University of Exeter

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Manuela Barreto Psychology2000 Naomi Ellemers (grad student)
Will A. BowditchAssociative Learning and cognitive control Ian P McLaren (grad student)
Pamela Bretschneider Michelle Ryan (grad student)
Huseyin Cakalintergroup contact, collective action, emotions, synchrony, social identity
Esra DasciMorality; moral judgements; intergroup bias; Sexism Psychology Psychology20152019 Manuela Barreto (grad student), Joseph Sweetman (grad student)
Richard Everson
Daniela Fernandez Psychology2019 Michelle Ryan (grad student)
Timothy L. HodgsonNeuroscience
Melika Janbakhsh Psychology20132018 Manuela Barreto (grad student)
Tina F Keilintergroup contact, everyday spaces, mobile technology Department of Psychology Department of Psychology20142018 Miriam Koschate-Reis (grad student), Mark Levine (grad student)
Teri Kirby
Miriam Koschate-Reis
Mark Levine Department of Psychology Steve Reicher (grad student)
Dawn Liao Psychology2020 Michelle Ryan (grad student)
Nicholas J. Moberlymotivation, depression, goals, autobiographical memory
Stephen Monselltask-switching, executive function
Nicole Russell Pascual Psychology Psychology2020 Michelle Ryan (grad student), Teri Kirby (grad student)
Richard Philpot Department of Psychology Department of Psychology Computer Science20142017 Mark Levine (grad student), Miriam Koschate-Reis (grad student), Richard Everson (grad student)
Matt Thomas RichinsSocial neuroscience Psychology Psychology Psychology20132017 Manuela Barreto (grad student), Anke Karl (grad student), Natalia Lawrence (grad student)
Antonia Sudkaemper Psychology Psychology Teri Kirby (grad student), Thekla Morgenroth (grad student)
Joseph Sweetman
Mark Tarrant
Dale Weston Psychology Thomas Morton (grad student)
Fayme YeatesAssociative learning, Computational models, SRN, Sequence Learning, 20102014 Ian P McLaren (grad student), Andy J. Wills (grad student)