University of Alberta

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ashraf A. Abd-ElmeguidDentistry Medical Sciences2012 Redwan Moqbel (grad student)
Mona E. AboutablPharmacy2011 Ayman El-Kadi (grad student)
Luis B. AgellonBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
George R. AgnesPhysical Chemistry1994 Gary Horlick (grad student)
Asad Ahmed
Yeong-Chan AhnChemical biology, enzymology, drug discovery, inhibitor Department of Chemistry20132018 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Huiwang AiBioanalytical chemistry, chemical biology, protein chemistry Chemistry20032008 Robert E. Campbell (grad student)
Farnam AjamianImmunology, Virology Biology Medicine2012 Redwan Moqbel (grad student)
Mohammad H. Al-SayahSupramolecular Chemistry, Host-Guest Interactions, Molecular Recognition, Fluorescent Sensors2002 Neil R. Branda (grad student)
Mutasem M Al-ShalalfehSurface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Raed M. Al-Zoubi Chemistry2011 Dennis G. Hall (grad student)
Spencer C. AlfordFluorescent protein, Protein engineering, Directed evolution Chemistry2012 Robert E. Campbell (grad student)
Ramon Alibes19931994 David R. Bundle (post-doc)
Issa E. AmaraPharmacy Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences2013 Ayman El-Kadi (grad student)
David M. AntonelliInorganic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Alternative Energy1991 Martin Cowie (grad student)
Isaac AntwiOrganic Synthesis, Antimicrobial Peptides, Natural Product Modification, Mechanistic Studies, Structural Elucidation of Complex Natural Products, Asymmetric Catalysis Chemistry20162021 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Ko AoyagiChemical Engineering2001 Murray R. Gray (grad student)
Tamara D. ArnoldBiochemistry Biochemistry2013 Charles F.B. Holmes (grad student)
Edgar A. ArriagaAnalytical Chemistry, Chemical Biology19921994 Norman J. Dovichi (post-doc)
Said AttiyaAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2000 D. Jed Harrison (grad student)
Karine AuclairOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry1999 John C. Vederas (grad student)
William Alfred Ayernatural products chemistry
Brian G. AyreBiochemistry, Botany Biology, Physiology Biology19891995 Aladar A. Szalay (grad student)
Ali AzadGeological Engineering, Petroleum Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Rick J. Chalaturnyk (grad student)
Shahid AzamEnvironmental Engineering, Geochemistry2003 Rick J. Chalaturnyk (grad student)
Mohammed Y. BadalAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology2001 D. Jed Harrison (grad student)
Bing Bai20082014 Todd L. Lowary (grad student)
Maravanji S. BalakrishnaMain-group chemistry, organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis Ronald G. Cavell (post-doc)
Jian-Bin BaoAnalytical Chemistry2004 D. Jed Harrison (grad student)
Nicole E. BarylaAnalytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology2002 Charles A. Lucy (grad student)
Ilka E. BauerEcology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2002 Dale H. Vitt (grad student)
Lisa Bourque Bearskin Nursing20082014 Malcolm King (grad student)
Christian BeaulieuMedical Imaging, MRI, DTI Peter S. Allen (grad student)
Bernd Becker19982000 David R. Bundle (post-doc)
Matthew G.K. Benesch
Michael J. BennettInorganic chemistry
Steven H. Bergensenantioselective homogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous catalysis of electrochemical reactions in fuel cells
John Bertie
Dipanjan BhattacharyyaAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2012 D L. J. Clive (grad student)
Fraser W. Birss
Raj P. Bishnoi Chemical Engineering Donald B. Robinson (grad student)
Peter E. BlanchardSolid State Chemistry Chemistry20072011 Arthur Mar (grad student)
Tharin M A BlumenscheinProtein NMR20002005 Brian D. Sykes (post-doc)
Yaman Boluk
Sara A. BonderoffSynthetic Organic, PET Imaging, Biomass Conversion Chemistry2012 Frederick Glenn West (grad student)
Michael P. Boone Chemistry Eric Rivard (post-doc)
Tina M. BottSynthetic Organic, PET Imaging, Biomass Conversion2011 Frederick Glenn West (grad student)
Marc Boudreau2007 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Vincent Bouvet20062008 Todd L. Lowary (post-doc)
Neil R. Brandamolecular switches, photochromism and electrochromism, molecular recognition and supramolecular chemistry
Silvia Elsa Braslavsky Otto P Strausz (post-doc)
Chrissy Braun Chemistry Eric Rivard (grad student)
William A. BridgerBiochemistry
David N. BrindleyBiochemistry
Robert Karl Browncarbohydrate chemistry
Gordon C BrownChemistry, Chemical Biology Chemistry20132014 Derrick L J Clive (research assistant)
David R. BundleCarbohydrates Carbohydrates19731975 Raymond Urgel Lemieux (post-doc)
Dave BundleBiochemistry
Jeffrey Camacho BunquinCatalysis, Organometallic Chemistry Chemistry20092013 Jeffrey Stryker (grad student)
Neil BurfordInorganic Main Group Chemistry Ronald G. Cavell (post-doc)
Jillian M. BuriakNanoscience and Materials Chemistry
Douglas Burr2006 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Shuting Cai2013 Todd L. Lowary (research scientist)
Christopher W. CairoBiophysics, biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, glycobiology, carbohydrate chemistry
Dale R. Cameron19941995 David R. Bundle (post-doc), Ole Hindsgaul (post-doc)
David CameronAlkynes, Cumulenes Chemistry2018 Rik R. Tykwinski (grad student)
Robert E. CampbellFluorescent protein, Protein engineering, Directed evolution
Frederick F. CantwellAnalytical Chemistry
Jennifer F. CaplanBioorganic chemistry2001 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Spencer J. Carterproteome2001 Norman J. Dovichi (grad student)
Norberto Castillo20062008 Todd L. Lowary (post-doc)
Ronald G. Cavell
Delaine K. CeholskiBiochemistry Biochemistry2012 Howard S. Young (grad student)
Rick J. ChalaturnykEnvironmental Engineering, Geochemistry1996 John Donald Scott (grad student)
Wing Tat Chananalytical atomic spectroscopy Chemistry19831989 Gary Horlick (grad student)
Mohamed Changalov20092010 Todd L. Lowary (post-doc)
Shive M. S. ChauhanSynthetic Organic Chemistry, Catalysis, Natural Products, Materials Chemistry, Supra-molecular Chemistry19791982 J. William Lown (post-doc)
Jennifer Chaytor Chemistry2012 John C. Vederas (post-doc)
David D.Y. ChenPrinciples of chemical separation, capillary electrophoresis, laser induced fluorescence detection, interface for separation techniques and mass spectrometry1993 Norman J. Dovichi (grad student)
Rui Chen2002 Liang Li (grad student)
Zhenhua ChenOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 D L. J. Clive (grad student)
Fu Chen2009 Rod Wasylishen (grad student)
Thomas T. ChenMarine Biotechnology1973 Ross B. Hodgetts (grad student)
Siew B. ChengMicrofluidic, Electrochemistry2001 D. Jed Harrison (grad student)
Ping ChengOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 D L. J. Clive (grad student)
Mary Chervenak19951997 David R. Bundle (post-doc)
Pavel Cheshev
Kelly S. Chichakmolecular switches, photochromism and electrochromism, molecular recognition and supramolecular chemistry2002 Neil R. Branda (grad student)
Swapan ChowdhuryMass Spectrometry, Drug Discovery and Development, Enzymes and transporters, metabolism Chemistry19831987 Paul Kebarle (grad student)
Hyun-Joong ChungHard/Soft Material Integration, Flexible Electronics, Polymer Physics
Matthew D. Clay20062008 John C. Vederas (post-doc)
Natalie L. CleavittEcology Biology, Botany Biology2002 Dale H. Vitt (grad student)
Derrick L J CliveOrganic Synthesis, Natural Products Synthesis
Rachel Cochrane20102015 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Stephen Cochrane20102015 John C. Vederas (grad student)
James Bertram Collipneuroendocrinology
Don M. Coltart2000 Derrick L J Clive (grad student)
Gladys C. Completo20012008 Todd L. Lowary (grad student)
Donald Compton19711973 Raymond Urgel Lemieux (grad student)
Edwin A CossinsPlant biochemistry
Jamie B. Cote2007 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Martin Cowieorganometallics, heavy metal chemistry1974 Michael J. Bennett (grad student)
David R. Craft2004 Liang Li (grad student)
Lina CuiMedicinal/Pharmaceutical chemistry20032008 David R. Bundle (grad student)
Christopher J. Daleyenantioselective homogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous catalysis of electrochemical reactions in fuel cells2000 Steven H. Bergens (grad student)
Margaret E. Daleystructure, dynamics and function of proteins2003 Brian D. Sykes (grad student)
M DaneshtalabPharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Akemi Darlington Chemistry20112016 Julianne M. Gibbs (grad student)
Somnath Dasgupta2012 David R. Bundle (post-doc)
John P. Davis
Stephen A. DeckerOrganic Chemistry2000 Mariusz Klobukowski (grad student)
William Torres Delgado Chemistry Eric Rivard (grad student)
Lu Dengmass spectrometry, protein-carbohydrate interactions Chemistry2013 John Klassen (grad student)
Yuying Deng Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences2018 Long Li (grad student)
Marzie DerakhsheshChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Petroleum Engineering Chemical and Materials Engineering2012 Murray R. Gray (grad student)
Ratmir Derdadrug discovery
Darren DerksenMedicinal Chemistry2007 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Anita Devi Physics2021 Michael T. Woodside (post-doc)
Anita DeviOptical tweezer, Single molecule force spectroscopy
Christopher Diaper2005 John C. Vederas (post-doc)
Julian A. Diaz Chemistry20102013 Julianne M. Gibbs (grad student)
David Dietrich2013 John C. Vederas (post-doc)
Colin Diner20102015 Jeffrey Stryker (grad student)
Vernon W. DolinskyBiochemistry2003 Dennis E. Vance (grad student)
Alan A. Doucette2002 Liang Li (grad student)
A. Michael DowneyTuberculosis, nucleos(t)ides, carbohydrates, phosphonates, medicinal chemistry2012 Christopher W. Cairo (grad student)
Darcy R. DriedgerAgricultural Chemistry, Food Science and Technology Agriculture2000 Peter Sporns (grad student)
Hugues Driguez Chemistry1975 Raymond Urgel Lemieux (grad student)
Pierre-Alexandre Driguez19931994 David R. Bundle (post-doc)
Victor A. DroverBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2002 Luis B. Agellon (grad student)
Yifan Du Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Long Li (grad student)
Marvin J. Dudas
Marek DuszykImmunology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Sara Eisler Rik R. Tykwinski (grad student)
Amr El-Hawietmass spectrometry, protein-carbohydrate interactions Chemistry2012 John Klassen (grad student)
Ayman El-KadiPharmaceutical Chemistry, Physiology Biology
Anastasia Elias Electrical Engineering20032007 Michael J. Brett (grad student)
Michael EllisonSynthetic Biology, Ubiquitin
Hassan Elsaidi20062012 Todd L. Lowary (grad student)
Mohamed H. ElsanabaryWater Resource Management, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology2012 Thian Y. Gan (grad student)
Jhon Ralph EnterinaBiomedicine2012 Robert E. Campbell (grad student)
Xuxin FANnanodisc, mass spectrometry John Klassen (grad student)
Chenguang Fan2012 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Linfeng FanCarbohydrate Chemistry2004 Ole Hindsgaul (grad student)
Min FangInorganic Chemistry20032005 Ronald G. Cavell (post-doc)
James FarquharIsotope Geochemistry, Earth History, Cosmochemistry, Geochemistry, Astrobiology1995 Thomas Chacko (grad student)
Hicham FenniriBiochemistry
Jerry A. FereiroMolecular electronics, Bio-electronics, bio-molecular electronics, interfacial charge transport, surface functionalization, nano-fabrication, low temperature electronic measurements, surface characterization and electrochemistry20102015 Richard L. McCreery (grad student)
Carlos Fernandez-PatronBiochemistry
Shimal C. FernandopulleOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 D L. J. Clive (grad student)
Gregory Mark FerrenceInorganic Chemistry; X-ray Crystallography Chemistry19971999 Josef Takats (post-doc)
Rob FieldCarbohydrate Chemistry19941994 Ole Hindsgaul (post-doc)
Robert A. Field1994 Ole Hindsgaul (post-doc)
Daniel FigeysBiochemistry1995 Norman J. Dovichi (grad student)
Brandon Findlay Chemistry20132015 John C. Vederas (post-doc)
Mitch Flegel2007 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Stephen P. Fletcher2005 Derrick L J Clive (grad student)
Bertram O. Fraser-Reidcarbohydrates1964 Raymond Urgel Lemieux (grad student)
Andrew Stanton Frenchmechanoreception, visual system, biophysics
Kevin J. FriesenCell Biology2003 Reuben Kaufman (grad student)
Suzanne L. FrisonFood Science and Technology Agriculture2003 Peter Sporns (grad student)
Duanne FroeseGeology, Sedimentary Geology, Geochemistry
Jiasheng FuBioorganic chemistry2000 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Megumi FujitaInorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2001 Jeffrey Stryker (grad student)
Vasile I. FurduiMicrofluidic, Electrochemistry2003 D. Jed Harrison (grad student)
Michael N. G. JamesBiochemistry
Wojciech Gabryelski2000 Liang Li (grad student)
Tendai GadzikwaEnvironmental, Inorganic, Life Sciences, Materials, Organic Department of Chemistry20152016 Julianne M. Gibbs (research scientist)
Rodney Gagne19882000 David R. Bundle (grad student)
David A. Galvez AlcarazForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Biogeochemistry, Natural Resource Management Renewable Resources2012 Simon M. Landhausser (grad student)
Liu Shi GanBiomedical Engineering Arthur Prochazka (grad student)
Thian Y. GanEnvironmental Engineering, Water Resource Management, Biogeochemistry
Zhizeng Gao2013 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikovasynthetic biology, neurodegeneration19982003 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Bjarni GautasonGeochemistry2000 K Muehlenbachs (grad student)
Jeremy M. GauthierInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Jeffrey Stryker (grad student)
Ataollah GhavidelBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2002 Mike Schultz (grad student)
Julianne M. Gibbsinterfacial chemistry
George Gillsonmedical diagnostics Chemistry19811985 Gary Horlick (grad student)
John P. GlavesBiochemistry Biochemistry2011 Howard S. Young (grad student)
D Moira GlerumGenetics, Biochemistry
J.N. Mark Glover David Pulleyblank (grad student)
Bernard GoffinetBryophyte, phylogeny, systematics1997 Dale H. Vitt (grad student), Randall J. Bayer (grad student)
William A.G. Grahamorganometallic compounds and metal carbonyl derivatives
Michel GravelOrganic Chemistry19982004 Dennis G. Hall (grad student)
Murray R. Grayproperties of heavy oil and bitumen materials
Eric P. GrimsrudAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry19721973 Paul Kebarle (post-doc)
Andrew Grosvenorsolid state materials, spectroscopy Chemistry20042008 Arthur Mar (grad student)
Charles Timmis GrubmeyerBiochemistry1978 Mary Eileen Stapleton Spencer (grad student)
Ravindra D Gudi Chemical Engineering1995 Sirish L. Shah (grad student)
Harry Emmet Gunning
Lucas Gursky2006 John C. Vederas (post-doc)
Dennis G. Hall
Britt D. HallEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry2003 Vince S. Louis (grad student)
Russell P. Handy2002 Gary Horlick (grad student)
Gabriel Hanna Department of Chemistry20062009 Eitan Geva (post-doc)
D. Jed HarrisonMicrofluidic, Electrochemistry
Christopher R. Harrison Chemistry19992005 Charles A. Lucy (grad student)
James HarynukGeneral Chemistry
Panagiotis (Panos) HatsisAnalytical Chemistry2003 Charles A. Lucy (grad student)
Danial J. HeaneySoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2001 Marvin J. Dudas (grad student)
D. Michael Heinekeytransition metal organometallic chemistry Chemistry1982 William A.G. Graham (grad student)
Christian Hering-Junghans Chemistry Eric Rivard (post-doc)
Ole HindsgaulCarbohydrate Chemistry1980 Raymond Urgel Lemieux (grad student)
Soleiman HisaindeeOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2003 D L. J. Clive (grad student)
Robert Stanley HodgesProtein Folding and Stability1971 Lawrence Bruce Smillie (grad student)
Suzanne M. HofCarbohydrate Chemistry2000 Ole Hindsgaul (grad student)
Melanie HoffmanGroup 14 Nanomaterials, Hybrid Nanostructures, Organic Functional Materials Chemistry2012 Jonathan G. C. Veinot (grad student)
Hiofan HoiFluorescent protein, Protein engineering, Directed evolution Chemistry2013 Robert E. Campbell (grad student)
Bryan R. Hollebone
Charles F.B. HolmesBiochemistry
Gary Horlick
Yuxuan Hou Department of Chemistry20182023 Rik R. Tykwinski (grad student)
Lindsay James Hounjet Chemistry20062011 Martin Cowie (grad student)
Jamey K HoveyAqueous thermodynamics, equilibrium high-pressure mass spec Chemistry19851988 Loren George Hepler (grad student)
Tao HuanMetabolomics, Mass Spectrometry Chemistry20102015 Liang Li (grad student)
Zedu Huang Chemistry2012 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Georg Huber19531955 Raymond Urgel Lemieux (grad student)
Allen D. HunterOrganometallic Materials, X-Ray Diffraction, Materials Characterization Chemistry19871987 Martin Cowie (post-doc)
Akihiro Imamura20092011 Todd L. Lowary (post-doc)
Mazda IraniGeological Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Rick J. Chalaturnyk (grad student)
Ian D. Irelandproteome2000 Norman J. Dovichi (grad student)
Md Minhajul IslamAnalytical Chemistry, Micro- and Nanofluidics, Biomaterials, Porous Media Flow Chemistry20152021 D. Jed Harrison (grad student)
Tommy IversenOrganic Chemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistry David R. Bundle (post-doc)
Abishek Kannan Iyer20132018 Arthur Mar (grad student)
D L. J. CliveOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Derreck L. J. CliveOrganic Chemistry
Derrick L. J. CliveOrganic Chemistry
Wolfgang Jägerphysical chemistry
Nasreen JahanEnvironmental Engineering, Water Resource Management, Biogeochemistry Civil and Environmental Engineering2011 Thian Y. Gan (grad student)
Michael N.G. Jamesprotein crystallography
Abebaw B. JemereMicrofluidic, Electrochemistry2003 D. Jed Harrison (grad student)
Britta J. JensenGeology, Sedimentary Geology, Geochemistry Earth and Atmospheric Sciences2013 Duanne Froese (grad student)
Guifeng JiangMicrofluidic, Electrochemistry2001 D. Jed Harrison (grad student)
Changdong JinPharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2000 M Daneshtalab (grad student)
Zhehui JinStatistical Thermodynamics
Roger A. Jonesnucleic acid synthetic chemistry1974 Morris J. Robins (grad student)
Joanna JungBiochemistry Biochemistry2011 Marek Michalak (grad student)
Aarat P Kalraprotein polymers, biomedical engineering, bioengineering, biophotonics, bioelectronics Physics Physics20172021 Jack A. Tuszynski (grad student), Al Meldrum (collaborator)
Vivek KamathOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19941997 Ole Hindsgaul (post-doc)
Shunzhen KangOrganic Chemistry2002 D L. T. Clive (grad student)
Vassili KaranassiosAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry1988 Gary Horlick (grad student)
Arash KarimiChemical Engineering Chemical and Materials Engineering2011 Murray R. Gray (grad student)
Soheila Karimi LotfabadBiogeochemistry, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences2000 Murray R. Gray (grad student)
Abhoy Karmakar20162021 Vladimir K. Michaelis (grad student)
Reuben KaufmanAnimal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Zoology Biology
Kamaljit KaurAntimicrobial Peptides; Pathogenic Bacteria; Breast Cancer; Cancer-Targeting Agents; Cancer Diagnostics
Abu Kausar Chemistry20092014 Julianne M. Gibbs (grad student)
Karen Kawulka2004 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Lewis E. KayDevelopment and Application of NMR Methods for The Study of Protein Structure and Dynamics Biochemistry1983 Brian D. Sykes (research assistant)
Cyril Max Kayphysical biochemistry
Paul KebarlePhysical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry
Dale Keefe John Bertie (grad student)
Bernd Oskar Keller2001 Liang Li (grad student)
Jason W. Kennedy19982003 Dennis G. Hall (grad student)
Amira Khalil20092014 Todd L. Lowary (grad student)
Malcolm King
John Klassenmass spectrometry, protein-carbohydrate interactions1996 Paul Kebarle (grad student)
Mariusz KlobukowskiOrganic Chemistry
Edward Elmer KnausPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology
Arthur R. Knight1962 Harry Emmet Gunning (grad student)
Bernard P. KokBiochemistry Biochemistry2012 David N. Brindley (grad student)
Norman XIANGLONG KONGOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19891995 Derrick L J Clive (grad student)
Karl R. Kopecky
Andriy Kovalenko
Allison KrausBiochemistry Biochemistry2011 Marek Michalak (grad student)
Gautam Kumar2023 Michael W. Meanwell (post-doc)
Stanley C. KwokBiochemistry, General Biophysics2004 Robert Stanley Hodges (grad student)
Yonghoon KwonOrganic Chemistry20092015 Frederick Glenn West (grad student)
Eric D. LabonteBiochemistry2004 Ronald N. McElhaney (grad student)
William G. Laidlaw1963 Fraser W. Birss (grad student)
Parnian Lak20092014 Todd L. Lowary (grad student)
Manjinder S. LallBioorganic chemistry2000 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Robert LamSolid State Chemistry19962000 Arthur Mar (grad student)
Simon M. LandhausserForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Biogeochemistry, Natural Resource Management
Jack C. Lee Chemistry2013 Dennis G. Hall (grad student)
Christopher Edward Lee2003 Steven H. Bergens (grad student)
Lana Lee1980 Brian D. Sykes (grad student)
Darin L. LeeBiochemistry2003 Robert Stanley Hodges (grad student)
Adolf Ludwig Ferdinand Lehmann
Dan Lehnherrsupramolecular chemistry Chemistry20052010 Rik R. Tykwinski (grad student)
Igor LehnherrEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry2011 Vince S. Louis (grad student)
David A. LeighOrganic Chemistry David R. Bundle (post-doc)
Raymond Urgel Lemieuxcarbohydrate chemistry Chemistry1943 Reuben Benjamin Sandin (research assistant)
Bernard LemireBiochemistry
Roger P. Lengmolecular biology
Charles C. LeungMolecular Biology Biochemistry2011 J N. Mark Glover (grad student)
Paul C.H. LiBioanalytical Chemistry19951996 D. Jed Harrison (post-doc)
Liang Li
Xinq-Fanq LiAnalytical Chemistry, Pathology, Medicine and Surgery
Zhiguo Li Chemistry20102015 Julianne M. Gibbs (grad student)
Kan Li Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Long Li (grad student)
Gongyu Li Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Long Li (grad student)
Yingzhou Li Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences2018 Long Li (grad student)
Jianghanyang Li Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences2015 Long Li (grad student)
Long Li
Donghai Lin chemistry20132015 D. Jed Harrison (post-doc)
Ji LingBiochemistry Biochemistry2012 Dennis E. Vance (grad student)
Torsten Linker19911992 Ole Hindsgaul (post-doc)
Jennifer R. LitowskiBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2003 Robert Stanley Hodges (grad student)
Xiong LiuIon channels diabetes Pharmacology Physiology20222021 Patrick E MacDonald (post-doc), Xing-Zhen Chen (grad student)
Hongqiang (Patrick) Liu2010 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Chunjuan Liu20032009 Todd L. Lowary (grad student)
Lan Liumass spectrometry, protein-carbohydrate interactions2011 John Klassen (grad student)
Chun-Sheng (Charles) Liuproteome2001 Norman J. Dovichi (grad student)
Xunchen LiuGeneral Chemistry, Combustion Diagnostic Chemistry20072013 Yunjie Xu (grad student)
Que LiuPharmacology2000 Gary Lopaschuk (grad student)
Christopher Lohans2014 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Ravi S. LokaBiophysics, biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, glycobiology, carbohydrate chemistry Chemistry2011 Christopher W. Cairo (grad student)
Gary LopaschukBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Recreation, Public Health
Glen R. LoppnowPhysical Chemistry
Vince S. LouisEcology Biology, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry
Vincent S. LouisEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Christopher C. LovalloPhysical Chemistry2004 Mariusz Klobukowski (grad student)
Todd L. LowaryGlycobiology Chemistry19931995 David R. Bundle (post-doc), Ole Hindsgaul (grad student)
Todd L. LoweryBiochemistry
J. William Lown1963 Raymond Urgel Lemieux (post-doc)
Charles A. LucyAnalytical Chemistry, Petroleum Engineering Chemistry1988 Frederick F. Cantwell (grad student)
Melanie Lui Chemistry Eric Rivard (grad student)
Paul Lummis Chemistry Eric Rivard (grad student)
Rylan J. LundgrenOrganometallic and Catalysis
Bruno T. LuppiInorganic Chemistry
Peter M. MacdonaldGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry1984 Ronald N. McElhaney (grad student)
Janet MacDonald2008 Jonathan G. C. Veinot (grad student)
Patrick E MacDonald
Tiffany J. MacDougallOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Martin Cowie (grad student)
Andrew MacMilan
Neil Bernard Madsen19491952 Jules Tuba (grad student)
Lara K. MahalBioorthogonal chemistry
Amr M. Mahmoud MohamedGeneral Chemistry Chemistry2012 Richard L. McCreery (grad student)
Salahaddin Mahmudi-AzerMedicine and Surgery, Immunology2001 Redwan Moqbel (grad student)
Quinn D. Major2003 Josef Takats (grad student)
Krishna Chandra MajumdarSynthetic organic chemistry, liquid crystal structures and development19741977 J. William Lown (post-doc)
Farzad Malihi Chemistry2012 Derrick L J Clive (grad student)
Nikolai Malykhin Psychiatry20042008 Nick Coupland (grad student)
Subhrangsu S. MandalGene regulation, histone emodification, Epigenetics, noncoding RNA19981999 Linda J. Reha-Krantz (post-doc)
Sukhdev Manku2003 Dennis G. Hall (grad student)
Sheref S. Mansyprebiotic chemistry
Arthur MarSolid State Chemistry
J N. Mark GloverMolecular Biology
Matthew E. Markiewiczenantioselective homogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous catalysis of electrochemical reactions in fuel cells Chemistry2011 Steven H. Bergens (grad student)
Nathaniel I. MartinChemical biology2004 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Leah Martin-Visscher2010 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Richard L. McCreerySurface spectroscopy, molecular electronics, electrochemical kinetics, advanced carbon materials
Ronald N. McElhaneyBiochemistry
Larry W. McLaughlin1979 J. William Lown (grad student)
Terrance B. McMahonstructure, energetic and reaction dynamics of gaseous ions19731974 Paul Kebarle (post-doc)
Michael W. MeanwellSynthetic methods, materials science, electrocatalysis, medicinal chemistry, natural products chemistry.
Jeremy E. MelansonAnalytical Chemistry2002 Charles A. Lucy (grad student)
Peter Meloncelli20072009 Todd L. Lowary (post-doc)
Matthew T. Mendlik
Ravi S. MenonNeuroimaging, MRI Peter S. Allen (grad student)
Pascal Mercierstructure, dynamics and function of proteins2003 Brian D. Sykes (grad student)
Vladimir K. MichaelisSolid-state NMR, Materials, Inorganic, Biomaterials
Marek MichalakBiochemistry
Freda Diane Millercell and molecular developmental neurobiology
Allison M. MillsSolid State Chemistry19972001 Arthur Mar (grad student)
Md H. MobarokInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Martin Cowie (grad student)
Viji Moorthie20062008 John C. Vederas (post-doc)
Redwan MoqbelImmunology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Trevor F. Moraesstructure of membrane proteins and complexes19992004 J.N. Mark Glover (grad student), Michael Ellison (grad student)
A. Richard Morganmolecular biology Chemistry1964 Raymond Urgel Lemieux (grad student)
K MuehlenbachsGeochemistry
Dundappa MumbaraddiIntermetallics, Chalcohalides20172023 Arthur Mar (grad student)
Juan Murgich Otto P Strausz (post-doc)
Graham K. MurphyOrganic Methods20012006 Frederick Glenn West (grad student)
Adrian H. Murray Chemistry2013 Rik R. Tykwinski (grad student)
Andrew J. Mylesmolecular switches, photochromism and electrochromism, molecular recognition and supramolecular chemistry2002 Neil R. Branda (grad student)
Ruel C. Nacario20052007 Todd L. Lowary (post-doc)
Tattanahalli L. Nagabhushan Chemistry19631966 Raymond Urgel Lemieux (grad student)
Sayed Y. NagyNanoscience and Materials Chemistry Chemistry2011 Jillian M. Buriak (grad student)
Ebrahim NaimiPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology2003 Leonard Irving Wiebe (grad student)
Ian A. NalderForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences2002 Ross W. Wein (grad student)
Vasanthy NarayanaswamiBiochemistry, Biophysics, Neurobiology, Molecular Spectroscopy, Cell Biology Cyril Max Kay (post-doc)
Roxana Nechifor20042009 Kevin Scott Wilson (grad student)
Bryce Nelson Oncology Jan Andersson (grad student)
Steven R NessMachine Learning, Protein Ligand Docking MMID19931997 Randy J. Read (research assistant)
Steven G. NewmasterEcology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2000 Dale H. Vitt (grad student)
Boray Nguyen20062010 Kevin Scott Wilson (grad student)
Lorissa NiebergallBiochemistry2011 Dennis E. Vance (grad student)
Ulf J. Nilsson19951997 Ole Hindsgaul (post-doc)
Anna A. NogaBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Pathology2002 Dennis E. Vance (grad student)
Henry K. NtaleCivil Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics2001 Thian Y. Gan (grad student)
Corwin M. NycholatGlycoscience, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2008 David R. Bundle (grad student)
Keith O'Nions1969 Roger David Morton (grad student)
Hale OguzluNanocellulose NREF2016 Yaman Boluk (grad student)
Richard David OleschukAnalytical Chemistry1998 D. Jed Harrison (post-doc)
Arzu Onay-BesikciBiochemistry, Animal Physiology Biology, Human Development2003 Gary Lopaschuk (grad student)
Kristopher Ooms2007 Rod Wasylishen (grad student)
Nicole E. OroAnalytical Chemistry, Petroleum Engineering Chemistry2012 Charles A. Lucy (grad student)
Hans D. Osthoffphysical chemistry2004 Wolfgang Jäger (grad student)
Médéric Palot Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences2014 Long Li (post-doc)
Keyur Pandya2013 John C. Vederas (grad student)
Keykavous ParangPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology19971999 Leonard Irving Wiebe (grad student), Edward Elmer Knaus (grad student), Ole Hindsgaul (post-doc)
Sarah Parke Chemistry Eric Rivard (grad student)
Eugenia Paszkiewicz Chemistry2013 David R. Bundle (post-doc)
Vijay Pattabiraman2007 John C. Vederas (grad student)
M Soledade C. PedrasOrganic Chemistry, Plant Pathology Agriculture1986 William Alfred Ayer (grad student)
Wenjie Peng20062010 Todd L. Lowary (post-doc)
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