Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mark R. Abbott
Negar Abolhassani MonfaredNanoscience, Nanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry2011 Sundar V. Atre (grad student)
Luke K. AckermanAnalytical Chemistry, Biogeochemistry, Toxicology2007 Staci L. Simonich (grad student)
Iman S. AhmedPharmacy2003 James W. Ayres (grad student)
Ozlem AkpinarFood Science and Technology Agriculture2003 Michael H. Penner (grad student)
Gustavo Albuquerquesemiconductors Chemical Engineering20132017 Gregory S. Herman (grad student)
Jay R. AlderAtmospheric Sciences, Physical Oceanography, Paleoclimate Science2011 Julia Allen Jones (grad student)
Louis John Allamandolaastrobiology1976 Joseph W. Nibler (post-doc)
Embarek Alwedi Chemistry20092014 Paul Blakemore (grad student)
Adams AmantanaNutrition, Molecular Biology2003 Phil D. Whanger (grad student)
Tammy G. Amosinorganic synthesis19962000 Arthur W. Sleight (grad student)
Eric H. Andrianasolobioactive molecules with anticancer, antibacterial, neurotoxic, antiviral, or anti-inflammatory activity from marine organisms2005 William H. Gerwick (grad student)
Patricia M. AronFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry2011 Thomas H. Shellhammer (grad student)
Brad Ashburn20032008 Rich G. Carter (grad student)
Sundar V. AtreNanoscience, Nanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry
Martin AttfieldMaterials Chemistry19961998 Arthur W. Sleight (post-doc)
Xanthippe AugerotGeography, General History, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Environmental Sciences2000 Julia Allen Jones (grad student)
Nicholas J. AuYeung2011 Alexandre F.T. Yokochi (grad student)
Mitchell Allen AveryPharmacy, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry James D. White (post-doc)
James W. AyresPharmacy, Biochemistry, Rehabilitation and Therapy
Dominique BacheletEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Rebecca BaderOrganic Chemistry, General Chemistry2007 Willie E. Skip Rochefort (grad student)
Wen BaiWood Technology Agriculture, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2009 Kaichang Li (grad student)
Jeffrey Barberspectroscopy of simple reactive molecules, explosives detection, millimeter wave imaging2003 Joseph W. Nibler (grad student)
Holly R. Barnard Forest Science2009 Barbara Bond (grad student)
Douglas F. BarofskyAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Ana C. Barrios SosaOrganic Chemistry2002 Kevin P. Gable (grad student)
Richard A. BartschSupramolecular chemistry, polymer chemistry, separation science19621963 John Lord Kice (grad student)
Beth BashamBioinformatics19941998 P. Shing Ho (grad student)
Andrew T. BaumanBiochemistry2004 Phil D. Whanger (grad student)
Colden V. Baxterstream ecology, food webs, rivers, fish ecology, freshwater2002 Hiram W. Li (grad student), Bruce A. Mcintosh (grad student)
Christopher Micah Beaudry
Donald S. BerkholzBiochemistry, Bioinformatics Biology2009 P. Andrew (Andy) Karplus (grad student)
Siddhartha BhowmikMaterials Science Engineering, Nanotechnology2009 Sundar V. Atre (grad student)
Paul BlakemoreOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19992001 James D. White (grad student)
David L. BlanchardPharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology2008 T Mark Zabriskie (grad student)
Lawrence T. Blaney
Rebecca J. Bliesnerinorganic synthesis2001 Arthur W. Sleight (grad student)
Rene Boiteau
Clement Bommier Chemistry20122017 David Ji (grad student)
Barbara BondEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry Forest Science Richard H. Waring (grad student)
Vladimir E. Bondybey19721973 Joseph W. Nibler (post-doc)
Sean A. Boulanger Chemistry20172022 Chong Fang (grad student)
Edward BrookPaleoclimate Science, Atmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry
M. Alex BrownGeneral Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2012 Alena Paulenova (grad student)
David S. Burch
Brett J. ButlerForestry and Wildlife Agriculture2006 Phillip Sollins (grad student)
John Campbell2004 Beverly E. Law (grad student)
Sean J. CanavanForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering2002 David W Hann (grad student)
Anders E. CarlsonGeology, Geochemistry2006 Peter U. Clark (grad student)
Megan Carney Ricardo M Letelier (grad student)
Rich G. Carter Chemistry19971999 James D. White (post-doc)
Stephany Soledad ChaconSoil Science
Yoon-Seok Chang Department of Chemistry Max L. Deinzer (grad student)
Arusa ChaovanalikitFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Nutrition, Immunology, Public Health2004 Ronald E. Wrolstad (grad student)
Juan D. ChavezBiochemistry2010 Claudia S. Maier (grad student)
Vernon Hendrum Cheldelin
Alexander T Chemeynuclear chemistry, actinide chemistry, inorganic chemistry, nuclear science, materials chemistry Chemistry20192021 Walter D. Loveland (post-doc)
Cheng Chen Chemistry Chemistry20202023 Chong Fang (grad student), Chong Fang (post-doc)
Luying Chen Pharmaceutical Sciences2020 Richard B. Van Breemen (grad student)
Chi-Shen ChenFood Science and Technology Agriculture2006 Michael H. Penner (grad student)
Paul Ha-Yeon CheongComputational Chemistry, Organic & Materials
Korakod ChimployMolecular Biology, Genetics2003 Christopher King Mathews (grad student)
Daniel Ching Materials Science20142018 Frederick A. Kamke (grad student)
Gabriela S. ChiricaAnalytical Chemistry2001 Vincent T. Remcho (grad student)
Younggi Choitotal synthesis of natural products2003 James D. White (grad student)
Wesley K. Chong19771982 James D. White (grad student)
Bert E. Christensen
Engelene t. Chrysostomspectroscopy of simple reactive molecules2001 Joseph W. Nibler (grad student)
Kevin B. ClarkLearning and Memory, Perception, Decision Making, Neuroprosthetics, Drug Design and Repurposing, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Traumatic Brain Injury, Neuromodulation, Synaptic Plasticity, Cellular Response Regulation, Quantum Biochemistry Psychology19881991 Lawrence J. Ryan (research assistant)
Peter U. ClarkGeology, Geochemistry
Stacey L. ClarkAnalytical Chemistry2004 Vincent T. Remcho (grad student)
Kayla B ClementsNuclear Engineering
Warren C. CoffeenPlant Physiology, Biochemistry2003 Thomas J. Wolpert (grad student)
Debbie L. ColbertOceanography Biology, Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry2004 James McManus (grad student)
Jason D. ColeEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering2000 Sandra L. Woods (grad student)
Nathan D. Collett Chemistry2013 Rich G. Carter (grad student)
David R. ConklinEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry2009 Dominique Bachelet (grad student)
John F. Conleyhigh dielectric materials, thin films
Arthur Burton Cordleyentomology, plant pathology
Guido Corno College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences20022006 Ricardo M Letelier (grad student), Ricardo M. Letelier (grad student), Ricardo M Letelier (grad student)
Christopher Cosgrove Anne Nolin (grad student)
Susan E. CrowEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry2006 Kate Lajtha (grad student)
Ryan Crumley Anne Nolin (grad student)
Zhengrong CuiPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology
Marc J. CurtisPlant Pathology Agriculture, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2003 Thomas J. Wolpert (grad student)
Norman Hollis Cutshall1967 Charles Osterberg (grad student)
Jelena E. DacresOrganic Photochemistry2001 Peter K. Freeman (grad student)
Mark A. DaeschelFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering
Larry S. DaleyPlant Physiology, Biochemistry
Roderick H. DashwoodMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Jenny M. DauerBiogeochemistry, Ecology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2012 Steven S. Perakis (grad student)
Edgar A. DayFlavor Chemistry
August Albert de Hertogh Botany and Plant Pathology1964 Harold J. Evans (grad student)
Max L. DeinzerBiochemistry
Carroll Wayne DeKock
Martin Demuth James D. White (post-doc)
John H. DillesGeology, Geochemistry
Michelle R. DolgosSolid State Chemistry
Catalin E. DoneanuAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2003 Douglas F. Barofsky (grad student)
Angela DoneanuAnalytical Chemistry2005 Vincent T. Remcho (grad student)
John D. DoucetteGeology, Geochemistry2000 Cyrus W. Field (grad student)
Daniel J. EdwardsNatural Products20012004 William H. Gerwick (grad student)
Brandt EichmanDNA replication19952000 P. Shing Ho (grad student)
James S. EilertsenInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Nanotechnology20072011 Munirpallam A. Subramanian (grad student), Mas Subramanian (grad student)
Mohamed F. El MansyMolecular Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry20162017 Rich G. Carter (grad student), Paul Blakemore (grad student)
Thomas P. Ellen the structure of chromatin and the structure and function of hemocyanins2004 Kensal E. van Holde (grad student)
Abdelhamid A. ElnaggarSoil Science Agriculture, Remote Sensing2007 Jay S. Noller (grad student)
Diana G. EngHuman Development, Molecular Biology Molecular and Cellular Biology2013 Chrissa Kioussi (grad student)
Vasile ErsekGeology, Geochemistry2008 Peter U. Clark (grad student)
Ivana Radosavljevic EvansSolid state chemistry1998 Arthur W. Sleight (grad student)
John S. O. EvansSolid state chemistry1996 Arthur W. Sleight (post-doc)
Kenneth M. Evensonfrequency measurement of laser beams, linking international standards for length and time1964 David S. Burch (grad student)
Chong FangUltrafast spectroscopy, structural dynamics, fluorescent proteins and biosensors, photochemistry
Samar F. FaridPharmacy, Pharmacology2004 James W. Ayres (grad student)
John M. FaustiniGeology, Physical Geography, Hydrology2000 Julia Allen Jones (grad student)
Jennifer Fehrenbacher
Roberta P. FernandesPharmacy2005 Philip J. Proteau (grad student)
Cyrus W. FieldGeology, Geochemistry
Benjamin J. FigardAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2007 Max L. Deinzer (grad student)
A. Russell Flegal1979 Robert L. Holton (grad student), Lawrence F. Small (grad student), Norman Hollis Cutshall (grad student)
Fraser Fleming James D. White (post-doc)
Brendan Flynnsemiconductors Chemical Engineering20102014 Gregory S. Herman (grad student)
William O. Forster
Ryan Fredericksemiconductors Chemical Engineering20142018 Gregory S. Herman (grad student)
Peter K. FreemanOrganic Photochemistry
Shawn Freitas Wood Science & Engineering20112015 Frederick A. Kamke (grad student)
Erik FritzellBiogeochemistry, Ecology Biology, Environmental Engineering
Herbert F. Frolander
Lauren B. Fullmerpolyoxometalates2012 May D. Nyman (grad student)
Kevin P. GableOrganic Chemistry
Philip R. GafkenBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2000 Douglas F. Barofsky (grad student)
Wilbert GambleBiochemistry
Alvin J. GatimuInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 Munirpallam A. Subramanian (grad student)
Yu GengWood Technology Agriculture, Organic Chemistry2006 Kaichang Li (grad student)
Susan GenualdiAnalytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences2008 Staci L. Simonich (grad student)
Henry L. GholzEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry1979 Richard H. Waring (grad student)
Brian M. GilbertMolecular Biology, Botany Biology2013 Thomas J. Wolpert (grad student)
Patrick R. GleasonComputational Protein Design Biochemistry and Biophysics2021 Ryan A. Mehl (post-doc)
Neal C. GoebelPharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2012 T Mark Zabriskie (grad student)
Steven J. GouldNatural Products
Mary Rose Gradoville2010 Ricardo M Letelier (grad student), Ricardo M. Letelier (grad student)
Jeffrey A. GreenwoodBiochemistry, Oncology, Cell Biology
Steven M. GriffithSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Laura L. GrochowskiPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology2004 T Mark Zabriskie (grad student)
Anita L. GrunderGeology, Geochemistry
Liane S. GuildBiogeochemistry, Ecology Biology, Environmental Engineering2000 Erik Fritzell (grad student)
Tory M. HagenBiochemistry
Brian A. HaleyBiogeochemistry, Paleoecology2004 Gary P. Klinkhammer (grad student)
Bingnan Hanbioactive molecules with anticancer, antibacterial, neurotoxic, antiviral, or anti-inflammatory activity from marine organisms2006 William H. Gerwick (grad student)
Fangyuan Han Department of Chemistry20112014 Chong Fang (grad student)
David W Hann
Joshua D. Hansentotal synthesis of natural products2003 James D. White (grad student)
Mark L. HanusForestry and Wildlife Agriculture2003 David W Hann (grad student)
Mark E. Hardermembrane structure, DNA interactions, protein folding Biochemistry & Biophysics Biochemistry and Biophysics19862007 W. Curtis Johnson (research scientist), Michael I. Schimerlik (research scientist)
Cindy DeForest HauserAnalytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, atmospheric analysis
Franklin A. HaysMechanisms of anticancer drug efficacy and transport; membrane protein expression, purification, crystallization, and functional analysis20012005 P. Shing Ho (grad student)
Kenneth W. Hedberggas-phase electron diffraction
Michael I. HendersonBiomedical Engineering
Gregory S. HermanPhysical Chemistry, semiconductors
Esteban E. Hernandez Chemistry2021 Christopher Micah Beaudry (grad student)
Jack F. HigginbothamNuclear Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Analytical Chemistry
Steven A. HighlandGeography, Ecology Biology, Archaeology Anthropology, Entomology Biology2011 Julia Allen Jones (grad student)
Pui S. HoGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry
Robert L. Holton1968 William O. Forster (grad student)
Scott M. HolubBiogeochemistry, Ecology Biology, Soil Science Agriculture2003 Kate Lajtha (grad student)
Peter S. HomannBiogeochemistry, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture
Seung-Tae Hongsolid state chemistry, battery electrode materials Chemistry19941996 Arthur W. Sleight (post-doc)
Jessica Hongnanotechnology, energy storage Chemistry20152021 David Ji (grad student)
Frederick Herbert Horne
William R. HorwathSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Michael A. Hruschkamaterials chemistry20002005 Doug Keszler (grad student)
Tara W. HudiburgForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Ecology Biology Forest Science2013 Beverly E. Law (grad student)
Carin A. HusetAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences2007 Douglas F. Barofsky (grad student)
Danielle Cyrene HutchisonInorganic, aqueous, polyoxometalates Chemistry20152019 May D. Nyman (grad student)
James D. IngleAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Engineering
Peter E. IsaacsonBiogeochemistry, Paleoecology1974 Arthur James Boucot (grad student)
Donald W. JacobsenBiochemistry, Nutrition1967 Chih Hsing Wang (grad student)
Somnath Janatotal synthesis of natural products2012 James D. White (grad student)
Hyo S. JangBiochemistry, Oncology, Cell Biology2009 Jeffrey A. Greenwood (grad student)
Narumol JariyasopitAnalytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry Chemistry2013 Staci L. Simonich (grad student)
David JiMaterials Chemistry
Kai Jiangmaterials chemistry2010 Doug Keszler (grad student)
Vorranutch Jieratummaterials chemistry Chemistry2013 Doug Keszler (grad student)
W. Curtis Johnson
Paul R JohnsonOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19791982 James D. White (grad student)
Robert D Johnsoncarbon nanotechnology, fullerenes, nmr, polymers, 13c nmr, c60 Chemistry19771979 Kenneth W. Hedberg (grad student)
Ryne C Johnston Chemistry20102015 Paul Ha-Yeon Cheong (grad student)
Ryne C. JohnstonComputational Chemistry, Physical Organic, Catalyst Design20122015 Paul Ha-Yeon Cheong (grad student), Karl A. Scheidt (collaborator)
Julia Allen JonesGeography, Environmental Sciences, and Marine Resource Management
Brennan T. JordanGeology, Geochemistry2002 Anita L. Grunder (grad student)
Donald B. JumpNutrition, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Rajan Junikutotal synthesis of natural products2012 James D. White (grad student)
Rhonda S. KaetzelToxicology, Environmental Sciences, Biochemistry2003 Donald J. Reed (grad student)
Todd F. Kagawa19871995 P. Shing Ho (grad student)
Frederick A. KamkeWood-based Composites Science Wood Science & Engineering1983 James B. Wilson (grad student)
Jun Yong KangOrganocatalysis Chemistry20112013 Rich G. Carter (post-doc)
Joseph J. KarchesyOrganic Chemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry1974 Murray Lane Laver (grad student)
P. Andrew (Andy) KarplusProtein crystallography
Abd. R. KassimForestry and Wildlife Agriculture2002 Doug A. Maguire (grad student)
Watcharee Katinonkul Chemistry2008 Michael M. Lerner (grad student)
Zachary E. KaylerBiogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2009 Barbara Bond (grad student)
Carol A. KellerPharmacy, Biochemistry, Rehabilitation and Therapy2000 James W. Ayres (grad student)
Nicholas G. KesingerOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2009 Jan F. Stevens (grad student)
Doug Keszlermaterials chemistry Paul Ha-Yeon Cheong (collaborator)
Christopher R. KeyesForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Ecology Biology2002 Doug A. Maguire (grad student)
Acharawan Khamsiritrakul Topark-NgarmPharmacology2007 Mark E. Leid (grad student)
John Lord Kicephysical organic chemistry, organosulfur chemistry
Jungchul Kimtotal synthesis of natural products2000 James D. White (grad student)
Moo-young KimOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2001 Max L. Deinzer (grad student)
Dojung KimPharmaceutical Chemistry2004 Philip J. Proteau (grad student)
John Kimball1994 Danny Marks (grad student)
Satoshi KimuraPhysical Oceanography2010 William D Smyth (grad student)
Tsoo E. King1949 Vernon Hendrum Cheldelin (grad student)
Chrissa KioussiHuman Development, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Robynne Kirkpatrickspectroscopy of simple reactive molecules2010 Joseph W. Nibler (grad student)
Glen E. KisbyToxicology, Agricultural Chemistry, Occupational Health and Safety
James D. KiserForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Wood Technology Agriculture, Ecology Biology2009 Doug A. Maguire (grad student)
Erik W. KlemettiGeochemistry, Geology2005 Anita L. Grunder (grad student)
Gary P. KlinkhammerBiogeochemistry, Paleoecology
Brian J. Knight20092010 Paul Blakemore (research assistant)
Christopher C. Knutsonmaterials chemistry2011 Doug Keszler (grad student)
Myra T. KoesdjojoAnalytical Chemistry2009 Vincent T. Remcho (grad student)
Edward J. KohutGeology, Mineralogy2004 Roger L. Nielsen (grad student)
Sasithorn KongruangFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Biochemistry2004 Michael H. Penner (grad student)
Eric A. Korftotal synthesis of natural products2006 James D. White (grad student)
Tetiana Korzun20212019 Olena Taratula (research assistant), Oleh Taratula (grad student)
Taylor D. Krueger Chemistry Chemistry20222023 Chong Fang (grad student), Chong Fang (post-doc)
Damien L. KuiperOrganic Chemistry2010 Rich G. Carter (grad student)
Punlop Kuntiyongtotal synthesis of natural products2004 James D. White (grad student)
Hyojong KwonPharmacy2003 James W. Ayres (grad student)
Scott R. LafontaineSensory, Analytical chemistry, Raw material quality (hops, malt, grapes), Flavor stability, Consumer preference Food Science and Technology20152018 Thomas H. Shellhammer (grad student)
Kate LajthaEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry
Sangeet K. LalCell Biology, Oncology2010 Jeffrey A. Greenwood (grad student)
Paul Frederik Laleicke Wood Science & Engineering20132015 Frederick A. Kamke (grad student)
Tzeng Y. LamForestry and Wildlife Agriculture2010 Doug A. Maguire (grad student)
Robert A. Lambvirology Department of Zoology Mark Hixon (research assistant)
Cady A Lancasterchemometrics, forensics, mass spectrometry, illegal logging, tree identification
Samuel R. LaneyOceanography Biology, Plant Physiology College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences20022006 Ricardo M. Letelier (grad student), Ricardo M Letelier (grad student), Ricardo M Letelier (grad student)
Joseph Lee Lapka Chemistry20072013 Alena Paulenova (grad student)
Christine A. LarsenMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2010 Roderick H. Dashwood (grad student)
Murray Lane Laver
Beverly E. LawEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture1993 Richard H. Waring (grad student)
Uyen M. LePharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology2008 Zhengrong Cui (grad student)
Tae H. Leetotal synthesis of natural products2006 James D. White (grad student)
Jungmin LeeFood Science and Technology Agriculture2004 Ronald E. Wrolstad (grad student)
Chuan-Pu Leebioenergetics1961 Tsoo E. King (grad student)
Mark E. LeidMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
John P. Lemmonenergy storage, sodium-ion systems, clean energy Chemistry19891995 Michael M. Lerner (grad student)
Daniel Leonard Chemistry20142018 David Ji (grad student)
Michael M. Lernerinorganic chemistry, intercalation, energy storage
Ricardo M. LetelierOceanography Biology, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry19941996 Mark R Abbott (post-doc)
Ricardo M LetelierMicrobial oceanography, bio-optics, photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, ecology
Manshiu LeungPharmacy2003 James W. Ayres (grad student)
Kaichang LiWood Technology Agriculture, Organic Chemistry
Zhifei Li Chemistry20132018 David Ji (grad student)
Leonard M. Libbey
Christopher M. LincolnGMP Synthesis19972005 James D. White (grad student)
Robert C. LindsayFlavor Chemistry1965 Edgar A. Day (grad student)
Amila U. LiyanageInorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry Chemistry20092015 Michael M. Lerner (grad student)
Brian A. LogueAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Geochemistry2000 John C. Westall (grad student)
Anthony A. LongoGeology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy2005 Anita L. Grunder (grad student)
Joseph B. LotrarioOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2001 Sandra L. Woods (grad student)
Walter D. LovelandNuclear chemistry
Wanli LuNatural Products Drug Discovery, Biosynthesis2012 Taifo Mahmud (grad student)
Liang Lu2009 Rich G. Carter (grad student)
Abel LufafaSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry, Ecology Biology2005 Jay S. Noller (grad student)
Donald L. MacDonaldcarbohydrate chemistry
Doug A. MaguireEnvironmental Sciences, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Biogeochemistry1986 David W Hann (grad student)
Subham MahapatraOrganic Chemistry2013 Rich G. Carter (grad student)
Taifo MahmudNatural Products Drug Discovery, Biosynthesis
Claudia S. MaierBiochemistry
James MalesBiochemistry, Ophthalmology
Tosapol Maluangont Chemistry2011 Michael M. Lerner (grad student)
Ryan Helmut Manserghmaterials science, chemistry Chemistry20122017 Doug Keszler (grad student)
Carlos A. ManzanoAnalytical Chemistry2012 Staci L. Simonich (grad student)
Shaun A. MarcottPaleoclimate Science, Climate Change2011 Peter U. Clark (grad student)
Mark P. MaroncelliAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry19841985 Joseph W. Nibler (post-doc)
Brian L. Marquezbioactive molecules with anticancer, antibacterial, neurotoxic, antiviral, or anti-inflammatory activity from marine organisms2001 William H. Gerwick (grad student)
William Martin Chemistry20062007 James D. White (post-doc)
Stella A. MartomoBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2002 Christopher King Mathews (grad student)
Tony Masiellospectroscopy of simple reactive molecules2003 Joseph W. Nibler (grad student)
Christopher King MathewsNucleotide enzymology, DNA precursor metabolism, bacteriophage
Brent S. MattesonNuclear Chemistry2010 Alena Paulenova (grad student)
Merris Mickey McCoolAgronomy
James McManusOceanography Biology, Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry
Kerry L. McPhailPharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Patricia M. MedeirosGeochemistry, Environmental Sciences2006 Bernd R. T. Simoneit (grad student)
Rebecca A. MedinaPharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2009 Kerry L. McPhail (grad student)
Stephen T. Meyersmaterials chemistry2008 Doug Keszler (grad student)
Jeffrey T. Millercatalysis, advanced characterization, Syncrotron X-Ray Science1980 Carroll Wayne DeKock (grad student)
Kenneth E. Milliganbioactive molecules with anticancer, antibacterial, neurotoxic, antiviral, or anti-inflammatory activity from marine organisms2002 William H. Gerwick (grad student)
Logan E. MitchellPaleoclimate Science, Atmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry Geology2013 Edward Brook (grad student)
Gunter G. ModzelWood-based Composites Science2009 Frederick A. Kamke (grad student)
Laura K. MoenBiochemistry, Pathology, Molecular Biology Christopher King Mathews (post-doc)
Osama H. MohamedPharmacy2004 James W. Ayres (grad student)
Jeffrey S. MonetteBiochemistry, Aging, Cell Biology, Pathology2011 Tory M. Hagen (grad student)
Bahar Ozmen Monkul Chemistry2010 Michael M. Lerner (grad student)
Blaine H.M. MooersRNA structure, crystallography19921997 P. Shing Ho (grad student)
Georgianne W. MooreEnvironmental Sciences, Hydrology, Ecology Biology Forest Science19992004 Barbara Bond (grad student), Julia Allen Jones (grad student)
Roy Owen MorrisBiochemistry of morphogenesis
Dale W. MosbaughGenetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Kamesh MullapudiALD Tungsten Sulfide, Oxide, Area-selective deposition Electrical Engineering2012 John F. Conley (grad student)
Juan F. MunizToxicology, Agricultural Chemistry, Occupational Health and Safety2010 Glen E. Kisby (grad student)
Durria Abdel Azim MusbahWood Chemistry Forest Products1992 Murray Lane Laver (grad student)
Thomas J. MustardComputational, Materials, Catalysis, Reactions20102015 Paul Ha-Yeon Cheong (grad student)
Melinda C. MyzakMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology2005 Roderick H. Dashwood (grad student)
Richard L. Nafshun Chemistry1996 Michael M. Lerner (grad student)
Pavel NagornyTotal Synthesis, Chemical Glycobiology2001 James D. White (research assistant)
Jintana NammoonnoyInorganic Chemistry2011 Vincent T. Remcho (grad student)
Daniel J. NevrivyMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry2002 Mark E. Leid (grad student)
Robert Warren NewburghBiochemistry
Hui NianBiochemistry2010 Roderick H. Dashwood (grad student)
Joseph W. Niblerspectroscopy of simple reactive molecules
Roger L. NielsenGeochemistry, Geology
Ernest P. Noble1955 Chih Hsing Wang (grad student)
Lisa M. Noglebioactive molecules with anticancer, antibacterial, neurotoxic, antiviral, or anti-inflammatory activity from marine organisms2003 William H. Gerwick (grad student)
Jay S. NollerSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry, Ecology Biology
Daniel G. Nosal Pharmaceutical Sciences2020 Richard B. Van Breemen (grad student)
May D. Nymanpolyoxometalates
Richard Oleksakmaterials in extreme environments, thin film Chemical Engineering20102014 Gregory S. Herman (grad student)
Valmikanathan OnbattuvelliMechanical Engineering2011 Sundar V. Atre (grad student)
Ram OrenEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry Forest science1984 Richard H. Waring (grad student)
Christopher O. Oriakhi Chemistry1996 Michael M. Lerner (grad student)
Breland G. Oscar Chemistry20112017 Chong Fang (grad student)
Charles Osterberg1963 Herbert F. Frolander (grad student)
Ethel O. OwusuBiochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology2004 Carol J. Rivin (grad student)
Todd Palmer
Jesse Paris Wood Science & Engineering20102012 Frederick A. Kamke (grad student)
Sangmoon Parkmaterials chemistry2003 Doug Keszler (grad student)
Cheol-Hee Parkmaterials chemistry2005 Doug Keszler (grad student)
Alena PaulenovaNuclear Chemistry
Michael H. PennerFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Biochemistry
Deana D. PenningtonPhysical Geography, Environmental Sciences, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2002 Julia Allen Jones (grad student)
Steven S. PerakisBiogeochemistry, Ecology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture
Hasini R. PereraAnalytical Chemistry2009 Alexey Y. Shvarev (grad student)
Cory K. Perkins Department of Chemistry Doug Keszler (post-doc)
Johanna Perkins-Schwartz20042009 Rich G. Carter (grad student)
Heather L. PetcovicGeology2004 Anita L. Grunder (grad student)
Fox S. PetersonEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2012 Kate Lajtha (grad student)
Chanokporn PhaosiriPharmacy2004 Philip J. Proteau (grad student)
Claire L. PhillipsEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry2010 Barbara Bond (grad student)
Nathan Glen PhillipsPhysiological ecology, terrestrial ecology Forest Science19982000 Barbara Bond (post-doc)
Nicklas G. PisiasGeology, Geochemistry
Niklas G. PisiasGeology, Geochemistry, Hydrology
Heather A. Plattmaterials chemistry, photovoltaics, solid state batteries chemistry20052010 Doug Keszler (grad student)
Eben Porter Nuclear Science and Engineering20212023 Alexander T Chemey (grad student)
Martin PrecekInorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Physical Chemistry20082012 Alena Paulenova (grad student)
Philip J. ProteauPharmacy, Biochemistry
Michele L. PunkePhysical Geography, Geology, Paleontology, Archaeology Anthropology2005 Julia Allen Jones (grad student)
Thomas G. PypkerForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Hydrology, Ecology Biology2005 Barbara Bond (grad student)
Frank W. R. ChaplenCell Biology, Biochemistry
Adam J. R. KentGeochemistry, Geology
Vipaporn RakkankaPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy2003 James W. Ayres (grad student)
Aishwarya V. Ramaswamybioactive molecules with anticancer, antibacterial, neurotoxic, antiviral, or anti-inflammatory activity from marine organisms2006 William H. Gerwick (grad student)
Mulpuri V. RaoSiC, GaN, HgCdT1985 Pallab K. Bhattacharya (grad student)
Donald J. ReedToxicology, Environmental Sciences, Biochemistry
Vincent T. RemchoAnalytical Chemistry
Janine M. RiceHistology Biology, Conservation Biology, Climate Change2010 Julia Allen Jones (grad student)
Vincent R. RinterknechtGeology2004 Peter U. Clark (grad student)
Carol J. RivinBiochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Lonnie A. Robargetotal synthesis of natural products2001 James D. White (grad student)
Roland K. Robins1952 Bert E. Christensen (grad student)
Willie E. Skip RochefortChemical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Ismael A. Rodríguez-Pérez Chemistry20142018 David Ji (grad student)
George D. Rose Biochemistry and Biophysics1976 Kensal E. van Holde (grad student)
Travis Roth Anne Nolin (grad student)
Martin RoyGeology2004 Peter U. Clark (grad student)
Emily A. Rue Pharmaceutical Sciences2021 Richard B. Van Breemen (grad student)
Rose E. Ruthernanoscience, spectroscopy, energy storage Chemistry Chemical Engineering20122014 May D. Nyman (post-doc), Gregory S. Herman (post-doc)
Michael G. RyanCarbon cycling in forest ecosystems Forest Science1988 Richard H. Waring (grad student)
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