Emory University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Karen Adolph Eleanor J. Gibson (grad student), Ulric Neisser (grad student)
Bryan T. Agnettasocial development, cognitive development, cross-cultural2001 Philippe Rochat (grad student)
Todd H. AhernNeurobiology of social and family behavior Biological and Biomedical Sciences20062010 Larry J. Young (grad student)
Elizabeth N AslingerPsychology, Clinical Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, Personality Psychology, Quantitative Methodology Psychology20152016 Scott O. Lilienfeld (research assistant)
Michael E. Ballardbehavior, psychopharmacology, human neuroimaging, PET, fMRI, stimulants, cannabinoids, cognition, delay discounting, executive function, memory, emotional processing, working memory Pharmacology20002001 Stephen G. Holtzman (research assistant)
Lawrence Barsalou
Benjamin M. Basileprimate cognition, memory, metacognition, hippocampus Psychology2013 Robert R. Hampton (grad student)
John P. Berg Psychology2011 Jack McDowell (grad student)
Andrea J. Bergman Psychology19861989 Elaine Walker (grad student)
William BevanExperimental Psychology
Elisabeth B. BinderPsychiatric Genetics2000 Charles F. Gillespie (collaborator), Charles B. Nemeroff (grad student)
Pavel S. Blagovclinical, personality Psychology2009 Drew Westen (grad student)
Shala N. BlueBehavioral Neuroscience Psychology Psychology20132014 Jocelyne Bachevalier (grad student), Patricia J. Bauer (grad student), Patricia J. Bauer (post-doc)
Jennifer G. Bohanekdevelopmental psychology2006 Robyn Fivush (grad student)
Sarah R Brandpsychosocial oncology, prenatal distress
Patricia Brennan Sarnoff Mednick (grad student)
Michelle R. Brothdevelopmental psychopathology2003 Sherryl Hope Goodman (grad student)
Trina A. Browndevelopmental psychology2006 Robyn Fivush (grad student)
Emily Kathryn Brown Robert R. Hampton (grad student)
Janine P. Bucknerdevelopmental psychology2000 Robyn Fivush (grad student)
Catherine F. Capelloepigenetics and psychiatry Michael J. Owens (grad student)
Kenneth E CarterClinical Psychology
Arin M. Connelldevelopmental psychopathology2003 Sherryl Hope Goodman (grad student)
Jessica A. Cooper Michael T. Treadway (post-doc)
Colleen M. Cowperthwait2010 Wade Edward Craighead (grad student)
Wade Edward CraigheadMood Disorders Gordon Lee Paul (grad student)
Dorthie Crosstrauma, PTSD, intergenerational risk factors Department of Psychology Department of Psychology2014 Drew Westen (grad student), Bekh Bradley-Davino (grad student)
Chelsie Cushman2009 Hillary R. Rodman (grad student)
Jesse Dallery Jack McDowell (grad student)
C. William Deckner L. Benjamin Wyckoff (grad student)
H. Drew DixonPTSD Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences20152018 Charles F. Gillespie (research assistant)
Ayzit O. DoydumExecutive function/attention, developmental cognitive neuroscience20072010 Patricia J. Bauer (research assistant)
Alena G. Esposito2014 Patricia J. Bauer (post-doc)
Joel Fagotprimate cognition Kim Wallen (post-doc)
Robyn Fivushdevelopmental psychology
Alice A. Fryedevelopmental psychopathology2001 Sherryl Hope Goodman (grad student)
Steven J. GarlowMolecular psychiatry, clinical psychopharmacology
Sherryl Hope Goodmandevelopmental psychopathology Donald Meichenbaum (grad student)
Christine M. Halldevelopmental psychopathology2004 Sherryl Hope Goodman (grad student)
Robert R. Hamptonbehavioral neuroscience
Nicole M. Harschdevelopmental psychology2010 Robyn Fivush (grad student)
Susan J. HesposCognitive development, learning, language and concepts Psychology1996 Philippe Rochat (grad student)
Ira HymanCognition, Memory19851990 Ulric Neisser (grad student)
Benjamin N. Johnson Psychology Nancy Bliwise (research assistant)
Stephen B. Kendall L. Benjamin Wyckoff (grad student)
Philip A. KragelNeuroscience, Cognition, Emotion
Saule Kulubekova Psychology2012 Jack McDowell (grad student)
Charlotte O. LaddPsychiatry19942001 Charles B. Nemeroff (research assistant), Michael J. Owens (research assistant), Paul M. Plotsky (grad student)
Carl Lejuez Psychology Julie B. Schweitzer (grad student)
Scott O. LilienfeldClinical Psychology, Science and Pseudoscience
Yaxin LiuVision, perception, decision making Stella F. Lourenco (grad student)
Rachel L. LoewyEarly psychosis Elaine Walker (research assistant)
Stella F. Lourencospatial cognition, quantitative reasoning
Tanya L. MacGillivraysocial development, cognitive development, cross-cultural Psychology2012 Philippe Rochat (grad student)
Kelly A. Marindevelopmental psychology2008 Robyn Fivush (grad student)
Chris C. Martinsocial psychology Sociology20122017 Corey L. M. Keyes (grad student)
Julie Martin-Malivelsocial cognition, face perception Kim Wallen (post-doc)
Meaghan E. McCallumClinical Psychology Clinical Psychology20112016 Sherryl Hope Goodman (grad student)
Jack McDowell
Gail McGeeAutism
Natalie Merrill Psychology Psychology20162016 Robyn Fivush (grad student), Patricia J. Bauer (post-doc)
Jennifer M. Moriuchi Ami Klin (grad student)
Michael J. MorrierAutism Gail McGee (collaborator)
Anjana Muralidharan2013 Wade Edward Craighead (grad student)
Laura L. NamyChild language acquisition1998 Sandra R. Waxman (grad student)
Charles B. NemeroffBiological Psychiatry, Depression
D. Jeffrey NewportWomen's mental health, clinical psychopharmacology Zachary N. Stowe (post-doc)
Kile M. Ortigoclinical, personality Psychology2012 Drew Westen (grad student)
Caroline F. PapreckBehaviorism, autism, behavior analysis, behavior modification Gail McGee (research assistant)
Joanne L. Peartclinical, personality Psychology2009 Drew Westen (grad student)
Andrei Popa Psychology2013 Jack McDowell (grad student)
Elaine ReeseDevelopmental psychology, language Robyn Fivush (grad student)
Brooke Lauren Reidy20082010 Robert E. Stewart (research assistant)
David S. ReisLearning and Memory Psychology2017 Joseph R. Manns (post-doc)
Rebecca A. RobertsPsychology Kim Wallen (grad student)
Philippe Rochatsocial development, cognitive development, cross-cultural
Matthew H. Rousematernal depression, developmental psychopathology20072013 Sherryl Hope Goodman (grad student)
Eric Russclinical, personality2010 Drew Westen (grad student)
Mary E. Saczawa2008 Elaine Walker (research assistant)
Jessica M. Salesdevelopmental psychology2004 Robyn Fivush (grad student)
Daniela M. SanchezSocial behavior, dominance, group formation in non-human primates2010 Kim Wallen (grad student)
Kelly H. SkeltonPsychiatry2000 Charles B. Nemeroff (grad student)
Paul Soto2003 Jack McDowell (grad student)
Jennifer Strafford Stevensposttraumatic stress disorder, memory, fear, women's health Psychiatry Stephan Hamann (grad student), Kerry J. Ressler (post-doc)
Tricia M. Strianosocial development, cognitive development, cross-cultural2000 Philippe Rochat (grad student)
Jessica TaubertFace perception, social cognition
Victoria L. Templer Robert R. Hampton (grad student)
Hsiao-Wei TuMemory20102012 Robert R. Hampton (post-doc)
Erin C. Tullydevelopmental psychopathology2006 Sherryl Hope Goodman (grad student)
Callie E. TynerClinical neuropsychology, measurement20052008 Anna W. Bacon Moore (research assistant)
Shensheng WangDevelopmental Psychology Department of Psychology2019 Philippe Rochat (grad student)
Drew Westenclinical, personality Kenneth Silk (grad student)
Katherine A. WilliamsAnimal models of psychiatric disorders.
Melissa J. Williams
Mark E. Wilsonneuroendocrine function, puberty Kim Wallen (collaborator)
Dominika Anne WiniarskiNeural, genetic, and environmental correlates of delinquency and conduct disorder (CD); gene X environment interaction in child psychology; predictors of treatment outcome for CD and delinquency2011 Patricia Brennan (grad student)
John T. WixtedHuman memory Psychology19831988 Jack McDowell (grad student)
L. Benjamin WyckoffBehavior Analysis
Daniel J. YooPsychology2009 Wade Edward Craighead (grad student)
Widaad Zamandevelopmental psychology Psychology2012 Robyn Fivush (grad student)