University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jack Ashton Adams
Icek Ajzen1970 Martin Fishbein (grad student)
Dolores Albarracin1997 Robert S. Wyer (grad student), Martin Fishbein (grad student)
George J. Allen
Thomas W. Altermatt2001 Joseph "Joe" Edward McGrath (grad student)
Rachel L. Amrhein Daniel A. Newman (grad student)
Brenda J. AndersonPsychology William T. Greenough (grad student)
Thomas Andre Richard C. Anderson (grad student)
Mark I. Appelbaumquantitative psychology,developmental psychology Psychology19631967 Ledyard Tucker (grad student)
Holly Arrow"the formation and development of small groups as complex dynamic systems, the psychology of war and atrocities, and the psychosocial effects of sport in older athletes"1996 Joseph "Joe" Edward McGrath (grad student)
Ruth Ann Atchley Marie T. Banich (post-doc)
Deanna M. BarchPsychopathology, Schizophrenia, Cognition1993 Howard Berenbaum (grad student)
Aaron S. BenjaminCognitive Psychology
Lin BianDevelopmental psychology Psychology20112017 Andrei Cimpian (grad student)
Kathryn L. BockSpeech production, sentence comprehension1975 William F. Brewer (grad student), Gary Dell (collaborator), Charles Egerton Osgood (grad student)
Galen Bodenhausenstereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, mental representations, social cognition Robert S. Wyer (grad student)
Timothy D. Boggpersonality2006 Brent W. Roberts (grad student)
Jeana R. BraceySocial Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, African American Studies, Black Studies2010 Peggy J. Miller (grad student)
Norman W. Bray Jack Ashton Adams (grad student)
Claudia C. Brumbaugh2007 Chris R. Fraley (grad student), R Chris Fraley (grad student)
Daniel Bucknam2006 Ed Diener (grad student)
Thomas Lee Budesheimsocial cognition and impression formation; stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and stigma; political and legal decision making Psychology Robert S. Wyer (grad student)
Simona Buetti
Laura CarlsonSpatial cognition David E. Irwin (grad student)
Donal E. Carlston1977 Robert S. Wyer (grad student)
Carlos Cassanello Physics1996 Eduardo Hector Fradkin (grad student)
Raymond B. Cattellintelligence, psychometrics, personality
Franklin Chang2002 Kathryn L. Bock (grad student), Gary Dell (grad student)
Seth Chin-Parkerconcepts and categories, explanatory processes19992004 Brian H. Ross (grad student)
Grace E. ChoDevelopmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2005 Peggy J. Miller (grad student)
Andrei Cimpian
Alyssa G. ClarkCommunity Psychology2004 Julian Rappaport (grad student)
Jonathan M. Cottrell Daniel A. Newman (grad student)
Wade Edward CraigheadMood Disorders Leonard Paul Ullmann (grad student)
James Henry DavisGroups
Joseph E. de Camp
John C. DeFriesBehavior Genetics1961 Robert Walton Touchberry (grad student)
Gary Dell
Danielle Dickson Psychology20102016 Kara D. Federmeier (grad student)
Ed Diener
Julia DiGgangi
Stephanie DoaneSkill acquisition, Expertise
Florin DolcosAffective, Cognitive, and Clinical Neurosciences
Carol S. DweckDevelopmental Psychology
Matthew W. Dyevisual attention, deafness, brain plasticity
Warren O. Eaton Psychology Kennedy Thoen Hill (grad student)
Grant W. EdmondsPersonality, health, lifespan development Psychology20052011 Brent W. Roberts (grad student)
Robert A. Emmons Ed Diener (grad student)
Elizabeth Enright Psychology Neuroscience Daniel C. Hyde (post-doc), Susan L. Schantz (post-doc)
Rupert Nelson Evans
Grant FairbanksSpeech Research
Jennifer V. Fayardpersonality Psychology2012 Brent W. Roberts (grad student)
Jack M. Feldman Harry Triandis (grad student)
Victor S. FerreiraLanguage production, discourse Gary Dell (grad student), Kathryn L. Bock (grad student)
Jason R. Finleymemory, metacognition, offloading20062012 William F. Brewer (grad student), Aaron S. Benjamin (grad student)
Chris R. Fraley
Scott FraundorfPsycholinguistics, discourse processes, metacognition Psychology Psychology20062012 Duane G. Watson (grad student), Aaron S. Benjamin (grad student)
James John Gallagherspecial education, gifted and talented education
Merrill F. GarrettPsycholinguistics, speech errors, speech production, sentence comprehension, spoonerisms1965 Howard Maclay (grad student)
Tamara D. GathrightCommunity Psychology2002 Julian Rappaport (grad student)
Maureen Gillespiepsycholinguistics, psychology20112012 Kathryn L. Bock (post-doc), Kara D. Federmeier (post-doc)
Abraham GoldsteinCognitive Psychopyhsiology, ERP, MEG19981999 Emanuel Donchin (post-doc)
Joseph P. GoneClinical-Community Psychology Psychology Psychology19932001 Julian Rappaport (grad student), Peggy J. Miller (grad student)
William T. GreenoughCellular Memory Mechanisms, Developmental Psychobiology, Fragile X syndrome
Zenzi M. Griffin Kathryn L. Bock (grad student)
Daniel J. Guest2002 Gary Dell (grad student)
David HamiltonEntitativity, Stereotypes, Impression Formation, Attribution Ivan D. Steiner (grad student)
Gillian F. Hamilton Justin S. Rhodes (post-doc)
Ian M. Handleysocial cognition2005 Dolores Albarracin (post-doc)
Deborah E. Hannula Psychology20022005 Neal J. Cohen (grad student), Kara D. Federmeier (grad student)
Peter D. HarmsPersonality, Leadership20012008 Brent W. Roberts (grad student)
Harlan D. Harris2003 Gary Dell (grad student)
Julie A. HengstSpeech Pathology, Speech Communication2001 Peggy J. Miller (grad student)
Susan J. HesposCognitive development, learning, language and concepts Psychology19961998 Renee Baillargeon (post-doc)
Kennedy Thoen Hill
Charles H. Hillman1997 Peter J. Lang (grad student)
Verlin Blaine HinszSocial and Organizational Psychology Psychology James Henry Davis (grad student)
Jerry HirschPsychology
Daniel Lee Householder1963 Rupert Nelson Evans (grad student)
Zhen Huan Matthew Ando (grad student)
Chih-Mao HuangCognitive Neuroscience
Joseph McVicker Hunt
Erika HusseyExecutive Function, Memory Retrieval, Sentence Processing2014 Arthur F. Kramer (post-doc), Kiel T. Christianson (post-doc), Elizabeth A L Stine-Morrow (post-doc)
James Jay JaccardSocial Psychology, Recreation, Health Education, Behavioral Psychology1977 Martin Fishbein (grad student)
Joshua J. Jackson2011 Brent W. Roberts (grad student)
Cassandra Leigh Jacobspsycholinguistics
Harold J. Johnson Charles Eriksen (grad student)
R. Stewart JonesEducational Psychology
Dana L. Joseph2011 Daniel A. Newman (grad student)
Frederick H. Kanfer
Shih-Chun Kao Kinesiology and Community Health20132017 Charles H. Hillman (grad student)
Janice KellySocial psychology, group performance and interaction Joseph "Joe" Edward McGrath (grad student)
Chu Y. Kim-Prieto2005 Ed Diener (grad student)
Audrey K. Kittredge Psychology2012 Gary Dell (grad student)
Michael W. Kraussocial psychology
Kathryn D. KurlakowskyCommunity Psychology2005 Julian Rappaport (grad student)
Marta KutasElectrophysiology, cognition, neuropsychology Emanuel Donchin (grad student)
Thomas R. KwapilSchiizotypy, Bipolar Spectrum Psychopathology, Experience Sampling Methodology
Alan Lambert1992 Robert S. Wyer (grad student)
Regina Day LanghoutCommunity Psychology; Empowerment19962001 Julian Rappaport (grad student)
Randy Larsen Ed Diener (grad student)
Edwin D. Lawson Psychology19491954 Raymond B. Cattell (grad student), Ross Stagner (grad student)
Echo Elizabeth LeaverCognitive Neuroscience of aging and working memory20012008 Emanuel Donchin (grad student), Monica Fabiani (grad student)
Chia-lin LeeCognitive psychology, neurolinguistics20042010 Kara D. Federmeier (grad student)
Angela Lee Daniel A. Newman (grad student)
Shumin LinEducational Psychology Education, Adult and Continuing Education, Language and Literature Education2009 Peggy J. Miller (grad student)
Jennifer L. Lodi-Smithpersonality development, aging, contexts of personality change, self-concept clarity, narratives20032008 Brent W. Roberts (grad student)
David Lubinski Lloyd Humphreys (post-doc)
Richard E. Lucas2000 Ed Diener (grad student)
Leonard Joseph Lucitoeducation of the gifted and talented Education1959 James John Gallagher (grad student)
Robert C. MacCallumQuantitative Psychology Ledyard Tucker (grad student)
Charles H. Madsen1965 Wesley C. Becker (grad student)
Melvin ManisSocial Psychology1954 Joseph McVicker Hunt (grad student)
Michael J. Marks2007 Chris R. Fraley (grad student), R Chris Fraley (grad student)
Erica D. MattisonCommunity Psychology2007 Julian Rappaport (grad student)
George W. McConkieCognition, Eye Movement Control During Reading
Joseph "Joe" Edward McGrathSocial psychology of small groups, time, stress, and research methods Theodore M. Newcomb (grad student)
Michelle L. Meadememory, aging Denise Park (post-doc)
Donald MeichenbaumCBT1966 Wesley C. Becker (grad student)
Peggy J. Miller
John Paul Mindacognition, categories, concepts, thinking Psychology20002003 Brian H. Ross (post-doc)
Jessica L. Montag
Colleen F. MooreJudgment and decision making; developmental psychology; early life toxic exposures19741978 Michael H. Birnbaum (grad student), Carol S. Dweck (grad student)
Osvaldo F. Morerabehavioral decision theory, health psychology, applied psychometrics Psychology1997 David V. Budescu (grad student)
Edward K. Morris1976 Sidney Bijou (grad student)
Orval Hobart Mowrer
Kevin M. Mullaney Psychology2013 Daniel A. Newman (grad student)
Rachel K. NauerMemory, spatial navigation20072009 Neal J. Cohen (research assistant)
Karl M. Newell1973 Rainer Martens (grad student)
T. Ernest NewlandBlind Learning Aptitude Test (BLAT)
Daniel A. Newman
Weiting Ng2007 Ed Diener (grad student)
Melba J. NicholsonCommunity Psychology2001 Julian Rappaport (grad student)
Jack NitschkeAnxiety Gregory A. Miller (grad student), Wendy Heller (grad student)
Nazbanou Nozari Psychology2011 Gary Dell (grad student)
Daniel C. O'Connell Jack Ashton Adams (grad student)
K. Daniel O'LearyEtiology, prevention, and treatment of psychological and physical aggression in intimate relationships1967 Wesley C. Becker (grad student)
Shigehiro Oishisocial psychology, residential mobility, culture2000 Ed Diener (grad student), Ed Diener (grad student)
Gary M. Oppenheimlanguage, speech production, lexical access, phonological encoding, inner speech Psychology20042011 Gary Dell (grad student)
Victor Camillo OttatiSocial Cognition
Gordon Lee Paul1964 Charles Eriksen (grad student)
Matthew B. PontifexNeurocognition, cognition, executive control, fitness, physical activity, health behaviors, attention, action monitoring Kinesiology & Community Health20062011 Charles H. Hillman (grad student)
Julian RappaportCommunity Psychology
Ely Rayek Sidney Bijou (grad student)
Mariolga Reyes CruzCommunity Psychology2005 Julian Rappaport (grad student)
Brent W. Robertspersonality
Joan Carol Rogers1975 R. Stewart Jones (grad student)
Glenn I. Roisman Developmental
Karl S. RosengrenCognitive Development, Motor Development, Perception
Naomi Sadeh Edelyn Verona (grad student)
Christie K. Scollon2004 Ed Diener (grad student)
Galia D. SiegelCommunity Psychology2002 Julian Rappaport (grad student)
Young-Woo SohnMemory, Skill Acquisition, HCI Stephanie Doane (grad student)
Emily G. Solbergpersonality2007 Brent W. Roberts (grad student)
C. Richard SpatesAnxiety and mood disorders Frederick H. Kanfer (grad student)
Jesse Spencer-Smith
Thomas K. Srull Robert S. Wyer (grad student)
Ross Stagner
Robert Earl StakeEducational Psychology
Chadly Stern Psychology John T. Jost (grad student)
Mallory Stites Psychology20092014 Kara D. Federmeier (grad student)
Scott F. StoltenbergBehavior Genetics19891995 Jerry Hirsch (grad student)
Eunkook M Suh Ed Diener (grad student)
Maya Tamir2004 Ed Diener (grad student)
Evelina TapiaObject vision, attention, visual masking2010 Diane M. Beck (post-doc)
Renee Rita Taylor
Eva H. TelzerDevelopmental social neruoscience
Jason R. Themansoncognitive neuroscience, social neuroscience Psychology20032007 Michael G. H. Coles (research assistant), Charles H. Hillman (grad student), Harry Triandis (research assistant)
Kristen M. TooleyPsycholinguistics
William Tov2008 Ed Diener (grad student)
David Trafimow1992 Robert S. Wyer (grad student)
Harry Triandis
Collin P. Van UchelenCommunity Psychology2005 Julian Rappaport (grad student)
Amanda Vicary2011 Chris R. Fraley (grad student), R Chris Fraley (grad student)
Michelle W. Vosscognitive neuroscience, individual differences, attention, perception20052011 Brent W. Roberts (grad student), Arthur F. Kramer (grad student)
Kate E. Waltonpersonality2005 Brent W. Roberts (grad student)
Xiaoang (Irene) WanCognitive Psychology2007 Ranxiao Frances Wang (grad student), Daniel J. Simons (grad student)
Jill A. Warker2009 Gary Dell (grad student)
Duane G. WatsonPsycholinguistics, discourse processes
Olaf Werderhealth comunication, consumer psychology Kim Rotzoll (grad student)
Jill H. WilliamsCommunity Psychology2001 Julian Rappaport (grad student)
Jon A. WillitsCognitive Science, Semantic Knowledge, Language Acquisition, Computational Modeling
Derrick R. Wirtz2004 Ed Diener (grad student)
Dustin Woodpersonality development, personality measurement20012007 Brent W. Roberts (grad student)
Robert S. WyerSocial Cognition W. A. Scott (grad student)
Richard Yao2007 Daniel J. Simons (grad student)
Kathleen A. Yearick Daniel A. Newman (grad student)
James E. YesseldykeSpecial Education Assessment T. Ernest Newland (grad student)
Paul Thomas Young