MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
David A. AgardStructure, function, and folding of proteins, chromosomes, and centrosomes1981 Richard Henderson (post-doc)
Shintaro Aibara Structural Studies20122015 Murray Stewart (grad student)
Gillian M. AirVirology Biology, Biochemistry19701973 Frederick Sanger (post-doc)
Christopher Winslow Akeycryo-electron microscopy Structural Studies19881990 Nigel Unwin (research scientist)
William S. Allisonbioenergetics; molecular mechanism of ATP synthase1966 J. Ieuan Harris (post-doc)
Sidney AltmanBiochemistry Sydney Brenner (post-doc)
Eyal Arbely20102012 Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Brian G. AyreBiochemistry, Botany Biology, Physiology Biology Plant Biology19951998 James P. Haseloff (post-doc)
Sukhvinder S. BansalChemical Biology, Peptide, Organic Chemistry1989 Robert C. Sheppard (post-doc)
Bart BarrellDNA sequencing
Jonathan R. Beckwithbacterial genetics1964 Sydney Brenner (post-doc)
Hugues BedouelleProtein engineering19841986 Gregory Paul Winter (research scientist)
Vaclav Beranek Jason William Chin (grad student)
Elizabeth H. Blackburnstructure, function, and synthesis of telomeres1975 Frederick Sanger (grad student)
Claudia Bonfio2017 Sheref S. Mansy (grad student)
Gérard Bricogneprotein and virus structure determination David M. Blow (grad student), Aaron Klug (post-doc)
Andre E. Brownbehaviour, genetics, C. elegans20092013 William R. Schafer (post-doc)
Simon Brunner Jason William Chin (post-doc), Jason William Chin (grad student)
Keith BurridgeCytoskeleton, Focal Adhesions Dennis Bray (grad student)
Tiong Sun Chia Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Jason William Chin
Nicholas J. CowanMolecular Biology, Biochemistry Biochemistry César Milstein (grad student)
Michael Crowe John D. Sutherland (grad student)
James E. DahlbergsnRNA, mRNA splicing Frederick Sanger (post-doc)
Prescott DeiningerHuman Mobile Elements19801981 Frederick Sanger (post-doc)
Robert DiamondStructural Biology
Christine M. DunhamRNA structure, catalysis and the origin of life20042008 Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (post-doc)
Robert DutnallBiochemistry Structural Studies19901995 Daniela Rhodes (grad student)
William A. EatonKinetics, dynamics, and mechanisms of protein folding1962 Sydney Brenner (research assistant)
Tom Elliott Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Simon Elsaesser20122014 Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Russell Ernst Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Andrew Zachary FireRNAi19831986 Sydney Brenner (post-doc)
Julius Fredens Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Stephen D. FriedBiophysics, Chemical and Synthetic Biology20142018 Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Isaac GállegoDNA biophysics, DNA nanotechnology, in vitro evolution PNAC2016 Philipp Holliger (post-doc)
Arnaud Gautier Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Alexander N. GlazerPhycobilisome Architecture1964 Frederick Sanger (post-doc)
Venkat GopalanStructure and mechanism of action of ribonuclease P, a catalytic ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex1998 Aaron Klug (post-doc)
Sebastian Greiss20092014 Jason William Chin (post-doc)
J. Ieuan Harrisprotein chemistry
Graham F. HatfullMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry Molecualr Biology19831984 Bart Barrell (post-doc)
Christian Heinis20062008 Gregory Paul Winter (post-doc)
Winship HerrMolecular epigenetics; cell-cycle; differentiation; transcription; herpes simplex virus; cancer Frederick Sanger (post-doc)
Philipp Holliger
Kenneth C. Holmes19611968 Hugh Esmor Huxley (research scientist)
H. Robert HorvitzALS Sydney Brenner (post-doc)
Nicolas Huguenin Jason William Chin (grad student)
Clyde A. Hutchisonbiochemical study of DNA genomes19751976 Frederick Sanger (research scientist)
Hugh Esmor Huxleymuscle structure and function
Saidul Islam John D. Sutherland (grad student)
Joel Janin19731974 David M. Blow (post-doc)
Jamie JohnstonK channels, T-type Ca channels, calyx of Held, retina, olfactory bulb Leon Lagnado (post-doc)
Rob R Kay
Min Kyung Kim
Judith E. KimbleMolecular Biology, Biochemistry1983 John E. Sulston (post-doc)
Jonathan A. KingProtein Folding1970 Aaron Klug (post-doc)
Georges J.F. Köhler19741976 César Milstein (post-doc)
Roger D. KornbergTranscription, Gene Regulation, Structural Biology Francis Harry Compton Crick (post-doc), Aaron Klug (post-doc)
Patrycja Kozik Sebastian Springer (research assistant)
Anantha KumarStructural Biology, Gene Regulation, Biochemistry
Meindert H. LamersDNA replication
Michael Lammers Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Arthur Landysite-specific recombination, global regulation of cell physiology, and protein-DNA interactions19661968 Sydney Brenner (post-doc), Francis Harry Compton Crick (post-doc)
Kathrin Lang20102014 Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Byung-Gil LeeStructural Biology, Protein Crystallography
Michael Levittcomputational structural biology19711972 Robert Diamond (grad student), Aaron Klug (post-doc)
Alexandria Liang Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Victor Ling19691971 Frederick Sanger (post-doc)
Harvey F. LodishCell biology, hematology, endocrinology19661968 Francis Harry Compton Crick (post-doc), Sydney Brenner (post-doc)
Tom ManiatisRegulation of RNA Transcription and Splicing, The Role of Neuroinflammation in ALS, Neurobiology of Disease, Synapses and Circuits, Stem Cell Biology, ALS Disease Mechanisms, Genetic Basis of Neurological Diseases Frederick Sanger (post-doc)
Michael B. MathewsRegulatory RNAs; RNA–protein interactions; Novel targets for anti-HIV drugs Frederick Sanger (post-doc)
Brian W. MatthewsX-ray crystallography, protein folding19631967 David M. Blow (post-doc)
Andrew McLachlanElectron spin resonance spectroscopy, Protein structure comparison, protein evolution, gene duplication
Janet E. MertzTranscriptional regulation in DNA tumor viruses and breast cancer19751976 John B. Gurdon (post-doc)
César MilsteinImmunology
Alfonso Mondragónstructure and function of proteins and nucleic acids19811984 Aaron Klug (grad student)
Charles W Morgan
Lee B. Mullen John D. Sutherland (grad student)
Katerina Naydenova Christopher J. Russo (grad student)
Dario Neri19921996 Gregory Paul Winter (post-doc)
Michael Samuel NeubergerImmunology, Antibodies Gregory Paul Winter (collaborator)
Heinz Neumann20062009 Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Harry F. NollerRibosome1966 J. Ieuan Harris (post-doc)
Jens Nyborgcrystallography19731975 David M. Blow (post-doc)
Benjamin OdermattCNS, Myelin, zebrafish, imaging2004 Leon Lagnado (post-doc)
Michael E. PacoldCancer metabolism, metabolomics Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry19992003 Roger L. Williams (grad student)
Lori Passmore Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (post-doc)
Richard Perhamimmunology Frederick Sanger (grad student)
Max F. Perutzproteins
Sabine Petry Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (grad student)
Rodney Robert PorterImmunology Frederick Sanger (grad student)
Matthew Powner John D. Sutherland (grad student)
Nicholas ProudfootmRNA processing, transcription termination George G. Brownlee (grad student)
Frank W. Putnamprotein chemistry19521953 Frederick Sanger (research scientist)
Oliver Rackham20032005 Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Inja Radman Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Venkatraman RamakrishnanBiochemistry, structural chemistry
Daniela Rhodes
Alexander RichDNA Structure, Structural Biology Francis Harry Compton Crick (post-doc)
Timothy J. RichmondNucleosome structure19781980 Aaron Klug (post-doc)
Richard J. Robertsmolecular biology1970 Frederick Sanger (post-doc)
Jon D. RobertusBiochemistry: Structural Biology, Protein Engineering, And Drug Design19721974 Aaron Klug (post-doc)
Juan B. Rodriguez MolinaTranscription and RNA processing Lori Passmore (post-doc)
Michael G. RossmannX-ray crystallography, cryo electron microscopy and molecular biology to study the three dimensional structures of viruses and their component proteins19581964 Max F. Perutz (research scientist)
Robert Harvey RowndDNA replication control, molecular medicine19631965 Sydney Brenner (post-doc)
Gerald M. Rubinstructure, function of fly genome Sydney Brenner (grad student)
John L. RubinsteinBiochemistry Structural Studies Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry Richard Henderson (grad student), John E. Walker (grad student)
Christopher J. RussoElectron Microscopy, Radiation Physics, Rapid Sequencing
Amit SachdevaDNA as a catalyst20112015 Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Benjami Oller Salvia Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Frederick Sangerprotein sequencing, chemistry
William R. Schafer
T. Martin Schmeing Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (post-doc)
Wolfgang Schmied Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Clarence E. Schuttstructures and roles of actin-binding proteins1985 Aaron Klug (post-doc), Hugh Esmor Huxley (post-doc)
William Gregory ScottRNA structure, catalysis and the origin of life19931996 Aaron Klug (post-doc)
John W. SedatNuclear Architecture and Chromosome Organization Frederick Sanger (post-doc)
Maria Selmer Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (post-doc)
Robert C. Sheppardpeptide, chemistry, solid phase peptide synthesis, chemical biology
Paul B. Siglerregulation of gene expression mediated by proteins that bind specifically to DNA, signal transduction pathway involved in vision, structural biology19641967 David M. Blow (grad student)
Ethan Royal Signer Sydney Brenner (post-doc)
Timothy A. SpringerImmunology19761977 César Milstein (post-doc)
Thomas A. SteitzBiochemistry, structural chemistry19671970 David M. Blow (post-doc)
Joan A. SteitzRNA, Splicing19671970 Francis Harry Compton Crick (post-doc)
Murray Stewart
Kevin StruhlTranscription19801981 Sydney Brenner (post-doc)
Meng Su2019 John D. Sutherland (post-doc)
John E. SulstonApoptosis, developement Sydney Brenner (research scientist)
John D. Sutherland
Jisnuson Svasti1972 César Milstein (grad student)
Robert Henry Symonsstructure, function and replication of plant viruses, viroids and virusoids1978 Frederick Sanger (research scientist)
Susan Serota TaylorStructure, Function, Dynamics, and Localization of PKA as a Prototype for the Protein Kinase Superfamily19681971 Brian S. Hartley (post-doc)
Sarah A. TeichmannComputational Biology
Zakir Tnimov Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Fiona Townsley Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Andrew TraversChromatin folding and unfolding1964 John Derek Smith (grad student)
Yu-Hsuan Tsai20122014 Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Tao Uttamapinant Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Gabriele VaraniNMR spectroscopy to elucidate the structure and the dynamics of protein-RNA complexes
Satpal Virdee20092011 Jason William Chin (post-doc)
John E. WalkerBiochemistry
Kaihang Wang Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Samuel Wardmutants of C. elegans19711973 Sydney Brenner (post-doc)
Mary Miu Yee WAYEDyslexia, Psychiatric Diseases, Suicide, Reading & Writing, twins, KIAA0319, HBX19841986 Gregory Paul Winter (post-doc), Timothy J. Richmond (post-doc)
Albert Weixlbaumer Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (grad student)
Roger L. Williams
Julian Willis Jason William Chin (grad student)
Gregory Paul Wintertherapeutic monoclonal antibodies humanise antibodies, using phage display, antibodies for therapeutic uses19761980 Brian S. Hartley (grad student), George G. Brownlee (post-doc)
Hanting Yangmembrane transport, protein synthesis, mitochondrial quality control Structural Studies20182021 Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (post-doc)
Shaofei Zhang Jason William Chin (post-doc)
Edward Ziff19701973 Frederick Sanger (post-doc)