University of Kentucky

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Eyob D. AdanePharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences2010 Bradley D. Anderson (grad student)
Matias Aguirre Department of Chemistry2016 Marcelo I. Guzman (post-doc)
Kingsley K. AgyareFood Science and Technology Agriculture2006 Youling L. Xiong (grad student)
Chana K. AkinsExperimental Psychology, Animal Physiology Biology, Behavioral Psychology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology19941996 Thomas Robert Zentall (post-doc)
Rania A. Al HawasMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Physiology Biology Hematology2012 Sidney W. Whiteheart (grad student)
Ahmad H. Al-Mestarihi2013 Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova (post-doc)
Jan Allenceramics, batteries, energy storage Materials Science19971999 Peter C. Eklund (post-doc)
Donatus E. AmakoFood Science and Technology Agriculture2001 Youling L. Xiong (grad student)
Claudia AmorimChemical Engineering2006 Mark A. Keane (grad student)
Bradley D. AndersonPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Douglas A. AndresBiochemistry
John Edward Anthonyorganic chemistry, materials chemistry
Mary ArthurEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Richa Athalye Department of Chemistry20112012 Marcelo I. Guzman (research assistant)
Antony T. AthippozhyBioinformatics Biology, Physiology Biology, Biostatistics Biology Toxicology2011 Mary Edith Vore (grad student)
David A. AtwoodGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Elizabeth Avery Andrea M Erhardt (grad student)
Leonidas G. BachasAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Ibrahim A. H. Badr Chemistry19971999 Leonidas G. Bachas (post-doc)
Paul B. BalboBiochemistry2001 E DeMoll (grad student)
Stan L. BanksPharmacy, Pharmacology2008 Audra L. Stinchcomb (grad student)
Richard Barnhisel
Dana A. BaumDeoxyribozymes, ribozymes20012005 Stephen M. Testa (grad student)
Miranda P. BeamPharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2008 Jurgen Rohr (grad student)
Aimee K. BencePharmacology2001 Peter A. Crooks (grad student)
Robert G. BergoshOrganic Chemistry2002 Mark S. Meier (grad student)
Kalyani G. BharadwajPharmacy, Nutrition2006 Lisa Cassis (grad student)
Minakshi BhardwajOrganic Synthetic Chemistry Chemistry20112017 Robert B. Grossman (grad student)
Guoying BingNeuroscience Biology, Biochemistry
Robert A. Blouin
Lisa Y. BlueGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2010 David A. Atwood (grad student)
William BoatrightAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Biochemistry
Barrett L. BolinExperimental Psychology2012 Chana K. Akins (grad student)
Rituraj BorgohainPhysical Chemistry, Nanoscience, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 John P. Selegue (grad student)
Carine M. BoustanyPharmacology, Animal Physiology Biology, Public Health2004 Lisa Cassis (grad student)
Daniel M. Bowlesorganic chemistry, materials chemistry2001 John Edward Anthony (grad student)
Melissa A. BradleyBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2012 Mark A. Lovell (grad student)
Luke H. Bradley
Artur Braunsurface science, electrochemistry, phyiscal chemistry, x-ray spectroscopy, neutron scattering, metal oxides, carbon, semiconductor photoelectrochemistry20012005 Gerald P. Huffman (research scientist), Frank E. Huggins (research scientist)
Nicole K. BrogdenPharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences2012 Audra L. Stinchcomb (grad student)
Kim L.R. BrouwerPharmaceutical Chemistry1986 Harry Barr Kostenbauder (grad student), Robert A. Blouin (grad student), Mary Edith Vore (post-doc)
Matthew J. Bruzekorganic chemistry, materials chemistry Chemistry2013 John Edward Anthony (grad student)
Joseph Bullock2004 Mark Deas Watson (grad student)
Paul M. BummerPharmacy, Physical Chemistry
Gerome V. BurkeToxicology, Pharmacology2004 Lisa Cassis (grad student)
D. Allan Butterfield
Yiying CaiBiochemistry2005 Louis B. Hersh (grad student)
Weikang CaiBiochemistry Biochemistry2011 Douglas A. Andres (grad student)
Julie Calahan Pharmaceutical Sciences Eric J. Munson (grad student)
Arthur CammersOrganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Jamie Cantrell StanfordBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2010 Sabire Ozcan (grad student)
Lisa CassisNutrition, Biochemistry
Kelby B. CassityGeneral Chemistry, Nanoscience Chemistry2010 Mark S. Meier (grad student)
Manohar ChakrabartiPlant Culture Agriculture Plant and Soil Sciences2010 Sharyn E. Perry (grad student)
Ujjwal Chakraborty Chemistry2012 Robert B. Grossman (grad student)
Suvankar ChakrabortyGeology, Ecology, Stable Isotope, Geochemistry Earth and Environmental Sciences2010 David P. Moecher (grad student)
Raghu Ram Chamala Chemistry2010 Robert B. Grossman (grad student)
Andres ChangVirology Biology, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry2012 Rebecca E. Dutch (grad student)
Joe ChappellPlant Physiology, Biochemistry
Joseph ChappellBiochemistry
Kareem A. ChehadeBiochemistry2001 H Peter Spielmann (grad student)
Ching-Shih ChenBiochemistry
Ryan R ChengBiophysics
Tsui-Ting ChingBiochemistry2000 Ching-Shih Chen (grad student)
Wangsun ChoiCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2008 Sidney W. Whiteheart (grad student)
Dong-Young ChoiNeuroscience Biology, Biochemistry2008 Guoying Bing (grad student)
Jill M. CholewaCell Biology2008 Steve R. Post (grad student)
Nitin Choprananotechnology20052008 Bruce J. Hinds (grad student), Leonidas G. Bachas (post-doc)
Ching K. ChowNutrition, Biochemistry
Perry A. ChristianBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2010 Steven Schwarze (grad student)
Byeongjae Chun chemistry Peter M. Kekenes-Huskey (research assistant)
Gregory V. ClodfelterNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2000 Nada Porter (grad student)
Dennis J. ClouthierPhysical Chemistry
Joanne Collazo SantiagoOncology2013 Natasha Kyprianou (grad student)
Robert N. CorrellBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2008 Douglas A. Andres (grad student)
Donna J. CoyToxicology2012 Mary Edith Vore (grad student)
Willie W. CraftBiochemistry, Virology Biology2006 Rebecca E. Dutch (grad student)
Garland L. CrawfordBiochemistry2007 Sidney W. Whiteheart (grad student)
Peter A. CrooksGeneral Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry
Susan S. D'SouzaPharmacy2005 Patrick P. DeLuca (grad student)
Eric John DadeyPharmacy, Biochemistry1992 George A. Digenis (grad student)
Lloyd Cadie DanielsOrganic and Industrial Chemistry
Amol V. DateAnalytical Chemistry2010 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Sylvia DaunertAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Mark E. DavisCatalysis, Molecular Therapy1981 John Yamanis (grad student)
Lyle Ramsay Dawson
Willem J.S. de VilliersBiochemistry, Nutrition
R. T. DeGrawPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry2004 Bradley D. Anderson (grad student)
Michael P. DeHartPharmacy2011 Bradley D. Anderson (grad student)
Jared H. DelcampEmissive Imaging Dyes, Dye Metal Oxide Interfaces, CO2 Catalysis Chemistry20032005 John Edward Anthony (research assistant)
Patrick P. DeLucaPharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicine and Surgery
E DeMollBiochemistry
L Edward DeMollBiochemistry
Weixia Deng Robert B. Grossman (research assistant)
Catherine A. Denningbioinorganic chemistry
Catherine Denning-Jannace Chemistry20132020 Edith C. Glazer (grad student)
Sapna K. DeoAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2000 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Urvee A. DesaiAnalytical Chemistry2002 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Timothy P. DevarennePlant Physiology, Molecular Biology2000 Joe Chappell (grad student)
Harpreet K. DhooperAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacy2010 Peter A. Crooks (grad student)
Louis Diamondpharmacy
George A. DigenisPharmaceutical Chemistry
Emre DikiciAnalytical Chemistry2008 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Amy R. DixImmunology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2000 Thomas L. Roszman (grad student)
Xiaowei DongPharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicine and Surgery, Oncology2009 Russell J. Mumper (grad student)
Perry P. DotsonRNA Catalysts2008 Stephen M. Testa (grad student)
Phillip M. DouglassAnalytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering2002 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Theresa DowneyPharmacy, Biochemistry Pharmaceutical Sciences2014 Jurgen Rohr (grad student)
Liqin DuNutrition, Biochemistry2004 Steve R. Post (grad student)
Rebecca E. DutchBiochemistry
Shubhankar DuttaTotal synthesis of a PPAP Chemistry Robert B. Grossman (grad student)
David L EatonEnergy, carbon materials Center for Applied Energy Research John P. Selegue (grad student)
Erik EckhardtNutrition, Molecular Chemistry
Deanna N. EdwardsMolecular Biology Toxicology2012 David K. Orren (grad student)
Jason D. EhrickAnalytical Chemistry2007 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Robin S. EhrickBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2009 Leonidas G. Bachas (grad student)
Peter C. Eklundcarbon, nanoscience
Sally R. Ellingson20102014 Jerome Y. Baudry (grad student)
Andrea M Erhardtgeochemistry
William L Eubanksorganometallics, PTA, catalysis Chemistry20172019 Susan A. Odom (research assistant)
Alexis J. Eugene Department of Chemistry20132018 Marcelo I. Guzman (grad student)
Marc T. Facciottibiophysics, systems biology, synthetic biology19951997 Ling Yuan (research assistant)
Lorenzo FedericoCell Biology2011 Susan S. Smyth (grad student)
Jessika S. Feliciano-CardonaAnalytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology2006 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Agatha J. FeltusAnalytical Chemistry, Cell Biology2001 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Jianlin FengFood Science and Technology Agriculture2002 Youling L. Xiong (grad student)
Shaoxin FengPharmacy, Physical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Sciences2009 Paul M. Bummer (grad student)
Michael V. FiandaloCell Biology2012 Natasha Kyprianou (grad student)
Philip T. FowlerPharmaceutical Chemistry2004 George A. Digenis (grad student)
Kevin G. Frank Chemistry19851990 John P. Selegue (grad student)
Michael G. FriedProtein-nucleic acid interactions
Alan E. FryarGeology, Geochemistry, Hydrology
Zachary B. FulkersonBiochemistry, Physiology Biology Physiology2012 Mariana Nikolova-Karakashian (grad student)
Japheth E. Gado Chemical and Materials Engineering20162020 Christina M. Payne (grad student)
Sarah Galicia
Megan GallagherSynthetic Materials2001 John Edward Anthony (grad student)
Sourik S. GangulyOncology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry2013 Rina Plattner (grad student)
J. Christopher Gantneuroscience, learning & memory, AHPs, intracellular calcium
Pei Gao Chemistry20062011 Yuguang Cai (grad student)
Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikovasynthetic biology, neurodegeneration Chemistry Oleg Tsodikov (collaborator)
Jason B. GarrisonBiochemistry2007 Natasha Kyprianou (grad student)
Atefeh Garzan Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova (post-doc)
Sisay GebrekidanPharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicine and Surgery2000 Patrick P. DeLuca (grad student)
Inacrist Geronimo Chemical and Materials Engineering20142018 Christina M. Payne (post-doc)
Mohammed A. GharaibehPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2012 Dennis J. Clouthier (grad student)
Priyanka GhoshPharmacy Pharmacy2013 Audra L. Stinchcomb (grad student)
Omar A. GhoshehPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology2000 Peter A. Crooks (grad student)
Kathleen M. GibsonBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Virology Biology2008 Rebecca E. Dutch (grad student)
Karin E. GillPsychopharmacology, Addiction, Hormones, Behavior, Psychostimulants20092015 Chana K. Akins (grad student)
Gregory A. GrafCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2000 Eric J. Smart (grad student)
Keith D. Green Chemistry Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova (research scientist)
Jamie R. Greene SkudlarekAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture2012 Youling L. Xiong (grad student)
Bryan T. GreenhagenBiochemistry2003 Joseph Chappell (grad student)
Kalvin J. GregoryAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2002 Leonidas G. Bachas (grad student)
Marsha L. Grimmingerorganic chemistry, materials chemistry Chemistry2011 John Edward Anthony (grad student)
Robert GrimmingerPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Dennis J. Clouthier (grad student)
Robert B. GrossmanSynthetic Organic Chemistry
William C. GroutasBiochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry1973 Walter T. Smith (grad student), John Miles Patterson (grad student)
Xiyun GuanAnalytical Chemistry2002 Sylvia Daunert (grad student), Leonidas G. Bachas (grad student)
Hanjun GuanBiochemistry, Neuroscience Biology2007 Louis B. Hersh (grad student)
Thomas F GuarrElectrochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Energy Storage
Beth Sara GuitonMaterials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry
Shuangli GuoMolecular Biology2005 Guo-min Li (grad student)
Jingqi GuoSoil Science Agriculture, Botany Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture, Biogeochemistry Plant and Soil Sciences2014 Timothy Phillips (grad student)
Manisha GupteNutrition, Molecular Biology2011 Lisa Cassis (grad student)
Robert D. Guthrie
R. Kip GuyMedicinal Chemistry
Marcelo I. GuzmanPhysical and Environmental Organic Chemistry
Estifanos HaileGeology, Geochemistry, Hydrology Earth and Environmental Sciences2011 Alan E. Fryar (grad student)
Boyd E. HaleyBiochemistry
Charles E. Hamrin
Larry Hancock Biochemistry19761981 Roger A Laine (grad student)
Barton R. HarrisPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Biochemistry2003 John M. Littleton (grad student)
Jonathan L. Hart2012 Stephen M. Testa (grad student)
Aaron J. HaubnerPharmacology2008 Peter A. Crooks (grad student)
Fred M. HawkridgeElectrochemistry1971 Henry H. Bauer (grad student)
Lance M. HellmanProtein-nucleic acid interactions2011 Michael G. Fried (grad student)
Tracy A. HenriquesToxicology, Medicine and Surgery2005 Lisa Cassis (grad student)
Louis B. HershBiochemistry
Jamie A. HestekinChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2000 Leonidas G. Bachas (grad student)
Kristine HillPlant Physiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry2007 Sharyn E. Perry (grad student)
Erin E. HladilekEntomology Biology, Ecology Biology2009 Mary Arthur (grad student)
Floyd Holler
Joshua L. HoodCell Biology, Biochemistry2004 Thomas L. Roszman (grad student)
Md. Ariful Hoque Department of Chemistry20172021 Marcelo I. Guzman (grad student)
David A. HostutlerPhysical Chemistry2002 Dennis J. Clouthier (grad student)
Melissa HowardPharmacy, Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Sciences2011 Michael Jay (grad student)
Amy Ruth HowellSynthetic methdology, oxetanes, lactones, spiro compounds1987 Walter T. Smith (grad student)
Thomas Hsieh Biochemistry Roger A. Laine (grad student)
Ao-Lin HsuBiochemistry2000 Ching-Shih Chen (grad student)
Cheng-Hsuan HsuPharmacy2004 Michael Jay (grad student)
Frank E. Huggins
Syed R. HussainiSynthetic organic chemistry20062007 Robert B. Grossman (post-doc), Peter A. Crooks (post-doc)
Wissam H. IbrahimNutrition, Biochemistry2000 Ching K. Chow (grad student)
Bryan T. Ingogliaphotocleavable surface modifiers20122014 Susan A. Odom (research assistant)
Richard J. IsaacsBiochemistry2004 H Peter Spielmann (grad student)
Ramesh B. IyerMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2002 Leonidas G. Bachas (grad student)
Myron K. JacobsonBiochemistry
Suvamay Jana Chemical and Materials Engineering20122016 Christina M. Payne (grad student)
Travis W. Jarrells Pharmaceutical Sciences Eric J. Munson (grad student)
Michael JayPharmaceutical Chemistry, Immunology
Dell W JensenChemical Education, Organic Synthesis Chemistry19962002 Robert C. Haddon (grad student)
Ge JiangPharmacy2002 Patrick P. DeLuca (grad student)
Vijay JoguparthiPharmaceutical Chemistry, General Biophysics2007 Bradley D. Anderson (grad student)
Arland H. JohannesReaction Engineering, Plasma Reactors, Process Modeling and Simulation1977 Charles E. Hamrin (grad student)
R Daniel Johnson19972002 Leonidas G. Bachas (grad student)
Ashley K. Johnson2005 Stephen M. Testa (grad student)
Satyakrishna T. JujjuriChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Organic Chemistry2006 Mark A. Keane (grad student)
Tara Man KadayatMedicinal Chemistry Pharmaceutical Sciences2021 R. Kip Guy (post-doc)
Stephen Gregory Kahlerinborn errors of metabolism, clinical genetics, human genetic diagnosis, newborn screening, carnitine
Mark A. KeaneChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Organic Chemistry
Timothy S. KeizerInorganic Chemistry2002 David A. Atwood (grad student)
Madan K. KharePharmacy, Genetics, Molecular Biology2010 Jurgen Rohr (grad student)
Santoshkumar L. KhatwaniPhysical Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering2010 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Hoshin Kim Pharmaceutical Sciences2016 R. Kip Guy (post-doc)
Paul K. KiptooPharmaceutical Chemistry2007 Audra L. Stinchcomb (grad student)
Marc R. Knechtchemistry, nanoscience, materials
Abhishek Kognole Chemical and Materials Engineering20122017 Christina M. Payne (grad student)
David W. KohBiochemistry2001 Myron K. Jacobson (grad student)
Que KongPlant Physiology, Plant Culture Agriculture2010 Ling Yuan (grad student)
Janusz W. KostanskiPharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Molecular Biology2000 Patrick P. DeLuca (grad student)
Harry Barr Kostenbauder
John S. KotrolaFood Science and Technology Agriculture2004 Youling L. Xiong (grad student)
Joanna M. KoziaraPharmaceutical Chemistry, Neuroscience Biology, Pharmacy2005 Russell J. Mumper (grad student)
Matthew K. KreppsInorganic Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2002 David A. Atwood (grad student)
Joseph KućPlant Pathology
Lalit KumarRNA Catalysts2012 Stephen M. Testa (grad student)
Krishnamoorthy KuppannanBiochemistry2000 Boyd E. Haley (grad student)
Natasha KyprianouBiochemistry
Folami T. LadipoInorganic, Organometallic, Catalysis
Debin LanMedicine and Surgery, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Deneys R. van der Westhuyzen (grad student)
Laura M. LandPharmacy2005 Paul M. Bummer (grad student)
Chad A. Landisorganic chemistry, materials chemistry2005 John Edward Anthony (grad student)
Philip W. LanfieldNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Danita M. LaSageGeology, Hydrology, Environmental Sciences2004 Alan E. Fryar (grad student)
Caitlin S. LatimerNeuroscience Biology2011 Nada Porter (grad student)
Ashley Lay Pharmaceutical Sciences Eric J. Munson (grad student)
Qingxin LeiFood Science and Technology Agriculture2001 William Boatright (grad student)
Mei LengPlant Physiology, Cell Biology2000 Joseph Chappell (grad student)
Steven N. LevensExperimental Psychology, Animal Physiology Biology, Behavioral Psychology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology2003 Chana K. Akins (grad student)
Harry LeVineBiochemistry
Ju LiAnalytical Chemistry2002 Leonidas G. Bachas (grad student)
Guo-min LiToxicology, Biochemistry
Christopher M. LieboldAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Biochemistry2011 William Boatright (grad student)
Daniel Liputendocannabinoids and alcohol Pharmaceutical Sciences20072013 Kimberly Nixon (grad student)
John M. LittletonPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Biochemistry
Xinli LiuAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology2004 Boyd E. Haley (grad student)
Arawwawala D. Liyanageorganic chemistry, conjugated polymers Chemistry2013 Mark Deas Watson (grad student)
Jeffrey R. Lomprey Chemistry19881993 John P. Selegue (grad student)
Mark A. LovellBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Enerlyn M. Lozada SantiagoToxicology, Biochemistry Medicine2011 David K. Orren (grad student)
Lingbo Lu Chemistry20082013 Yuguang Cai (grad student)
Eric J. LubertBiochemistry, Cell Biology2003 Kevin D. Sarge (grad student)
Dayong LuoPharmacy2006 Bradley D. Anderson (grad student)
Bert C. LynnAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Neuroscience Biology
Ganna LyubartsevaBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2009 Mark A. Lovell (grad student)
Nikhil R. MadadiPharmacy, Oncology Pharmaceutical Sciences2014 Peter A. Crooks (grad student)
Mainak Majumder2007 Bruce J. Hinds (grad student)
Przemyslaw MaslakOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry1982 Robert D. Guthrie (grad student)
Justin McClain Pharmaceutical Sciences20092013 Kimberly Nixon (post-doc)
Stephen Francis McclanahanPhotophysics
Scott D. McCullochToxicology, Molecular Biology2002 Guo-min Li (grad student)
Vandana MegarajToxicology, Pharmacology2010 Mary Edith Vore (grad student)
Mark S. MeierGeneral Chemistry, Nanoscience
Mikolaj Milewski
M. C. MillerBiochemistry2007 E DeMoll (grad student)
Landon C. Mills Chemical and Materials Engineering20142019 Christina M. Payne (grad student)
Nadeem K. MohammedNutrition, Molecular Chemistry Nutritional Sciences2012 Deneys R. van der Westhuyzen (grad student)
Michael S. Morton
Amber L. MosleyBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Proteomics19992004 Sabire Ozcan (grad student)
Hormuzd R. Mulla2000 Arthur Cammers (grad student)
Roland Dyche MullinsCell Biology, Biochemistry, Actin1994 Betty Florio Sisken (grad student)
Russell J. MumperPharmaceutical Chemistry, Immunology
Santos B. MurtyPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy2003 Patrick P. DeLuca (grad student)
Manjula NakkaBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2002 Boyd E. Haley (grad student)
Kishore Narayanalithium-ion battery electrolytes2011 Susan A. Odom (grad student)
Pramod NednoorAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Materials Science Engineering2006 Leonidas G. Bachas (grad student)
Matthew J. NethercottBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry Pharmacy20122014 Eric J. Munson (post-doc)
Peter Nickias
Peter N. Nickias Chemistry19811987 John P. Selegue (grad student)
Thomas D. NiehausBotany Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Plant Culture Agriculture Plant and Soil Sciences2011 Joe Chappell (grad student)
Dejan M. NikolicPharmacology2005 Steve R. Post (grad student)
Mariana Nikolova-KarakashianBiochemistry, Physiology Biology
Stephen E. NyboPharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences2011 Jurgen Rohr (grad student)
Anne E. Oberlink Center for Applied Energy Research20082010 John P. Selegue (grad student)
Susan A. Odomorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, batteries Chemistry20052005 Harry Anderson (grad student), John Edward Anthony (grad student)
Marcos A. OliveriaMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Tiow-Gan OngInorganic Chemistry
David K. OrrenToxicology, Biochemistry
Joshua OwenBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2010 D. Allan Butterfield (grad student)
Moses O. OyewumiPharmaceutical Chemistry, Public Health, Cell Biology2003 Russell J. Mumper (grad student)
Sabire OzcanBiochemistry
Ayça Özel20092010 Leonidas G. Bachas (post-doc)
Oleg V. OzerovInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Energy, Catalysis19962000 Folami T. Ladipo (grad student)
Cara T. PagerBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Virology Biology2006 Rebecca E. Dutch (grad student)
Grant J. Palmerorganic chemistry, materials chemistry2001 John Edward Anthony (grad student)
Sean ParkinCrystallography, Chemistry, Physics
Chandra PatelMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2006 Marcos A. Oliveria (grad student)
John Miles Patterson
Marcia M. Payneorganic chemistry, materials chemistry2005 John Edward Anthony (grad student)
Doyle Eugene Peasleesoil sience
Norman W. PedigoPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Biochemistry
Sharyn E. PerryPlant Physiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Rebecca PeyyalaAgronomy Agriculture, Plant Pathology Agriculture2006 Timothy Phillips (grad student)
Timothy PhillipsSoil Science Agriculture, Botany Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Elizabeth A. Pillar Department of Chemistry20122017 Marcelo I. Guzman (grad student)
Rina PlattnerOncology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry
Uttam R. PokharelGeneral Chemistry
Sara B. PoliceNutrition2008 Lisa Cassis (grad student)
Andreea PopaBiochemistry2011 Rebecca E. Dutch (grad student)
Nada PorterNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Todd D. PorterPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Steve R. PostNutrition, Biochemistry
Pramod P. PoudelOrganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2012 Arthur Cammers (grad student)
Megan M. PouletteEcology Biology, Soil Science Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture Biology2012 Mary Arthur (grad student)
Carol L. Preisig Joseph Kuć (grad student)
Andrzej Przyjazny Chemistry19891990 Leonidas G. Bachas (post-doc)
Libby G. PuckettAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2003 Sylvia Daunert (grad student), Leonidas G. Bachas (grad student)
Balaji Purushothamanorganic chemistry, materials chemistry2010 John Edward Anthony (grad student)
Kelly A. PutnamNutrition, Biochemistry Nutritional Sciences2012 Lisa Cassis (grad student)
Xiaoge QuBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology2010 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Deepak K. RajpalToxicology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Oncology2000 Mary Edith Vore (grad student)
Lyle F. RalstonPlant Physiology, Biochemistry2001 Joe Chappell (grad student)
Juan C. Ramirez-SuarezFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Nutrition2002 Youling L. Xiong (grad student)
Md. Sohel Rana Department of Chemistry20162022 Marcelo I. Guzman (grad student)
Clifford W. RandallEnvironmental Engineering, Microbiology Biology, Biogeochemistry1963 Robert A. Lauderdale (grad student)
Judy RatliffAnalytical Spectroscopy Chemistry19891993 Floyd Holler (grad student)
Nilesh G. RautAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2012 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Alex Reis Andrea M Erhardt (grad student)
Qiansheng RenCell Biology, Molecular Biology2008 Sidney W. Whiteheart (grad student)
Sue RimmerGeology, Geochemistry
Stephen M. C. RitchieChemical Engineering2001 Leonidas G. Bachas (grad student), Dibakar Bhattacharyya (grad student)
Jurgen RohrPharmacy, Biochemistry
Jamie L. RoigSpecial Education, Guidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education2009 Mary Arthur (grad student)
Thomas L. RoszmanCell Biology, Biochemistry
Laura RoweAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2008 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Krasimira RozenovaPhysiology Biology2009 Mariana Nikolova-Karakashian (grad student)
Jeffrey S Rush Biochemistry Roger A. Laine (grad student)
Kristina RutkutePhysiology Biology2007 Mariana Nikolova-Karakashian (grad student)
Tara W. RutledgeBiochemistry, Cell Biology2004 Sidney W. Whiteheart (grad student)
James A. Ryan1971 Doyle Eugene Peaslee (grad student)
Nadezhda S. SabevaPharmacy2011 Gregory A. Graf (grad student)
Lyndon L. SalinsAnalytical Chemistry2000 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Megan L. SampleyBiochemistry2009 Sabire Ozcan (grad student)
Kevin D. SargeBiochemistry, Cell Biology
Kanika Sarpal Pharmaceutical Sciences Eric J. Munson (grad student)
William J. Sartain Chemistry19811986 John P. Selegue (grad student)
Eve R. SchneiderCerebellum, Dendrites, Ion channels, Hibernation, Mechanotransduction, Development
Rachel M. SchowalterMicrobiology Biology, Virology Biology2008 Rebecca E. Dutch (grad student)
Todd D. SchrawCell Biology, Biochemistry2004 Sidney W. Whiteheart (grad student)
Travis Schuyler Department of Chemistry20172020 Marcelo I. Guzman (grad student)
Steven SchwarzeBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Rebecca L. ScotlandPharmacology2006 Steve R. Post (grad student)
Phillip Scott Johns Hopkins University20132015 Jerry M. Troutman (grad student)
Paul Gregory SearsPhysical chemistry1953 Lyle Ramsay Dawson (grad student)
Mark J. Segerorganic chemistry, conjugated polymers2013 Mark Deas Watson (grad student)
John P. SelegueGeneral Chemistry Chemistry Stephen M. Testa (collaborator)
Manish Sethi2011 Marc R. Knecht (grad student)
Haipeng ShaoMolecular Biology2000 Douglas A. Andres (grad student)
Bethel SharmaPharmaceutical Chemistry2006 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Shoba ShettyNutrition, Pharmacy2008 Deneys R. van der Westhuyzen (grad student)
Suresh ShresthaAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2001 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Ying Shuorganic chemistry, materials chemistry2011 John Edward Anthony (grad student)
John T. SkinnerOrganic chemistry
Eric J. SmartCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Walter T. Smith
Susan S. SmythBiochemistry, Physiology Biology
Xueqin SongPharmacy, Pharmacology, Oncology2002 Ching-Shih Chen (grad student)
Lin Song Pharmaceutical Sciences2011 Paul M. Bummer (grad student)
H Peter SpielmannBiochemistry
Mahendra K. SreeramojuNanotechnology, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry2013 John P. Selegue (grad student)
Divyamani SrinivasanOncology, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology2008 Rina Plattner (grad student)
Chuck StabenBiochemistry, bioinformatics, fungal genetics
Stefan StammBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Mallory J. StenslikNeuroscience Neuroscience Luke H. Bradley (grad student)
Tracy D. StepanyanPharmacology2008 John M. Littleton (grad student)
John F. StikaFood Science and Technology Agriculture2003 Youling L. Xiong (grad student)
Audra L. StinchcombPharmaceutical Chemistry
Elzbieta I. StolarczykPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology2009 Todd D. Porter (grad student)
Caroline L. StrasingerPharmaceutical Chemistry2009 Audra L. Stinchcomb (grad student)
Anjali K. StrussBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacology2009 Sylvia Daunert (grad student)
Chiranthani SumanasekeraBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2010 Stefan Stamm (grad student)
Fumie X. SunahoriPhysical Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry2008 Dennis J. Clouthier (grad student)
Nitima SuttpantaBotany Biology, Molecular Biology, Physiology Biology Plant Physiology2012 Ling Yuan (grad student)
Courtney L. SwadleyPharmacy2011 Audra L. Stinchcomb (grad student)
Christopher R. Swartzorganic chemistry, materials chemistry2006 John Edward Anthony (grad student)
Brandon S. TackettPhysical Chemistry2005 Dennis J. Clouthier (grad student)
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