University of Washington, Seattle

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Shaghayegh AbbasiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2011 Karl F. Böhringer (grad student), Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Stuart B. AdlerChemical Engineering
Martin AfromowitzElectronics and Electrical Engineering
M Sherif AggourCivil Engineering1972 Colin B. Brown (grad student)
John Allen Mechanical Engineering1997 Ronald A. Roy (grad student)
David J. AllstotIntegrated Circuits (INC)
Abdulhakim A. AlmajidMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2002 Minoru Taya (grad student)
Ernesto AlvaradoSystem Science Engineering, Ecology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture
Jeralee L. AndersonSustainability, Civil Engineering, Transportation Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Stephen T. Muench (grad student)
Pedro ArduinoCivil Engineering
Líney Árnadóttircatalysis, surface science, DFT Chemical Engineering Eric M. Stuve (grad student)
Halldor ArnasonCivil Engineering, Physical Oceanography2005 Catherine M. Petroff (grad student)
Dwayne ArolaMechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Radiology Mechanical Engineering1996 Mamidala Ramulu (grad student)
Nallakkan S. ArvindanChemical Engineering2003 Eric M. Stuve (grad student)
Fareid AsphahaniBiomedical Engineering2011 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Les E. Atlasacoustics, signal processing, speech
Mohammad AzadehElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Bruce Darling (grad student)
Heechang BaeMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2011 Mamidala Ramulu (grad student)
Burcu BalcikIndustrial Engineering, Operations Research2008 Benita M. Beamon (grad student)
Gretchen W. BaneyxBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology2001 Viola Vogel (grad student)
Francis BaneyxChemical Engineering, Nanotechnology
Dawn BardotMechanical Engineering2008 Ashley Emery (grad student)
Paul J. BarrCivil Engineering2000 Marc O. Eberhard (grad student)
George A. BarrettElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Oncology2003 Kirk W. Beach (grad student)
Alexandra L. BartellTechnical Communication, Information Science, Public Health2011 Jan Spyridakis (grad student)
Chris D. BartelsElectronics and Electrical Engineering2008 Jeffrey A. Bilmes (grad student)
Dinesh BaskarChemical Engineering2008 Stuart B. Adler (grad student)
Christopher BassettAcoustics Physics, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Energy Mechanical Engineering2013 Brian L. Polagye (grad student)
Jeffrey L. BaughCell Biology2003 Viola Vogel (grad student)
Kirk W. BeachElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Benita M. BeamonIndustrial Engineering, Sustainability, Agricultural Engineering
Michael BeermanMaterials Science Engineering2007 Lucien N. Brush (grad student)
Andrew A. Benedek1970 William J. Heideger (grad student)
Mark M. BenjaminCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Cynthia Bennett Human Centered Design & Engineering Human Centered Design & Engineering20142020 Daniela Rosner (grad student), David Ribes (grad student)
Andrew Berry Human Centered Design & Engineering20122019 Mark P. Haselkorn (grad student)
Tushar BhangaleBiomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology2006 Deborah A. Nickerson (grad student)
Manav BhatiaAerospace Engineering2007 Eli Livne (grad student)
Sambuddha BhattacharyaElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Chuan-Jin Richard Shi (grad student)
Angela R. BielefeldtEnvironmental Engineering, Microbiology Biology1996 H David Stensel (grad student)
Jeffrey A. BilmesComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence
Taryn Bipat Human Centered Design & Engineering Human Centered Design & Engineering20152021 Mark Zachry (grad student), David W. McDonald (grad student)
Anna C. BirelyCivil Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Dawn E. Lehman (grad student)
Colin BirgeInformation Technology, Design and Decorative Arts Human Centered Design and Engineering2013 Jennifer Turns (grad student)
Andrew BjornUrban and Regional Planning2009 Paul Waddell (grad student)
Karl F. BöhringerElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Susan M. BoltonCivil Engineering, Public Health
J. Ray BowenChemical engineering
Linda Ng BoyleIndustrial Engineering, Human Factors, Transportation Civil & Environmental Engineering1998 Fred L. Mannering (grad student)
Dean Brackett Aeronautics & Astronautics1988 Adam P. Bruckner (grad student)
Trevor M. Braun Chemical Engineering2016 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Robert Edward BreidenthalFluid and Plasma Physics, Aerospace Engineering
Colin B. Brown
Mark C. BrowningCivil Engineering2001 Catherine M. Petroff (grad student)
Adam P. BrucknerAerospace Engineering
Lucien N. BrushMaterials Science Engineering
James D. BryersChemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Immunology
Christopher M. BundyAerospace Engineering Aeronautics & Astronautics2001 Adam P. Bruckner (grad student)
Linda G. BushnellElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Zhenxiao CaiEnvironmental Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2011 Mark M. Benjamin (grad student)
Stephanie L. CandelariaMaterials Science Engineering, Physical Chemistry Materials Science and Engineering2013 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Guozhong CaoMechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering
Chong M. ChaMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering2000 John C. Kramlich (grad student)
Jun H. ChaElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Yasuo Kuga (grad student)
Craig Chambers
Chi Hou ChanComputational electromagnetics, antennas, microwave and millimeter-wave components, terahertz science and technology and subsystems
Chun-Cheng Chang Industrial Engineering2016 Linda Ng Boyle (grad student)
Hyun-shik ChangEnvironmental Sciences2007 Gregory V. Korshin (grad student)
Cheng-Ling ChangElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2012 Wei-Chih Wang (grad student)
Shih-hui ( ChaoMechanical Engineering2002 Joseph L. Garbini (grad student)
Renyu ChenElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering Electrical Engineering2012 Scott T. Dunham (grad student)
KuoWei ChenIndustrial Engineering, Operations Research, Management Business Administration Industrial and Systems Engineering2014 Richard Storch (grad student)
Hsiu-hung ChenMechanical Engineering, General Biophysics2009 Dayong Gao (grad student)
Antao ChenElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Nanoscience
Qiuzi ChenTransportation
Xiyong ChenChemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2007 Stuart B. Adler (grad student)
Jian Chen2005 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Bowen ChengElectronics and Electrical Engineering2011 Karl F. Böhringer (grad student)
Perry Cheung2009 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
John Y CheungElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering1975 Alistair David Craig Holden (grad student), Fred D. Minifie (grad student)
Gilbert Chew Aeronautics & Astronautics1995 Adam P. Bruckner (grad student)
I-Chieh ChienEnvironmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2013 Heidi L. Gough (grad student)
Alex M. ChillmanMechanical Engineering2010 Mamidala Ramulu (grad student)
Aik ChindapolElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 James A. Ritcey (grad student)
David Y. ChiuChemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Immunology Chemical Engineering2013 James D. Bryers (grad student)
Juno ChoeGenetics, Molecular Biology2003 Ger v. den Engh (grad student)
KyoungHo ChoiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Jen-Neng Hwang (grad student)
Jong Seob Choi
Kian H. ChongElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Larry McMurchie (grad student)
Tammy P. ChouMaterials Science Engineering, Energy2006 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Pai H. ChouEmbedded Systems, Low-Power Design, Energy Harvesting, Wireless Sensing and Actuation Systems, Hardware/Software Codesign TIT1998 Gaetano Borriello (grad student)
Yoonsoo ChunMaterials Science Engineering2007 Kannan M. Krishnan (grad student)
Jae-Hyun ChungMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Microbiology Biology
Charles P. Clarkacoustics, signal processing, speech Electrical Engineering2012 Les E. Atlas (grad student)
Patricia M. ClaytonCivil Engineering, Geophysical Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2013 Laura N. Lowes (grad student)
John S. ClemmensBiomedical Engineering2003 Viola Vogel (grad student)
Joyce CooperMechanical Engineering, Sustainability, Hydrology, Water Resource Management
Richard C. CorlettMechanical Engineering
Thomas A. CruseApplied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Frank Joseph Rizzo (grad student)
Mark A. CurryElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2001 Yasuo Kuga (grad student)
Thomas Allen Cwik
W Robert DaaschElectronics and Electrical Engineering1982 Ernest R. Davidson (grad student)
Peter H. DahlAcoustics Physics
Haixia Dai2005 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Daniel J. DaileyElectronics and Electrical Engineering
David R. Dall'OstoAcoustics Physics Mechanical Engineering2013 Peter H. Dahl (grad student)
Robert B. DarlingElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Bruce DarlingElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Julio DavisMechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics Mechanical Engineering2012 Mamidala Ramulu (grad student)
Ger v. den EnghMolecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering
Giri V. DevarayanadurgElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Mani Soma (grad student)
Kristin Dew Human Centered Design & Engineering Human Centered Design & Engineering20142019 Beth Kolko (grad student), Daniela Rosner (grad student)
Asanka S. DewarajaBiomedical Engineering2011 Kirk W. Beach (grad student)
Milan DiebelCondensed Matter Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2004 Scott T. Dunham (grad student)
Weiping DingMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering2010 Dayong Gao (grad student)
Richard Divine Human Centered Design & Engineering20112020 Mark Zachry (grad student)
Michael C. Dodd
Jianchun DongElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Babak A. Parviz (grad student)
Michael S. DonleyMaterials Science Engineering1987 Thomas G. Stoebe (grad student)
James G. Droppo2000 Les E. Atlas (grad student)
Mar Drouhard Human Centered Design & Engineering Human Centered Design & Engineering20152021 Mark P. Haselkorn (grad student), Daniela Rosner (grad student)
Deborah J. DryerCivil Engineering, Environmental Sciences2010 Gregory V. Korshin (grad student)
Quangen DuMechanical Engineering2007 Jiangyu Li (grad student)
Scott T. DunhamElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering
Marc O. EberhardCivil Engineering
Allan C. EckerElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2014 Mani Soma (grad student)
Paul D. EdwardsMechanical Engineering2010 Mamidala Ramulu (grad student)
Daniel R. EinsteinBiomedical Engineering2002 Per G. Reinhall (grad student)
Mohammed A. El-SharkawiElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Matthew Eliot Human Centered Design & Engineering2009 Jennifer Turns (grad student)
Ashley EmeryMechanical Engineering
Eshetu D. EneyewMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2014 Ramulu Mamidala (grad student)
Frode EngelsenAerospace Engineering2001 Eli Livne (grad student)
Ralph EwigAerospace Engineering2006 Adam P. Bruckner (grad student)
Keith B. FacklerMechanical Engineering, Energy, Alternative Energy Mechanical Engineering2011 Philip C. Malte (grad student)
Kenneth B. FairesMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2013 Per G. Reinhall (grad student), Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Joseph D. Fairweather2009 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Chen FangMaterials Science Engineering, Nanotechnology2011 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
David K. FarkasEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Education
Pavel FastenkoElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Scott T. Dunham (grad student)
Aaron FeaverMaterials Science Engineering2007 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Shara I. FeldCivil Engineering, Public Health Civil and Environmental Engineering2014 Susan M. Bolton (grad student)
Richard M. FergusonMaterials Science Engineering2011 Kannan M. Krishnan (grad student)
Toni Ferro Human Centered Design & Engineering20102016 Mark Zachry (grad student)
Bruce A. FinlaysonChemical Engineering
Peder FitchMechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering2004 Joyce Cooper (grad student)
Brian D. FlinnMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry
Stephen J. FlorczykMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Materials Science and Engineering2012 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Edwin E. ForsterAerospace Engineering2000 Eli Livne (grad student)
Sarah Fox Human Centered Design & Engineering20132018 Daniela Rosner (grad student)
James L. FridleyForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering
Walter Frost1965 Charles Jacob Kippenhan (grad student)
Mingang FuOperations Research, Industrial Engineering Industrial and Systems Engineering2013 Richard Storch (grad student)
John A. GambateseConstruction safety, Prevention through Design, Work zone safety, Construction engineering and management, Temporary structures1996 Jimmie W. Hinze (grad student)
Lara GambleChemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry
Victor GanzerAircraft Design, Stability, Control
Dayong GaoMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Joseph L. GarbiniTheory Physics, Mechanical Engineering
Betzaida B. GarciaMaterials Science Engineering2010 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Ngigi w. GatunaMaterials Science Engineering2007 Fumio S. Ohuchi (grad student)
Tim C. GearyChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2014 Stuart B. Adler (grad student)
Peter K. GhavamiIndustrial Engineering, System Science Engineering Industrial and Systems Engineering2012 Kailash C. Kapur (grad student)
Michael Gilbert Human Centered Design & Engineering20112014 Mark Zachry (grad student)
Bradford W. Gillespieacoustics, signal processing, speech2002 Les E. Atlas (grad student)
Ulix GoettschMechanical Engineering2001 Joseph L. Garbini (grad student)
Jonathan L. GolobPathology, Genetics, Cell Biology2009 Charles E. Murry (grad student)
Marcela Gonzales-WeyhmillerMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2007 Kannan M. Krishnan (grad student)
Heidi L. GoughEnvironmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2011 John F. Ferguson (post-doc)
Anupama V. GovindarajanElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Neuroscience Biology, Biomedical Engineering2009 Karl F. Böhringer (grad student)
Tomoko O. GrayPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2007 Rene M. Overney (grad student)
Carolynn D. GroshChemical Engineering, Nanotechnology2011 Francis Baneyx (grad student), Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Myron R. Grover Aeronautics & Astronautics2020 Adam P. Bruckner (grad student)
Zhongchun A. GuEnvironmental Engineering, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology2003 H David Stensel (grad student)
Jingfeng GuanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Tom Matula (grad student)
Andrew GuilloryComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence Computer Science and Engineering2012 Jeffrey A. Bilmes (grad student)
Jonathan W. GunnMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2008 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Qing GuoMechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering Mechanical Engineering2012 Steve (I-Yeu) Shen (grad student)
Richard R. GustafsonWood Technology Agriculture, Chemical Engineering
Kathleen F. GygiIndustrial Engineering, Technical Communication2011 Mark Zachry (grad student)
Alireza HaghighatNuclear Engineering1986 George Kosaly (grad student)
Scott M. Haight Chemical Engineering1997 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Kathleen E. HalvorsenEnvironmental Engineering, Hydrology, Theory and Methods1996 Margaret A. Shannon (grad student)
Mohammad Hamed1990 Fred L. Mannering (grad student)
Lyman L. Handypetroleum and chemical engineering1951 Norman Wayne Gregory (grad student)
Ingrid A. HartenPathology, Histology Biology, Cell Biology2011 Thomas N. Wight (grad student)
Mark P. HaselkornDesign and Decorative Arts
Mingyan HeChemical Engineering, General Physics2002 Rene M. Overney (grad student)
William J. HeidegerChemical engineering
Ward J. HelmsElectronics and Electrical Engineering1968 H Myron Swarm (grad student)
Andrew J. Higginsdetonation, shock waves, propulsion Aeronautics & Astronautics1996 Adam P. Bruckner (grad student)
Jimmie W. HinzeConstruction safety and management
Alistair David Craig Holdenartificial intelligence1964 David Laurence Johnson (grad student)
Vincent C. Holmbergnanomaterials
Erika E. HoltCivil Engineering2001 Donald J. Janssen (grad student)
Bradley R HoltProcess Control and Optimization, Sensor Interpretation
Robert D. HoltzCivil Engineering, Geotechnology
Jiri HomolaElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Ji H. HooElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Packaging Engineering Electrical Engineering2014 Karl F. Böhringer (grad student)
Alexander R. Horner-DevineCivil Engineering, Physical Oceanography
Yufeng HouMaterials Science Engineering, Theory Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Nanotechnology Materials Science and Engineering2014 Kannan M. Krishnan (grad student)
Blake R. Hough Chemical Engineering2016 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Tyler A. House Chemical Engineering2014 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Po-Chien HsiaoGeophysical Engineering, Civil Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Charles W. Roeder (grad student)
Feng-Ju HsiehElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics Mechanical Engineering2012 Wei-Chih Wang (grad student)
Yi-Chu HsuMechanical Engineering2003 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Yuin-Jen D. HsuUrban and Regional Planning, Public and Social Welfare, Environmental Economics, Water Resource Management2010 Paul Waddell (grad student)
Cheng-Sheng HuangMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics2009 Wei-Chih Wang (grad student)
Chu-Yu HuangMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics2009 Wei-Chih Wang (grad student)
Yao-Hsin HuangMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2000 Per G. Reinhall (grad student)
Lingyun HuangBiomedical Engineering, Medicine and Surgery2006 Kirk W. Beach (grad student)
Jen-Neng HwangElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Sherrif F. IbrahimMolecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering2005 Ger v. den Engh (grad student)
Osazonamen J. Igbinosun Aeronautics & Astronautics2019 Adam P. Bruckner (grad student)
Kanryu InoueMaterials Science Engineering
Isao IshibashiCivil Engineering1974 Mehmet A. Sherif (grad student)
Scott C. IversonBiomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Medicine and Surgery
Shiho IwanagaElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2008 Robert B. Darling (grad student)
Warren L. J. FoxElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Rahil Jain Electrical Engineering Barry R. Lutz (grad student)
Soumen JanaMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry Materials Science and Engineering2012 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Nuttorn JangkrajarngElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Chuan-Jin Richard Shi (grad student)
Donald J. JanssenCivil Engineering
David A. JayWater Resource Management, Hydrology, Physical Oceanography1987 J. Dungan Smith (grad student)
Kavita M. Jeerage Chemical Engineering2002 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Unyong Jeong Chemistry20032005 Younan Xia (post-doc)
Soon-Jong JeongMaterials Science Engineering2000 Kanryu Inoue (grad student)
Ruby JinBiomolecular engineering Chemical Engineering2021 Elizabeth Nance (grad student)
Thitima JintanawanMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Steve (I-Yeu) Shen (grad student)
David Laurence Johnson
Natasha N. JonesTechnical Communication, Industrial Psychology, Organizational Human Centered Design and Engineering2012 Mark Zachry (grad student)
Robert Glenn JoppaAircraft Stability and Controls
Jinhun JoungBiomedical Engineering2001 Thomas K. Lewellen (grad student)
Ezra KahnMechanical Engineering, Sustainability, Hydrology, Water Resource Management Mechanical Engineering2013 Joyce Cooper (grad student)
Gretchen KalonjiMaterials Science Engineering
Peter Kaloupis Aeronautics & Astronautics1990 Adam P. Bruckner (grad student)
George KapodistriasAcoustics Physics, Mechanical Engineering2001 Peter H. Dahl (grad student)
Kailash C. KapurGeneral Engineering, Industrial Engineering
Megan KaralusMechanical Engineering, Alternative Energy Mechanical Engineering2013 Philip C. Malte (grad student)
Tiffany C. KasparChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2004 Eric M. Stuve (grad student)
Ioannis N. KassabalidisElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Mohammed A. El-Sharkawi (grad student)
Mitsuhiro KawaseEnvironmental Engineering
John F. Keaneacoustics, signal processing, speech2004 Les E. Atlas (grad student)
Paul A. KeirePathology, Biomedical Engineering2009 Thomas N. Wight (grad student)
Urachada KetpromElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Yasuo Kuga (grad student)
Amit P. KhandharMaterials Science Engineering, Radiology, Biomedical Engineering Materials Science and Engineering2013 Kannan M. Krishnan (grad student)
Richard B. Kieburtz Electrical Engineering1961 Akira Ishimaru (grad student)
Forrest M. KievitNanotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Oncology2011 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Jaeshin KimEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering2006 Gregory V. Korshin (grad student)
Sooyeun KimMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry2009 Minoru Taya (grad student)
Seongwon KimElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Mani Soma (grad student)
Sungyop KimUrban and Regional Planning, Gerontology, Demography2004 Paul Waddell (grad student)
Hyungtai KimUrban and Regional Planning, Geography2006 Paul Waddell (grad student)
Jubum KimCivil Engineering2002 Gregory A. MacRae (grad student)
Kyung Hoon KimBiomaterials, Blood Compatibility Bioengineering2017 Buddy D. Ratner (grad student)
Charles Jacob Kippenhan
Kjersti A. KlevenElectronics and Electrical Engineering2008 Scott T. Dunham (grad student)
Daniel B. KnorrChemical Engineering, Nanotechnology2010 Rene M. Overney (grad student)
Albert Satoshi KobayashiMechanical Engineering
Lakshmi S. KocherlakotaChemical Engineering, Nanotechnology Chemical Engineering2013 Rene M. Overney (grad student)
Nathan KohlerMaterials Science Engineering, Oncology2005 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Wolf KohnElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Matthew T. KokalyMechanical Engineering2001 Albert Satoshi Kobayashi (grad student)
Beth KolkoInformation Technology, Design and Decorative Arts
Sashidharan KomandurIndustrial Engineering2009 Richard Storch (grad student)
Gregory KonshinCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Gregory V. KorshinEnvironmental Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry
John C. KramlichMechanical Engineering, Energy, Alternative Energy
Andre T. KrammerMolecular Physics2000 Viola Vogel (grad student)
Caroline C. KrejciIndustrial Engineering, Sustainability, Agricultural Engineering Industrial and Systems Engineering2013 Benita M. Beamon (grad student)
Cortney R. KrellerChemical Engineering2011 Stuart B. Adler (grad student)
Thomas E. KriewallMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Joseph L. Garbini (grad student)
Kanan M. KrishnanMaterials Science Engineering
Kannan M. KrishnanMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Nanotechnology
Kevin J. KrizekUrban and Regional Planning, Civil Engineering, Transportation2001 Paul Waddell (grad student)
Finn KrogstadForestry and Wildlife Agriculture2007 James L. Fridley (grad student)
Klaas Fiete KruteinOperations Research, Transportation Research Civil & Environmental Engineering Industrial & Systems Engineering20192022 Anne V. Goodchild (grad student), Linda Ng Boyle (grad student)
Yasuo KugaElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics Electrical Engineering Akira Ishimaru (grad student)
Subodha KumarOperations Research, Management Business Administration, Industrial Engineering
Sawalee KunapornMechanical Engineering2002 Mamidala Ramulu (grad student)
Karyn S. KunzelmanBiomedical Engineering
Lisa K. LafleurBiomedical Engineering2010 Bruce Darling (grad student)
Tai A. LamElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Materials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics2010 Yasuo Kuga (grad student)
Leo L. LamElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering2014 Robert B. Darling (grad student)
Steven LappenbuschDesign and Decorative Arts Human Centered Design and Engineering2013 Mark P. Haselkorn (grad student)
Jerrod LarsonEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Education2009 David K. Farkas (grad student)
Kjersta L. Larson-SmithChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2012 Danilo C. Pozzo (grad student)
Waisiu LawElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Ward J. Helms (grad student), David J. Allstot (grad student)
Marie Le GuillyMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2004 Minoru Taya (grad student)
Cheng-Chun LeeMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Yi-Cheng LeeMaterials Science Engineering2011 Kannan M. Krishnan (grad student)
Jin-Hyuk LeeMechanical Engineering, Acoustics Physics Mechanical Engineering2013 Per G. Reinhall (grad student)
Seung-Bong LeeEnvironmental Engineering2002 H David Stensel (grad student)
Wei F. LeeCivil Engineering, Geotechnology2000 Robert D. Holtz (grad student)
Dawn E. LehmanGeophysical Engineering, Civil Engineering
Steven D. Leith Chemical Engineering1998 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Sorin LernerComputer Science Computer Science Craig Chambers (grad student)
Matthew C. LeungMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Cell Biology Materials Science and Engineering2013 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Thomas K. LewellenBiomedical Engineering
Jiangyu LiMechanical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry
Liangjun LiMechanical Engineering2010 Jiangyu Li (grad student)
Zhaojun S. LiIndustrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2011 Kailash C. Kapur (grad student)
Jingjuan LiCivil Engineering2010 Laura N. Lowes (grad student)
James C. M. LiMaterials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Energy1953 David Moore Ritter (grad student)
Yuanchang LiangMechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2002 Minoru Taya (grad student)
Valerie Lieu Chemical Engineering2012 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Seng W. LimChemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2000 Eric M. Stuve (grad student)
Steven J. LimmerMaterials Science Engineering2004 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Yen-Yu LinCivil Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Stephen T. Muench (grad student)
Yih-Yan LinMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2014 Minoru Taya (grad student)
Lih-Yuan LinElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Nanoscience
Calvin LinComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering1992 Lawrence Snyder (grad student)
Sean K. LineaweaverElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2003 Francis A. Spelman (grad student)
Andrew LingleyElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics Electrical Engineering2012 Babak A. Parviz (grad student)
Jacqueline C. LinnesBiomedical Engineering2010 James D. Bryers (grad student)
Yuanming LiuMechanical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry Mechanical Engineering2012 Jiangyu Li (grad student)
Yanyi LiuNanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering2011 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Chao-Shih LiuMechanical Engineering2005 Per G. Reinhall (grad student)
Haizhou LiuCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering2010 Gregory Konshin (grad student)
Chen-Ching LiuElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Finance
Eli LivneAerospace Engineering
Eliezer LivneAerospace Engineering
Nicolas Loebel Bioengineering1998 Adam P. Bruckner (grad student)
Henry LouieElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Energy2008 Kai Strunz (grad student)
Lesley A. LowMechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Zoology Biology2002 Per G. Reinhall (grad student)
Laura N. LowesCivil Engineering
Junhe LuEnvironmental Sciences2007 Gregory V. Korshin (grad student)
Chih-Yuan LuMaterials Science Engineering2007 Fumio S. Ohuchi (grad student)
Roberto F. LuIndustrial Engineering, Management Business Administration2008 Richard Storch (grad student)
Yunxiang LuChemical Engineering2007 Stuart B. Adler (grad student)
Anay Luketa-HanlinMechanical Engineering2002 Richard C. Corlett (grad student)
Chuan LuoMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering Mechanical Engineering2013 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Mariko J. LustEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2014 H David Stensel (grad student)
Barry R. Lutz2003 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Uy-Loi LyAerospace Engineering, System Science Engineering
Dean Winton Lytlecommunications, networks, probability and signal processing
Yunfei MaMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2007 Jiangyu Li (grad student)
Peter Mackenzie-HelnweinCivil Engineering
Gregory A. MacRaeCivil Engineering
Thomas H. MaddenChemical Engineering2001 Eric M. Stuve (grad student)
Syed M. MahmudSystem Science Engineering1984 Alistair David Craig Holden (grad student)
Joe P. Mahoney
Arka Majumdarnanophotonics, quantum optics
Jonathan MalkinElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence2010 Jeffrey A. Bilmes (grad student)
Philip C. MalteMechanical Engineering, Energy, Alternative Energy
Ramulu MamidalaMechanical Engineering
David A. MankoffBiomedical Engineering, Radiology
Fred L. ManneringCivil Engineering
Robert J. MarksElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence
Carter M. MastCivil Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2013 Pedro Arduino (grad student)
Jeffrey D. MathewsWood Technology Agriculture, Chemical Engineering2002 Richard R. Gustafson (grad student)
Tom MatulaElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Robin Mays Human Centered Design & Engineering20112018 Mark P. Haselkorn (grad student)
David W. McDonald
Timothy J. McDonaldChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2014 Stuart B. Adler (grad student)
Christopher R. McGannCivil Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2013 Pedro Arduino (grad student)
Samuel A. McKennochNeuroscience Biology2007 Linda G. Bushnell (grad student)
Larry McMurchieElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Patrick A. McMurtryMechanical Engineering1987 James J. Riley (grad student)
Jose A. Medina Chemical Engineering1996 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
James S. Meditchcontrol and estimation theory
Melissa G. MeyerElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics, Atmospheric Sciences2006 John D. Sahr (grad student)
Edgar MeyhoferMechanical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Energy, Nanoscience1991 Thomas L. Daniel (grad student)
Agnieszka C. MiguelElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Eve A. Riskin (grad student)
Ronald N. MilesMechanical Engineering1987 Per G. Reinhall (grad student)
Gregory R. MillerApplied mechanics, computational mechanics, applied mathematics
Hasan S. MirElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 John D. Sahr (grad student)
Ramin MirjaliliElectronics and Electrical Engineering Engineering2013 Karl F. Böhringer (grad student)
Nilanjan MitraCivil Engineering2007 Laura N. Lowes (grad student)
Kathryn A. MobrandTechnical Communication, Higher Education, Rhetoric and Composition Language Human Centered Design and Engineering2012 Jennifer Turns (grad student)
Molly K. MoenchMaterials Science Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Materials Science and Engineering2013 Brian D. Flinn (grad student)
Carrie E. MonohanBiogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences, General Agriculture2004 Susan M. Bolton (grad student)
Andrew N. MorabitoElectronics and Electrical Engineering2008 John D. Sahr (grad student)
Sawyer Morgan Chemical Engineering2020 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Jonathan Morgan Human Centered Design & Engineering2013 Mark Zachry (grad student)
Stephen T. MuenchSustainability, Civil Engineering, Transportation2004 Joe P. Mahoney (grad student)
David J. MukaiCivil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering1991 Gregory R. Miller (grad student)
Biswanath MukherjeeComputer Engineering, Computer Science1987 James S. Meditch (grad student)
Matthew D. Murbach Chemical Engineering2018 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Charles E. MurryBiomedical Engineering, Animal Physiology Biology
Venkata K. NadellaMechanical Engineering, Plastics Technology, Materials Science Engineering2009 John C. Kramlich (grad student)
Mohammad Hossein Naghavi Ehsan Afshari (grad student)
Onur C. NamliMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2012 Minoru Taya (grad student)
Mukund NarasimhanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Jeffrey A. Bilmes (grad student)
Brian A. Nelsonplasma physics fusion
Jeffrey R. Nelson Chemical Engineering2007 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Anhtuan D. NgoAerospace Engineering, System Science Engineering2000 Uy-Loi Ly (grad student)
Gerald A. Nichols-PagelMechanical Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics2005 Per G. Reinhall (grad student)
Deborah A. NickersonBiomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology
Debbie A. NiemeierTransportation, Civil Engineering1994 G. Scott Rutherford (grad student)
Nancy L. NihanCivil Engineering, System Science Engineering, Transportation
Charles H. Norris
Robert H. NotterChemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering1969 Charles A. Sleicher (grad student)
Marilyn B. NourseBiomedical Engineering2007 Charles E. Murry (grad student)
Igor V. NovosselovMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering2006 Philip C. Malte (grad student)
Jeannette NussbaumCell Biology, Molecular Biology2004 Charles E. Murry (grad student)
Ikechukwu Nwaneshiudu Chemical Engineering2013 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Kieseok OhMechanical Engineering2009 Jae-Hyun Chung (grad student)
Taisuke OhtaMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics2004 Fumio S. Ohuchi (grad student)
Fumio S. OhuchiMaterials Science Engineering, General Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry
Karl R. Oleson Chemical Engineering2018 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Dean S. OliverPetroleum Engineering1980 John R. Booker (grad student)
Mania Orand Human Centered Design & Engineering20122017 Jennifer Turns (grad student)
Monica Ospinal-JimenezChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2013 Danilo C. Pozzo (grad student)
Rene M. OverneyChemical Engineering, Nanotechnology
Sharon L. PaigeHuman Development, Cell Biology, Pharmacy2011 Charles E. Murry (grad student)
Jeyanandh ParameshElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 David J. Allstot (grad student)
Kwangsuk ParkNanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering2011 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Jong-Jin ParkMechanical Engineering2004 Minoru Taya (grad student)
Jinhyung ParkIndustrial Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering2002 Richard Storch (grad student)
Joowon ParkRemote Sensing, Water Resource Management, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2011 James L. Fridley (grad student)
Jaewook ParkCivil Engineering, Energy2005 Dorothy A. Reed (grad student)
Caitlin D. Parke Chemical Engineering2021 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Babak A. ParvizElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics
Ching-Yu PengEnvironmental Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Gregory V. Korshin (grad student)
Yiyun Peng2014 Linda Ng Boyle (grad student)
William PentneyComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2008 Jeffrey A. Bilmes (grad student)
Victor H. Perez-LunaChemical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nanoscience1995 Buddy D. Ratner (grad student)
Randall S. Perry James T. Staley (grad student)
Kathryn A. PetekCivil Engineering, Geotechnology2006 Pedro Arduino (grad student)
Catherine M. PetroffCivil Engineering
Matthai PhiliposeComputer Science2005 Craig Chambers (grad student)
Scott M. Philipsacoustics, signal processing, speech2007 Les E. Atlas (grad student)
Rico A. PiconeTheory Physics, Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2014 Joseph L. Garbini (grad student)
Kelly Pitera Civil Engineering2012 Linda Ng Boyle (grad student)
Franna PittMechanical Engineering2005 Mamidala Ramulu (grad student)
Melani I. PlettElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Radiology2000 Kirk W. Beach (grad student)
Brian L. PolagyeMechanical Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Energy2009 Philip C. Malte (grad student)
Chantri PolprasertElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 James A. Ritcey (grad student)
Suzana PopovicMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry2001 Minoru Taya (grad student)
Robert P. Popovich1970 Belding H. Scribner (grad student), Albert L. Babb (grad student)
Jonathan D. Posnerchemical engineering, robotics
Danilo C. PozzoChemical Engineering
Lilo D. PozzoChemical Engineering
Michael S. ProwseMaterials Science Engineering Engineering2012 Kellar Autumn (grad student)
Joshua S. PughCivil Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Laura N. Lowes (grad student)
Suree PumrinElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Daniel J. Dailey (grad student)
Cynthia PutnamInformation Technology, Multimedia Communications, Technical Communication Human Centered Design & Engineering2010 Jennifer Turns (grad student), Beth Kolko (grad student)
Aleksander J. PyzikMaterials Science Engineering Materials Science and Engineering1985 Ilhan A. Aksay (post-doc)
Yanbo Qi Chemical Engineering2019 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Ming QiaoChemical Engineering, Wood Technology Agriculture2007 Richard R. Gustafson (grad student)
Robert Racadio Human Centered Design & Engineering20112016 Beth Kolko (grad student)
Hassna R. RamayMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2004 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Mamidala RamuluMechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics Mechanical Engineering1982 Albert Satoshi Kobayashi (grad student)
Richard T. RanfCivil Engineering2007 Marc O. Eberhard (grad student)
Sarah ReadRhetoric and Composition Language, Technical Communication2011 Mark Zachry (grad student)
Dorothy A. ReedCivil Engineering, Energy
Amelia C. ReganCivil Engineering, Transportation, Industrial Engineering
Per G. ReinhallMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Colin N. ReinhardtElectronics and Electrical Engineering2010 James A. Ritcey (grad student)
Donald K. Reynolds
Hakjun RheeForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture, Hydrology2006 James L. Fridley (grad student)
James J. Rileyfluid dynamics
Eve A. RiskinElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Information Science, Audiology
Eva A. RiskinElectronics and Electrical Engineering
James A. RitceyElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Frank Joseph Rizzo
Thomas E. RobeyBiomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology2007 Charles E. Murry (grad student)
John D. RockwayElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Yasuo Kuga (grad student)
Charles W. RoederGeophysical Engineering, Civil Engineering
David A. Rogers1971 H Myron Swarm (grad student)
Wendy Roldan Human Centered Design & Engineering Human Centered Design & Engineering20172021 Jennifer Turns (grad student), Jason C. Yip (grad student)
Emma J. RoseTechnical Communication, System Science Engineering2011 Beth Kolko (grad student)
Eric A. RosenbergCivil Engineering, Hydrology, Water Resource Management Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Anne C. Steinemann (grad student)
Jan RoskamAerospace, Stability of Aircraft Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering1965 Victor Ganzer (grad student), Robert Glenn Joppa (grad student)
Daniela Rosner
Christopher J. RothfussChemical Engineering2002 Eric M. Stuve (grad student)
Eleftheria RoumeliPolymers, nanocomposites, materials science
Ronald A. RoyMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Acoustics, Physics
G. Scott Rutherfordtransportation planning, travel demand forecasting, travel demand management and the development of public transportation systems
Ehsan SaeediElectronics and Electrical Engineering2010 Babak A. Parviz (grad student)
John D. SahrElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Remote Sensing
Mehmet SarikayaBiomimetics
Brook Sattler Human Centered Design & Engineering2012 Jennifer Turns (grad student)
Stefan SavageComputer Science2002 Thomas E. Anderson (grad student), Brian N. Bershad (grad student)
Steven Marco Schimmel Electrical Engineering Les E. Atlas (grad student)
Kevin A. SchockEnvironmental Engineering2008 Mitsuhiro Kawase (grad student)
Astrid B. SchreuderBiomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Medicine and Surgery2000 Per G. Reinhall (grad student)
Kristopher R. SchumacherChemical Engineering2005 Bruce A. Finlayson (grad student)
Daniel T. SchwartzElectrochemical Engineering
Elaine Patricia Scott
Patrick J. ShambergerMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2010 Fumio S. Ohuchi (grad student)
Huamei ShangMaterials Science Engineering2006 Guozhong Cao (grad student)
Venkataraman ShankarCivil Engineering
Jr-Yi ShenMechanical Engineering2002 Steve (I-Yeu) Shen (grad student)
I-Yeu S. ShenMechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering
I.Y ShenMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
Steve (I-Yeu) ShenBiomedical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Oncology
Mehmet A. Sherif
Lihui ShiGeneral Engineering, Industrial Engineering Industrial and Systems Engineering2012 Kailash C. Kapur (grad student)
HyungSuk ShinCivil Engineering2007 Pedro Arduino (grad student)
Zhiquan ShuMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2013 Jae-Hyun Chung (grad student)
Angela ShumElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Babak A. Parviz (grad student)
Teodora R. ShumanMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Sciences2000 Philip C. Malte (grad student)
Timothy Siegler Chemical Engineering2020 Hugh Williams Hillhouse (post-doc)
Scott E. SillsChemical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Polymer Chemistry2004 Rene M. Overney (grad student)
Anirudha R. SiripuramElectronics and Electrical Engineering2010 Vikram Jandhyala (grad student)
Charles A. Sleicher
Rebecca N. SligerMechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences2001 John C. Kramlich (grad student)
L. Douglas Smootcombustion1960 Albert L. Babb (grad student)
John A. SmytheMaterials Science Engineering2009 Scott T. Dunham (grad student)
Carlos A. Solorio MaganaIndustrial Engineering2010 Kailash C. Kapur (grad student)
Mani SomaElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Francis A. SpelmanElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Kurt A. SpiesChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2012 Eric M. Stuve (grad student)
Mary E. SpilkerBiomedical Engineering2002 Paolo Vicini (grad student)
Jan SpyridakisDesign and Decorative Arts, General Engineering
James T. Staley
Erica N. StavrosSystem Science Engineering, Ecology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture Forest Resources2013 Ernesto Alvarado (grad student)
William A. Steen2002 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Anne C. SteinemannCivil Engineering, Hydrology, Water Resource Management
H David StenselEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering
Patrick B. SticklerMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2001 Mamidala Ramulu (grad student)
Thomas G. Stoebe
Jack W. StokesElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 James A. Ritcey (grad student)
Matthew StonebackElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics Electrical Engineering2013 Yasuo Kuga (grad student)
Richard StorchOperations Research, Industrial Engineering
Kai StrunzElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Energy
Armin W. StuedleinCivil Engineering, Geotechnology2008 Robert D. Holtz (grad student)
Eric M. StuveElectrochemical surface science, catalysis, fuel cells, batteries
Qianli SuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2010 Kai Strunz (grad student)
Akshay Subramaniam Chemical Engineering2021 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Suresh SubramaniamElectronics and Electrical Engineering1997 Arun K. Somani (grad student)
Venkat R. SubramanianChemical Engineering
Amarnag SubramanyaElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Jeffrey A. Bilmes (grad student)
Smith SukapanpotharamIndustrial Engineering, System Science Engineering2000 Richard Storch (grad student)
Somsak Sukittanonacoustics, signal processing, speech2004 Les E. Atlas (grad student)
Conroy G. SunMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2008 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Haijun SunChemical Engineering2005 Bruce A. Finlayson (grad student)
Kuntinee SuvarnakichWood Technology Agriculture2003 Richard R. Gustafson (grad student)
Noriaki SuzukiMaterials Science Engineering2006 Fumio S. Ohuchi (grad student)
H Myron Swarm
Gordon Leni SwartzmanFisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Statistics
Hiroyuki TagawaCivil Engineering2005 Laura N. Lowes (grad student)
Wei C. TaiMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2014 Steve (I-Yeu) Shen (grad student)
Zheng TangComputer vision, machine learning, signal processing Electrical Engineering Jenq-Neng Hwang (grad student)
Aydin TankutMaterials Science Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics2009 Fumio S. Ohuchi (grad student)
Minoru TayaGeneral Engineering, Energy, Materials Science Engineering
Jim ThomsonAcoustics Physics, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Energy
Ryan E. ToivolaMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry Materials Science and Engineering2013 Brian D. Flinn (grad student)
Michael F. Toneysurface physics physics19791983 Samuel C. Fain (grad student)
Ashley C. TraceyMaterials Science Engineering Materials Science and Engineering2014 Brian D. Flinn (grad student)
Bart TrzynadlowskiElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics Electrical Engineering2013 Scott T. Dunham (grad student)
Chaw-Wu TsengMechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering2002 Steve (I-Yeu) Shen (grad student)
Nathaniel L. TullochCell Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology Molecular and Cellular Biology2012 Charles E. Murry (grad student)
Jennifer TurnsTechnical Communication, Higher Education, Rhetoric and Composition Language
Akhilesh TyagiComputer Engineering1988 Lawrence Snyder (grad student)
Vaibhav VaidyaElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Alternative Energy2011 Denise M. Wilson (grad student)
Steven W. Van SciverMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering1976 Oscar E. Vilches (grad student)
Aniruddh Vashisth
Mandana VeisehMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Cell Biology2004 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Omid VeisehMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2009 Miqin Zhang (grad student)
Laura VertatschitschElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Remote Sensing Electrical Engineering2013 John D. Sahr (grad student)
Paolo ViciniBiomedical Engineering
Brian S. Victor Aeronautics and Astronautics2012 Brian A. Nelson (grad student)
Shazib Z. VijleeMechanical Engineering, Alternative Energy, Energy Mechanical Engineering2014 John C. Kramlich (grad student)
Geoffrey M. VoelkerComputer Science2000 Anna R. Karlin (grad student), Henry M. Levy (grad student)
Viola VogelBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology
Paul WaddellUrban and Regional Planning, Civil Engineering, Transportation
Cherry Y. WakayamaElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Chuan-Jin Richard Shi (grad student)
Zachary R. WallElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering2007 Daniel J. Dailey (grad student)
Rebecca W. WaltonTechnical Communication, Information Technology2011 Mark P. Haselkorn (grad student)
Bo WanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Chuan-Jin Richard Shi (grad student)
Wei-Chih WangElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering1996 Sinclair S. Yee (grad student)
Bo-Shiuan WangCivil Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2013 Charles W. Roeder (grad student)
Kerwin WangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Karl F. Böhringer (grad student)
Danling WangElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Nanoscience Electrical Engineering2014 Lih-Yuan Lin (grad student)
Menglin WangTransportation Civil and Environmental Engineering2014 Qiuzi Chen (grad student)
Weihua Wang2000 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Robert Watson Hyman Centered Design & Engineering20102015 Jan Spyridakis (grad student)
Gary R. WeberMaterials Science Engineering Materials Science and Engineering2012 Brian D. Flinn (grad student)
Anne A. WeekesHydrology, Physical Geography2009 Susan M. Bolton (grad student)
Carolyn Y. WeiInformation Science, Speech Communication, Cultural Anthropology2007 Beth Kolko (grad student)
Kathleen M. WeigandtChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2012 Danilo C. Pozzo (grad student)
Tianlong WenMaterials Science Engineering, Nanotechnology, Nanoscience2010 Kannan M. Krishnan (grad student)
Karl D. WestbyCivil Engineering2004 Nancy L. Nihan (grad student)
John D. Whitaker Chemical Engineering2003 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Marsha L. WhitneyBiomedical Engineering, Animal Physiology Biology2003 Charles E. Murry (grad student)
Thomas N. WightPathology, Biomedical Engineering
James C. Williams
Jamie R. Wilson2006 Daniel T. Schwartz (grad student)
Denise M. WilsonElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Alternative Energy
Brandon WilsonMaterials Science Engineering2010 Mehmet Sarikaya (grad student)
Yuqing Wu2015 Linda Ng Boyle (grad student)
Huimin Xiong Industrial Engineering2013 Linda Ng Boyle (grad student)
Xiaorong XiongElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Karl F. Böhringer (grad student)
Chunye XuMaterials Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Babak Yaghoubi MoghadamMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2014 Jonathan D. Posner (grad student)
Jessica M. YellinMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Acoustics Physics2004 Steve (I-Yeu) Shen (grad student)
Woonhong YeoMechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Biomedical Engineering2011 Jae-Hyun Chung (grad student)
Jung H. YooCivil Engineering2006 Charles W. Roeder (grad student)
Setthivoine YouPlasma physics
Yeping YuanCivil Engineering, Physical Oceanography Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Alexander R. Horner-Devine (grad student)
Jongtae YukElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2001 Kirk W. Beach (grad student)
Shaye Yungster Aeronautics & Astronautics1989 Adam P. Bruckner (grad student)
Mark ZachryTechnical Communication, Industrial Psychology, Organizational
Miqin ZhangMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Tong Zhang Electrical Engineer20112017 Jacques C. Rudell (grad student)
Chucai C. ZhouElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Geotechnology, Remote Sensing2003 John D. Sahr (grad student)
Tian ZhouHydrology CEE CEE20132015 Dennis Patrick Lettenmaier (post-doc), Bart Nijssen (post-doc)
Quan Zhou Technical Communication20032008 David K. Farkas (grad student)