University of Oregon

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Laura Geuy Akers Gerard Saucier (grad student)
Bruce Alan AmblerExperimental psychology Psychology1972 Jacob Beck (grad student)
Annika Anderssonlanguage development, cognitive development, intentionality, action processing Psychology2012 Dare Ann Baldwin (grad student)
Holly Arrow"the formation and development of small groups as complex dynamic systems, the psychology of war and atrocities, and the psychosocial effects of sport in older athletes"
Edward AwhPsychophysics, Attention John Serences (collaborator)
Dare Ann Baldwinlanguage development, cognitive development, intentionality, action processing
Jocelyn Barton Psychology20102015 Gordon C. Nagayama Hall (grad student)
Jacob Beckvisual perception
Mark Beemancognitive neuroscience19851991 Morton Ann Gernsbacher (grad student)
Elliot T. Berkman2012 Christina M. Karns (collaborator)
Charles D. Blaha1986 Ross F. Lane (grad student)
Richard A. Blockmemory, time perception1973 Douglas L. Hintzman (grad student)
Cara Bohoneating disorders, reward, emotion, obesity2010 Jeffrey R. Measelle (grad student)
Stephen Boies Michael I. Posner (grad student)
Caitlin R. BowmanCognitive Aging & Neuroimaging Lab Psychology2015 Dagmar Zeithamova (post-doc)
Rebecca J. Brandlanguage development, cognitive development, intentionality, action processing2002 Dare Ann Baldwin (grad student)
James A. Brissenden20112013 Edward Awh (research assistant)
Patricia Bruininks2002 Robert Mauro (grad student)
Katie L. Burns2005 Paul Slovic (grad student)
David L. Caulton Douglas L. Hintzman (grad student)
Colton Christian Psychology Sara D. Hodges (grad student)
Brian Clark Psychology Sara D. Hodges (grad student)
Benjamin A. CleggApplied Cognitive Psychology, Human Performance1998 Michael I. Posner (grad student), Steven Keele (grad student)
Jonathan E. Cook2007 Holly Arrow (grad student)
Albert T. Corbetthuman computer interaction, Bayesian Wayne A. Wickelgren (grad student)
Brian Danaher Psychology1971 Hal Arkowitz (grad student)
Kirby Deater-DeckardDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies
Kirby Deater-Deckard
Stanislas Dehaene19921994 Michael I. Posner (post-doc)
Nathan Denny Michael I. Posner (grad student)
Harpreet DhaliwalSoftware development2003 Edward Awh (grad student)
Gale Dhaliwal (né Pearce)19982003 Bertram F. Malle (grad student)
Nathan F. Dieckmann2007 Paul Slovic (grad student)
Gregory J. DiGirolamo Michael I. Posner (grad student)
Sheila Eyberg1972 Stephen Johnson (grad student)
Caitlin M. FauseyLanguage and thought
Scott FraundorfPsycholinguistics, discourse processes, metacognition Psychology20042006 Michael I. Posner (research assistant)
Scott H. Freycogniitve neuroscience sesnorimotor systems neuroimaging
DeLoss David Friesen1965 John William Loughary (grad student)
Ryan Giuliano2009 Helen Neville (grad student)
Marvin Gordon-Lickeyfunctional adaptation of neural circuits in response to novel experience
Julien Guillaumot2003 Scott M. Monroe (grad student)
Katholiki K. Hadjiyannakis2003 Scott M. Monroe (grad student)
Gordon C. Nagayama HallClinical psychology, culture and mental health, Asian Americans
Harold Hawkins Michael I. Posner (grad student)
Douglas L. HintzmanHuman Memory
Sara D. Hodges
Jess Holbrook20022006 Bertram F. Malle (grad student)
Devin Howington Psychology Sara D. Hodges (grad student)
Ellen R. Huang Psychology2014 Gordon C. Nagayama Hall (grad student)
Ray Hyman
Alicia Y. Ibaraki Psychology20102016 Gordon C. Nagayama Hall (grad student)
Oliver P. JohnSelf-concept; self-perception accuracy and biases; personality development and assessment across the life span; emotion experience and expression; cultural differences Lewis R. Goldberg (grad student)
Stephen Johnson
Cameron S. Kay Holly Arrow (grad student), Gerard Saucier (grad student)
John M. Kelley Scott M. Monroe (grad student)
Kristi J. Klein2000 Sara D. Hodges (grad student)
Jessica E. KosieDevelopmental Psychology
Adam D. Kramer2010 Sara D. Hodges (grad student)
Sean M. Laurent2010 Sara D. Hodges (grad student)
Heidemarie K. Laurent
Daniel J. Levitinauditory perception and cognition19921996 Michael I. Posner (grad student), Douglas L. Hintzman (grad student)
Peter Lewinson,
Karyn L. Lewis Psychology2014 Sara D. Hodges (grad student)
Sebastian J. LipinaCognitive Development, Poverty, Intervention2005 Michael I. Posner (research scientist)
Kimberly M. Livingstoneemotion, emotion regulation, social psychology, personality psychology, lifespan development Psychology2012 Sanjay Srivastava (grad student)
Jeffery T. Louckslanguage development, cognitive development, intentionality, action processing2009 Dare Ann Baldwin (grad student)
John William Loughary
Erika S. LunkenheimerParent-child interaction, regulatory processes, developmental psychopathology Psychology2008 Thomas Dishion (post-doc)
Ezra M. Markowitz Environmental Studies Psychology2012 Azim F. Shariff (grad student), Sara D. Hodges (grad student)
Robert Mauro
Ulrich MayrAltruism, Decision Making, Aging Christina M. Karns (collaborator)
Meredith A. Meyerlanguage development, cognitive development, intentionality, action processing2009 Dare Ann Baldwin (grad student)
Michael W. Myers Psychology Sara D. Hodges (grad student)
Sarah E. Nelson19992003 Bertram F. Malle (grad student)
Mary Jo Nissen Michael I. Posner (grad student)
Matthew James O'Laughlin19962000 Bertram F. Malle (grad student)
Eric Lee OlofsonInfant cognition20032008 Dare Ann Baldwin (grad student)
Gale E. PearceSocial cognition, moral psychology, social robotics
Stacey M. Pederson2005 Holly Arrow (grad student)
Michael I. Posnerattention19791986 Oscar Marin (research scientist)
Jason M. Quiring2002 Scott M. Monroe (grad student)
Kelly E. RoblesVisual Perception, Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology2017 Margaret E. Sereno (grad student)
Myron Rothbart
Mark A. Sabbaghcognitive development, language development, preschool children, cognitive neuroscience19941998 Dare Ann Baldwin (grad student)
Kara D. Sagelanguage development, cognitive development, intentionality, action processing Psychology2012 Dare Ann Baldwin (grad student)
Gerard Saucier Lewis R. Goldberg (grad student)
Megan M. Saylor2001 Dare Ann Baldwin (grad student)
Azim F. Shariff
Seraphine S. Shen-Miller2009 Gerard Saucier (grad student)
Christina Sheppler2009 Robert Mauro (grad student)
Geeta S. Shivdeworking memory, long-term memory, inhibition19962001 Michael C. Anderson (grad student)
Jennifer SimondsTemperament, Measurement, Personality Development2006 Mary K. Rothbart (grad student)
Paul Slovic
Sanjay SrivastavaPersonality, social
Charlotte TateSocial psychology20022006 Bertram F. Malle (grad student)
Charles U. TateSocial cognition, moral psychology, social robotics
Andra L. Teten20012005 Gordon C. Nagayama Hall (grad student)
Jessica M. Tipsordsocial psychology, mindfulness20042009 Bertram F. Malle (grad student)
Leandro D. Torres2007 Scott M. Monroe (grad student), Jeffrey R. Measelle (grad student)
Matthew Traxlerpsycholinguistics19891993 Morton Ann Gernsbacher (grad student)
Don M. TuckerClinical, Cognitive Neuroscience
Leona Tylervocational interests, organized choices, Choice Pattern Technique
Victor Villacognitive psychology19891995 Morton Ann Gernsbacher (grad student)
Keith Welker Psychology Pranjal H. Mehta (post-doc)
Sara J. Weston
Antonette Zeiss Psychology1977 Peter Lewinson, (grad student)