McMasterInorganic chemistry
Robert McSweeney2016 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Shuang Men2011 Peter Licence (grad student)
Nick J. Miles
David P. Mills Stephen T. Liddle (post-doc)
Scott A. Minors2016 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Shailesh Natvarbhai MistryGPCRs, medicinal chemistry, allosteric ligands, chemical biology tools Pharmacy Cell Signallling20052008 Barrie Kellam (grad student), Stephen Hill (grad student)
Daniel S Mitchel2015 Peter Licence (grad student)
Frank MoffattSynthetic organic chemistry, separation science, capillary electrochomatography, environmental science Chemistry19771980 Leslie Crombie (grad student)
Nur Amalina Mohd2019 Peter Licence (grad student)
Robert MokayaInorganic materials chemistry
Kieran C. MolloyInorganic Chemistry19741978 Philip G. Harrison (grad student)
Christopher J. Moody
John E. MosesChemical biology; Medicinal chemistry
John A. MurphyOrganic chemistry
Cliffor Murray
Peter Murray-Rust
Louise Natrajan2003 Polly L. Arnold (grad student)
Adam C. Nevin Chemistry2016 Martin Schröder (grad student)
J. Michael Newtonformulation, preparation and function of pharmaceutical dosage forms of capsules, dry powder inhalations, pellets and tablets Pharmacy19591962 W. B. Hugo (grad student)
Graham N. Newton Coordination chemistry, magnetism,
Michael Northorganic chemistry1990 Gerald Pattenden (post-doc)
Darren Oakes19941996 Martin R S McCoustra (post-doc)
Neil J. OldhamMass spectrometry
Fabrizio OrtuInorganic chemistry, Organometallic chemistry20102014 Deborah L. Kays (grad student)
Ken J. PackerInorganic chemistry
Thomas "Frank" Francis PalmerPhysical chemistry Robert B. Cundall (grad student)
Francesca ParadisiOrganic Chemistry, Biocatalysis, General Chemistry
Geoffrey Derek Parfittphysical chemistry of colloids and interfaces
Trushar R PatelBiochemistry, Biophysics Biosciences20032007 Stephen E. Harding (grad student)
Gerald Pattendenorganic synthesis of natural products and biosynthetic processes
Ronald PethigElectrokinetics of bioparticles Daniel Douglas Eley (grad student)
Rosella Pinna20032007 Martin R S McCoustra (grad student)
Matteo PlanchestainerEnzyme engineering School of chemistry20142017 Francesca Paradisi (grad student)
Martyn PoliakoffGreen Chemistry
Ivan PowisPhysical chemistry
Richard J. PulhamInorganic chemistry Cyril Clifford Addison (grad student)
Simon Puttick2012 Peter Licence (grad student)
Gerardo Raggi Chemistry20112015 Elena Besley (Bichoutskaia) (grad student)
Sunil Rajput Pharmacy20132019 Shailesh Natvarbhai Mistry (grad student)
Graham A. Rance2010 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Lucy Ratcliffe20062007 Martin R S McCoustra (post-doc)
Katharine L. ReidPhysical chemistry
Martyn William RichardsChemical reactions of Cs Te and oxygen with transition metal alloys ( PhD)
David RobinsonComputational chemistry20042007 Joseph J W McDouall (grad student)
Russell RodrigoOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry1963 Alan Woodworth Johnson (grad student)
Richard John RoyRetired chemistry19611964 Cyril Clifford Addison (grad student)
Robert RudhamPhysical chemistry
A. D. Russell Pharmacy W. B. Hugo (post-doc)
Adriano Santana Sanchez Chemistry20092014 Elena Besley (Bichoutskaia) (grad student)
Victor Sans Sangorrin
Ana R Santos2017 Peter Licence (grad student)
Peter J. SarreAstrochemistry
Martin SchröderMacrocyclic chemistry
Ben L ScrafieldOrganic chemistry
Mark S. SearleBiophysics; NMR for determining molecular structure
Pallavi SharmaSynthetic organic chemistry, chemical biology2012 John E. Moses (post-doc)
Mick Sherburn1991 John A. Murphy (grad student)
Harry J. Shirleyorganic synthesis, total synthesis, marine natural products
Mattia Silvi
Stephen T. SkowronTheoretical and computational chemistry Chemistry20122016 Elena Besley (Bichoutskaia) (grad student)
Emily F Smith2015 Peter Licence (grad student)
Josh J. SmithOrganic
Barry C. Smith Cyril Clifford Addison (grad student)
Panos SoultanasBiochemistry
Emanuel Sousa Pharmacy/Life Sciences20152020 Shailesh Natvarbhai Mistry (grad student)
D Bryan SowerbyInorganic chemistry
Anthony J. StacePhysical chemistry
Emma K Steeds2014 Peter Licence (grad student)
Malcolm F. G. Stevens
Robert A. StockmanNatural product synthesis
Craig T. Stoppiello2016 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Hareg Tadesse20062009 Peter Licence (grad student)
Samantha L Y TangScience communication
Alasdair W Taylor2010 Peter Licence (grad student)
Andrew M. TealeComputational chemistry
Neil R. ThomasBiological chemistry
John D. ThowerChemistry, Physics, Surface Science, Astrochemistry
Christopher John TimmonsOrganic chemistry
Jeremy J. TitmanSolid-state NMR
Rudesh D ToofannyBiophysics, Biochemistry, Molecular dynamics, Metabolic pathway design, computational biology,bioinformatics Pharmacy20022006 Phillip M. Williams (grad student)
Alessandro La Torre2013 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Daniela Barretto Barbosa TrivellaStructural biology Stephen J. Hill (grad student)
Jim J. Turner
Peter Usherwood
Ignacio J Villar School of Chemistry20052009 Peter Licence (grad student)
Kenneth Wadecluster, organometallic and polymer chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis1957 Norman N. Greenwood (grad student)
Kate E. Walker2017 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Stephen C. Wallwork
Darren Anthony WalshElectrochemistry
Paul H. WaltonBioinorganic chemistry19871990 Peter Hubberstey (grad student)
Alan George Walton1960 Geoffrey Derek Parfitt (grad student)
Yu Wang2011 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Julie Watts2018 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Andreas Weilhard School of Chemistry School of Chemical Engineering20152019 Jairton Dupont (grad student), Victor Sans Sangorrin (grad student)
Geoffrey Wells Cancer Research Laboratories, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences1998 Malcolm F. G. Stevens (grad student)
Richard J. WheatleyComputational chemistry
David A. WhitingOrganic chemistry
Phillip M. Williams
Martin Richard WillisPhysical chemistry19571960 Daniel Douglas Eley (grad student)
Simon WoodwardOrganic chemistry
Timothy G. WrightPhysical chemistry
Sihai YangInorganic materials chemistry20072010 Martin Schröder (grad student)
Acelya Yilmazerliposome, drug delivery, regenerative medicine
Lorraine Young