Stuart L. Schreiber, Ph.D.

1981-1987 Chemistry Yale University, New Haven, CT 
 1988- Broad Institute Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States 
Chemical biology
"Stuart L. Schreiber"

Mean distance: 6.04 (cluster 9)


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Richard Jay Sundberg research assistant 1977 UVA
Robert B. Woodward grad student 1979 Harvard
Yoshito Kishi grad student 1979-1981 Harvard
 (I. Oxidation of tertiary amines ; II. Peroxides in organic synthesis)


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Ananthan Sadagopan research assistant (ID Tree)
Chang C. Liu research assistant 2002-2005 Harvard
Yun Min Danny Chang research assistant 2012-2013
Nivanthika K. Wimalasena research assistant 2013-2014 Broad Institute (Neurotree)
Deborah T. Hung grad student (Microtree)
Micah Maetani grad student Harvard
Weiping Tang grad student Harvard
Amir H. Hoveyda grad student 1986 Yale
Tarek H Sammakia grad student 1983-1988 Yale
Laura Lee Kiessling grad student 1989 Yale
Thea C. Norman grad student 1988-1989 Harvard
Nancy I. Totah grad student 1985-1990 Yale
John A. Porco grad student 1992 Harvard
Robert F. Standaert grad student 1992 Harvard
Thomas J. Wandless grad student 1993 Harvard
Michael K. Rosen grad student 1988-1993
Jack Taunton grad student 1996 Harvard
Peter J. Belshaw grad student 1990-1996 Harvard
Gabriel Fenteany grad student 1997 Harvard
Timothy F. Jamison grad student 1997 Harvard
Gregory Alan Weiss grad student 1997 Harvard
Tarun Kapoor grad student 1998 Harvard
James K. Chen grad student 1991-1998 Harvard
Stephen D. Liberles grad student 1999 Harvard
Brent R. Stockwell grad student 1999 Harvard
Craig Jerome Justman grad student 2000 Harvard
Curtis Terrence Keith grad student 2000 Harvard
Randall Theodore Peterson grad student 2000 Harvard
Jeffrey K. Tong grad student 2000 Harvard
Derek S. Tan grad student 1995-2000 Harvard
Paul Andrew Clemons grad student 2001 Harvard
Christina Maureen Grozinger grad student 2001 Harvard
Finny George Kuruvilla grad student 2001 Harvard
Darby Rye Schmidt grad student 2001 Harvard
Scott M. Sternson grad student 2001 Harvard
Angie J. You grad student 2001 Harvard
Bimal N. Desai grad student 2002 Harvard
Jason K. Sello grad student 2002 Harvard
Stephen J. Haggarty grad student 2003 Harvard
Angela N. Koehler grad student 2003 Harvard
Bridget K. Wagner grad student 2003 Harvard
Martin D. Burke grad student 2004 Harvard
Shyam Krishnan grad student 2004 Harvard
Lucy Perez Fernandez grad student 2004 Harvard
Jason C. Wong grad student 2004 Harvard
Emily L. Humphrey grad student 2005 Harvard
Alykhan F. Shamji grad student 2005 Harvard
Young-kwon Kim grad student 2006 Harvard
Justin Klekota grad student 2006 Harvard
Nilesh Kumar grad student 2006 Harvard
Chih L. Liu grad student 2006 Harvard
Christopher S. Neumann grad student 2006 Harvard
Ethan O. Perlstein grad student 2006 Harvard
Naoya Kumagai grad student 2005-2006 chemistry
Xiaodong Li grad student 2007 Harvard
Sirinya Matchacheep grad student 2007 Harvard
Yong-Ling P. Ow grad student 2007 Harvard
John P. Rearick grad student 2007 Harvard
Arturo J. Vegas grad student 2008 Harvard
Bryan H. Chang grad student 2010 Harvard
Dina A. Fomina Yadlin grad student 2011 Harvard
Tuoping Luo grad student 2011 Harvard
Alison L. Stewart grad student 2011 Harvard
Danny Hung-Chieh Chou grad student 2007-2011 Harvard
Yikai Wang grad student 2012 Harvard
Yuan Yuan grad student 2012 Harvard
Joshiawa L. Paulk grad student 2014 Harvard
David G. Alberg post-doc Harvard
Bradley E. Bernstein post-doc Harvard (Cell Biology Tree)
James Bradner post-doc Harvard
William Gibson post-doc (Neurotree)
Jun O. Liu post-doc Harvard
Thomas E. Nielsen post-doc
Wenyu Wang post-doc
Zarko V. Boskovic post-doc 2011- Harvard
Rahul V. Edwankar post-doc 2012- Broad Institute
Shubhroz Gill post-doc 2014- Harvard
Sina Haftchenary post-doc 2014- Harvard
Huixian Wu post-doc 2014- Harvard
Matthias Leiendecker post-doc 2015- Harvard
Oscar Verho post-doc 2015- Harvard
Jochen Zoller post-doc 2015- Harvard
Heather L Osswald post-doc 2017-
guoqin xia post-doc 2018- The Scripps Research Institute & Broad Institute
Yifan Deng post-doc 2021- Broad Institute (MIT/Harvard)
Ronald Claus post-doc 1982-1983 Yale
Didier Desmaele post-doc 1985-1987 Harvard
Scott D. Rychnovsky post-doc 1988 Yale
Jose Delfino post-doc 1986-1988 Yale
Daniel Romo post-doc 1993 Harvard
Marc L. Snapper post-doc 1990-1993 Harvard
Merritt B. Andrus post-doc 1991-1993 Harvard
John Louis Wood post-doc 1991-1993 Harvard
Dan Yang post-doc 1991-1993 Harvard
Satoshi Koyama post-doc 1992-1993 Harvard
Craig M. Crews post-doc 1993-1995 Harvard
Chiyoshi Kasahara post-doc 1994-1995 Harvard
Benjamin L. Miller post-doc 1996 Harvard
Amy H. Andreotti post-doc 1994-1996 Harvard
David J. Austin post-doc 1994-1996 Harvard
Peter A. Beal post-doc 1994-1996 Harvard
Matthew D. Shair post-doc 1997 Harvard
Karlene A. Cimprich post-doc 1994-1997 Harvard
Steven Thomas Diver post-doc 1995-1997 Harvard
James P. Morken post-doc 1995-1997 Harvard
Dean Wacker post-doc 1995-1997 Harvard
Shelli R. McAlpine post-doc 1997-2000 Harvard
Arthur Brosius post-doc 1998-2000 Harvard
Daesung Lee post-doc 1998-2000 Harvard
Robert Stavenger post-doc 1999-2000 Harvard
Paul J. Hergenrother post-doc 2001 Harvard
Ohyun Kwon post-doc 2001 Harvard
Gavin MacBeath post-doc 2001 Harvard
Mary Kay H. Pflum post-doc 2001 Harvard
David Spring post-doc 1999-2001 Harvard
Helen Elizabeth Blackwell post-doc 1999-2002 Harvard
Glenn Christopher Micalizio post-doc 2001-2003 Harvard
Katie Koeller post-doc 2000-2004 Harvard
Peter R. Andreana post-doc 2002-2005 Harvard
Gregory P. Tochtrop post-doc 2002-2006 Harvard
Annaliese K. Franz post-doc 2002-2007 Harvard
David A. Spiegel post-doc 2005-2007 Harvard
Jiong Yang post-doc 2005-2007 Harvard University and Broad Institute
Xiang Wang post-doc 2006-2008 Harvard
Damian Winston Young post-doc 2005-2009 Harvard & MIT
Qiu Wang post-doc 2006-2011 Harvard
Mingji Dai post-doc 2009-2012 Harvard/MIT/Broad Institute
Max M. Majireck post-doc 2013 Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Jonathan R Thielman post-doc 2020-2021 Broad Institute (MIT/Harvard)
Kacper B. Rogala post-doc 2020-2022 Broad Institute (Crystallography Tree)
Masaya Sawamura research scientist
Amit Choudhary research scientist 2011-2015 Harvard
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