New York University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Karen Adolph
Elizabeth A. Allen Psychology2008 Karen Adolph (grad student)
Adam L. Alter
David M. Amodioprejudice, stereotyping, social neuroscience
Susan AndersenTransference, close relationships
Joshua M. Aronson
Vivienne Badaan Psychology20152020 John T. Jost (grad student)
Doug K. Bemis Psychology2012 Liina Pylkkanen (grad student)
Kathy R. BerensonTransference, close relationships2001 Susan Andersen (grad student)
Sarah E. Berger2001 Karen Adolph (grad student)
Michele S. BerkTransference, close relationships2001 Susan Andersen (grad student)
Karen BlackmonNeuropsychology
Nathaniel J. Blancocognition, decision-making, categorization, learning20092012 Todd M. Gureckis (research assistant)
Aenne A. Brielmann Psychology20152020 Denis G. Pelli (grad student)
Orville G. Brim
Jerome Seymour BrunerPsychology
Marisa Carrascoattention, visual psychophysics Brian McElree (collaborator)
Christina M. CarterTransference, close relationships2006 Susan Andersen (grad student)
Shelly ChaikenAttitudes, social cognition
Lisa Chalik Psychology20112016 Marjorie Rhodes (grad student)
Serena Chensocial psychology Susan Andersen (grad student), John Bargh (grad student)
Dolly Chugh
Andrei Cimpian
Marylene Cloitre
Anna Coenen20122017 Todd M. Gureckis (grad student)
Whitney G. Cole Psychology2013 Karen Adolph (grad student)
Kimberly L. DuckworthAttitudes, social cognition2002 Shelly Chaiken (grad student)
Katherine D. Duncanmemory Psychology20062011 Lila Davachi (grad student)
Tami EdwardsTransference, close relationships Psychology2007 Susan Andersen (grad student)
Steve Ellman Psychology, experimental Harry Fiss (grad student)
Steven J. Ellman19641969 Harry Fiss (grad student)
Melissa J. Ferguson2002 John Bargh (grad student)
Irina Feyginapolitical psychology, system justification theory Psychology2012 John T. Jost (grad student)
Grainne M. Fitzsimonssocial psychology, organizational behavior, relationships, goals, motivation2004 John Bargh (grad student)
Stephani ForakerPsycholinguistics2004 Brian McElree (grad student)
Emily Foster-Hanson Psychology2014 Marjorie Rhodes (grad student)
John M. Franchak Psychology2011 Karen Adolph (grad student)
Jacqueline M. FulvioVisual system, Cognition, Perception Psychology20042009 Laurence T. Maloney (grad student)
Simone V. Gill Psychology2009 Karen Adolph (grad student)
Ahna C. Girshickvisual perception, psychophysics, computational models of vision2007 Michael S. Landy (post-doc), Eero P. Simoncelli (post-doc)
David C. Glass Psychology Psychology Orville G. Brim (grad student), Edgar Borgatta (grad student), M. Brewster Smith (grad student)
Sam Glucksberg Howard Kendler (grad student)
Elkhonon GoldbergNeuropsychology
Sandy L. GonzalezMotor Development, Handedness, Language Development, Bilingualism, Infant Development
Holly K. Hamilton20062007 David M. Amodio (research assistant)
Ran Hassin Psychology Yaacov Trope (grad student)
Eric HehmanIntergroup dynamics; person perception Psychology Jon Freeman (post-doc)
Erin Hennes Psychology John T. Jost (grad student)
Mark Hoffarth Psychology John T. Jost (post-doc)
Todd E. Hudsonprobabilistic models, statistical models, psychophysics, motor control, motor planning Michael S. Landy (post-doc), Laurence T. Maloney (post-doc)
Antje IhlefeldPsychoacoustics, Cochlear Implants, computational modeling20112014 Dan H. Sanes (research scientist)
Michelle L. ImberVisual perception, Neuropsychology19972002 Robert M. Shapley (grad student)
Nora Miriam Isacoffmental lexicon, psychology of language, cognitive development Teaching and Learning20142016 Joseph McDonald (post-doc)
Shaziela Ishak Psychology2009 Karen Adolph (grad student)
Amy S. Joh2006 Karen Adolph (grad student)
John T. Jostpolitical psychology, system justification theory Psychology Jay Van Bavel (collaborator)
George Kachergislearning, memory, categorization Psychology20152016 Todd M. Gureckis (post-doc), Marjorie Rhodes (post-doc)
Stephen Edward Kagann1972 Hourmouzis George Georgiadis (grad student)
Jacob Robert KantorExperimental Psychology
Howard Kendler Kenneth W. Spence (grad student)
Eric D. KnowlesSocial and political psychology
Jamie KraftVisual psychophysics Peter Lennie (post-doc)
Jennifer T. KubotaSocial Neuroscience 20102004 Jack Nitschke (research assistant), Elizabeth A. Phelps (post-doc), Patricia Devine (research assistant)
Gizem Kucukoglu20112014 Laurence T. Maloney (grad student)
Melanie Langer Psychology20142019 John T. Jost (grad student)
Mathieu Le Corre2005 Susan Carey (grad student)
Ryan F Leistereotyping, prejudice, development Psychology Andrei Cimpian (post-doc)
Alan Lesliepretense Jerome Seymour Bruner (grad student)
Sam Lingvision, attention, binocular rivalry, visual psychophysics, fmri, tms, learning Psychology2007 Marisa Carrasco (grad student)
Taosheng Liu20032007 Franco Pestilli (collaborator), Marisa Carrasco (post-doc)
Tara M. Mandalaywala Psychology2014 Marjorie Rhodes (post-doc)
George MandlerGeneral psychology19461949 Bernard Mausner (research assistant)
Gary F. Marcuslanguage, music cognition
Isabelle MareschalVisual psychophysics20012004 Robert M. Shapley (post-doc)
Jay B. MartinCausality, categorization, active learning, and computational models2010 Bob Rehder (grad student), Todd M. Gureckis (grad student)
Alia Martin Psychology20062008 Athena Vouloumanos (research assistant)
Frank N. Marzocco
Bernard Mausner Psychology Psychology Otto Klineberg (grad student), William N. Schoenfeld (grad student)
Regina MirandaTransference, close relationships2004 Susan Andersen (grad student)
Kelsey Motyconcepts and categories, conceptual development, language and thought Psychology2017 Marjorie Rhodes (grad student)
O'Dhaniel A. Mullette-GillmanDecision Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Decision Making, Executive Functions, Value-to-Utility Transformation, Moral Judgments20052007 Paul W. Glimcher (post-doc)
H. Hannah Nam Psychology John T. Jost (grad student)
Jaime L. Napierpolitical psychology, system justification theory Psychology2010 John T. Jost (grad student)
DongWon OhSocial perception, face processing, face perception, stereotypes
Melanie PalomaresVisual perception,normal and abnormal development, VEPs, psychophysics19962000 Denis G. Pelli (research assistant)
Franco PestilliDiffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Tractography, functional MRI, Neuroscience, Visual attention, Decision making, Reward, Reading, Connectomics Psychology2008 Sam Ling (collaborator), Marisa Carrasco (grad student)
Amanda PogueDevelopmental Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition, Cognitive Development, Conceptual Development20092010 Athena Vouloumanos (research scientist), Gary F. Marcus (research scientist)
John Protzko Applied Psychology2013 Joshua M. Aronson (grad student)
Elizabeth PrzybylinskiTransference, close relationships Psychology2014 Susan Andersen (grad student)
Hugh Rabagliati Psychology Psychology2010 Gary F. Marcus (grad student), Liina Pylkkanen (grad student)
Tania Ramos
Lindsay E. Rankinpolitical psychology, system justification theory Psychology2014 John T. Jost (grad student)
Adam ReevesVisual psychophysics John Krauskopf (post-doc)
Harry T. Reisclose relationships; social psychology Psychology James S. Uleman (grad student)
Inga ReznikTransference, close relationships2001 Susan Andersen (grad student)
Joseph Rickerclinical neuropsychology19891992 James Appel (research assistant), Julie Broadbent (research assistant), Pamela Anne Keenan (grad student)
Johanna M. Rimmelecognitive neuroscience, auditory cognition, cognitive aging, plasticity, temporal processing, oscillations Psychology20112012 David Poeppel (post-doc)
Carin Rubenstein1979 Phillip Shaver (grad student)
Selahattin A. SaribayTransference, close relationships Psychology2008 Susan Andersen (grad student)
Michael P. Sceniakcellular neurophysiology19952000 Robert M. Shapley (grad student)
William SchiffEducational Psychology
Lloyd Silverman
Tara M. SingerTransference, close relationships2002 Susan Andersen (grad student)
Pamela K. Smithsocial psychology19992004 Yaacov Trope (grad student)
Miriam Speringvisual psychophysics, eye movements, attention2009 Marisa Carrasco (post-doc), Romesh D. Kumbhani (collaborator)
Brian J. SpitzerSocial psychology of education, parental feedback, developmental psychology, growth mindset, academic motivation Steinhardt20122020 Joshua M. Aronson (grad student), Catherine Tamis-LeMonda (grad student)
Morris "Moe" Stein Henry A. Murray (grad student)
Joanna Sterling Psychology John T. Jost (grad student)
Chadly Stern Psychology John T. Jost (grad student)
Jordan William Suchowperception, visual cognition20032008 Denis G. Pelli (research assistant)
Hulda Thorisdottirpolitical psychology, system justification theory Psychology20032007 John T. Jost (grad student)
Jennifer ThorpeTransference, close relationships Psychology2009 Susan Andersen (grad student)
Alexa Tompary Lila Davachi (grad student)
Shannon Tubridymemory2014 Lila Davachi (grad student), Todd M. Gureckis (post-doc)
Jay Van Bavel
Johanne M. van der Toornpolitical psychology, system justification theory Psychology2010 John T. Jost (grad student)
Andrea C. VialGender, power, legitimacy, stereotypes20182020 Andrei Cimpian (post-doc)
Athena VouloumanosCognitive development, communication, speech, language Jennifer Marie Davie Yoon (collaborator)
Yin Wangsocial cognitive neuroscience Department of Psychology20132015 Susanne Quadflieg (post-doc)
Joel Weinbergerpsychotherapy Psychology19821986 Lloyd Silverman (grad student)
Amatzia WeiselEducation and rehabilitation of deaf and hard of hearing students, The psycho-social context of deafness, Attitudes towards persons with physical disabilities, Educational policy in special education19801983 Jerome Daniel Schein (grad student), William Schiff (grad student)
Sophie Wuergercolour vision Department of Experimental Psychology & Neuroscience19851991 John Krauskopf (grad student)
Yi (Jenny) Xiao Jay Van Bavel (grad student)
Lisa Zaval20082009 Todd M. Gureckis (research assistant)