Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Qingyun Liu (University Molecular Biophys Biochem William C. Summers (grad student)
Nadia C. Abascal Chemistry20112016 Scott Joseph Miller (grad student)
Lisette M. AcevedoPharmacology2004 William C. Sessa (grad student)
Orlando AcevedoBiochemistry20032006 William L. Jorgensen (post-doc)
Atanu Acharyaquantum chemistry, molecular dynamics simulations, QM/MM simulations, docking calculations, python, tcl, NAMD, VMD, Gaussian, ORCA, and QChem. Chemistry20172018 Victor S. Batista (post-doc)
Eric AckahPharmacology, Animal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry2006 William C. Sessa (grad student)
Anne L. Ackermanmajor histocompatibility complex (MHC)2008 Peter Cresswell (grad student)
Paul David Adamscrystallography, cryo-EM, computational methods, structural biology Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry19921997 Axel Brunger (post-doc)
Peter L. AdamsStructural biology of protein and RNA as it relates to understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in viral replication20022005 Scott A. Strobel (post-doc), Jennifer A. Doudna (post-doc)
Edward A. Adelberg1949 Edward Tatum (grad student)
Paul F. AgrisBiochemistry Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry19711973 Dieter Söll (post-doc)
Jay J. AgueGeology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry
Ivan AhelDNA damage response20002003 Dieter Söll (grad student)
Asad Ahmed1964 Norman Henry Giles (grad student)
Lucky Ahmed Chemistry Victor S. Batista (post-doc)
Gösta ÅkerlofPhysical chemistry
Hashim M. Al-HashimiStructure and dynamics of nucleic acids and ribonucleoproteins using NMR spectroscopy2000 James H. Prestegard (grad student)
Martin Albrecht Chemistry Robert H. Crabtree (post-doc)
Luis M. Alcazar-Romanreactions catalyzed by transition metal complexes2001 John F. Hartwig (grad student)
Richard W. AldrichIon channels Physiology19801983 Charles F. Stevens (post-doc), W. Knox Chandler (post-doc)
Seth C. Alexanderprotein–protein and protein–DNA interactions2014 Alanna Schepartz (grad student)
Anastassia N. Alexandrovacomputational biochemistry2009 William L. Jorgensen (post-doc), John Charles Tully (post-doc)
Jeffry R. Algerfunctional and physiological MRI studies of brain1979 James H. Prestegard (grad student)
Kamilah S. Aliaminoacyl-tRNA2002 Dieter Söll (grad student)
Nilda L. Alicea VelazquezBiochemistry, Pharmacology Pharmacology2013 Titus Boggon (grad student)
Oscar Dana Alleninorganic chemistry1871 Samuel William Johnson (grad student)
Edgar Allenendocrinology, sex hormones
Laura J. Allenorganometallics, inorganic2012 Robert H. Crabtree (grad student)
Jorge E. AllendeEnzymes, mechanisms and structures.1961 Frederic M. Richards (grad student)
Stephen G. AllerGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Structural Biology2006 Vinzenz M. Unger (grad student)
Robert C. AllerBiogeochemistry1977 Karl K. Turekian (grad student), Donald C. Rhoads (grad student)
Eric I. Altman
Sidney AltmanBiochemistry
Tyler D. Amesnon-coding RNA2010 Ronald R. Breaker (grad student)
Joseph Amick20112014 Saurav Misra (research assistant)
Ming Anmembrane chemical biology, pH-sensitive systems, enzymology Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry20072011 Donald M. Engelman (post-doc)
Paul T. N. AnastasGreen Chemistry
Natia R. Anastasireactions catalyzed by transition metal complexes2002 John F. Hartwig (grad student)
Apostolos G. Anastassiou19591963 Gary Walter Griffin (grad student)
Rudolph John Andersontuberculosis bacilli
Donald Hatch AndrewsPhysical Chemistry1923 John Johnston (grad student)
Megan Y. Andrews2008 Robert A. Berner (grad student)
Wui S. AngMembrane separation processes for desalination and water reuse; engineered osmosis for water and power production2008 Menachem Elimelech (grad student)
Samantha Angle2018 Seth B. Herzon (research assistant)
Isaac AntwiOrganic Synthesis, Antimicrobial Peptides, Natural Product Modification, Mechanistic Studies, Structural Elucidation of Complex Natural Products, Asymmetric Catalysis Chemistry2021 Scott Joseph Miller (post-doc)
Jacob S. Appelbaumprotein–protein and protein–DNA interactions Cell Biology2012 Alanna Schepartz (grad student)
Leah N. Appelhansorganometallics, inorganic2007 Robert H. Crabtree (grad student)
Meredithe Lee AppleburyBiochemistry of Vision1968 Joseph E. Coleman (grad student)
Angela A. Ariasoptical spectroscopy, molecular behavior2000 Patrick H. Vaccaro (grad student)
Fernando Arias-MendozaBiochemistry19821985 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
John A. ArnoneBiogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture, Ecology Biology1988 John Charles Gordon (grad student)
Peter R. ArvanCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry1984 J. David Castle (grad student)
Daniel J. AschaffenburgSpectroscopy2014 Charles A. Schmuttenmaer (grad student)
Arthur J. Asheheterocyclic aromatic chemistry1967 Kenneth B. Wiberg (grad student)
Mikhail Askerkaphotovoltaics, catalysis, computational chemistry, data science Chemistry Chemistry20132017 Victor S. Batista (grad student), John Charles Tully (grad student)
Wilbur O. Atwaternutrition, respiration calorimetry1869 Samuel William Johnson (grad student)
Jeffrey Aube19841986 Samuel J. Danishefsky (post-doc)
David J. Austin
Patrick AyottePolymer Chemistry1999 Mark A. Johnson (grad student)
Imran A. BabarMolecular Biology2011 Frank J. Slack (grad student)
G. Bryant BachmanOrganic Chemistry1930 Arthur Joseph Hill (grad student)
Chulsung Bae John F. Hartwig (post-doc)
Adilah BahadoorOrganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry2008 Glenn Christopher Micalizio (grad student)
William F. Baileyorganometallic chemistry19731975 Kenneth B. Wiberg (post-doc)
Kevin B. BakerBehavioral Pharmacology Jeansok J. Kim (grad student)
Jenny L. Bakernon-coding RNA2012 Ronald R. Breaker (grad student)
Gourab BanerjeePhotosystem II Chemistry2014 Gary W. Brudvig (grad student)
A. Raja Banerjee Genetics20092014 Tae Hoon Kim (grad student)
Anit R. BanerjeeGenetics, Molecular Biology2014 Tae Hoon Kim (grad student)
Joshua H Barabanchemistry, spectroscopy2006 J. Michael McBride (grad student)
Anne M. BarangerRNA Recognition By Proteins and Small Molecules19931996 Alanna Schepartz (post-doc)
Andrej BarbicBiophysical Chemistry2001 Donald Morris Crothers (grad student)
Christopher John BardeenPhysical Chemistry, Laser Spectroscopy, Organic Materials1989 Kurt W. Zilm (research assistant)
Marisa A. Barilla Chemistry2023 Caitlin Davis (grad student)
Richard Clark Barker
Allan U. Barlanorganoaluminum chemistry Chemistry20082009 Glenn Christopher Micalizio (post-doc)
Joseph Barrell1900 Louis Valentine Pirsson (grad student)
Kimberly Terese Barrett2014 Scott Joseph Miller (grad student)
Jeffrey E. Barrickeffects of mutations on cell physiology2006 Ronald R. Breaker (grad student)
Fabiola Barrios-Landerosreactions catalyzed by transition metal complexes2007 John F. Hartwig (grad student)
Katalin Bartachemistry, catalysis chemistry20102012 Paul T. N. Anastas (research scientist)
Dianna L. Bartel Charles A. Greer (post-doc), David A. Spiegel (research scientist)
Susan J. Basergaribosomes19881993 Edward J. Benz (grad student), Joan A. Steitz (post-doc)
Jeremy M. BaskinBioorthogonal chemistry20092015 Pietro De Camilli (post-doc)
Robert Todd BateyMolecular Biophysics, Nucleic Acids, Structural Biology Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry19972001 Jennifer A. Doudna (post-doc)
Victor S. BatistaTheoretical Chemistry
Daniel J. BattleGeneral Biophysics, Molecular Biology2002 Jennifer A. Doudna (grad student)
Charles Lloyd BauerMetallurgy and Materials Science1961 Robert Boyd Gordon (grad student)
Arjel D. Bautistaprotein–protein and protein–DNA interactions2010 Alanna Schepartz (grad student)
Richard H.G. BaxterBiophysical Chemistry
Kurt G. BeamExcitation-contraction coupling Paul Greengard (post-doc)
Matthew C. BeardSpectroscopy2002 Charles A. Schmuttenmaer (grad student)
G Peter BeardsleyPharmacology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Jorge Becerrilchemical biology2007 Andrew D. Hamilton (grad student)
Warren F. BeckUltrafast Spectroscopy, Photosynthesis, and Protein Dynamics1988 Gary W. Brudvig (grad student)
Mark D. Bednarskito develop nanoparticles that could selectively kill cancer cells1986 Samuel J. Danishefsky (grad student)
Lorena S. BeeseStructural Biology19861992 Thomas A. Steitz (post-doc)
Justin K. BelardiOrganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry2009 Glenn Christopher Micalizio (grad student)
Eric Bellefroid20132018 Noah Planavsky (grad student)
John W. Benbow Chemistry19901992 Samuel J. Danishefsky (post-doc)
Paul J. BenderPhysical chemistry1942 Gösta Åkerlof (grad student)
Stanley R. Benedictanalytical methods in biochemistry1908 Lafayette Benedict Mendel (grad student)
Anton M. BennettBiochemistry, Cell Biology
David BercoviciGeophysics, Geology, Geochemistry
Werner Bergmannorganic chemistry
David B. BerkowitzOrganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology19901991 Samuel J. Danishefsky (post-doc)
Benjamin A. Berkowitzregulation of gene expression mediated by proteins that bind specifically to DNA, signal transduction pathway involved in vision, structural biology2001 Paul B. Sigler (grad student)
Rebecca B. Berlowdynamic and structural properties of proteins2011 J. Patrick Loria (grad student)
Andrea J. BermanBiochemistry, structural chemistry20012007 Thomas A. Steitz (grad student)
Robert A. Berner
Joel Bernstein Chemistry19621967 Basil Gideon Anex (grad student)
R. Stephen BerryStructures, Properties and Dynamics of Clusters and Biopolymers, Dynamics of Few-Body Systems, Finite-time Thermodynamics
Jerome A. BersonPhysical Organic Chemistry
Amelie Berubenatural product synthesis2006 John Louis Wood (grad student)
Charles J. BieberichOncology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Frank Ruddle (grad student)
Thomas Biederersynapse formation
Michael C. BiewerOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, General Chemistry1995 J. Michael McBride (grad student)
Lucius Aurelius Bigelowfluorination of organic compounds1919 Treat Baldwin Johnson (grad student)
Minou Binatranscriptional control elements in human chromosomes1974 Donald Morris Crothers (grad student)
David M. BirneyPhysical Organic & Mechanistic Chemistry1987 Jerome A. Berson (grad student)
Elizabeth H. Blackburnstructure, function, and synthesis of telomeres1977 Joseph G. Gall (post-doc)
Silas C. Blackstockorganic electron transfer chemistry19861988 Jerome A. Berson (post-doc)
Dorottya V. BlahoProtein Folding and Dynamics, Structural Biology2010 Andrew D. Miranker (grad student)
Ruth E. BlakeGeochemistry, Biogeochemistry
Brett Blakeley David A. Spiegel (post-doc)
James David BlakemoreOrganic Chemistry2012 Gary W. Brudvig (grad student)
Kirsten F. Blocknon-coding RNA2010 Ronald R. Breaker (grad student)
Aaron J. Bloomfieldchemistry Chemistry20142017 Paul T. N. Anastas (grad student), Robert H. Crabtree (post-doc)
Michelle M. BoehmMolecular Biology2007 Frank J. Slack (grad student)
Jeffrey Boerth Jonathan A. Ellman (grad student)
Benjamin J. Boesenon-coding RNA2007 Ronald R. Breaker (grad student)
Titus BoggonBiochemistry, Pharmacology
Henry Irving BolkerNatural and Synthetic Polymers1952 Werner Bergmann (grad student)
Wendy B. BollagGeneral, Medicine and Surgery, Biochemistry1990 Howard Rasmussen (grad student)
David Mahlon Bonner19461947 Edward Tatum (research scientist)
Alexandre MJJ BonvinProtein-protein interactions, docking Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Axel Brunger (post-doc)
Sumit BorahRNA, Splicing2010 Joan A. Steitz (grad student)
Katherine L.B. Bordenmolecular basis of cancer1990 Frederic M. Richards (grad student)
Volker BormuthNeurophysiology, Systems Neuroscience Jonathon Howard (research assistant)
Lara E. BowersMolecular Biology of Tumor Viruses2005 Daniel C. DiMaio (grad student)
Herbert W. Boyermicrobial genetics1966 Edward A. Adelberg (post-doc)
Maura M. BozemanEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences2012 Peter A. Raymond (grad student)
Alfredo E. Bracamonteoptical spectroscopy, molecular behavior2003 Patrick H. Vaccaro (grad student)
Demetrios Thomas BraddockStructural biology, Hematopathology, Genitourinary Pathology
Harold C. Bradleyphysiological chemistry of organisms in the phylum Mollusca, the presence of copper and zinc in marine mollusks, the presence of manganese in freshwater mussels, human pancreatic juice, the relation of enzymes to tissue synthesis,1905 Lafayette Benedict Mendel (grad student)
Oliver R. BraubachOlfaction, Plasticity Lawrence B. Cohen (post-doc)
Chad A. BrautigamMolecular Biophysics1997 Thomas A. Steitz (grad student)
Cathleen M. Brdlikorganic synthesis, pharmacology, molecular biology2003 Craig M. Crews (grad student)
Ronald R. Breakernon-coding RNA
Christopher M. BreedingGeology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry2004 Jay J. Ague (grad student)
Kristin J. BreenSolvation2012 Mark A. Johnson (grad student)
Bradley J. BrennanOrganic Chemistry, Energy, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Alternative Energy Energy Sciences Institute20122015 Gary W. Brudvig (post-doc)
Christopher M. BrennanBiochemistry, Genetics2000 Joan A. Steitz (grad student)
Kenneth J. BreslauerDNA1972 Julian M. Sturtevant (grad student)
Anne R. BresnickBiochemistry, Cell Biology19911996 Thomas Dean Pollard (post-doc)
Timothy P. Brewsterorganometallics, inorganic Chemistry2012 Robert H. Crabtree (grad student)
Anna Brezny Chemistry20182020 James M. Mayer (post-doc)
Richard W. Briggs1980 Ian M. Armitage (post-doc)
John R. BrobeckPhysiology John Farquhar Fulton (post-doc)
Whitney H. BrownPhysiology Biology2012 Gerald I. Shulman (grad student)
Gary W. Brudvigphotosystem II Oana R. Luca (collaborator)
Gary BrudwigInorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Carson J Bryant Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry20182023 Susan J. Baserga (grad student)
Dennis Buckleyorganic synthesis, pharmacology, molecular biology Chemistry2013 Craig M. Crews (grad student)
Andrew Bueskingchemical synthesis2014 Jonathan A. Ellman (grad student)
Alex buhimschi
David BulkleyBiochemistry, structural chemistry2013 Thomas A. Steitz (grad student)
Karen G. BulockBiochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2000 G Peter Beardsley (grad student)
John C. Burantchemical dynamics2002 John Charles Tully (grad student)
Ingrid Crane BurkeEcology, Soil Science, Biogeochemistry, Semiarid Ecosystems
Lori A. Burnsoptical spectroscopy, molecular behavior2009 Patrick H. Vaccaro (grad student)
Richard J. BushbyLiquid Crystals, Phospholipids, Pi Multiradicals19691970 Jerome A. Berson (post-doc)
Beth C. Butlernon-coding RNA2011 Ronald R. Breaker (grad student)
Ethan B. ButlerRNA, Ribosome2011 Scott A. Strobel (grad student)
David E. ButmanBiogeochemistry2012 Peter A. Raymond (grad student)
Arseniy ButrinX-ray Crystallography, Biochemistry Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Craig M. Crews (post-doc)
Clyde W. Cadyorganometallics, inorganic2008 Robert H. Crabtree (grad student), Gary W. Brudvig (grad student)
Niamh M. CahillRNA, Splicing2002 Joan A. Steitz (grad student)
Jianfeng CaiPeptidomimetics20072009 Andrew D. Hamilton (post-doc)
Zhengxin CaiOrganic Synthesis; PET imaging
David Caianiello Sarah Slavoff (grad student)
Matthew F. CalabreseProtein Folding and Dynamics, Structural Biology2009 Andrew D. Miranker (grad student)
Leah J. Campbellorganic synthesis, pharmacology, molecular biology2011 Craig M. Crews (grad student)
Sharon L. CampbellRas and Rho GTPases, Their Modulators and Effectors1986 Robert G. Shulman (grad student)
Donald E Canfield1988 Robert A. Berner (grad student)
Kurt S. Cannonmajor histocompatibility complex (MHC)2000 Peter Cresswell (grad student), Ari Helenius (grad student)
Tianchi Cao Menachem Elimelech (post-doc)
Michael J. Caplan Cell Biology Cell Biology19821987 George E. Palade (grad student), James D. Jamieson (grad student)
John P. Caradonnanon-heme iron metalloproteins
Heather A. Carlsonprotein-ligand recognition, protein flexibility, and new methods for computer-aided drug discovery1997 William L. Jorgensen (grad student)
Barry K. CarpenterReaction Mechanisms, Nonstatistical Dynamics of Reactive Intermediates, Photochemical Reduction of CO219731975 Jerome A. Berson (post-doc)
Dora Carricochemical biology2004 Andrew D. Hamilton (grad student)
Julie A. CarruthersBiophysical Chemistry2001 Donald Morris Crothers (grad student)
Katherine O. CarterGenetics2008 Frank J. Slack (grad student)
James Casonorganic chemistry1938 Rudolph John Anderson (grad student)
Donald L. D. CasparStructural Biology1955 Ernest Charles Pollard (grad student)
Harold G. Cassidy
Hubert R. Catchpole1937 Abraham White (research scientist)
Samuel Chackalamannil Chemistry Samuel J. Danishefsky (grad student)
Stuart Charles Chaffee2001 John Louis Wood (grad student)
Jonathan ChairesBiophysical Chemistry Donald Morris Crothers (post-doc)
Martin ChalfieC. elegans19711971 José A. Zadunaisky (research assistant)
Alexander Chamessian2010 David A. Spiegel (research assistant)
Hiului Lana Chanchemical engineering2001 Eric I. Altman (grad student)
Wakam Changcytoskeleton. Epithelial cell biology. molecular motors2008 Mark S. Mooseker (grad student)
William Chozen ChangNucleotide pyrophosphatases/phosphodiesterases Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry20062012 Demetrios Thomas Braddock (grad student)
Richard Kounai Chang
Sung-Youn ChangMedicinal Chemistry Chemistry20042006 Andrew D. Hamilton (post-doc)
Hannah C. ChapinCell Biology2010 Michael J. Caplan (grad student)
Sally Chapman1973 Raymond J. Suplinskas (grad student), Richard K. Preston (grad student), John Charles Tully (grad student)
David Charboneau Chemistry20162021 Nilay Hazari (grad student)
Erwin ChargaffDNA19281930 Rudolph John Anderson (post-doc)
Chandrima Chatterjeeoptical spectroscopy, molecular behavior2010 Patrick H. Vaccaro (grad student)
Charu Chaudhryregulation of gene expression mediated by proteins that bind specifically to DNA, signal transduction pathway involved in vision, structural biology2003 Paul B. Sigler (grad student)
Subhajyoti ChaudhuriTheoretical / Computational Chemistry20142020 Victor S. Batista (grad student)
Arunima Chaudhuri Amitabha Chattopadhyay (grad student)
Shuming Chen Jonathan A. Ellman (grad student)
Xin Chen20032008 Victor S. Batista (grad student)
Yifeng Chen Timothy R. Newhouse (post-doc)
Jim C. ChenMembrane separation processes for desalination and water reuse; engineered osmosis for water and power production2005 Menachem Elimelech (grad student)
Junyi Chenorganometallics, inorganic2001 Robert H. Crabtree (grad student)
Hongyu Chenorganometallics, inorganic19982004 Robert H. Crabtree (grad student), Gary W. Brudvig (grad student)
Yuan Chencatalysis2005 Gary L. Haller (grad student)
Peter Chenorganic and metallorganic chemistry Chemical Engineering1988 Steven D. Colson (grad student), William A. Chupka (grad student), Jerome A. Berson (grad student), John B. Fenn (post-doc)
Kai Loon Chen2008 Menachem Elimelech (grad student)
Hongzhi Chengchemical dynamics2007 John Charles Tully (grad student)
Xu Chengbiologically active natural products2010 Andrew J. Phillips (grad student)
Alice Y. CheungMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology1982 Dieter Söll (grad student)
Hung-Yuan ChiDNA Repair2007 Patrick Sung (grad student)
Anthony R. Chianeseorganometallics20002005 Robert H. Crabtree (grad student)
Albert Charles ChibnallProtein chemistry, biochemistry19221924 Thomas Burr Osborne (post-doc)
Lena J. ChinMolecular Biology2009 Frank J. Slack (grad student)
Jason William Chin2001 Alanna Schepartz (grad student)
Russell Henry Chittendenchemistry of digestion1880 Samuel William Johnson (grad student)
Wooyoung Cho Jason M. Crawford (grad student)
Daniel F. Chodosh Chemistry Chemistry1979 Richard Darwin Adams (grad student), Robert H. Crabtree (post-doc)
Kihang Choichemical biology2003 Andrew D. Hamilton (grad student)
Cyrus H. ChothiaComputational Molecular Biology1973 Frederic M. Richards (post-doc)
Jennifer Christianson Michael P. Czech (grad student)
John ChuChemical Biology Chemistry Alanna Schepartz (post-doc)
Chiheng ChuEnvironmental science and engineering
Sung-Kee Chung Chemistry19721975 Alastair Ian Scott (post-doc)
William A. Chupkamolecular spectroscopy
Craig C. CinquinaPharmacology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry2000 G Peter Beardsley (grad student)
Marco A. CiufoliniOrganic Chemistry, Heterocycles19821984 Samuel J. Danishefsky (post-doc)
Alessio Ciullichemical biology, biochemistry, structural biology, PROTACs, targeted protein degradation, fragment-based drug design Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology20092009 Craig M. Crews (post-doc)
Jon C. Clardynatural products R. Stephen Berry (research assistant)
Robert Clark William C. Summers (grad student)
Ronald Claus19821983 Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
Sharon CloadDrug Discovery Chemistry1993 Alanna Schepartz (grad student)
Jesse C. CochraneRNA, Ribosome2007 Scott A. Strobel (grad student)
Emily B. CohenMolecular Biology of Tumor Viruses2014 Daniel C. DiMaio (grad student)
George Sansing Coker2001 Kurt W. Zilm (grad student)
Sierra ColavitoDNA Repair2010 Patrick Sung (grad student)
Roger B. Coledynamic and structural properties of proteins2004 J. Patrick Loria (grad student)
Kyle B. ColeMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry2000 Robert Lawrence Dorit (grad student)
Philip A. ColePharmacology, Biochemistry chemistry19831984 Samuel J. Danishefsky (research assistant)
Douglas G. ColeCiliogenesis, Intraflagellar Transport, Chlamydomonas, Euglena19951998 Joel L. Rosenbaum (post-doc)
Devon Cole20142018 Noah Planavsky (grad student)
Oscar Colegio20002003 James M Anderson (grad student)
Bernard D. ColemanRheology1954 John Gamble Kirkwood (grad student), Raymond M. Fuoss (grad student)
Robert S. Coleman Chemistry19871989 Samuel J. Danishefsky (post-doc)
Joseph E. Colemanprotein chemistry, enzymology and DNA-protein interactions
Steven D. Colsonlaser spectroscopy
Joshua Benjamin CombsChemistry, chemical biology Chemistry20172022 Seth B. Herzon (grad student)
Gary W. Conraddevelopment1968 John P. Trinkaus (grad student)
Heidi L. CookRNA, Splicing2005 Joan A. Steitz (grad student)
Robert C Cookpolymers, material science, theory Chemistry19691973 Marshall Fixman (grad student)
Steven A. Corcelli, Jr.Theoretical & Computational Chemistry2002 John Charles Tully (grad student)
David P. CoreyIon channels, hair cells Charles F. Stevens (post-doc)
Bryan J. Cowen2009 Scott Joseph Miller (grad student)
George Raymond Cowgill1921 Harry M. Zimmerman (collaborator), Lafayette Benedict Mendel (grad student)
Robert H. Crabtreeorganometallics, inorganic
George E. Craftdrug addiction, Phosphatases, Phosphorylation, Ubiquitination2008 Angus C. Nairn (post-doc)
Sara E. CragerMedicine and Surgery Yale School of Medicine2011 John Kenneth Rose (grad student)
Cody J. Craigprotein–protein and protein–DNA interactions2011 Alanna Schepartz (grad student)
Jason M. CrawfordChemical Biology
Thomas Cremermolecular cytogenetics, fluorescent microscopy, chromatin dynamics19861988 Laura Manuelidis (research scientist)
Peter Cresswellmajor histocompatibility complex (MHC)
Craig M. Crewsorganic synthesis, pharmacology, molecular biology
R. James CrossFullerene Chemistry, Dynamics of Organic Reactions, Theory of Inelastic Scattering
Donald Morris CrothersBiophysical Chemistry
Darcy A. Culkinreactions catalyzed by transition metal complexes2004 John F. Hartwig (grad student)
Christopher G. Cummingschemical biology2009 Andrew D. Hamilton (grad student)
Emanuele Curottotheoretical chemistry1996 R. James Cross (grad student)
Michael A. Curtis1999 Jack Faller (post-doc)
Clarissa Melo CzeksterBiochemistry20122014 Alanna Schepartz (post-doc)
John C. Czworkowskiproblem-based learning; the use of computer multimedia for science instruction1993 Peter B. Moore (post-doc)
Louis R. D'AbramoFisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Biochemistry, Animal Physiology Biology1979 Luigi Provasoli (grad student)
Darlene G. D'Alliessitransition metal complexes and organometallic compounds2003 Jack Faller (grad student)
Allegra K. da SilvaMembrane separation processes for desalination and water reuse; engineered osmosis for water and power production2008 Menachem Elimelech (grad student)
William P. Daileyreactive intermediates, strained-ring chemistry, computational chemistry, matrix isolation, and organo-fluorine chemistry19831985 Kenneth B. Wiberg (post-doc)
Seema DalalProtein Structure, Function, and Design2000 Lynne Joy Regan (grad student)
Siddhartha DasCatalysis20022008 Robert H. Crabtree (grad student), Gary W. Brudvig (grad student)
Jessica M. Davischemical biology2006 Andrew D. Hamilton (grad student)
Raymond E. Davis1965 Alexander Tulinsky (grad student)
Caitlin Davis
Raymond Davis, Jr.neutrino physics1942 Herbert Spencer Harned (grad student)
Ray F. Dawson1937 Carl George Deuber (grad student)
Jessica P. DawsonStructural biology2003 Donald M. Engelman (grad student)
Joshua J. Daynatural product synthesis2010 John Louis Wood (grad student)
Christopher J. De FeoBiochemistry2008 Vinzenz M. Unger (grad student)
Enrique Manuel De La CruzCytoskeleton, RNA helicases, Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Polymer Mechanics, Processivity20062012 William Chozen Chang (collaborator)
Armin de MeijereOrganic chemistry19671969 Kenneth B. Wiberg (post-doc)
Jose Guedes de Sena FilhoPharmacy, natural products, MBB
Andrew DeBlaseSolvation2014 Mark A. Johnson (grad student)
Reginald A. DeeringDNA repair1957 Richard B. Setlow (grad student)
Laura L. DeFeocomputational chemistry and molecular design2010 William L. Jorgensen (grad student)
Rosa A. DeFilippisMolecular Biology of Tumor Viruses2002 Daniel C. DiMaio (grad student)
Hadassa Deganimagnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy of cancer1984 Robert G. Shulman (research scientist)
Jose Delfino19861988 Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
Charles DeLisi Chemistry1972 Donald Morris Crothers (post-doc)
Murielle F. Delley Chemistry James M. Mayer (post-doc)
Robert J. DeLorenzoEpilepsy, calcium signaling, neural plasticity Paul Greengard (grad student)
Angela M. DeLuciaDNA Replication and Repair2007 Nigel D. F. Grindley (grad student)
Jan A. den Hollandermagnetic resonance
Jonathan Hancock DennisGenome regulation Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry19941997 Paul B. Sigler (research assistant)
Charles Herbert DePuygas phase ion chemistry1953 William von Eggers Doering (grad student)
Alpay Dermenci2012 Scott Joseph Miller (grad student)
Peter B. DervanDNA recognition1972 Jerome A. Berson (grad student)
Carl George Deuber
Harry J. DeuelLipid chemistry, physiology1923 Lafayette Benedict Mendel (grad student)
David Dew-Hughessuperconductivity1959 William Donald Robertson (grad student)
Rachel J. Dexterprotein–protein and protein–DNA interactions2010 Alanna Schepartz (grad student)
Hans-Juergen Dietrich19941995 John Louis Wood (post-doc)
Eric G. DikenSolvation2005 Mark A. Johnson (grad student)
Daniel C. DiMaioMolecular Biology of Tumor Viruses
Wendu Dingmolecular rectification, energy transfer Chemistry20112016 Victor S. Batista (grad student)
Howard Dintzis1954 John Gamble Kirkwood (post-doc)
Sitindra S. DirghangiGeochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Paleoclimate Science2013 Mark Pagani (grad student)
Pierre Dixneuf Chemistry19841986 Richard Darwin Adams (post-doc)
Graham E. Dobereinerorganometallics, inorganic2011 Robert H. Crabtree (grad student)
Elizabeth A. DohertyMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2000 Jennifer A. Doudna (grad student)
William R. DolbierOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry1966 William von Eggers Doering (post-doc)
Sun Dongbang Jonathan A. Ellman (grad student)
Sun Dongbang Jonathan A. Ellman (grad student)
Katherine A. DoniganGenetics2011 Joann B. Sweasy (grad student)
John Joseph Donleavy1920 Treat Baldwin Johnson (grad student)
Robert Lawrence DoritMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry
Nicolas Doucet Chemistry J. Patrick Loria (post-doc)
Eugene F Douglass2014 David A. Spiegel (grad student)
Robert Patrick Doylepharmaceutical drug development for the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes20032005 Ann M. Valentine (post-doc)
Cristian Draghici David A. Spiegel (post-doc)
Ioana Drutu2002 John Louis Wood (grad student)
Guoan Ducatalysis2008 Gary L. Haller (grad student)
Xuexin Duan20102013 Mark A. Reed (post-doc)
James W. DubrinNuclear chemistry1965 Richard L. Wolfgang (grad student)
Vanessa C. Ducassingle molecule biophysics Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry2013 Elizabeth E. Rhoades (grad student)
Natavan Dudkina
Amy S. DuffieldCell Biology2005 Michael J. Caplan (grad student)
Lisa A. DunbarCell Biology2000 Michael J. Caplan (grad student)
Myun H. DunlopDNA Repair2010 Patrick Sung (grad student)
Allison D. DupuyStructural biology2007 Donald M. Engelman (grad student)
Kimberly J. DurniakBiochemistry, structural chemistry2008 Thomas A. Steitz (grad student)
Laura-Mirela DutcaPhysical, Biophysical, Analytical Chemistry20072010 Susan J. Baserga (post-doc)
Simon Duttwyler Jonathan A. Ellman (post-doc)
Elizabeth Dyerpolymer chemistry1931 Treat Baldwin Johnson (grad student)
Nadia D’Lima Sarah Slavoff (post-doc)
Joshua E.
Catherine M. EakinProtein Folding and Dynamics, Structural Biology2005 Andrew D. Miranker (grad student)
Amos Eatonnatural science1816 Benjamin Silliman, Sr. (post-doc)
Craig J. EckhardtSolid-state reactions1967 Basil Gideon Anex (grad student)
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