University of Kansas

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Raymond John Ackermannhigh temperature chemistry, actinide chemistry1955 Paul W. Gilles (grad student)
William E. Acree, Jr.Chemical Separations; Solution Chemistry; Chemical Equilibria19801981 J. Howard Rytting (post-doc)
Ralph N. AdamsNeurochemistry William J. Argersinger (collaborator)
Diana S. AgaAnalytical Chemistry, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering1995 Earl Michael Thurman (grad student)
Azita AhosseiniIonic liquids, supercritical fluids, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering2010 Aaron Matthew Scurto (grad student)
Gada Al-Ani Molecular Biosciences2014 Christopher J. Fischer (grad student)
Jane V. AldrichPharmaceutical Chemistry
Michael W. Allenfluorescence, spectroscopy, single molecule, chromatography, protein purification, amino acid chemistry, Chemistry Chemistry20002004 Carey K. Johnson (grad student), Robert C. Dunn (grad student)
Alan M. Allgeiercatalysis, sustainability, surface science, porous materials
Valentino K. AlmeidaAnalytical Chemistry2006 Cynthia Larive (grad student)
Mohammad A. AlsenaidyPharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry2013 David B. Volkin (grad student)
Ryan A. Altmandecarboxylative strategies for fluoroalkylation, and the use of fluorinated peptidomimetics to perturb physicochemical and biophysical properties of neuropeptides
Brett Ambler Medicinal Chemistry20112017 Ryan A. Altman (grad student)
Thomas T. AndersenPharmaceutical Chemistry, Oncology, Pharmacology1979 Kurt Ewald Ebner (grad student)
Bradley D. AndersonPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry Pharmaceutical chemistry Pharmaceutical chemistry1978 Takeru Higuchi (grad student), J. Howard Rytting (grad student)
Brendan Matthew AndersonPaleobiology, Evolution, Paleoclimatology, Geosciences, Earth Sciences Geology20112013 Alison Olcott Marshall (grad student)
Meagan E. AndersonPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology2003 Teruna J. Siahaan (grad student)
Marc R. Anderson2001 Theodore Kuwana (grad student)
Angelo Andres Medicinal Chemistry20172022 Blake R. Peterson (grad student)
Kyle D ApleyOrganic Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2018 Cory Berkland (grad student)
William J. ArgersingerThermodynamics of aqueous mixed electrolyte solutions; ion exchange; constitution and stability of complext ions, reaction kinetics Arthur W. Davidson (collaborator)
Yamuna AriyarathnaOrganic chemistry Chemistry2014 Jon A. Tunge (grad student)
Kevin P. ArmendarizAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2013 Robert C. Dunn (grad student)
Stacy D. ArnettAnalytical Chemistry2005 Craig E. Lunte (grad student)
Jeffrey Aube
Kenneth L. AudusPharmaceutical Chemistry1984 Michael Andrew Gordon (grad student)
James W. AyresPharmacy, Biochemistry, Rehabilitation and Therapy1970 Edward Ervin Smissman (grad student)
Taryn R. BagbyPharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry2011 Marcus Laird Forrest (grad student)
Mauricio Bahena GarciaOrganic Synthesis Medicinal Chemistry Zarko V. Boskovic (grad student)
Edgar H. S. Bailey
Charles F. BarfknechtPharmacy, Ophthalmology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology1964 Edward Ervin Smissman (grad student)
Harold Nathan Barham1928 Robert W. Taft, Sr. (grad student)
M. D. BarkerSecondary Education, Sciences Education, Technology of Education Chemistry2011 Joseph A. Heppert (grad student)
James E. Barney, II William J. Argersinger (grad student)
Brooke S. BarrettPharmaceutical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2009 Charles Russell Middaugh (grad student)
Lorena B. BarronPharmaceutical Chemistry2003 Christian Schoneich (grad student)
Dwayne Bartak
Ryan K. BartlettMolecular Biology, Biochemistry Molecular Biosciences2007 Jeffrey L. Urbauer (grad student)
Mikhail V. BarybinInorganic Chemistry
Elizabeth Wilson Baumann1953 William J. Argersinger (grad student)
Richard John Bearman
Bridget A. BeckerAnalytical Chemistry2006 Cynthia Larive (grad student)
Andrei B. BelousovNeuroscience Biology, Biochemistry
Andrew BennetBioorganic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, physical organic chemistry Richard L. Schowen (post-doc)
David Richard BensonHeme proteins
Robert T. BerendtPharmaceutical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2010 Valentino J. Stella (grad student)
Cindy L. BerrieAnalytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Rashmi Binjawadagi2021 Meredith D Hartley (grad student)
Ralph K. Birdwhistellphysical chemistry1953 Ernest Griswold (grad student)
Brian Blagg
Linda C. BlakeBiochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Oncology Medicinal Chemistry2012 Emily E. Scott (grad student)
James David BlakemoreOrganic Chemistry
Gustavo BlancoBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Physiology Biology
LeRoy BlankAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry1973 Ralph N. Adams (grad student)
Melanie Blevins Medicinal Chemistry2008 Emily E. Scott (grad student)
Steven BloomMedicinal chemistry
Emily BoboElectrochemistry, Neuroscience English2007 Michael A. Johnson (grad student)
Claudia J. Bode2001 Richard Howard Himes (grad student)
Oscar D. Bonner1951 William J. Argersinger (grad student), Arthur W. Davidson (collaborator)
Jutima BoonleangPharmaceutical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2001 John F. Stobaugh (grad student)
Ronald T. BorchardtPharmaceutical Chemistry1970 Edward Ervin Smissman (grad student)
Andrew S. Borovikdevelop synthetic systems containing structural motifs and functional properties found in the active sites of metalloproteins
Jeff B. BottsInorganic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering2001 Joseph A. Heppert (grad student)
Michael K. BowmanMagnetic Resonance, physical chemistry Radiation Biophysics19691971 John Zimbrick (research assistant)
Kristin Bowman-JamesInorganic Chemistry
Gary E. Brandt Medicinal Chemistry2011 Brian Blagg (grad student)
William H. Breckenridge19621963 F. Sherwood Rowland (research assistant)
Ray Q. Brewster Hamilton Perkins Cady (collaborator)
Koan Briggs Physics and Astronomy Christopher J. Fischer (grad student)
Dennis William BrinkmanAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry19701972 Gary L. Grunewald (research scientist)
Wayne Jason BrouilletteOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry1978 Edward Ervin Smissman (grad student), Gary L. Grunewald (grad student)
Christie BrouilletteProtein Structural Cooperativity and Energetics, Biophysics, Antibacterial Drug Discovery Medicinal Chemistry1979 Mathias P. Mertes (grad student)
S. Jimmy Budiardjobiophysics, biochemistry, outer membrane proteins, protein switches, protein design Computational Biology Computational Biology20122018 Joanna S. Slusky (grad student), John Karanicolas (post-doc)
Erin C. BurgerOrganic chemistry Chemistry2007 Jon A. Tunge (grad student)
Albert William Burgstahlerchemistry of natural products
Joseph A. BurlisonMedicinal Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry20052007 Brian Blagg (post-doc)
Daryle H. Buschhomogeneous catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry, orderly molecular entanglements, a part of supramolecular and nanochemistry, and green (environmentally benign) chemistry
Barlas BuyuktimkinPharmacy, Immunology, General Biophysics Pharmaceutical Chemistry2011 Teruna J. Siahaan (grad student)
Katherine Byrd Chemistry2015 Brian Blagg (post-doc)
Hamilton Perkins Cady1903 Edward Curtis Franklin (grad student), David F. McFarland (collaborator), Robert W. Taft, Sr. (collaborator), Edgar H. S. Bailey (collaborator)
Anna M. CalcagnoPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology2003 Teruna J. Siahaan (grad student)
Timothy M. Caldwell Chemistry19941999 Gary L. Grunewald (grad student)
James P. CalvetMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Pathology
Laurie A. CardozaAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2004 Cynthia Larive (grad student)
Juan J. Carrera EspinozaPhysical Chemistry, Atomic Physics, Optics Physics Chemistry2007 Shih-I Chu (grad student)
Matthew A. CernyPharmaceutical Chemistry2005 Robert Paul Hanzlik (grad student)
James Q Chambers1964 Ralph N. Adams (grad student)
Synthia ChangPhysical Chemistry, Pharmacology2004 John Schloss (grad student)
James W. Chappell1935 Arthur W. Davidson (grad student)
Allyson T. CharbonnetAnalytical Chemistry2004 Craig E. Lunte (grad student)
Raghunath V. Chaudhari
Rambabu ChegondiEnantioselective desymmetrization methods, Transition-metal catalyzed decarboxylative cross-couplings, Total synthesis20092013 Paul Ronald Hanson (post-doc)
Maheshwerreddy Chilamari2019 Steven Bloom (post-doc)
Shih-I ChuPhysical Chemistry, Atomic Physics, Optics Physics
Xi ChuPhysical Chemistry2001 Shih-I Chu (grad student)
Natalie A. CiaccioPharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry2010 Jennifer S. Laurence (grad student)
Michael D. CliftCatalysis, natural product synthesis
Drew S. ColemanGeology, Petrology, Geochemistry J. Douglas Walker (grad student)
Keith D CombrinkOrganic synthesis, anti-viral drug discovery, antibacterial drug discovery Chemistry19841989 Thomas A Engler (grad student)
Benjamin N. CombsMolecular Biology, Biochemistry Molecular Biosciences2013 Truman C. Gamblin (grad student)
Cyril BR Cook Molecular Biosciences20142017 Joanna S. Slusky (research assistant)
Justin C. CooleyGeneral Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2013 Craig E. Lunte (grad student)
Virgil W. Cope1968 Robin T M Fraser (grad student)
Elizabeth D. CopeOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2008 Richard S. Givens (grad student)
Aaron B. CowleyInorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2004 David Richard Benson (grad student)
Eric W. CrickAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2007 Craig E. Lunte (grad student)
Megen A. CulpepperAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry2009 Minae A. Mure (grad student), Emily E. Scott (grad student)
Christopher W. CunninghamMedicinal Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry20082011 Thomas E. Prisinzano (post-doc)
Benjamin J. CutakAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences2001 Cynthia Larive (grad student)
Vilas H. Dahanukar Chemistry19881994 Gary L. Grunewald (grad student)
Frank Burnett Dains
Sunil A. DavidPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Immunology
Arthur W. Davidsonelectrochemistry, solubility Hamilton Perkins Cady (collaborator)
Disni Dedunupitiya Chemistry2022 Meredith D Hartley (grad student)
Donald D. DeFordelectrochemistry, potentiostats1948 Arthur W. Davidson (grad student)
Roberto N. DeGuzmanBiochemistry
Joseph Delaney William J. Argersinger (grad student)
Kassibla E. DempahPharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry2013 Valentino J. Stella (grad student)
Stephan F. DeplazesInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2007 Mikhail V. Barybin (grad student)
Tiffany S. DerrickAnalytical Chemistry2000 Cynthia Larive (grad student)
Pankaj N. DesaiOrganic Chemistry2002 Jeffrey Aube (grad student)
Kapilla DeSilva Theodore Kuwana (grad student)
Kelly E. DesinoPharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2008 Kenneth L. Audus (grad student)
Matthew S. DeVorePhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Biophysics Chemistry2012 Carey K. Johnson (grad student)
Natasha M. DeVoreBiochemistry Molecular Biosciences2011 Emily E. Scott (grad student)
Sundeep S. DhareshwarPharmaceutical Chemistry2007 Valentino J. Stella (grad student)
Pawan S DhoteTotal Synthesis and Synthetic methodology Zarko V. Boskovic (post-doc)
Nicholas E. DickensonAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2008 Robert C. Dunn (grad student)
Gihan Dissanayake Chemistry20152021 Paul Ronald Hanson (grad student)
Alison C. Donnelly Medicinal Chemistry2011 Brian Blagg (grad student)
Megan K. DorrisAnalytical Chemistry, General Chemistry Chemistry2013 Craig E. Lunte (grad student)
Michael DoughtyPharmaceutical Chemistry
Gregory B. DudleyOrganic chemistry, organic synthesis, reagent development1994 Richard S. Givens (research assistant)
Adam S. DuerfeldtMedicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Biology Medicinal Chemistry20062011 Brian Blagg (grad student)
Robert C. DunnSingle molecule spectroscopy, model membranes, protein channel dynamics, optical microscopy/spectroscopy, fiber optic sensors
Apurba DuttaPharmacy, Organic Chemistry
Donald C. Dyer Pharmacology1965 Edward J Walaszek (grad student)
Allen Eastlund Physics and Astronomy2015 Christopher J. Fischer (grad student)
Kurt Ewald Ebner
Christopher G. Elleschemical reaction dynamics
Thomas A Engler
Fernando Estrada Medicinal Chemistry20112016 Emily E. Scott (post-doc)
David F. EstradaBiochemistry Molecular Biosciences2011 Roberto N. DeGuzman (grad student)
Victor T. FadareOrganic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Organocatalaysis, Photocatalysis.
Dan Fagan
Morris David Faiman
Saqib Ahmed Faisal
Weijie FangPharmaceutical Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry2008 Jane V. Aldrich (grad student)
Maria B. FeeneyAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry2013 Christian Schoneich (grad student)
Charlie Fehl Medicinal Chemistry2014 Emily E. Scott (grad student)
Jack H. Fellman Biochemistry1954 Russell C. Mills (grad student)
María Teresa Fernández-AbedulPhysical and Analytical Chemistry George S. Wilson (research scientist)
Daniel P. FlahertyPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry20102014 Jeffrey Aube (post-doc)
Celeste N. FrankenfeldPharmaceutical Chemistry2007 Susan M. Lunte (grad student)
Edward Curtis Franklin
Evan K. FranseenGeology, Geochemistry
Hugo F. FranzenPhysical Chemistry, high temperature chemistry
Robin T M Frasertransition metal chemistry
Anita L. FreedPharmaceutical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2001 Kenneth L. Audus (grad student), Susan M. Lunte (grad student)
April N. FrenchGeneral Chemistry, Sciences Education Chemistry2007 Joseph A. Heppert (grad student)
Jenny L. FulksElectrochemistry, Neuroscience Chemistry2011 Michael A. Johnson (grad student)
Ryan S. FunkPharmacy, Pharmacology, Toxicology Pharmaceutical Chemistry2011 Jeffrey P. Krise (grad student)
Todd A. FunkeGeneral Biophysics Molecular Biosciences2008 Ernst Schonbrunn (grad student)
Gordon A. Gallup1953 William J. Argersinger (grad student), Calvin Anthony VanderWerf (grad student)
Truman C. GamblinMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Rohan GandhiPain Neurobiology2006 Douglas E. Wright (grad student)
Satya A. GanguIonic liquids, supercritical fluids, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering2013 Aaron Matthew Scurto (grad student)
Somenath GangulyChemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering2000 G Paul Willhite (grad student)
Jinnian GaoPharmaceutical Chemistry2000 Ronald T. Borchardt (grad student)
Zhe Gao Medicinal Chemistry20122019 Blake R. Peterson (grad student)
Michael P. GaroutteChemistry Education Research Chemistry19891995 Richard L. Schowen (grad student)
Andrew J. GawronPharmaceutical Chemistry2001 Susan M. Lunte (grad student)
Haibo Ge2006 Gunda I. Georg (grad student)
Peter GegenheimerBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
G. S. GersteneckerPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2009 Christian Schoneich (grad student)
Chiranjib Ghatak20122014 Alexey S. Ladokhin (post-doc)
Sayyed M. GhoraishyPetroleum Engineering Chemical & Petroleum Engineering2008 G Paul Willhite (grad student)
Anindya GhoshInorganic Chemistry20042005 Daryle H. Busch (post-doc)
Shomir Ghosh Medicinal Chemistry19881993 Jeffrey Aube (grad student)
Raeann GiffordBioanalytical Chemistry2004 George S. Wilson (grad student)
William R. Gilkerson1953 William J. Argersinger (collaborator), William E. McEwen (grad student)
Andreas GillePharmacology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology2003 Roland Seifert (grad student)
Paul W. Gilles
Richard S. GivensOrganic Chemistry
Amanda M. Glass Chemistry2012 Timothy A. Jackson (grad student)
Giridharan GokulranganBioanalytical Chemistry2003 George S. Wilson (grad student)
Jennifer E. Golden2002 Jeffrey Aube (grad student)
Eric M. GormanPharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2011 Valentino J. Stella (grad student)
Scott A. GrecianOrganic Chemistry2007 Jeffrey Aube (grad student)
Alex J. GrenningChemistry Chemistry20072012 Jon A. Tunge (grad student)
Ernest Griswold1934 William J. Argersinger (collaborator), Arthur W. Davidson (grad student)
Gary L. Grunewaldneurotransmitters and drugs affecting them in the central nervous system
Xiangming GuanPublic Health, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Oncology1991 Gunda I. Georg (grad student)
Victor R. GuarinoPharmaceutical Chemistry2004 Valentino J. Stella (grad student)
John Gui
Dulan B. GunasekaraAnalytical Chemistry, Tissue microengineering, Electrochemistry, Microchip Electrophoresis Chemistry20092014 Susan M. Lunte (grad student)
Georg GundaOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mohan L. Gupta2001 Richard Howard Himes (grad student)
Rajeev GuptaCoordination Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Catalysis, Sensing Chemistry20002003 Andrew S. Borovik (post-doc)
Huijong HanBiochemistry Medicinal Chemistry2008 Ernst Schonbrunn (grad student)
Nobu Hanaoka Theodore Kuwana (research scientist)
Patrick E. HannaToxicology, Pharmacy, Biochemistry Medicinal Chemistry1969 Mathias P. Mertes (grad student)
Paul Ronald HansonOrganic Synthesis
Robert Paul HanzlikBiochemistry
Andrew M. Harnedstereoselective synthesis of carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds2004 Paul Ronald Hanson (grad student)
Meredith D HartleyBiochemistry, Bioanalytical, Chemical Biology, Neurochemistry
Wendy J. HartsockOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Medicinal Chemistry2010 Jane V. Aldrich (grad student)
Stephen T. HasiotisPaleoclimate Science, Paleontology, Geochemistry
Larry Allen HaskinGeology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy Chemistry1960 F. Sherwood Rowland (grad student)
Stephen A. Heideman1979 Paul W. Gilles (grad student)
Jeffrey N. HemenwayPharmaceutical Chemistry2006 Valentino J. Stella (grad student)
Jonathan R. HendricksPaleontology Biodiversity Institute Bruce S. Lieberman (post-doc)
Joseph A. HeppertGeneral Chemistry, Sciences Education
Rafael Diaz Hernandez Chemistry2020 Jon A. Tunge (grad student)
John Hershberger Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry20042009 Helena C. Malinakova (grad student), Jeffrey Aube (research assistant)
Asha N. HewarathnaBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, General Chemistry Chemistry2012 Christian Schoneich (grad student)
Geetha S. HewawasamBioanalytical Chemistry Chemistry2008 George S. Wilson (grad student)
Takeru Higuchipharmaceutical chemistry
Robert L. Hillprotein chemistry and enzymology1954 Russell C. Mills (grad student)
Richard Howard Himes
Erin E. HirtOrganic Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry2009 Jeffrey Aube (grad student)
Thomas Högberg Chemistry19811983 Lester A. Mitscher (post-doc)
Christopher W. HollarsAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2000 Robert C. Dunn (grad student)
Vernon Holm1932 Arthur W. Davidson (grad student)
Erik Holmstrom Benjamin Schuler (post-doc)
Heidi J. HolovicsAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2007 Craig E. Lunte (grad student)
Thomas C. HolovicsInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2007 Mikhail V. Barybin (grad student)
Douglas F. HolubBioanalytical Chemistry2005 George S. Wilson (grad student)
Chad D. HopkinsOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2007 Helena C. Malinakova (grad student)
Frederick Herbert Horne1962 Richard John Bearman (grad student)
Susan W. HovorkaPharmaceutical Chemistry2001 Christian Schoneich (grad student)
Longqin HuMedicinal Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry19881993 Michael Doughty (grad student)
Yafei HuangMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2002 Fusao Takusagawa (grad student)
Heath A. HuckabayGeneral Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Oncology Chemistry2012 Robert C. Dunn (grad student)
Billy G. HudsonBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Analytical Chemistry
Erin D. HuggerPharmaceutical Chemistry, Cell Biology2002 Ronald T. Borchardt (grad student)
Roland L. Hughes William J. Argersinger (grad student)
W Phillip HuskeyPhysical Organic Chemistry, Mechanisms of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions1985 Richard L. Schowen (grad student)
Bryan H. HuynhPharmaceutical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2005 Susan M. Lunte (grad student)
Earl S. Huyserfree-radical chemistry
David Hymel Medicinal Chemistry20082014 Blake R. Peterson (grad student)
Ayotunde Paul IkujuniProtein Chemistry Molecular Biosciences2018 Joanna S. Slusky (grad student)
Wonpil Im
Reynold Toshiaki Iwamoto
Brian S. J. BlaggPharmacy, Organic Chemistry, Oncology
Timothy A. Jacksonbioinorganic chemistry
Ravi Jalluri Medicinal Chemistry19941996 Gary L. Grunewald (post-doc)
Ahmad JamiliPetroleum Engineering Chemical & Petroleum Engineering2010 G Paul Willhite (grad student)
Ranjan JanaC-H Activation, Asymmetric Catalysis, Smart Transformation of CO2, Green Chemistry, Visible-Light-Mediated Photoredox Catalysis20082010 Jon A. Tunge (post-doc)
Gouri Sankar JasGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry1995 Carey K. Johnson (grad student)
Vickie Jasion Medicinal Chemistry20122013 Emily E. Scott (post-doc)
Kyu O. JeonOrganic Synthesis Chemistry2012 Paul Ronald Hanson (grad student)
Maria d. JimenezOrganic Synthesis Chemistry2007 Paul Ronald Hanson (grad student)
Tamara Jimenez AlarconBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Physiology Biology Molecular & Integrative Physiology2011 Gustavo Blanco (grad student)
Sunhwan Jo Molecular Biosciences2013 Wonpil Im (grad student)
C.G. Harry Johnson1934 Arthur W. Davidson (grad student)
Michael A. JohnsonElectrochemistry, Neuroscience
Carey K. JohnsonBiochemistry
Rodney Lyle JohnsonPeptidomimetics, dopamine receptors, allosteric modulators1976 Edward Ervin Smissman (grad student), Gary L. Grunewald (grad student)
Ethel A. Jones1929 Hamilton Perkins Cady (grad student)
Angela L. JonesElectrochemistry, Neuroscience2001 Michael A. Johnson (grad student)
Ebbin Joseph Chemistry2018 Jon A. Tunge (grad student)
Weston R. JuddOrganic Chemistry2006 Jeffrey Aube (grad student)
Mohammad H. KalaeiPetroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering Chemical & Petroleum Engineering2010 G Paul Willhite (grad student)
Tim J. Kamerzell2007 Charles Russell Middaugh (grad student)
Christopher E. KatzOrganic Chemistry2005 Jeffrey Aube (grad student)
Allyn M. KaufmannPharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2008 Jeffrey P. Krise (grad student)
Swetha KaulAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Neuroscience Biology Chemistry2010 Craig E. Lunte (grad student)
Richard M. KelloggOrganic chemistry1965 Earl S. Huyser (grad student)
Richard S. Kelly2002 Theodore Kuwana (research scientist)
Michelle L. KennedyInorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2000 David Richard Benson (grad student)
Joseph W. Kennedy19351937 Arthur W. Davidson (grad student)
Tyler Kerr Chemistry20162017 James David Blakemore (research assistant)
Glen F. KessingerPhysical Chemistry, Actinide Chemistry1989 Paul W. Gilles (grad student)
Larry James KevanPhysical chemistry, electron spin resonance, microporous materials
Juhienah K. KhalafOrganic Chemistry2007 Apurba Dutta (grad student)
Hui K. KhorBiochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Molecular Biology2005 Christian Schoneich (grad student)
Robert B KillionPhysical organic chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry Valentino J. Stella (post-doc)
Jacqueline D. KillmerPharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2007 John F. Stobaugh (grad student)
Taehoon Kim Biochemistry & Molecular Biology2011 Wonpil Im (grad student)
F. S. KimballOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2005 Georg Gunda (grad student)
Peter T. KissingerBioanalytical Chemistry Ralph N. Adams (post-doc)
Julian KissmannPharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2010 Charles Russell Middaugh (grad student)
Mary KlayderElectrochemistry, Neuroscience English2008 Michael A. Johnson (grad student)
Jacob KleinbergInorganic Chemistry William J. Argersinger (collaborator)
Kelsey Knewtson Medicinal Chemistry Chemical and Petroleum Engineering20192019 Blake R. Peterson (grad student), Jennifer Robinson (post-doc)
Hari Prasad KokatlaOrganic synthesis, Carbohydrates, Medicinal Chemistry. Sunil A. David (post-doc)
Alexander Kolchinski Chemistry19921997 Daryle H. Busch (grad student)
Srinivas Kolluru Medicinal Chemistry2020 Zarko V. Boskovic (post-doc)
Junichi KomotoMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, General Biophysics2002 Fusao Takusagawa (grad student)
Miles Koppang Theodore Kuwana (post-doc)
Albert K. KorirAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2007 Cynthia Larive (grad student)
Marianne KozuchGeochemistry, Geology2003 William Randall Van Schmus (grad student)
Charles August Krausphysical chemistry1901 Edward Curtis Franklin (research assistant)
Mary E. KrauseGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Jennifer S. Laurence (grad student)
Jeffrey P. KrisePharmaceutical Chemistry
Vattarmadom Rama Krishnan1953 Robert W. Taft, Sr. (grad student)
Ryan M. KriskoAnalytical Chemistry2004 Craig E. Lunte (grad student)
Jeffrey R. KrogmeierAnalytical Chemistry, Cell Biology2002 Robert C. Dunn (grad student)
Carl W. Kruse William J. Argersinger (grad student)
Amar Kumar Medicinal Chemistry2020 Zarko V. Boskovic (grad student)
Amit KumarInorganic Chemistry, Organometallics, f-elements Chemistry20162021 James David Blakemore (grad student)
Fumio Kusu Theodore Kuwana (post-doc)
Gerald A. KutInorganic Chemistry2005 Kristin Bowman-James (grad student)
Theodore KuwanaElectroanalytical Chemistry1959 Ralph N. Adams (grad student)
Krzysztof KuzeraPhysical Chemistry
Nathan A. LacherAnalytical Chemistry2004 Susan M. Lunte (grad student)
Alexey S. Ladokhin
Brian B. LairdApplied Statistical Mechanics, Computational Chemistry and Materials Science
Sing-Yeung Lam William J. Argersinger (grad student)
Audrey L. LambIron uptake
Simon B. LangPhotoredox Dual Catalysis Chemistry20112016 Jon A. Tunge (grad student)
Cynthia LariveAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry
Wendell Mitchell Latimerphysical chemistry19151917 Hamilton Perkins Cady (grad student)
Jennifer S. LaurencePharmaceutical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Jane Buus Laursen2003 Lester A. Mitscher (research scientist)
Molly M. Lee Medicinal Chemistry20122016 Blake R. Peterson (grad student)
Leslie Leifer William J. Argersinger (grad student)
Domenick Leto2014 Timothy A. Jackson (grad student)
Bianca M. LiedererPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy2005 Ronald T. Borchardt (grad student)
Amy S. LillquistAnalytical Chemistry2005 Craig E. Lunte (grad student)
Weiying LinPharmaceutical Chemistry2000 Michael Doughty (grad student)
Thomas LinzGeneral Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2013 Susan M. Lunte (grad student)
Shash Liu20122013 Ryan A. Altman (research scientist)
Ruzhang LiuOrganic Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry2012 Jeffrey Aube (grad student)
Philip W. LivanecAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2009 Robert C. Dunn (grad student)
Mangala R. LiyanageAnalytical Chemistry, General Biophysics Chemistry2009 Carey K. Johnson (grad student)
Randall L. LoganPharmacy, Cell Biology, Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Chemistry2013 Jeffrey P. Krise (grad student)
Jessica A. LohrmanConductive Polymers2011 Shenqiang Ren (grad student)
Shrikant Londhe Chemistry Jon A. Tunge (grad student)
Toby R. LongOrganic Synthesis Chemistry2010 Paul Ronald Hanson (grad student)
Lewis G. Longsworthmobilities of ions and molecules in liquid media, analysis of mixtures of proteins by electrophoresis1928 Hamilton Perkins Cady (grad student)
Kimberly M. Lovellpharmacology Medicinal Chemistry2011 Thomas E. Prisinzano (grad student)
Warren K. Lowen1949 William J. Argersinger (grad student)
Joseph W. LubachPharmaceutical Chemistry2007 Eric J. Munson (grad student)
Laura H. LucasAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2004 Cynthia Larive (grad student)
Susan M. LuntePharmaceutical Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry, Biochemistry Theodore Kuwana (research scientist)
Craig E. LunteAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Peifang Frank LuoAnalytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry Chemistry19911994 Theodore Kuwana (post-doc)
Qianyi LuoIron uptake Biochemistry & Molecular Biology2009 Audrey L. Lamb (grad student)
Roger L. Mac KinnonOrganic chemistry and enzymology: reaction mechanisms, bioorganic chemistry, catalysis, isotope effects2001 Richard L. Schowen (grad student)
Cora E. MacBethInorganic Chemistry Chemistry19962001 Andrew S. Borovik (grad student)
Mary T. MacDonaldOrganic Chemistry2000 Jeffrey Aube (grad student)
Gwendolyn MacPhersonGeochemistry, Hydrology, Environmental Sciences
Janaki A. MahadevanPhysical Chemistry2001 Krzysztof Kuzera (grad student)
Tiffany R. MaherInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2009 Mikhail V. Barybin (grad student)
Tapan MajiOrganic synthesis and catalysis chemistry20112016 Jon A. Tunge (post-doc)
Sumit MajumdarPharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2008 Teruna J. Siahaan (grad student)
Ranajoy MajumdarPharmacy, Analytical Chemistry, General Biophysics Pharmaceutical Chemistry2014 David B. Volkin (grad student)
Alexandros MakriyannisBiochemistry1967 Edward Ervin Smissman (grad student)
Helena C. MalinakovaOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Stanley E. ManahanEnvironmental chemistry, green chemistry1965 Reynold Toshiaki Iwamoto (grad student)
Prakash ManikwarPharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2010 Teruna J. Siahaan (grad student)
John L. Margravefluorine chemistry, high-temperature liquid metals1950 Paul W. Gilles (grad student)
William A. MarinaroPharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry2007 Valentino J. Stella (grad student)
Vyoma Maroo Chemical and Petroleum Engineering2018 Alan M. Allgeier (grad student)
Alison Olcott Marshall
Kenneth L. Marsi1955 William E. McEwen (grad student)
Robert Scott Martin Pharmaceutical Chemistry Susan M. Lunte (post-doc)
John N. MarxAnalytical Chemistry1965 Albert William Burgstahler (grad student)
Richard J. Massoth Radiation Biophysics Michael K. Bowman (grad student)
Siddharth Sai MatikondaChemical Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry Department of Medicinal Chemistry20122012 Ryan A. Altman (research assistant)
Walter H. McAllister1929 Arthur W. Davidson (grad student)
Richard L. McCreerySurface spectroscopy, molecular electronics, electrochemical kinetics, advanced carbon materials1974 Ralph N. Adams (grad student)
Jeffrey S McFarlaneBiochemistry Molecular Biosciences20152019 Audrey L. Lamb (grad student)
David M. McGinnisOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Mikhail V. Barybin (grad student)
James P. McParlandOrganic Synthesis Chemistry2009 Paul Ronald Hanson (grad student)
Matthew D. McReynoldsOrganic Synthesis2004 Paul Ronald Hanson (grad student)
James Matthew Meinig Medicinal Chemistry20092015 Blake R. Peterson (grad student)
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