University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Paul J. AdamsVoltage-gated Calcium Channels20042010 Terrance P. Snutch (grad student)
Craig S. AdamsInorganic Chemistry, Group VI Metals, Metal Nitrosyl Complexes2001 Peter Legzdins (grad student)
John Odiko Agak Chemistry2004 Dan Bizzotto (grad student)
David A. AgardStructure, function, and folding of proteins, chromosomes, and centrosomes Michael Smith (post-doc)
Saman AlaviMolecular dynamics simulation Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences19941999 Robert F. Snider (grad student)
Amir A. AliabadiThermo-fluids, Meteorology, Turbulence, Atmospheric Science, Air Quality, Energy, Building Science, Applied Math2013 Steven Rogak (grad student), Sheldon I. Green (grad student)
Nooshin Alizadeh-PasdarFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry2001 Eunice Chi Yu Li-Chan (grad student)
Bruce Gordon AllenBiochemistry, Molecular Biology1992 Sidney Katz (grad student)
Illimar AltosaarProtein chemistry, protein expression, protein purification1974 Bruce Arthur Bohm (grad student), Iain E. P. Taylor (grad student)
Susan E. AmesForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry2000 Leslie Michael Lavkulich (grad student)
Raymond J. AndersenNatural Product Isolation, Elucidation, and Synthesis
Greg Arkos Geophysics and Astronomy19911997 Bernie Shizgal (grad student)
Ian M. Armitagemultidimensional magnetic resonance methods to elucidate the structure, dynamics and mechanism of action of biological macromolecules1972 Laurance David Hall (grad student)
Gail M. AshleyGeology, Geochemistry, Paleoecology Geography and Geology1977 William Henry Mathews (grad student)
David S. AskewCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry1985 Fumio Takei (grad student)
Felix AubkePhysical Inorganic Chemistry
James E. AxelsonPharmaceutics
Gwendolyn Anne BaileyInorganic Chemistry Chemistry20112012 Chris Orvig (research assistant)
Marcel BallyPharmaceutical Chemistry, Immunology, Cell Biology
Debkumar Bandyopadhyay David H. Dolphin (post-doc)
David K. BanfieldGeneral Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry1991 Ross T.A. MacGillivray (grad student)
Christopher J. BarbosaRaman Spectroscopy2002 Michael W. Blades (grad student)
E Elliott BarnellPhysical Chemistry, Applied Mechanics
Todd A. BarsbyNatural Product Isolation, Elucidation, and Synthesis2002 Raymond J. Andersen (grad student)
Norman Basco
Termeh Bashirilaser spectroscopy, instrument development Chemistry20192021 Takamasa Momose (research assistant)
Charles Thomas BeerCancer Research
Shirin Behyan Chemistry20132016 Pierre Kennepohl (post-doc)
Francisco Benitez
David J. BergInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Lanthanide Chemistry, Catalysis19871990 Michael D. Fryzuk (post-doc)
Curtis P. Berlinguettephysical inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry
Jason Bexrud Chemistry2008 Laurel L. Schafer (grad student)
Dan BizzottoPhysical Chemistry Metals and Materials Engineering David B. Dreisinger (collaborator), Michael O. Wolf (collaborator), Karen C. Cheung (collaborator), Elod L. Gyenge (collaborator)
Robert Blackmore Chemsitry19801984 Bernie Shizgal (grad student)
Michael W. BladesRaman Spectroscopy
Myer Bloommagnetic resonance
Bruce Arthur Bohm
Eszter Boros Chemistry20072011 Chris Orvig (grad student)
Andrey Borzenko Chemistry2014 Laurel L. Schafer (grad student)
Bruno Botta Chemistry19841987 James P. Kutney (post-doc)
Michael T. BowserAnalytical Chemistry; Chemical Biology1998 David D.Y. Chen (grad student)
Philip D. BraggBiochemistry and Molecular Biology
Glen Bremner Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Karla Bretherick Medcal Genetics2008 Wendy Robinson (grad student)
Jeremy L. Bretherton2003 Colin Fyfe (grad student)
Christopher L. BrettIon transport, pH regulation, endocytosis, membrane fusion, synaptic plasticity19961999 John Church (grad student)
Chris E. BrionPhysical Chemistry
Robert A. BrittonNatural Product Isolation, Elucidation, and Synthesis2002 Raymond J. Andersen (grad student)
Robert Brittonorganic chemistry Chemistry19962002 Edward Piers (grad student)
Timothy John BrocksomOrganic Synthesis Chemistry19701972 James P. Kutney (post-doc)
Alexandre G. BroloPhysical/Analytical Chemistry19982000 John W. Hepburn (post-doc)
Darren H. Brouwer2003 Colin Fyfe (grad student)
Christopher M. Brown Chemistry20122018 Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Roger W. BrownseyBiochemistry
Christian BrucknerPorphyrins, porphyrinoids, chemosensing1996 David H. Dolphin (grad student)
William Alistair Bryce
Christian Buchwalder20132018 Urs O. Häfeli (grad student)
Marek Budzynski Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2019 Sheila S. Teves (post-doc)
Bruce BuffettGeophysics, Geochemistry
Elliott BurnellNuclear magnetic resonance19691971 Myer Bloom (post-doc)
Miriam Buschhaus2008 Peter Legzdins (grad student)
Guillaume Bussiereinorganic chemistry, photochemistry2001 Christian Reber (grad student)
R M. BustinGeochemistry, Environmental Sciences
Sebastien Caille2002 Edward Piers (grad student)
Arthur R. CalderwoodGeophysics, Geochemistry2000 Bruce Buffett (grad student)
Steve CalvertBiogeochemistry, Ecology Biology, Limnology Biology
Philip J. Campmolecular simulations, statistical mechanics Chemistry19972000 Gren Patey (post-doc)
Robert E. CampbellFluorescent protein, Protein engineering, Directed evolution2000 Martin E. Tanner (grad student)
Yang CaoMolecular Design, Main-Group Chemistry, Energy Materials, Machine Learning Chemistry Chemistry20172021 Michael O. Wolf (grad student), Curtis P. Berlinguette (post-doc)
Yankai Cao
Peter Caravan Chemistry Chris Orvig (grad student)
Celine Caseys20142016 Loren H. Rieseberg (post-doc)
Ashley S. CaustonMolecular encapsulation, self-assembling structures, de novo design of proteins organized by organic macrocycles2001 John C. Sherman (grad student)
Ronald G. Cavell1962 Howard Charles Clark (grad student)
Byungchul ChaRaman Spectroscopy2002 Michael W. Blades (grad student)
Robert Warner Chambersnucleotide chemistry, molecular mechanisms of mutation1956 H. Gobind Khorana (post-doc)
Richard D. Chambersorganofluorine compounds19591960 Howard Charles Clark (post-doc)
Amalendu Chandra19921993 Gren Patey (post-doc)
Alex Chia Yu ChangCardiomyopathy; Telomere; Mitochondrial Dysfunction Experimental Medicine20062012 Aly Karsan (grad student)
Christopher Charles
Heli Chen Mathematics19941998 Bernie Shizgal (grad student)
Qingqi ChenMedicinal chemistry, drug synthesis Chemistry19982000 David H. Dolphin (post-doc)
David D.Y. ChenPrinciples of chemical separation, capillary electrophoresis, laser induced fluorescence detection, interface for separation techniques and mass spectrometry
Shuang ChenPhotochemistry2004 John R. Scheffer (grad student)
Xiaoli ChengCell Biology, Molecular Biology2003 Michel Roberge (grad student)
Elizabeth L. CheuInorganic Chemistry2000 Brian R. James (grad student)
Eugene ChongOrganometallic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Catalysis Chemistry20092014 Laurel L. Schafer (grad student)
Mike ChongOrganic Chemistry Edward Piers (grad student)
Jeffrey Chow Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20182019 Sheila S. Teves (research assistant)
Sudip ChowdhuryPolymer, Wood, lignocellulose, rheology, viscoelasticity Wood Science and Technology20112012 John F. Kadla (post-doc)
Peter R. Christensen Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Emily S. Chungmolecular and polymeric materials with electronic or photonic applications Chemistry2004 Michael O. Wolf (grad student), Dan Bizzotto (grad student)
Bruno CinelNatural Product Isolation, Elucidation, and Synthesis2001 Raymond J. Andersen (grad student)
Marco A. CiufoliniOrganic Chemistry, Heterocycles
David Clevette19871989 Chris Orvig (post-doc)
Olivier Clotmolecular and polymeric materials with electronic or photonic applications2001 Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
James M. CookAlkaloid total synthesis Chemistry19721973 James P. Kutney (post-doc)
Stephen A. CookeMicrowave Spectroscopy20012005 Michael C. L. Gerry (post-doc)
Danielle Covelli Chemistry20072011 Pierre Kennepohl (grad student)
Kyle S. CraigNatural Product Isolation, Elucidation, and Synthesis2003 Raymond J. Andersen (grad student)
David T. CrambPhysical Chemistry, General Biophysics1990 Michael C. L. Gerry (grad student)
Emily CroweBiochemistry2003 E Peter M. Candido (grad student)
Imre Gyula CsizmadiaComputational chemistry19591962 Lloyd Douglas Hayward (grad student)
William R. Cullen
Pieter R. CullisBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Alan R. CutlerInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry David H. Dolphin (post-doc)
Paul W. CyrInorganic Chemistry2001 Brian R. James (grad student)
Francesco D'AciernoMaterials chemistry, physical chemistry, nanomaterials Chemistry Physics20162021 Mark J. MacLachlan (grad student), Carl A. Michal (grad student)
Jeff DahnCondensed Matter Physics,energy storage, crystallography Physics and Astronomy19781982 Rudolf Roland Haering (grad student)
Gregory R. DakeSynthetic Organic and Organometallic
Naresh S. DalalCondensed Matter Physics, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering1971 Charles A. McDowell (grad student)
Nagu Daraboina Chemical and Biological Engineering20082012 Peter Englezos (grad student)
Atanu DasProtein misfolding and aggregation, Modified nucleic acid analogs, Molecular Dynamics Simulations Department of Physics and Astronomy20102013 Steven S. Plotkin (post-doc)
Julian E. Daviesantibiotics and vaccines
Peter L. DaviesProtein Structure-Function1973 Philip D. Bragg (grad student)
James H. Davis Myer Bloom (post-doc)
Benjamin E. Dawson-AndohWood Technology Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry, Chemical Engineering1989 Robert W. Kennedy (grad student)
Mario Ulises Delgado-Jaime Chemistry20032009 Pierre Kennepohl (grad student)
Edward James DelikatnyPharmacology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology1987 Elliott Burnell (grad student)
Addison N. Desnoyer Jennifer A. Love (grad student)
Dana V. DevineBiochemistry
Palitha Dharmawardhana19961997 Robert L. Last (post-doc)
Dennis E. Dischercell biophysics and polymer engineering Evan A. Evans (post-doc)
Sneh Kumar Dogra1970 Norman Basco (grad student)
Douglas Dolman Chemistry1966 Ross Stewart (grad student)
David H. Dolphinporphyrin chemistry
Donald DouglasAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Carl J. Douglasregulation of plant gene expression, plant phenylpropanoid and related natural products, secondary cell wall development, pollen wall formation, Populus (poplar) genomics and molecular biology, and cellulosic biofuels, and the genetics and of local adapta
Marcus W DroverInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Energy, Sustainability Chemistry Chemistry Laurel L. Schafer (grad student), Jennifer A. Love (grad student)
George Ira Drummondcardiac adenylate cyclase
Zhaohui DuAnalytical Chemistry2000 Donald Douglas (grad student)
Sean Stephen Duffeychemical ecology1974 G. H. Neil Towers (grad student)
Jennifer Duis Chemistry2010 Laurel L. Schafer (post-doc)
Francis A.L. Dullien1960 Leslie Webster Shemilt (grad student)
Guy Gordon Studdy Dutton
Jason R. DwyerBioanalytical chemistry, materials chemistry, biophysical chemistry Physics20082009 Andre Marziali (post-doc)
Lyndsey D. Earl Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Patrick Eisenberger Chemistry2010 Laurel L. Schafer (post-doc)
Brian E. Ellisplant tissue culture, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology, enzymology and genetic engineering.1969 G. H. Neil Towers (grad student)
F. Emery John Ross Mackay (grad student)
Peter Englezos
Evan A. EvansNano-microscale biomechanics; ultrasensitive force probes and extreme resolution optical techniques; material properties of cellular structure; role of structural forces in cell biochemistry
Paul G. FalkowskiOceanography Biology, Paleoecology, Biogeochemistry1975 F. J. R. Max Taylor (grad student)
Ning Fang chemistry2006 David D.Y. Chen (grad student)
Vito Ferrocarbohydrate synthesis, glycosaminoglycans, heparan sulfate Chemistry Chemistry19941996 Stephen G. Withers (post-doc), Larry Weiler (post-doc)
Blair Fitzharris John Ross Mackay (grad student)
Fraser Fleming19861990 Edward Piers (grad student)
Deryn Elizabeth Fogg1994 Brian R. James (grad student)
Tamara K. Freeman Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Michael D. FryzukInorganic chemistry
Mike FryzukInorganic Chemistry
Colin FyfeInorganic Chemistry Chemistry19661967 Charles A. McDowell (post-doc)
Jane Gair2005 Wendy Robinson (grad student)
Jason D. GalpinStudies on novel enzyme mechanisms; epimerases and racemases; sugar nucleotide-modifying enzymes; isotope effects; inhibitor design; site-directed mutagenesis2001 Martin E. Tanner (grad student)
Zhizeng Gao Chemistry2014 Stephen G. Withers (post-doc)
Pierre Garcia Chemistry2013 Laurel L. Schafer (post-doc)
Miguel A. Garcia-Garibaystudy of solids and crystalline materials1988 John R. Scheffer (grad student)
Derek Gates
Xue GeStudies on novel enzyme mechanisms; epimerases and racemases; sugar nucleotide-modifying enzymes; isotope effects; inhibitor design; site-directed mutagenesis2000 Martin E. Tanner (grad student)
Alan Gell John Ross Mackay (grad student)
Michael C. L. GerryMicrowave spectroscopy of gases; Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy of stable and unstable species; determination of molecular structures; the spectra of molecules of atmospheric and astrophysical interest
Kendra Getty Chemistry20052008 Pierre Kennepohl (grad student)
Bruce C. Gibbsupramolecular systems in aqueous solution John C. Sherman (post-doc)
Michael Giese Chemistry Mark J. MacLachlan (post-doc)
Michael W. Gilbert2002 Edward Piers (grad student)
Bob Gilbert John Ross Mackay (grad student)
Peter T. Gilham19561958 H. Gobind Khorana (post-doc)
Rishi I. Gillplant tissue culture, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology, enzymology and genetic engineering.2002 Brian E. Ellis (grad student)
Don Gill John Ross Mackay (grad student)
Denis F. R. Gilson Chemistrt1959 Charles A. McDowell (grad student)
David Y. GinOrganic Chemistry, Natural Product Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry1989 Felix Aubke (research assistant)
Brett J. GladmanAstronomy
Robert Godin Chemistry20082008 Pierre Kennepohl (research assistant)
William P. GoldringOrganic Chemistry2000 Larry Weiler (grad student)
Peter M. Graham Chemistry20052008 Peter Legzdins (post-doc)
Edward R. Grant
Chris W.M. GrantBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology1972 Laurance David Hall (grad student)
Madoka Gray-Mitsumuneplant tissue culture, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology, enzymology and genetic engineering.2001 Brian E. Ellis (grad student)
Robert GreenhouseMedicinal Chemistry / Organic Chemical Synthesis Chemistry19721974 James P. Kutney (post-doc)
Kurt A. GrimmGeology, Geochemistry
Sue Grimmond
Anna GudmundsdottirOrganic Chemistry1993 John R. Scheffer (grad student)
Edward Guerra Metals and Materials Engineering2003 Dan Bizzotto (grad student)
Teresa M. GunnNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry1996 Diana M Juriloff (grad student)
Chhitar Mal GuptaMembrane Biology, Bio-Organic Chemistry Molecular Biology19741976 John Gilbert Moffatt (post-doc)
Urs O. Häfeli
Alannah Hallas
Courtney Hanna Medical Genetics2013 Wendy Robinson (grad student)
Cristian L. Harrison2004 Edward Piers (grad student)
Lionel G. Harrison Beverley R. Green (collaborator)
Michelle I. HawkeGeochemistry, Environmental Sciences2004 R M. Bustin (grad student)
Trevor W. HaytonInorganic, organometallic chemistry19982003 Peter Legzdins (grad student)
Lloyd Douglas Hayward
Arijit Singha Hazari Curtis P. Berlinguette (post-doc)
John D. HeadTheoretical and Computational Chemistry1979 Keith A. R. Mitchell (grad student)
Jason E. HeinCatalysis, Kinetics, Crystallization, Robotics
William H. Hendershot1978 Leslie Michael Lavkulich (grad student)
John W. Hepburn
Jay HerathBio-Organic Chemistry Faculty of Medicine Christian J. Leumann (grad student)
Jay Herath
Adam Hitchcock1979 Chris E. Brion (grad student)
David Holloway Lionel G. Harrison (grad student)
George M. HomsyFluid Dynamics
Toshio Honda Chemistry19761978 James P. Kutney (post-doc)
Geoff P. HorsmanEnzymology, Natural products biosynthesis, biocatalysis Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Lindsay D. Eltis (grad student)
Ashlee J. Howarthphotochemistry, materials Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
LeAnn Howe
Tao HuanMetabolomics, Mass Spectrometry
Zachary M. Hudson
Allen D. HunterOrganometallic Materials, X-Ray Diffraction, Materials Characterization Chemistry Chemistry19811985 Peter Legzdins (grad student), Elliott Burnell (research assistant)
Debby C. IansonPhysical Oceanography, Biogeochemistry2001 Kristin Orians (grad student)
Andrew Irwin Mathematics19911993 Bernie Shizgal (grad student)
Peter Jackson
Edwin Jahngen Chemistry19751977 James P. Kutney (post-doc)
Brian R. JamesInorganic Chemistry
Kioumars A. JelvehBiochemistry2004 Roger W. Brownsey (grad student)
Philip G. JessopPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry1991 Brian R. James (grad student)
Feng Jiang
Samuel A. JohnsonInorganic chemistry Michael D. Fryzuk (grad student)
John F. Kadla
Ting KangPhotochemistry2001 John R. Scheffer (grad student)
Anusha Karunakaran-Datt Chemistry20032009 Pierre Kennepohl (grad student)
Michael KastnerToxicology Toxicology1970 Brian R. James (grad student)
Sidney KatzPharmacology and Toxicology
Gordon J. KayaharaForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry2000 Karel Klinka (grad student)
Paul KebarlePhysical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry1955 William Alistair Bryce (grad student)
Timothy L. KellyPhotovoltaics2009 Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Robert W. KennedyWood science
Pierre Kennepohlelectronic structure of transition metal complexes
Geraldine Anne Kenney-WallaceLaser Spectroscopy1970 David C. Walker (grad student)
Dennis Kerfoot John Ross Mackay (grad student)
Francesca Maria KertonInorganic chemistry, Green chemistry, Catalysis, Organometallics, Polymers Chemistry19992000 Michael D. Fryzuk (post-doc)
Karel KlinkaForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry Botany Vladimir Krajina (grad student)
Mari KonoPhysical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2001 K A. R. Mitchell (grad student)
Chaini Konwar Medical Genetics20152019 Wendy Robinson (grad student)
Michael S. Kovacs2001 Chris Orvig (grad student)
Christopher M. Kozak Chemistry19972002 Michael D. Fryzuk (grad student)
Eric Scott Krayenhoff Timothy R. Oke (grad student)
Angela M. Kuchison Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
James P. KutneyAlkaloid Total Synthesis
David H. KwanSynthetic Biology Chemistry20092015 Stephen G. Withers (post-doc)
James Kwan Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2018 Sheila S. Teves (grad student)
Luke L. Lairson Chemistry20022007 Stephen G. Withers (grad student)
Angela M. LamBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2001 Pieter R. Cullis (grad student)
William G. LargeOceanography, Air-sea Interaction, Climate1979 Stephen Pond (grad student)
Leslie Michael Lavkulich
Matthew D. Le PageInorganic Chemistry2000 Brian R. James (grad student)
Donald G. Lee Chemistry1963 Ross Stewart (grad student)
Allison Lee Chemistry2007 Laurel L. Schafer (grad student)
Shuit-Tong Lee19701974 Charles A. McDowell (grad student)
Eunkyoung Lee20142019 Abel Rosado (post-doc)
Cheuk-yu LeeBiochemistry and Molecular Biology Biochemistry1968 Sidney Howard Zbarsky (grad student)
Peter LegzdinsInorganic Chemistry, Group VI Metals, Metal Nitrosyl Complexes
Corinne Rita LehrAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry2003 William R. Cullen (grad student)
David C. LeitchOrganometallic Chemistry, Catalysis20052010 Laurel L. Schafer (grad student)
Kaylyn Leung
Ki Leung Chemistry19921997 Bernie Shizgal (grad student)
Peter Lewis John Ross Mackay (grad student)
Norman G. Lewis1978 James P. Kutney (grad student)
Peter LeyzdinsInorganic Chemistry
Daniel B. Leznoff Chemistry Michael D. Fryzuk (grad student)
Tengfei Lielectrocatalysis; solar fuels Chemistry20142018 Curtis P. Berlinguette (grad student)
Eunice Chi Yu Li-ChanFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry1981 Shuryo Nakai (grad student)
Barry D. Liboiron2002 Chris Orvig (grad student)
Wei Linmolecular spectroscopy19971999 Michael C. L. Gerry (grad student)
Praveen Lingagas hydrates, CO2 capture, energy recovery, energy storage, desalination Chemical and Biological Engineering2009 Peter Englezos (grad student)
Roger G. LiningtonMarine natural products2004 Raymond J. Andersen (grad student)
Igor V. LitvinyukChemical Physics/Physical Chemistry19982000 Chris E. Brion (post-doc)
Chang Liumass spectrometry20082013 David D.Y. Chen (grad student)
Min Liu
Joseph Lo Mathematics20032007 Bernie Shizgal (grad student)
Andres A. Lopez SarriaBotany Biology, Biochemistry2003 G. H. Neil Towers (grad student)
Jennifer A. LoveOrganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis
Shengyong LuRaman Spectroscopy2002 Michael W. Blades (grad student)
Louis Y P LukBiocatalysis Chemistry Martin E. Tanner (grad student)
Siwei LuoTheoretical chemistry
E Peter M. CandidoBiochemistry
Don MacKay John Ross Mackay (grad student)
John Ross Mackay
Cameron D. MackerethBiochemistry2003 Lawrence P. McIntosh (grad student)
Mark J. MacLachlanOrganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
Marek B. Majewski Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Thomas Chung Wai MakInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry1963 James Trotter (grad student)
Darren A. MakeiffMolecular encapsulation, self-assembling structures, de novo design of proteins organized by organic macrocycles2003 John C. Sherman (grad student)
Manfred ManßenChemistry Chemistry2019 Laurel L. Schafer (grad student)
Paolo MarcazzanInorganic Chemistry Department of Mechanical Engineering2002 Brian R. James (grad student), Olivera Kesler (post-doc)
Alan G. MarshallFourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
Isaac Martens Chemistry Dan Bizzotto (grad student)
Benjamin JE MartinRNAPII transcription and chromatin Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20102018 LeAnn Howe (grad student)
Vlad Martin-Diaconescu Chemistry20032009 Pierre Kennepohl (grad student)
Andre Marziali
Linda MatsuuchiCell Biology, Biochemistry
Frederick R. W. McCourtTheoretical Chemistry1966 Robert F. Snider (grad student)
Robert S.B. McDonald Chemistry Ross Stewart (grad student)
Charles A. McDowell
Lawrence P. McIntoshMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
David G. McLarenPrinciples of chemical separation, capillary electrophoresis, laser induced fluorescence detection, interface for separation techniques and mass spectrometry2003 David D.Y. Chen (grad student)
George Angus McQuibbanMitochondria autophagy, rhomboid proteases2001 Christopher M. Overall (grad student)
James L. McWhirterPhysical Chemistry2002 Gren Patey (grad student)
Michael W. MeanwellSynthetic methods, materials science, electrocatalysis, medicinal chemistry, natural products chemistry.2014 Mark Thachuk (research assistant)
Parisa MehrkhodavandiInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry19971998 Michael D. Fryzuk (research assistant)
Marco Melchior2000 Chris Orvig (grad student)
Gabriel MénardClean Energy, Sustainable Chemistry, Catalyst Design, Inorganic Synthesis and Catalysis2008 Michael D. Fryzuk (research assistant)
Anthony J. MererPhysical Chemistry
Claire L. MerrinGeochemistry2002 Kristin Orians (grad student)
Carl A. MichalSolid-State NMR
Godfrey P. Milesplant tissue culture, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology, enzymology and genetic engineering.2005 Brian E. Ellis (grad student)
Stewart Millward1967 Gordon Malcolm Tener (grad student)
Ruben Mirzoyan Chemistry20172017 Pierre Kennepohl (research assistant)
Keith A. R. MitchellSurface Science, Materials Chemistry
John Gilbert MoffattNucleosides, nucleotides and carbohydrates
Takamasa Momose
Vishakha Monga2004 Chris Orvig (grad student)
Craig D. Montgomery1988 Michael D. Fryzuk (post-doc)
Ben MontpetitmRNA export Philip Hieter (grad student)
Stephanie A. Moore Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Carolyn P. Moorlag Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Trevor F. Moraesstructure of membrane proteins and complexes Natalie Strynadka (post-doc)
Jannu Casanova Moreno Electrical and Computer Engineering20142015 Karen C. Cheung (post-doc)
Robert H. Morrisinorganic chemistry, catalysis1978 Brian R. James (grad student)
Howard E. MortonOrganic Chemistry Chemistry Edward Piers (grad student)
Ghazaleh Mozafari Chemical and biological engineering Yankai Cao (grad student)
Rajesh MungarooMolecular encapsulation, self-assembling structures, de novo design of proteins organized by organic macrocycles2003 John C. Sherman (grad student)
Yasuoki Murakamiindoles, anilines Chemistry19741976 James P. Kutney (post-doc)
Richard MurdeyPhysical Chemistry2003 J Todd Stuckless (grad student)
Andrew S. MurkinStudies on novel enzyme mechanisms; epimerases and racemases; sugar nucleotide-modifying enzymes; isotope effects; inhibitor design; site-directed mutagenesis19982004 Martin E. Tanner (grad student)
Chantal Mustoe Chemistry20132018 Pierre Kennepohl (grad student)
G. Vijay Nair Chemistry1969 James P. Kutney (grad student)
Shuryo Nakai
Kanji NakatsuPharmacology, Biochemistry1971 George Ira Drummond (grad student)
Manoj K. Nambiar Youmin Tang (grad student), Peter Jackson (grad student)
Duncan Napier Chemsitry19931997 Bernie Shizgal (grad student)
Christoph NaumannMolecular encapsulation, self-assembling structures, de novo design of proteins organized by organic macrocycles2002 John C. Sherman (grad student)
Victor J. NesatiAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2000 Donald Douglas (grad student)
Matthew R. NethertonPhotochemistry2000 John R. Scheffer (grad student)
Thomas Nguyen Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2018 Sheila S. Teves (grad student)
Eva NicholsElectrocatalysis
Shin Numaoenzyme mechanisms, protein structure/function relationships, enzyme inhibitor design/synthesis and protein engineering2003 Stephen G. Withers (grad student)
John R. O'Kuskymethyl mercury toxicity Psychiatry19851987 Edith G. McGeer (post-doc)
Richard T. Oakley1976 Norman L. Paddock (grad student)
Hale OguzluNanocellulose Wood Science2018 Feng Jiang (post-doc)
Tulin Okbinoglu Chemistry20092014 Pierre Kennepohl (grad student)
Timothy R. Oke
Daniel Olmos Mathematics20032007 Bernie Shizgal (grad student)
Josue A. Orellana Garcia2003 Edward Piers (grad student)
Kristin OriansPhysical Oceanography, Biogeochemistry
Chris Orvig
Samuel Outcalt John Ross Mackay (grad student)
Jimmie Carol OxleyExplosives Chemistry1983 Peter Legzdins (grad student)
Norman L. Paddock
Nathan R. Paisley Chemistry2016 Zachary M. Hudson (grad student)
Craig B. PamplinInorganic Chemistry2002 Brian R. James (grad student)
Peter Pang2001 Peter Englezos (grad student)
Jack PassmoreInorganic Main Group Chemistry1967 Neil Bartlett (grad student)
Gren PateyPhysical Chemistry
Grenfell N. PateyPhysical Chemistry
Andras G. Pattantyus-Abrahammolecular and polymeric materials with electronic or photonic applications2004 Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Sandip Paul20052007 Gren Patey (post-doc)
Philippa Payne Chemistry2013 Laurel L. Schafer (grad student)
Maria Peñaherrera2003 Wendy Robinson (grad student)
M David PercivalBiochemistry1988 Stephen G. Withers (grad student)
Michael J. PetrellaInorganic Chemistry2003 Mike Fryzuk (grad student)
Gary J. PielakProtein chemistry and biophysics, especially in living cells19831986 Michael Smith (post-doc)
Edward Piers James P. Kutney (post-doc)
Warren E. PiersInorganic Chemistry, Catalysis1988 Michael D. Fryzuk (grad student)
Agostino Pietrangelo Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Rachel Platel Chemistry2011 Laurel L. Schafer (post-doc)
Steven S. Plotkin
Cindy PrescottForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Eric Price Chemistry Chris Orvig (grad student)
E. Magda Price Reproduction and Developmental Sciences2016 Wendy Robinson (grad student)
Cei Provis-Evans
Peir K. PufahlGeology, Geochemistry2002 Kurt A. Grimm (grad student)
Michael D. PungenteNonviral Gene Therapy Chemistry1997 Lawrence Stanley Weiler (grad student)
David QuastelSynaptic transmission
K A. R. MitchellPhysical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
Ana Radojicic2019 Abel Rosado (grad student)
Hans-Ulrich ReissigOrganic Chemistry19781979 Edward Piers (post-doc)
Phillip A RichmondBioinformatics, genomics, education, rare disease, gene regulation
George B. Richter-AddoInorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry1988 Peter Legzdins (grad student)
Dae-Kyun RoBotany Biology, Biochemistry2002 Carl J. Douglas (grad student)
Jacques Yves Robergeorganic chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, medicinal chemistry, process development, drug discovery and development Chemistry19871992 Edward Piers (grad student)
Michel RobergeBiochemistry
Matthew N. Roberts Chemistry Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Wendy Robinson
Cristina Rodríguez RodríguezMedicinal Chemistry, Preclinical Imaging
Cerrie W. Rogersmolecular and polymeric materials with electronic or photonic applications2002 Michael O. Wolf (grad student)
Lisa Rosenberg Chemistry1994 Michael D. Fryzuk (grad student)
Natalie T. RundleBiochemistry2003 Michel Roberge (grad student)
David W. Russelllipid metabolism19801982 Michael Smith (post-doc)
Katherine S. Ryan
Edwin H. Rydbergenzyme mechanisms, protein structure/function relationships, enzyme inhibitor design/synthesis and protein engineering2000 Stephen G. Withers (grad student)
June Ryder John Ross Mackay (grad student)
Carl S. Ryeenzyme mechanisms, protein structure/function relationships, enzyme inhibitor design/synthesis and protein engineering2002 Stephen G. Withers (grad student)
Katayoun Saatchi (Seraji-Bozorgzad)2005 Chris Orvig (grad student)
Glenn Martin SammisSynthetic Organic, Radical Methods, Fluorination
Jomy SamuelStudies on novel enzyme mechanisms; epimerases and racemases; sugar nucleotide-modifying enzymes; isotope effects; inhibitor design; site-directed mutagenesis2003 Martin E. Tanner (grad student)
Victor SanchezInorganic Chemistry2001 Alan Storr (grad student)
Bryan C. Sanctuaryphysical chemistry1971 Robert F. Snider (grad student)
Lorna SantosCell Biology, Biochemistry2003 Linda Matsuuchi (grad student)
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