Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Bing Tian
Yuejin Hua
Sai Bai20102014 Yizheng Jin (grad student)
Shiguo ChenFood science; food carbohydrates
Shiguo Chen food science Food science and nutrition20042010 Xingqian Ye (post-doc), Changhu Xue (grad student)
Chunhong Chen MSE20172018 Hua Zhang (grad student)
Xiaojun Chen
Fa-Jie ChenOrganic Chemistry Department of Chemistry Department of Chemistry20112016 Bing-Feng Shi (grad student), Jun Wu (grad student)
Kai Chenorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, chemical biology Chemistry20112015 Bing-Feng Shi (research assistant)
Ziyuan Chen
Banglin Chensolid state nanoporous metal-organic frameworks and nanoparticles, self-assembled by coordination of suitable metal ions/clusters with organic building blocks19851988 Ke Chen (grad student)
Ke Chen
Youwei Chengreaction kinetics; reactor; biomass; oxidation
Xiaoyu (Jet) Cheng J. Justin Gooding (grad student)
Chiheng ChuEnvironmental science and engineering2019 Jaehong Kim (post-doc)
Xingliang Dai20122016 Yizheng Jin (grad student)
Simon Duttwyler2013 Jonathan A. Ellman (grad student)
Jie Fanmesoporous materials, heterogeneous catalysis
Lin-Xian Feng
Jay Gan Ziyuan Chen (grad student)
Guanjun Gao Institute of nuclear-agricultural science20002005 Yuejin Hua (grad student)
Wenjia GuN/A
Xin Guo Food science20112014 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Jun Guoorganic synthesis,asymmetric catalysis,methodology
Jian HeOrganic Chemistry20082011 Shengming Ma (research assistant)
Chih Hung HsuEpigenetic regulation
Gengshen HuCO2 capture, supercapacitor
Rui HuangFood nutrition Food science and nutrition20162019 Xingqian Ye (grad student)
Ning Huang Chemistry20162018 Hong-Cai Zhou (post-doc)
Ying Ji2010 Jian Ji (grad student)
Jian Ji Polymer Science and Aerospace Engineering1997 Lin-Xian Feng (grad student)
Yizheng Jincolloidal nanocrystals Neil Greenham (grad student)
Wangqing Kong20062011 Shengming Ma (grad student)
Shouheng Li
Jiulong Li Institute of Nuclear-Agricultural Science Institute of Nuclear-Agricultural Science2019 Yuejin Hua (grad student), Bing Tian (grad student)
Junhui Li20142019 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Shan Li20132018 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Xuewei Liang Simon Duttwyler (grad student)
Furong Lin Simon Duttwyler (grad student)
Daishun Ling
Shanshan Liu20162018 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Xiangsheng LiuDrug Delivery, Nanomedicine, Silica Nanoparticle, Cancer, Aptamer Polymer Science and Engineering2013 Jian Ji (grad student)
Lijun LiuStructrual Biology, Protein Crystallography, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Chemistry19941997 Duanjun Xu (grad student)
Zhan Lu20032008 Shengming Ma (grad student)
Lena Q. MaPollutant Biogeochemistry and Environmental remediation
Guizhu Mao20172020 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Mohamed Subarkhan Mohamed KasimNanoformulated metal based anticancer drugs
Xiaogang Pengsemiconductor nanocrystals
Tu-Zhi Peng
Ren-yuan Qianthe inter relationship between the structures and properties and the processing of polymers19401943 Ganchang Wang (research assistant)
Yunjun Shen Simon Duttwyler (post-doc)
Xuemin Shen20172020 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Jiyan Shi Environmental Engineering Wendy K. Silk (grad student)
Bing-Feng Shisynthetic methodology, total synthesis
Yuji Sun Simon Duttwyler (grad student)
Longhua TANGBiosensor
Kai Tao(陶凯) Ehud Gazit (grad student)
Zhibin Wang
Fangwei Wang Life Sciences Institute Jonathan M.G. Higgins (post-doc)
Siqing Wang Department of Chemistry20102013 Bing-Feng Shi (grad student)
Yijia (Mary) Wang Polymer Materials2016 Robert J. Linhardt (grad student)
Ganchang Wang
Liang Wu Yijun Qi (grad student)
Jun Wu
Chuan-De Wu
Dongmei Wu20182023 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Di WuHeterogeneous Catalysis, Porous Materials, Surface Science, Materials Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Nanogeoscience and Nanotechnology
Hongguang Xia
Beibei Xu
Duanjun Xu
Lufeng Yan20152020 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Xingqian YeFood science
Xinzi Yin20112014 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Hua Zhang20162019 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Shuo-Qing Zhangphysical organic chemistry Chemistry20112017 Bing-Feng Shi (grad student)
Yuanbin Zhang Simon Duttwyler (grad student)
Kang Zhang Simon Duttwyler (grad student)
Zijian Zhi20142017 Shiguo Chen (grad student)
Liejin Zhou
Liejin Zhou Yonggui Chi (post-doc)
Tao Zhou
zhenghua Zhu19401945 Shouheng Li (research assistant)
Chao ZOUChemistry, MOFs, Coordination chemistry, Catalysis, OLED, metal-organic compound, carbene Chemistry Chuan-De Wu (grad student)