University of Cambridge

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sverre Aarseth Institute of Astronomy19601963 Fred Hoyle (grad student)
Ronald Adrianturbulent fluid motion1972 Alan A. Townsend (grad student)
Iván Agulló20122013 Edward Paul Scott Shellard (post-doc)
George Biddell AiryAstronomy1823 George Peacock (research assistant)
Bruce Allen1984 Stephen Hawking (grad student)
Thomas Edward Alliboneparticle physics, X-rays, high voltage equipment, and electron microscopes.19261930 Ernest Rutherford (post-doc)
Philip Warren Andersonmagnetic properties of matter
E. Raymond Andrewsolid state NMR, MRI1948 David Shoenberg (grad student)
Edward Victor AppletonOptics, Electromagnetic Theory19101913 Joseph John Thomson (grad student), Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
David AtkinsonTheoretical physics1964 James Hamilton (grad student)
Kenneth T. Bainbridgemass spectroscopy19331934 Ernest Rutherford (post-doc)
John G. Baker1959 T. Morris Sugden (grad student)
John BaldwinInterferometry, radio astronomy Martin Ryle (grad student)
Leslie E. BallentineElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1965 Volker Heine (grad student)
Charles Glover Barkla1900 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Virgil BarnesElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1962 Otto Robert Frisch (grad student)
Charles Andrew Barnesnuclear physics1950 Denys Haigh Wilkinson (grad student), Otto Robert Frisch (grad student)
Isaac BarrowGeneral Mathematics
Maurice Stevenson Bartlettstatistics John Wishart (grad student)
Mitchell C. BegelmanAstronomy and Astrophysics Astrophysics Martin John Rees (grad student)
Gregory A. BeneshCondensed Matter Physics Physics1982 Volker Heine (post-doc), Roger Haydock (post-doc)
William Ernest BennettNuclear physics1937 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
John Desmond BernalCrystallography1923 Arthur Hutchinson (research assistant)
Hans Albrecht BetheParticle Theory19301931 Ralph H. Fowler (post-doc)
Homi Jehangir BhabhaNuclear Physics1934 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student)
Harry K. D. H. Bhadeshia Robert W. K. Honeycombe (grad student)
Etienne S. Bieler1923 James Chadwick (grad student)
M. Bithell Martin John Rees (grad student)
Francis Bittermagnetism19331934 Pyotr Kapitsa (post-doc)
Patrick M.S. Blackett1924 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Donald Blackwell1950 Gordon B.B.M. Sutherland (grad student)
Roger David BlandfordAstrophysics1974 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Jeremy BloxhamGeophysics1986 David Gubbins (grad student)
Niels BohrTheoretical nuclear physics1911 Joseph John Thomson (post-doc)
Hermann Bondi Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student)
Henry G. BookerGeophysics1936 John Ashworth Ratcliffe (grad student)
Max Bornquantum mechanics, solid-state physics, optics19061908 Joseph John Thomson (post-doc), Joseph Larmor (post-doc)
Jagadish Chandra BosePhysics, Biophysics1884 John William Strutt (Lord Rayleigh) (grad student)
Raphael BoussoParticle Physics1997 Stephen Hawking (grad student)
Philip Bowden1929 Eric Keightley Rideal (grad student)
W. Lawrence Braggx-ray crystallography1912 Joseph John Thomson (research assistant)
Peter George Breretonquantum dots, quantum optics20092012 Richard T. Phillips (grad student)
Egon Bretschernuclear physics
Richard Arthur Buckingham1936 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student)
Edward Crisp BullardGeophysics1932 Patrick M.S. Blackett (research assistant), Gerald Ponsonby Lenox-Conyngham (grad student)
Eli Franklin Burton19041906 Joseph John Thomson (post-doc)
Hugh Longbourne Callendarplatinum resistance thermometer1886 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
James M. CasselsNuclear physics1950 Otto Robert Frisch (grad student)
Jose Rafael Castrejon PitaFluid Dynamics, Quantum Optics20012012 Alfonso Arturo Castrejon-Pita (collaborator)
Andrea Cattaneo Martin John Rees (grad student)
Joan M. Centrellagravitational wave astrophysics1979 Bernard J.T. Jones (grad student)
James Chadwick
Subramanyan Chandrasekharastrophysics1933 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student), Edward Arthur Milne (grad student)
Matthias Christandl2006 Artur Ekert (grad student)
John ClarkeCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science, SQUID magnetometer1968 A. Brian Pippard (grad student)
Arthur Bradbury Clegg1956 Denys Haigh Wilkinson (grad student)
Phillip Charles ClemmowMathematics1951 Henry G. Booker (grad student)
David H. Cobdennanoscale systems1991 Michael Pepper (grad student)
William Cochran
John Douglas Cockcroftnuclear physics19241928 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Piers Coleman Physics19791980 Gilbert Lonzarich (grad student)
Allan M. Cormack1950 Otto Robert Frisch (grad student)
Miguel Costa Physics Malcolm J. Perry (grad student)
Roger Cotes
Garret CotterPhysics
Charles Alfred Coulsonmolecular physical chemistry1936 John Lennard-Jones (grad student)
Roger Arthur Cowley1964 William Cochran (grad student)
Paul R. Coxonnanomaterials, spectroscopy
Michael C. CrossTheoretical physics1975 Philip Warren Anderson (grad student)
Samuel Crowe Currannuclear physics1941 Philip Ivor Dee (grad student)
Richard H. Dalitz1950 Nicholas Kemmer (grad student)
Clinton Joseph Davissoncrystallography, electromagnetism1913 Joseph John Thomson (post-doc)
Senarath P. de AlwisTheory Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics1969 Peter Vincent Landshoff (grad student)
Augustus De Morganmathematics, logic George Peacock (grad student), William Whewell (grad student)
Philip Ivor Dee1927 Charles Thomson Rees Wilson (grad student)
Robin C.E. DevenishDeep Inelastic Scattering1968 Elliot Leader (grad student)
Samuel Devons1939 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Markus Diehl Peter Vincent Landshoff (grad student)
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac1926 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student)
Robert W. Ditchburn1928 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Gerald Dolling Gordon Leslie Squires (grad student)
Cyril DombStatistical mechanics1949 Fred Hoyle (grad student)
Karl-Johan Donner1979 Donald Lynden-Bell (grad student)
Peter John DornanHigh energy Physics1965 Otto Robert Frisch (grad student)
John Peter DoughertyMathematics1961 Phillip Charles Clemmow (grad student)
Fay Dowker Stephen Hawking (grad student)
Freeman John Dysonq.e.d., solid-state physics, astronomy, nuclear engineering19461947 Nicholas Kemmer (research assistant)
Arthur Stanley EddingtonAstrophysics19011905 Robert Alfred Herman (research assistant), Ernest William Barnes (research assistant), Edmund Taylor Whittaker (research assistant)
Richard J. EdenQuantum Theory19481951 Werner Heisenberg (grad student), Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (grad student)
Samuel Frederick Edwardstheoretical study of complex materials such as polymers, gels, colloids and similar systems
R. Nigel EdwardsGeological Engineering, Physical Oceanography1970 Edward Crisp Bullard (grad student)
George P. Efstathiou
Peter P. Eggletonevolution of stars1966 Fred Hoyle (grad student)
Stephen R Elliott
Richard S. EllisAstrophysics
Charles Drummond Ellisnuclear physics1924 James Chadwick (grad student), Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Johanna Erdmenger Physics19931996 Hugh Osborn (grad student)
Andrew C. FabianX-ray Astronomy Institute of Astronomy1972 Peter W. Sanford (grad student)
Leopoldo M. FalicovTheoretical physics1959 Volker Heine (grad student)
Norman Feathernuclear physics1931 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
John Ambrose Flemingelectrical engineering1877 James Clerk Maxwell (post-doc)
W. Matthew. C. FoulkesElectronic Structure of solids Roger Haydock (grad student)
Ralph H. FowlerIntroduced the theory of field emission from bulk metals and formulated the zeroth law of thermodynamics. Also worked with Dirac on the statistical mechanics of white dwarf stars.1919 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Geoffrey FoxComputer Science19611967 Richard J. Eden (grad student)
Juhan FrankAstronomy and Astrophysics Martin John Rees (grad student)
Frederick Charles Frankcrystal structure, crystal growth19381940 Eric Keightley Rideal (post-doc)
Anthony FrenchIntermediate Energy Physics1948 Egon Bretscher (grad student)
Daan Frenkelsoft condensed matter, simulation techniques
Otto Robert Frischnuclear physics
Charlotte Froese Fischeratomic theory19511956 Douglas R. Hartree (grad student)
Jonathan Gair
George Gamownuclear theory, stellar theory, relativistic cosmogony, protein coding19291929 Ernest Rutherford (post-doc)
Gary W. GibbonsTheoretical physics19701972 Dennis W. Sciama (grad student), Stephen Hawking (grad student)
G.R. Gisler Martin John Rees (grad student)
Lucas Goehring20082011 Alex Routh (post-doc), William Clegg (post-doc)
Maria Goeppert-Mayer1928 Ernest Rutherford (research assistant)
Maurice Goldhabernuclear physics1936 James Chadwick (grad student)
Peter Martin GoldreichPlanetary Science19631964 Donald Lynden-Bell (post-doc)
Raymond E. Goldsteinbiological physics
Jeffrey GoldstoneField Theory, Quantum Computing1958 Hans Albrecht Bethe (grad student)
Eduardo Gonzalez SolaresGalaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei, Instrumentation, Surveys and Projects
Richard M. Goodyatmospheric physics1950 Gordon B.B.M. Sutherland (grad student)
Douglas Owen Gough Roger J. Tayler (grad student)
Michael GreenString Theory19671970 Richard J. Eden (grad student)
Neil GreenhamOptoelectronics, device physics Cavendish Laboratory Richard H. Friend (grad student)
Alan Lindsay Greer
David GubbinsGeophysics1972 Edward Crisp Bullard (grad student)
John Currie GunnTheoretical physics1939 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student)
M. Haehnelt Martin John Rees (grad student)
F. Duncan M. Haldanecondensed-matter physics19731978 Philip Warren Anderson (grad student)
Ian Gibson HallidayNuclear Physics19621964 John Charlton Polkinghorne (grad student)
James Hamiltonmathematics, theoretical physics
Sean A. HartnollTheoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Theoretical Particle Physics2005 Gary W. Gibbons (grad student)
Douglas R. Hartreeatomic theory19211926 Archibald V. Hill (research scientist), Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Martin O. HarwitInfrared astronomy Fred Hoyle (post-doc)
Evatt R. Hawkesturbulent combustion, direct numerical simulation, large-eddy simulation, solar energy19962001 R. Stewart Cant (grad student)
Stephen Hawkingcosmology, relativity theory1966 Dennis W. Sciama (grad student)
Roger HaydockElectronic Structure of solids1972 Volker Heine (grad student)
Volker HeineElectronic Structure of solids1956 Nevill Francis Mott (grad student)
Manfred A. HellbergPlasma Physics Culham Laboratory1965 John Peter Dougherty (grad student)
Antony Hewish1952 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Archibald V. Hill Physiology19051914 John Newport Langley (grad student), Walter Morley Fletcher (grad student)
Nicholas D M HineElectronic Structure
Peter B. HirschMetallurgy, structure of coal, transmission electron microscopy1950 W. H. Taylor (grad student), W. Lawrence Bragg (grad student)
Craig HoganAstronomy and Astrophysics, Theory Physics Martin John Rees (grad student)
Archibald Cameron Hollis-Hallett1951 David Shoenberg (grad student)
Robert W. K. Honeycombe Egon Orowan (grad student)
William HopkinsMathematics and geology1830 Adam Sedgwick (grad student)
John HopkinsonElectrical Engineering, Electromagnetism18671871 Edward John Routh (research assistant)
Archibald HowieScanning transmission electron microscopy1961 Peter B. Hirsch (grad student), Michael John Whelan (grad student)
Fred Hoylecosmology1939 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (research assistant), Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (grad student), Maurice Henry Lecorney Pryce (research scientist)
KC HuangCellular Organization1999 Guna Rajagopal (research assistant)
John Hudson
Arthur Llewelyn Hughes19081912 Joseph John Thomson (research assistant)
Ling-Yan Hung Michael Green (grad student)
Reginald William JamesX-ray crystallography19121914 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Gary T. JarvisPlanetary Physics1978 Dan Peter McKenzie (grad student)
Stephen John JenkinsSurface Chemistry
Thomas JonesMathematics Thomas Postlethwaite (grad student)
Harry Jones Ralph H. Fowler (post-doc)
Alister Vallance Jonesinfra-red spectra of the nightglow and aurora19471949 Gordon B.B.M. Sutherland (grad student)
Bernard J.T. Jonesformation of galaxies Dennis W. Sciama (grad student), Martin John Rees (grad student)
Brian D. JosephsonCondensed Matter19611964 Philip Warren Anderson (research assistant), A. Brian Pippard (grad student)
Nick KaiserAstronomy and Astrophysics Martin John Rees (grad student)
Pyotr KapitsaMagnetic Research Ernest Rutherford (research scientist)
A. Kashlinsky Martin John Rees (grad student)
Robert C. Kennicutt
David Arnold Keys1922 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Thomas Walter Bannerman KibbleQuantum field theory and cosmology19561958 John Charlton Polkinghorne (grad student)
Richard Daniel KleemanRadioactivity, kinetic theory19051908 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Aaron KlugTranscription factors, Biochemistry, structural chemistry Douglas R. Hartree (grad student)
Jari Kotilainen19891993 Martin J. Ward (grad student)
Rappal Sangameswara KrishnanColloid optics, Raman spectroscopy, Nuclear physics1941 Norman Feather (grad student)
Max Krookapplied mathematics, astrophysics Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student)
Zdenka Kuncic Institute of Astronomy1996 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Thomas Howell Laby Physics1907 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Peter Vincent LandshoffMathematical Physics1962 John Charlton Polkinghorne (grad student)
Paul Langevinparamagnetism and diamagnetism1898 Joseph John Thomson (research assistant)
Michael Ison Largeatmospheric physics and astrophysics Thomas Wilson Wormell (grad student)
Joseph LarmorPhysics1880 Edward John Routh (grad student)
Elliot Leader19571960 Richard J. Eden (grad student)
Julia C. Lee Institute of Astronomy19962000 Andrew C. Fabian (grad student)
Michel LefebvreElementary Particles and High Energy Physics19851989 David John Munday (grad student)
John Lennard-Jones1924 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student)
Gerald Ponsonby Lenox-ConynghamGeodesy
Geraint Lewis Paul Hewett (grad student)
Stephen G. LipsonNon-linear Optics1965 A. Brian Pippard (grad student)
Maciej Lisicki DAMTP2015 Eric Lauga (post-doc)
Peter B Littlewood Physics19761979 Volker Heine (grad student)
Malcolm Sim LongairExperimental Astrophysics1967 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Gilbert Lonzarich
Theodore T. Lymanspectroscopy of the extreme ultraviolet19011902 Joseph John Thomson (post-doc)
Donald Lynden-Bellastrophysical black holes, Active Galactic Nuclei Leon Mestel (grad student)
Alan J. MacfarlaneTheoretical physics
John Stewart MarshallRadar meteorology1940 W. Lawrence Bragg (grad student)
Leslie H. Martin1926 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Peter Gordon MartinAstronomy and Astrophysics1972 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Harrie Masseyatomic physics, atmospheric physics Ralph H. Fowler (grad student)
T. Guy MastersGeophysics1978 David Gubbins (grad student)
Paul Taunton Matthews1950 Nicholas Kemmer (grad student)
James Clerk Maxwellcolour vision18511854 William Hopkins (grad student)
Dan Peter McKenzieGeophysics1966 Edward Crisp Bullard (grad student)
Alastair McLean Cavendish Laboratory1985 Michael Pepper (grad student), Gilbert Lonzarich (grad student)
John Cunningham McLennan1899 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Helen Dick MegawFerroelectrics John Desmond Bernal (grad student)
John W. Moffat Fred Hoyle (grad student), Abdus Salam (grad student)
Philip Burton MoonNuclear physics, particle physics1931 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Nevill Francis MottElectronic Structure, Strongly-correlated materials
Eric Balliol Moullin
David John MundayExperimental particle physics
Jayant Vishnu NarlikarCosmology1963 Fred Hoyle (grad student)
Władysław Natanson1886 Joseph John Thomson (research assistant)
Priyamvada Natarajan Martin John Rees (grad student)
Tim NaylorAstrophyiscs
Philip Nelson19801980 Malcolm J. Perry (research assistant)
Robert Newnham1960 Helen Dick Megaw (grad student)
Isaac Newtonphysics16661669 Isaac Barrow (grad student)
Geoffrey Nicholls Peter Vincent Landshoff (grad student)
Francis NimmoGeophysics, Astrophysics Physics1997 Dan Peter McKenzie (grad student)
William Davidson Niven1866 James Clerk Maxwell (grad student)
Giuseppe Occhialini Cavendish Laboratory1929 Patrick M.S. Blackett (post-doc)
David Ian Olive1963 John Clayton Taylor (grad student)
J. Robert Oppenheimernuclear physics19251926 Ernest Rutherford (research assistant)
Hugh Osborn
Cormac O’Ceallaighcosmic rays, elementary particle physics19351938 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Hugh M. P. CouchmanAstronomy and Astrophysics Martin John Rees (grad student)
Richard G. PalmerCondensed Matter Theory, Statistical Physics, Complex Systems, Adaptive Systems Physics1973 Philip Warren Anderson (grad student)
Robert Ladislav ParkerGeophysics1966 Edward Crisp Bullard (grad student)
Miguel Paulos Michael Green (grad student)
Joseph L. Pawseyradio astronomy1935 John Ashworth Ratcliffe (grad student)
George PeacockMathematics Adam Sedgwick (grad student), John Hudson (grad student)
William G. Penney1936 John Lennard-Jones (grad student)
Michael V. Penston19641965 Roger J. Tayler (grad student)
Michael PepperSemiconductor Physics
Malcolm J. Perry Stephen Hawking (grad student)
Richard T. Phillipssemiconductors, quantum dots
E. Sterl PhinneyTheoretical Astrophysics1983 Martin John Rees (grad student)
A. Brian Pippardlow-temperature physics1947 David Shoenberg (grad student)
John Charlton Polkinghorne19521955 Abdus Salam (grad student)
Ernest Charles Pollardeffects of radiation on cells and viruses1932 James Chadwick (grad student)
Thomas Postlethwaite Stephen Whisson (grad student)
Cecil Frank PowellPhysics
William Charles Price19361937 Thomas Martin Lowry (grad student), Ronald George Wreyford Norrish (grad student)
Keith Priestley
Jim Pringle Martin John Rees (grad student)
Peter PringsheimLuminescence1908 Joseph John Thomson (post-doc)
Maurice Henry Lecorney Pryce Ralph H. Fowler (grad student), Max Born (grad student)
Michael I. PupinElectrical engineering1885 Edward John Routh (research assistant)
Guna Rajagopaltheoretical and computational physics
Robert F. Rakowskisynaptic transmission, ion channels1975 Richard Hume Adrian (post-doc)
John Ashworth RatcliffeRadioastronomy19201924 Edward Victor Appleton (grad student)
Peter ReadRadioastronomy19751978 Gareth Wynn-Williams (grad student)
Anthony C. Readheadobservational cosmology1972 Antony Hewish (grad student)
Roderick O. Redman1931 Arthur Stanley Eddington (grad student)
James Reekie Charles Glover Barkla (grad student)
Martin John Rees Institute of Astronomy19641967 Dennis W. Sciama (grad student)
Owen Willans RichardsonPhysics1900 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Paul H. RobertsGeophysics1954 S. Keith Runcorn (grad student)
Robert Robinson1982 Gordon Leslie Squires (grad student)
Allan R. RobinsonMathematics, Physical Oceanography, Geophysics Cavendish Laboratory Cavendish Laboratory19591960 Geoffrey Ingram Taylor (post-doc), George Keith Batchelor (post-doc)
Elena Maria Rossi20002005 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Alex Routh
Edward John RouthMathematics1857 William Hopkins (grad student)
Ernest RutherfordAtomic Structure Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Martin RyleRadioastronomy
Meghnad Saha1920 Ralph H. Fowler (post-doc)
Abdus Salamtheoretical physics1952 Nicholas Kemmer (grad student)
Peter W. Sanford
N. Sanitt Martin John Rees (grad student)
William C. SaslawCosmology, radio galaxies, stellar dynamics1971 Dennis W. Sciama (grad student)
Joop Schaye Institute of Astronomy George P. Efstathiou (grad student)
Andrew John SchofieldTheory of condensed matter, strongly correlated quantum systems19891993 Joseph M. Wheatley (grad student)
Herwig Franz Schopper Otto Robert Frisch (research scientist)
Arthur Schusterspectroscopy, electrochemistry, optics, X-radiography Cavendish Laboratory Cavendish Laboratory1881 John William Strutt (Lord Rayleigh) (post-doc), James Clerk Maxwell (post-doc)
Dennis W. Sciamacosmology, relativity theory1953 Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (grad student)
Douglas ScottAstronomy and Astrophysics Institute of Astronomy19871991 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Gordon R. Screaton1959 John Charlton Polkinghorne (grad student)
Adam SedgwickGeology Thomas Jones (grad student), John Dawson (grad student)
Ashwin Arunkumar Seshia
N.A. Sharp Martin John Rees (grad student)
Edward Paul Scott Shellardcosmology19831986 Stephen Hawking (grad student)
Ravi ShethCosmology19901994 William C. Saslaw (grad student)
David Shoenberglow-temperature physics 1935 Pyotr Kapitsa (grad student)
Benjamin D. Simons1991 J. Michael F. Gunn (grad student)
Herbert Wakefield Banks SkinnerNuclear physics1927 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Marcin J. Skwarkprotein structure prediction, bioinformatics, drug discovery Biochemistry2017 Tom Blundell (post-doc)
N. C. Smart Martin John Rees (grad student)
Robert Smith Roger Cotes (grad student)
Henry DeWolf SmythAtomic Energy1923 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Gordon Leslie SquiresNeutron Scattering1952 James M. Cassels (grad student)
Susan Stepney Martin John Rees (grad student)
James Stirling
William Stoeger Martin John Rees (grad student)
Howard Alvin StoneFluid Mechanics E. John Hinch (post-doc)
Mike StoneCondensed Matter Physics, Molecular Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics1976 Alan J. Macfarlane (grad student)
Edmund Clifton Stonerastrophysics, magnetism, ferromagnetism. Cavendish Laboratory19211924 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
John William Strutt (Lord Rayleigh)Human sound localization, wave theory1868 Edward John Routh (grad student)
Peter Andrew Sturrockastrophysics, plasma physics, solar physics1951 Thomas Edward Allibone (grad student)
Peter Alan SweetAstrophysics Fred Hoyle (grad student)
D. Syer Martin John Rees (grad student)
David Taborfrictional interaction between surfaces1939 Philip Bowden (grad student)
Peter Guthrie TaitMathematical physics, thermodynamics1852 William Hopkins (grad student)
Roger J. Tayler Hermann Bondi (grad student)
Stephen R Taylor20102014 Jonathan Gair (grad student)
Walter Taylor Robert Smith (grad student)
Geoffrey Ingram Taylorturbulent flow Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
John Clayton TaylorGauge Field Theory and Thermal Field Theory1956 Richard J. Eden (grad student), Abdus Salam (grad student)
Llewellyn H. ThomasTheoretical physics1927 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student)
George Paget ThomsonElectron diffraction, nuclear physics1914 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Joseph John ThomsonAtomic Structure1880 Edward John Routh (research assistant), William Davidson Niven (research assistant)
Frederik TilmannSeismology Earth Science Keith Priestley (grad student)
Alan A. Townsend1947 Geoffrey Ingram Taylor (grad student)
Leonid A. Turkevichaerosols, finely divided solids, complex fluids19711973 Aaron Klug (research assistant)
Peter G. TuthillOptical interferometry John Baldwin (grad student)
Linda Iliana uruchurtu-gomezString Theory20042008 Michael Green (grad student)
Mauri Valtonen Institute of Astronomy Institute of Astronomy19711974 Sverre Aarseth (grad student), William C. Saslaw (grad student)
Tjeerd Hendrik van AndelOceanography, geophysics
Harry van der LaanRadio Astronomy1962 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Balthasar van der PolRadio physics19171919 Joseph John Thomson (research assistant)
Ernest T.S. Waltonnuclear physics1931 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
J.S. (竹溪) Wang (王)statistical mechanics1938 Ralph H. Fowler (grad student)
Edward WaringMathematics
Nicholas P. WarnerTheory Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics19781982 Stephen Hawking (grad student)
Arthur Henry WaynickIonosphere research1939 Edward Victor Appleton (research assistant), John Ashworth Ratcliffe (research assistant)
Ronald Frederick Webbink1975 Peter P. Eggleton (grad student)
Rachel Webster Martin John Rees (grad student)
Victor Frederick Weisskopf1933 Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (post-doc)
Paul Stephen WessonGravitation, relativity, cosmology, astrophysics Physics and Astronomy19721980 Martin John Rees (grad student)
Roger Whatmore
Joseph M. Wheatley
Michael John WhelanTransmission electron microscopy of materials, transmission electron diffraction of thin specimens, Reflection electron diffraction of surfaces1957 Peter B. Hirsch (grad student)
William Whewell John Hudson (grad student), John Gough (grad student)
Richard Whiddington1911 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Stephen Whisson Walter Taylor (grad student)
William Whiston Physics1695 Isaac Newton (grad student)
Simon David Manton Whiteclustering of galaxies, cold dark matter universe, semi-analytic cosmological simulations1977 Donald Lynden-Bell (grad student)
Lionel Robert Wilberforce1884 Joseph John Thomson (grad student)
Denys Haigh Wilkinson
Derek WillsAstrophysics1966 Antony Hewish (grad student)
Harold Albert WilsonPhysics18971899 Joseph John Thomson (research assistant)
D.B. Wilson Martin John Rees (grad student)
Alan WindleNano materials
John Wishartstatistics
William Alfred Wooster1927 Ernest Rutherford (grad student)
Thomas Wilson Wormell1929 Charles Thomson Rees Wilson (grad student)
Jiun-Huei Proty Wu1999 Stephen Hawking (grad student)
Gareth Wynn-WilliamsAstronomy19681971 Martin Ryle (grad student)
Rosemary F.G. WyseAstronomy and Astrophysics Astronomy19781982 Bernard J.T. Jones (grad student)
Roland MB YoungAtmospheric Physics Peter Read (grad student)
John Zeleny1900 Joseph John Thomson (research assistant)
Roman L. Znajek Martin John Rees (grad student)